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Held on the 15th day of the Sigismund's End, 1837





Artist's depiction of Volmar Barclay, the candidate for the Mayor's Office of San Luciano, 1837









Volmar Barclay: "People of our wonderful city of San Luciano, ladies and gentlemen, good day to you all."


Volmar Barclay: "Let me first introduce myself before moving to some more formal topics. My name is Volmar, Volmar Barclay, and as you can see, I am running for Mayor of San Luciano. One position full of responsibilities, and me being only eighteen, what could I possibly know about politics, after all ? I would say, enough to be aware of what I’m getting into, for the first time in my life, and really, I haven’t survived that much."


Volmar Barclay: "The people of our city need someone who can represent them, who they can count on, they need a person who will hear their clear messages and calls for change - this city needs such a person! Whether he or she is younger or older, people need to understand that the times where the younger ones pushed aside are long gone, because in these times, both young people can compete and young people can make a difference. The spirit of politics therefor changes ! "


Volmar Barclay: "My brothers, Jurgen and Ernst, and I learned our values from two loving parents. This is where I learned that what matters, is not your name, but what you get done. It's where I learned that you usually get more done when you work with people than when you fight with them. But, it's where I also learned that you have to be prepared to take on tough fights and that making a real difference in people's lives is what matters most. I am very proud of my father's legacy, proud of my family name, and I honor my parents and grandparents and all they taught me. But, I stand for Mayor based on my own decision, the decision that led me here today, in front of you all, to try and make our lives more entertaining and easier."


Volmar Barclay: "Ideas are plenty, but to make these ideas come into reality, I need your support, from the hard working men and women of Savoy! I have experience where it counts , right here in our bountiful town. I am proud of my record, a tavern owner that serves the people of San Luciano whenever they need, at anytime, but I'm not done yet. As Mayor, I also offer new ideas for an ever-changing city of San Luciano."


Volmar Barclay: "Quality of life also means quality jobs. And I want to create a climate that encourages businesses to follow their ingenuity and invest in their ideas. That's why I propose eliminating taxes on start-up businesses for two full years and reducing business taxes overall. One idea out of a whole ocean of other ideas, but this is only the beginning."


Volmar Barclay: "I propose to officially begin building schools, academies here, in San Luciano. The school day should not end at set time, mind you. We should open school libraries and study halls so our children will have a place to go after school. What is the better place for us all, for your children, to learn about our culture, history and traditions, if not schools and libraries ? To learn about our wonderful homeland, the Principality of Savoy, ladies and gentleman ! "


Volmar Barclay: "Finally, I propose a set of qualities and virtues that should underpin the way that religious languages and perspectives are deployed in public so that fears about this can be overcome in service of a more harmonious and enriched level of exchange in the public sphere. Our Creator, is also our beloved Father, the most omnipotent God. If we don't have faith, if we don't obey His Word, why are we here ? Just to suffer.. but not if we put the Church as our most important thing, the virtue that we go by, His Grace which we accept with wide open arms and heart full of joy."


Volmar Barclay: "As San Luciano moves forward into new times, many of our citizens question the value to them of this city staying together. I will be a Mayor that convinces people that they are important to the life and success of San Luciano and that San Luciano is important to them. That's why today, I offer my candidacy for Mayor of San Luciano because I believe I have a lifetime of experience that counts. Experience I will put to work for you."


*The candidate raised his hands, greeting the people before getting down from the stage*


Volmar Barclay: "Thank you all!"





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