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  1. Prelate of the Clergy Alfred Barclay smiles upon seeing the letter, trying his best to recruit more acolytes for Cordoba diocese mainly.
  2. Patriarch Alfred gets up from his bed, going to congratulate his cousin, Cardinal Adelric of Freising.
  3. Issued by the Patriarch of Jorenus Holy Walk - A path of God Capital City of Karosgrad, 363 ES Content: I. Enlightenment II. What is the Holy Walk III. Purpose of the Holy Walk IV. Prayer during the Holy Walk SECTION I Virtue 7:1,8: ‘1 Lo and attend, for I am the Lord GOD, and I am in the foremost part of heaven. 2 Though the spring flower withers and the fruit of the tree falls to the ground, My Word lasts into the eve of the world, and the fruit of virtue cannot rot. ‘8 So I am
  4. Arriving late at the gates of Reinmar keep with his cane, Alfred couldn't see nothing but a woman figure leaving, knowing in his heart that it is Marcella. Having not spent any special moments with young lady, with his cousin after all, it makes an old man grieve even more, dropping his cane to the ground before taking a seat on the nearby log, taking a hold of his cross. "May you find luck and happiness wherever you are heading, my cousin..",he says, wearly signing a cross over himself, "Barclay in heart, Barclay forever." With that he stands up, taking his cane with a struggle,
  5. In life, a man is sometimes preoccupied with work for a while, presenting a burden that can be difficult to get rid of. Caspian realized this, ever since he left Providence, but still, stubbornness and persistence had taken him into the unknown, where all trace of him was lost. However, one who is persistent can also get to someone or something, at this point only an ordinary letter has managed to catch up with Caspian, leaving him in awe. "What is this going to do here, and how did someone manage to send me this.. ?", the man wonders, rubbing his forehead wearly before taking the
  6. After many experiences, I can safely say that Rep2k is one of the most fun people to rp with, Rep is truly epic


  7. Alfred gets a letter about Antonio's death, deciding to take a walk while holding the letter. "You bastard. You have defiled the face of your family, and of your people, you sinner.", he says with a wearly smirk, throwing the letter into the fire. "Now, He will judge you, up there, you traitor. You were never a protector of Hyspian people, delusions are enormous, I know."
  8. "Justice has been brought.", Alfred says, staring at one point of his room as he contemplates the death of his close friend, his brother Francisco. "As quickly as justice is brought, their cheeks, honor, and dignity are tainted, and they will remain as long as there are people like the damned Antonio. I curse both him and his family!", he says in rage, trying to calm himself before a prayer for the dead.
  9. "Where have you been all this time, my dear Maer?", Patriarch Alfred muses in his room, "Nevertheless, good edict."
  10. [!] Letter should arrive in one Saint's day, stating your position in the Holy Mother Church.
  11. "Strong alliance, very good..", Alfred exclaims with a wearly nod, approaching the icons of various saints in his room, "But remember this, Heinrik..", he says, placing his finger on the icon of Saint Henrik, "Remember God."
  12. THE SECOND MINOR BULL OF JORENUS SECUNDUS MINOR EDICTUM DE JORENUS 7th of Tov and Yermey, 362 ES Through many centuries of church existence, the presence of faith and unique culture has been great in the Kingdom of Haense. Ever since the time of the Duchy of Haense, the people of the far north have been given a name that has persisted to this day - Jorenus. Because of Saint Joren, the progenitor of the Highlanders, the religious tradition of the glorious kingdom persisted which, together with the rest of the church through the time, made the church larger, better
  13. "With people like Cardinal Pelagius, I don't fear for our Holy Mother Church.", Alfred remarks, putting the copy of the ALBAROSA missive to the section with other excellent works from his brothers in God.
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