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  1. "Let us commence, then... It appears that my studies thus far have been fruitful.." Fr. Anton nods slowly, murmuring to himself in a composed manner, meticulously reviewing his papers which served him during his acolyte days of the past. He diligently prepares his notes for the impending Synod, thinking that it is a task every cleric should see to…
  2. IGN: rep2k RP NAME: Father Anton Barclay PERSONA ID: 78413
  3. RITE OF ABLUTION - BAPTISM What to expect after it? As written by Fr. Anton It is a sad fact that the vast majority of our people, who consider themselves to be Canonists, do not see any mystery of faith and an essentially new beginning of life in the Sacred Ceremony of Baptism. Alas, it remains indeed in the domain of some customs that have a completely different meaning, and too often pagan background... Faith - as hope in the invisible, invisible yet real, as a manifestation of our real life in the Church, which is the Home of His - expects from everyone who either went out himself or who was taken out of the church by his godfather after baptism - a little more serious understanding and living our baptism, as the beginning of a new life under the Light of His. And here we already have a terrible encounter - a collision between faith and superstition! How many more times will you see today, in our towns, in our villages - those children, babies who are brought to baptism, have also brought with themselves, of course not willingly, someone who questions the sacrament in one way or another, even if it is in the least amount! My Lord, but keep in mind, against the worst! Sometimes We have to remind our faithful that the children, or even adults, come to live a new life! The fault lies in that enormous amount of superstition. Certain ‘philosophers’ of our kind say: “Well, the child is coming to take a bath for the first time, you never know what can happen...” But do remember that we are, in fact, witnessing a HEAVENLY ACT - where person emerges from the water of the old person, from death, and begins to live a new life, as commanded by Him. As written in the Scroll of Virtue: "So I am the Most High, and in pursuit of My Virtue, I bid my faithful this: You shall keep fast to your word and station, and aspire not to greatness among men, but to My glory." Regardless of whether you were baptized as a baby or an adult, maybe you have some justification to allow yourself to say: "I don't remember all that, it was in the long forgotten past..." - The Holy Mother Church gives you the opportunity every day, every week, every month and every year to remember what it was and to renew your covenant with the Saints, the Exalted, with the Lord God - the Creator. Our walk around the sacred temples, with lighted candles, is nothing but a continuation of those ancient baptismal liturgies, when the newly baptized, in the long sung past - and baptisms were then usually performed in some living water, on a river, on lake, on the sea - when they would return to the temple, to the place of worship in a procession, that day or night, and together with the faithful, they would participate in the liturgy, sometimes even a pilgrimage. And that is why we cheer and sing about the great holidays of our Holy Mother Church. Let us keep in mind that it is not just a song or a thesis, but a confirmation of a fact, and if a person clothed themself in a new life of faith, he had to take off his clothes first, to take off his old person. That undressing of the old person is renunciation. Every person has in themself the pagan, as well as that which opposes the dogmas well known to us. But, when we compare how much is in us, we will see that that clean washed man, that man of love, simply cannot get a word from his old self, the man of the opposing truth, or very often, from that pagan in us. Final Reflections of Fr. Anton; The strong inspiration for this thesis came from my recent first baptism of a little girl, whom I had the honor to baptize over a small stream not far from the walls of Veletz. Alas, the sacred church was in the renovation phase, but for those who have the will, even a fifty-meter-high wall is not a problem for them, so the wonderful parents agreed to the baptism over the water stream, in the nature given to us by God. It is also important for me to emphasize the importance of the place where little Helene was baptized, because this is an indicator of what is written in this thesis, but something much more important is what the believing people concluded - your obligation to God does not magically stop after baptism, on the contrary, we enter through the new door of our life, while closing the old, dilapidated door so as not to fall into the temptation of Ibless.
  4. Louis August Dieuxmont de Rosius smirks as he goes over his past work as the High Emissary, "Son son, a lot of work upon your shoulders.", even though he wishes not his son to witness his father being happy for him, a stern expression soon fades away, as Olivier gradually rises up alongside his name, family and kingdom.
  5. What makes you stay on LOTC, and to adhere, what is the No.1 reason of your stay? (Big respect for including Tylos I)
  6. As introduced by the Edict of the Aaunic High Council THE OFFICE OF THE EMISSARY In the Year of our Lord, 1928 INTRODUCTION The Office of the Emissary serves as a vital institution responsible for fostering diplomatic relations and conducting official communication on behalf of the realm. This esteemed office plays a pivotal role in maintaining alliances, negotiating treaties, and representing the interests of the United Kingdom of Aaun both within its borders and beyond. BACKGROUND The Office of the Emissary traces its origins back to the early days of the Kingdom of Aaun. As the realm expanded its influence and established relationships with neighboring territories, the need for a dedicated body to handle diplomacy arose. Over time, this office evolved into a respected institution, recognized for its integrity, tact, and discretion. Operating from the grand halls of the Hand of Horen royal palace, the High Emissary and the envoys of Aaun are chosen for their diplomatic acumen, linguistic skills, and knowledge of courtly etiquette. These individuals serve as representatives of the Crown, entrusted with the delicate task of promoting the kingdom's interests while navigating the intricate web of domestic and most importantly, foreign politics. DUTIES The terms of the Edict of the Aaunic High Council 1928 hereby apply in this public announcement, in regard to the righteous position of the Office: The Office of the Emissary shall be responsible for conducting the diplomatic ventures of the Crown and upkeeping the Crown’s treaties and pacts with foreign nations, as well as representing the Aaunic people in foreign events and meetings. Emissaries are well-versed in courtly etiquette and act as exemplars of royal decorum. They ensure proper protocol is followed during official ceremonies, banquets, and meetings, representing the kingdom with grace and dignity. Emissaries serve as skilled negotiators, representing the kingdom's interests in matters of trade, territorial disputes, and political conflicts. They employ their knowledge of local customs, traditions, and diplomatic protocols to find mutually beneficial solutions and ensure peaceful resolutions. The Office of the Emissary upholds the utmost confidentiality in all diplomatic affairs. Emissaries are bound by an unwavering commitment to protecting the kingdom's secrets, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure and the trust of allies is preserved. *The first line serves as the notice from the Edict of the Aaunic High Council, with other lines solely originating from this announcement. Positions of the Office of the Emissary are listed as follows by this announcement: THE HIGH EMISSARY The High Emissary is the head of the Office of the Emissary and the chief diplomat of the Crown ~ Occupied by His Excellency, Louis II August Dieuxmont de Rosius ~ ENVOYS OF THE STATE Envoys of the state are individuals entrusted with the important task of representing their government or state in various capacities, while efficiently coordinating duties with the High Emissary. ~ Marguerite Adela Dieuxmont de Rosius née Ashford, Envoy of the State ~ @Axelu The Office of the Emissary actively employs citizens ready to acquire new diplomatic knowledge, as well as training in the field of politics. Those interested can write directly to the Emissary's Office. AVEC DIEU, His Excellency Louis II August Dieuxmont de Rosius, Marquis of Haute-Epine, Count of Beaufoy and Arentaniebourg, Baron of Rosius, Lord of Mont Louis and High Emissary of the United Kingdom of Aaun
  7. BLACK ROSE INN Est. 1916 Greetings, noble lords and fair maidens of the United Kingdom of Aaun! Behold, a haven of merriment and indulgence nestled within the majestic walls of Whitespire. We present to you the magnificent Black Rose Inn, where extraordinary experiences await! Step through our welcoming doors and be transported to an enchanting realm where time slows down and joy reigns supreme. Our inn, imbued with Highlander charm, offers respite from the rigors of your daily toil. It is a place of grandeur and revelry, where stories are told, friendships are forged, and memories are cherished. Black Rose Inn, Whitespire, United Kingdom of Aaun, 1927 Quench your thirst with the finest libations known to this realm. We supply our fine inn with only the chosen beverages from our Kingdom, three fine families with a history in the brewery business that would delight even the most discerning palates. Sip on our aromatic wines, carefully curated from the vineyards of the kingdom. Whether you desire a refreshing pint or a goblet fit for a king, the Black Rose Inn shall satisfy your every desire. But that is not all, dear patrons, for we offer a feast fit for royalty! Our esteemed chefs, well-versed in the culinary arts, prepare sumptuous meals that will transport you to culinary nirvana. Savor the succulent roasted meats, tenderly cooked and seasoned to perfection. Delight in the vibrant flavors of fresh produce, lovingly sourced from the bountiful lands surrounding our fair kingdom. Nanette of Haute-Epine, on the opening day of Black Rose Inn, 1927 For those with a penchant for games of chance and skill, the Black Rose Inn offers a haven for gamblers. Engage in friendly competition at our pool tables, where skilled hands clash in pursuit of victory. Test your mettle in high-stakes poker games, where fortunes can change with the turn of a card. Or venture into our opulent casino, where Lady Luck dances with those bold enough to embrace her embrace. The inn awaits, ready to weave tales of laughter, merriment, and everlasting memories. Visit the Black Rose Inn today, and may your heart find solace and your spirit soar amidst our timeless walls. Let the revelry begin! Black Rose Inn Collective
  8. I launched my browser just so I could find an old post with list of mods, and I found this one. Respect king.
  9. Letting the bow string from between his three fingers launch the sharpened arrow into a target at an admirable distance somewhere within the rainy lands of the March of Haute-Epine, Louis II August nods confidently as the arrow hits the white center of the target, "There it is.", he replies with a click of his tongue, just a moment before the arrival of his courier, a young lad bringing him the missive, "Well, it seems your arrow hit the center as well, seigneur Iain.", the young noble remarks to himself, nodding in approval of the missive within his hands.
  10. THE CHATEAU de Beaufoy EST. 1914 FOUNDING & MISSION Our family story replete with stubborn, straightforward characters, chance meetings and far-flung voyages, seems to be a reflection of the Heartlands – the land that made us and that we call home. As we have been touched by the passion and persistence of our predecessors, wine is a family lifestyle that we strive to cherish and pass from one generation to another within de Rosius household. In the foothills of Arentania, in a remote place named Haute-Epine by the natives, is one of the most advanced, artistic and holistic wineries. The vision of Auvergnian lord Louis II and his wife Marguerite, what started out as 25 acres of steep land in 1908 is now producing red blends that are raising the bar for Aaunic wines and concurrently capturing the oenotourism zeitgeist. The Beaufoy vineyard’s soils are homogeneous, essentially made up of deep Arentanian gravel. On top of having high draining properties, these soils of pebbles and dirt accumulate heat during the day and release it during the night, and they contribute to a moderate growth and a deep rooting of the vine. WARES Arentanie Rosé Arentanie Rosé goes beyond the bottle; it represents the energy of the vines, the power of our grapes and the elegance of a rosé blend made up of Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot. Energetic and elegant; fruity with a dry finish. This rosé features stone notes of summer fruits like apricots and passion fruit with a surprising hint of citrus on the finish. Toast with smoked salmon olive oil, pasta with pomodoro sauce, Parmesan cheese and fresh basil. Sauvignon de Mont Louis This delightful sort is an elegant wine, with a unique minerality and silky sensation in the mouth. It has a firm structure, with soft and slightly tense tannins, together with a balanced acidity, creating a nervous wine with an unforgettable long finish. It presents aromas of red and black fruits, such as raspberries, plums and blackberries, hence the ruby red colour. Notes of fresh spices appear, along with nuts and a slight touch of mocha from the Auvergnat barrels. Femme Élégante Femme Élégante is the goddess of Haute-Epine - the Place of Beauty. Complex, beautiful, voluptuous, intense, elegant and fresh. She is the mystical world's personification of our incredible terroir, which was brilliantly captured in a bottle. A timeless reflection of the beauty of nature. It is a brilliantly intense wine, full of ideas and movement, as well as diverse. Here the Carmenere gives volume to the mixture with black fruits and refreshing spices that dance of blue flowers, such as violets and lavenders, with white rose petals adorn together those complex layers of flavours elegantly with brilliant acidity deliver an infinite and at the same time sincere balance, to provide a long and leisurely ending to this story. Patronized by the Offices of His Lordship The Marquis of Haute-Epine, Count of Beaufoy and Arentaniebourg, Baron of Rosius, Lord of Mont Louis, Protector of Arentania, Lord-Commandant of the Rose Guard, Royal Magistrate of the United Kingdom of Aaun and Protector of Arentania Seigneur Louis II August de Rosius Her Ladyship The Marchioness-Consort of Haute-Epine, Countess-Consort of Beaufoy and Arentaniebourg, Baroness-Consort of Rosius, Lady of Mont Louis Madame Marguerite de Lewes
  11. THE FIRST EDITION OF THE AAUNIC NEWSPAPER Published by the Office of the Magistrate Press Redaction, In the Year of our Lord, 1914 PREAMBLE A word from the Press Redaction As an institution that exclusively deals with analyzing the environment and the geopolitical situation of the Kingdom of Aaun and other countries, there is also a need further to inform the libertarian people about the happenings around them. Of course, it is not for anything other than the duty that the Office of the Magistrate has towards the citizens of this kingdom. Our office desires to continue to inform about the happenings in and around the kingdom, whether it concerns financial, social, or political issues, everything will be covered and transparently reported. LEX AAUNICA, A LAW TO RULE US ALL Johannian Hall, 1913 Within the Johannian Hall in the capital city of New Vienne, just before the official start of the Royal Diet, the Crown Peer delegates of the Kingdom of Aaun gathered to vote on the first official version of the Code - Lex Aaunica, in the Year of our Lord, 1913. Just as in every session concerning important topics, the delegates clarified and proposed amendments to finally promulgate the first version of the Code. It should be emphasized that amendments to the law are normal and will be made when there is a need and that this is not the final version of the Code. A final agreement was reached for its promulgation, although two delegates abstained, the majority said their opinion, and this was reflected in the confirmation and promulgation of the Lex Aaunica. Attached below is the transcript of the Royal Diet, with a summary of the matters from the 1913 agenda. ARENTANIAN DISTRESS Tragic news recently got to our Office, which took us over to the steep and harsh Alps of Arentania. The Margraviate of Haute-Epine was affected by the terrible earthquakes that hit the region of the Arentanian Alps, in the Year of our Lord, 1913. The damage that was done is still visible today, which indicates the possibility of similar earthquakes occurring again, according to the architects from the aforementioned region. Artist's depiction of the Arentanian earthquake, 1913 What remained of the earthquakes that hit the entire region of Haute-Epine, was cleaned and removed within a matter of days to allow for further, fresh construction. Broken windows, demolished fortresses, cracked palisades and scattered vegetation of various sorts were just a summary of what happened a few months ago. The architects in charge of the reconstruction have established countermeasures, however, they certainly consider the land for advanced viticulture and agriculture, which was formed by the impact of earthquakes of smaller radius, but of large magnitude, to be the only benefit of the earthquakes. Architects warn of the possibility of new earthquakes, and that the vassals in the area of the Arentanian Alps should check the condition of their foundations, as well as walls and any columns that are of key importance. Fortunately, there were neither injured nor killed, but with God's help, we hope that this will occur never again to anyone. NEW YEAR, OLD GLORY [!] Coat of arms of the Principality of Sedan As the already-known influx of new citizens becomes noticeable, old families of great fame are also arriving in the Kingdom of Aaun, which must be a great honor and encouragement for the citizens of this kingdom. One of them is the de Joannes family, known for many things, primarily for the Principality of Sedan, which has gone through a lot of hardships over the years and decades. After the exodus from the once Holy Orenian Empire, it seemed that the brave faces of Sedan would not withstand the geopolitical state of the world. However, today they stand firmly to present quite a different story, after His Majesty, King Charles I through a unanimous vote in Royal Diet recognized and approved the nobility of Robert Therosius Alexander, restoring him and de Joannes to their old glory as the only rightful heirs to Sedan. HENRY’S COME TO SEE US! The rapidly growing social and cultural treasure of the Kingdom of Aaun is more noticeable every day, and it also seems to find its place within the Royal Household. By this, of course, is meant the great influence created and left by the vassals, and as they set out, it seems that His Royal Highness will express his respect for the work that has been accomplished during all these years by his presence. More precisely, the news came from the Royal Family that Prince Henry will visit each vassal family individually! Royal delegation departing from New Vienne, 1914 Let's not let this fast-passing time deceive us, His Royal Highness has already largely found his accommodation in the Principality of Merryweather, where the main host is His Highness Ottomar II of the Princely House of Alstreim. Our redaction did not have the opportunity to see the current atmosphere among the Arentanian Alps, however, we do hear regularly that the presence of Prince Henry has been long-awaited, with great joy, and besides the Alstreim family, His Royal Highness also had the opportunity to feel the hospitality of the Jazloviecki family, where The Right Honourable Jan Jazloviecki had an honor of welcoming the prince within the County of Warsovia. Arentanian Alps, circa 1902 If the schedule of subsequent trips is to be right, His Royal Highness plans to visit the County of Hohengarten in 1915, then right after in 1916, he shall stay within the Margraviate of Haute-Epine, the Margraviate of Velen accompanied by noble houses of Alsace and Arentania in 1917… DUKE’S CEMENTED BONDS Having one friend is desirable, but having two strong friends is even better! According to the recently declared and signed partnership of The King's Road, the Duchies of Minitz and Adria have formed an alliance that not only makes them more numerous but also stronger than before. Let's note that these two vassals run effective campaigns that have provided them with numerous satisfied citizens, and the citizens cordial places to live and diverse professions over the years since the existence of the Kingdom of Aaun. Our redaction does not doubt that these two will seek more to achieve over the following years to come, and aid the kingdom as they know it. For a more detailed description and purpose of this partnership, a copy of The King's Road Partnership is attached. THE KING'S ROAD PARTNERSHIP Journal D’Aaun, as the direct subordinate of the Office of the Magistrate, is pledged to avoid conflicts of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest wherever and whenever possible. We avoid active involvement in any causes which may turn malicious - politics, community affairs, social action, demonstrations - that could compromise or seem to compromise our ability to report and edit fairly.
  12. Louis II de Rosius settles down within the seat designated for those sitting members of the Royal Diet, adjusting his collar as he awaits other members of the Royal Diet to attend the summon.
  13. Une Fête à Haute-Épine In the Year of our Lord, 1913 The Marquisate of Haute-Épine is pleased to announce the hosting of a Fêté to welcome the Count of Pacidia and his household to Aaun, and furthermore to introduce them to the Courtiers and Nobility of such. The day shall begin at noon, on the 17th of The Grand Harvest, 1913 (OOC: (Saturday the 25th, 4pm EST)) with a hunt in the lands surrounding the Marquis’s Estate, for all who wish to participate. For those who do not, tea shall be served indoors. Following tea and the hunt, the guests shall gather in the sitting room of Haute-Épine to mingle with one another and acquaint themselves with the Pacidians while chefs prepare the feast from what was acquired during the hunt. Music shall also be played for their enjoyment, and the dancefloor will be readied. The Guests will then be escorted to the dining hall for the feast and further merriment befitting the arrival of a Count. [!] Aside from the missive being spread across the realm for all to see, special invitations can be found within the desks of those mentioned in them: His Royal Majesty, Charles I of the Royal House of Alstion, King of the United Kingdom of Aaun; and His esteemed pedigree His Royal Majesty, Georg I of the Royal House of Barbanov, King of Hanseti-Ruska; and His esteemed pedigree His Highness, Robert Therosius of the House of de Johannes, Prince of Sedan, and His esteemed pedigree His Highness, Otto II of the House of Alstreim, Prince of Merryweather, and His esteemed pedigree His Grace, Heinrik of the House of Sarkozic, Duke of Adria, and His esteemed pedigree His Grace, Brandt of the House of Barclay von Minitz, Duke of Minitz, and His esteemed pedigree The Most Honourable, Guinevere of the House of Reuss, Margravine of Velen, and Her esteemed pedigree The Right Honourable, Cosima of the House of Augusten, Countess of Hohengarten and Her esteemed pedigree All vassals of the aforementioned Peers, and Their esteemed pedigree
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