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  1. "God bless you, dear friend @thesmellypocket. What you've said can be understood as a fair opinion, though, I must add something. You surely once again wonder what I mean by voluntary and involuntary sin. Let's say we have committed a sin, which is indeed involuntary, but at a given moment we do not notice it, or we are simply aware of the sin but for some reason we continue to commit that sin, which a believer must not allow himself. But those people are all around us, on all sides. It is true that without consent there can be sin, indeed. This is an issue that needs to be delved into in orde
  2. PATRIARCHAL STUDY ON GOD’S WILL Issued by Alfred Patriarch Jorenus Capital City of Karosgrad, 361 ES Dear faithful people, It is very difficult to understand some things, and it is even more difficult to delve into and figure out what God's will really is - only if we do not want it. Consider the following example: in front of us is a sheet of paper, on which a dot is placed in an invisible way. Can we immediately, without having any information, so to speak, "by the touch of a finger", determine the location of that point? Naturally we can't. However, i
  3. Prelate Alfred would gesture to the acolyte to put a stamp on the thesis, before taking his medicine for headache.
  4. "You got kicked out, you say..", the older priest exclaims with a soft laugh, patting Father Basil @Basil Moroul after the man came to visit the ill Patriarch. "Don't worry.. I am not laughing at you. Is the situation that desperate that they tax the people.. for walking ? I just wonder if they gathered enough to maintain being in the alliance with two.. serious nations."
  5. From his bedridden state, Alfred smirks upon the news about the new Lady Palatine, his very cousin Marcella, "God blessed this family, to be prosperous.. I can't be more happy..", the older man says with a light cough, offering a grin before turning to the side to sleep again.
  6. Reading Father Basil's @Basil Moroul very informative letter, Patriarch Alfred nodded several times from his bedridden state before taking his pen to write the answer, his hand still trembling a little at the illness he had contracted. " Father Basil, brother first of all, greetings and God help you. Reading your sentences rich in blissful meanings, I sympathize completely. The times have come that I feared, but also sidelined because I thought our “faithful” rulers and nations were aware enough to see the problem and solve it. However, I see that this is not the case. As a patriarch, in
  7. Alfred's health is slowly improving, giving him time to look at his nephew's thesis. Looking at the thesis, he nods his head twice before stamping the document with a wearly smile. "Adelric.. s-surprisingly good..", he says as he coughs quite loudly, nodding once again before moving the thesis to his side.
  8. How I love that my comment has been removed and I just wrote worthy in Greek!
  9. [!] Letter should arrive in one Saint's day, stating your position in the Holy Mother Church.
  10. From the bedridden state, Alfred takes a look at the letter which was brought to him by his cousin, Bishop Adelric. With a few wearly nods, the elder man puts the letter to the side, resting his head on the pillow. " GOD works in favour to His Holiness.. I pray that these Qalasheen get to the common sense, and be reasonable, so we all may sleep better. ", with a chuckle he says, waiting for a nurse to make him a Tom Collins cocktail.
  11. The Prelate wearly nods in approval of the thesis, gesturing from his bed for his cousin to put the seal of Jorenus on the document.
  12. The infected Patriarch laying in the bed, surrounded by the doctors, nurses and his family. [!] Upon entering the basilica, the change that befell her is noticeable. Normally, Patriarch Alfred would sit in line of the pews, reading a book that would fall into his hands. But this time, he was not there, only for a letter by him to be written in no time.. The Invisible Threat’s Surprise Duchy of Reinmar, 360 ES Dear faithful folks and beloved people of Haense, I look at this world, motionless, like one tall, sturdy tree in a fores
  13. Cardinal Alfred chuckles at the missive, deciding to lit a fire with it.
  14. Repl1ca is awesome!

  15. Cardinal Alfred heartedly chuckles as he reads the missive, sharpening some wooden axes for the boys.
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