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  1. Me when wiki team doesn't accept educated serbs into team.
  2. "Well well, mein kin does indeed need some people who can work hard and with quality, and earn well. I might have something for Leon.. ", Gustav perks a brow at the document from within Duress, only for a brief moment before nodding to himself as he usually does.
  3. Hmu for the betting tips (charging em cheap)

  4. Gustav smiles the Sun's Smile, "Finally, a place I can call a home, at last.", a young Barclay says to himself while approaching the gates of Castle Durres.
  5. Gustav smirks to himself, preparing some clothes for a trip further south.
  6. Halo, salute.. Take care of yourself, and remember to always pursue your own dreams, just like you did here. Personally I witnessed a great period of time on Lotc just by being close to your projects. See you next time perhaps, Lion2k.
  7. "Let's get down to business I don't got no time to play around, what is this? Must be a circus in town, let's shut that shit down On these clowns, can I getta witness?", Gustav casually drops a few bars out of his mind in the early morning while reading a document, happy to be back into business at last.
  8. "Deserved.. ? Perhaps, ja.. Surely, ja..", Erhard ponders for some time on his own, before realising it was a right decision from within the higher ranking personas of the Holy Mother Church, and solely Her. "Time to repent is never ending.. Secular rulers need to know this.."
  9. "Where is this all going.. I do wonder, and I shall continue to do so..", Erhard remarks inside the bank in Vienne, paying his taxes like an ordinary citizen.
  10. "His Majesty really did the USA.", Erhard remarks to himself quite proudly of himself yet again.
  11. "There is still time to change.. there is still time to change your antics..There is still time to choose wisely..", Erhard repeats to himself while walking on his way to the nearest chapel of one particular place.
  12. "It is getting darker, indeed..", Erhard remarks on his way towards a certain place, his torch brightly revealing the path in front of him within the dark night.
  13. Erhard's smile grew even wider and happier while he was reading the content of the letter sent to the King of Oren, by one of his many cousins, but it seemed as if this particular one was Erhard's most beloved.
  14. Erhard perks a brow after finding a long lost document within the pile of many other undisclosed documentation, "Where do these keep coming from.."
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