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The Grand Ebon Sale


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The Grand Ebon Sale


In the deep woods of Ebonwood, a long lost property lies vacant. Under the legal ownership of Ebonwood - The Ethereal council of the Ebonwood Principatus have chosen to sell the grand building in out woods.




Once an elven tavern of the pale woods - now it is in your grasp. The building has space for over 15 residents, a pre built bank and we offer discounts to those who can bring a large group - and life to the surrounding principatus. As an Elven Princedom, we are looking for a Mali from across Almaris - for we are elves in unity.




Base Price: 3000 mina

The price is negotiable. Price can be decreased if the buyer is coming with 3 or more people, the price decreasing with each additional person





Respond to this post with the following format:
Discord Name:

Group Size:

Offer: [base price/negotiation]





Residential room: 20+

Pre built with a banker

3 stories + basement




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Tarathiel would smile as he read across the sale of the Tavern “It is about time we sold it, it has been sitting empty for far too long!”

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Discord Name:blub#2300

Group Size: 1 (ME)

Offer: [base price/negotiation] One Moist Sponge.

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