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[Worldlore] Argentum


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Argentum, Perfection Lost





Description (Raw form)

     Raw Argentum, also called Fool's Silver, could be found somewhat rarely throughout the underdark tunnels of Aevos, Almaris, and Asulon, though it's growth pattern was somewhat unpredictable. From sediment in underground rivers to the hot crevices of geothermal vents, Fool's Siver was truly a rare sight to behold in the underground of Eos. Shamefully, the ore itself was rather weak and useless. Similar to silver in sight with a lustrous gray, but crumbling, soft, and useless without any form of effect. Fool's Silver itself would function as a mundane, poor silver alternative that was often thrown or cast away. In comparison of use, it paled to it's true, beautiful form; Argentum.



Applications (Raw form)

Fool's Silver, or Raw Argentum, was a poor silver alternative that functioned completely mundanely. It crumbled easily and was excessively soft, making crafts of Raw Argentum exceptionally rare, but only special to the most specific smiths who could tell the difference. Fool's Silver was more valuable as a trick to merchants and smiths to earn actual silver, rather than be used itself due to it's poor and highly impure quality.


Red Lines (Raw Form)

-Raw Argentum, or Fool's Silver, is ST Signed due to it's rarity despite it's un-useful effect. As well, due to the possibility in the future of smithing to the refined form, Raw Argentum is ST Signed and requires the ore to be found/mined.

-Raw Argentum is exceedingly rare, and deposits of so are ST Signed.



Harvesting Method

Easily mined, Raw Argentum (Fool's Silver) could be mined as mundanely as any other material to produce it's raw form. Due to the highly weak and impure nature of the ore however, one should heed caution with ore loss when misplacing small chunks often mixed in with rock. Raw Argentum was often so dilute within rock formations and ores that one may mine for hours at a vein and find only a handful of the useless ore.



              silveringot_dark-and-light-wiki.png      steel.jpg              



Material Name and Description (Refined form)

Argentum when refined was an utterly beautiful and magnificent metal. Lustrous silver ingots which shined brightly with light, Argentum would be an exceedingly rare sight to see. Bearing two effects, Argentum was a highly useful metal for skilled swordsmen, and the envy of blacksmiths worldwide for it's quality and prowess.


Argentum itself as a metal was of a hardness somewhere between Bluesteel and Steel, whilst weighing in a density lower than steel- allowing a graceful and light weapon, despite it's mighty strength. Unable to be alloyed with any other metal, Argentum would bear a stainless white colour of utter purity. Highly hydrophobic, the weapon could not be coated with any mixture- blood, oils, or other concoctions, an Argentum weapon would cleave through foes as it did water, without a trace of impurity upon it's colour.


Argentum as well had two unique effects to the metal. The first, Argentum was extremely adept in combat against insectoid/aphid enemies. Unmatched to any other metal at it's abilities to pierce Chitin and Carapace, Argentum would slay crawling beasts of The Underdark with utter ease. The Second, Argentum bore similar affects to Aurum; able to cause excruciating pain to any impure or dark creature, proportional to the wound it created. 


With some form of deific magic deep within the essence of the weapon, no smith nor mage could tell the origins of the weapon, nor it's composition. A magic so ancient and deeply rooted into the metal, that whatever means of creation the weapon had once had were long gone. However, the latent magics of the metal prevented magical enchantments from combining with it; nullifying whatever enchanting effect had tried to take place upon it.


Culturally, Mori'Quessir would buy and trade Argentum items at exorbitant prices. Seen as an incredibly coveted item for vanity and family heirlooms, only the highest, or most cunning, of Mori'Quessir society would posses argentum items. A symbol of faith, superiority, beauty, and wealth.


Red Lines (Refined Form)

-Refined Argentum is ST Signed, as well as anything created from refined Argentum.

-Argentum when refined behaves as a strength between steel and bluesteel.

-Argentum bears the effects of Aurum without the weakness of metal.

-Argentum is highly effective against insectoid, aphid, or chitinous armour/creatures. The potency of this effect varies by ET, at their discretion.

-Argentum could not be alchemically treated or stained by any means, as liquid does not adhere to it's surface. 

-Argentum cannot not be enchanted by any magic.

-Argentum is effected by Thanhium as if it were a Tier 5 enchantment. Whilst the Thanhium weapon would also be effected, Argentum would shatter like glass if struck with a thanhic weapon or armour upon a 2nd emote of contact. If striking the same Thanhic weapon or armour, the Thanhic item would also be destroyed; shattering to useless molten shards of metal.

-Due to it's magical effect, Argentum could not be carried alongside a person carrying Thanhium, acting as an enchanted item.



Refining Technique

Despite it's greatness, it had come at a cost. The means of refining Argentum are a mystery unknown; kept secret by only the greatest smiths of The Mori'Quessir, and to the rare few they teach. Rumoured to be lost altogether given it's exceeding rarity, items of Argentum are sparingly ever produced. It's ritual hidden, and unknown to any of descendantkind- at least, for now.


Refining Red Lines

-The refining method of Raw Argentum to Refined Argentum is considered a lost art, and known to no players.

-Refined Argentum may be reforged and smithed with the standard material loss found in the material compendium.

-Refined Argentum may be smithed as a standard metal with no unique effects.

-The Refining Technique of Argentum is something that can be attempted to discovered in roleplay for your character's aesthetic or purpose, but will not be given.

-The Refining Technique of Argentum will be given in various eventlines throughout the map. More details on that will be available when relevant at the time of the events in which the refining techniques are distributed.




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