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  1. It's tough out here man. Nevertheless, I'd draw the conclusion from your Alasdair and Galina words where both were treated differently is less due to gender and more the culture of the RP in those respective places. Alasdair was in Adria in Almaris and Adria was a relatively newcomer-friendly place due to it being on a main road and having a constant influx of new-players to come and talk to. This leads to more opportunities being offered at the forefront since they wanted this new player to stay around. Adria was also a more 'adventurer' and 'commoner' type of RP - which may explain the various differences. Galina was in Whitespire, the capital of Aaun. Admittedly, I don't know much about Whitespire, but from location-wise, it is not in the same position as Adria was last map, where it had that constant influx of new players - but instead a rather settled base of players with their own cliques and groups to interact with. Then in Lemon-Hill, despite it having somewhat the same geographic location, is a more monasterial type of roleplay since it is a settlement made by, predominantly, the clergy.
  2. I don't know if I fundamentally can agree with this for the current state of LOTC. Where most of these things matter mechanically only - with items like thanhium having no PvP/MRP effects. I also don't know if this would restore the trade-style of RP that you are hoping. Priorly on other servers that I've been - though admittedly this is anecdotal evidence at best - this has provisioned a sort of 'Rise and Grind' type of thought process. While I do think there's merit, I think it's also merited for a system that's unlike LOTC's.
  3. To add onto this. The world feels uniquely large - and uniquely empty at the same time. There is very little outside the cities that can be interacted with in a way that functionally helps create a storyline for the members involved. I feel as if this map requires and needs event members to expand upon the map and provision interactions. Because it does feel like that my character is not inhabiting a living breathing world, but instead a painting of a cool setting.
  4. Yeah I'm going to flatly disagree with this. Thronecraft was a horrible experience combat-included. But the system of conflict is less the issue for this server - instead the issue that lies with the server lies in how it is handling conflicts within the server itself. Nevertheless, I discussed this a bit ago with Carol in how Banditry is flawed as a system in the server. Bandits are created out of a crisis in the homefront - whether that be food, war, or other instability factors. There are no current steps a national leader or government, in the current system, can take to stop banditry through pure roleplay. No military force; no mandate of smaller food prices (a la Diocletian); or increase in trade wealth dissaudes Banditry - because they simply do not care about instability factors. Secondly, bandits are becoming an international force to raid cities. Normally, bandits are meant to be localized and small groups that raid - well - trade routes and roads to grab their own wealth. Frankly speaking, city raids shouldn't be occuring, because that is completely nonsensical to what the goal of a bandit is - to gain profit. The largest profits are held on the roads, where traders tend to be the least defended. As a result, I suggest three implementations. Some kind of system where national responses could prevent bandits from raiding their regions. Capping raids to be only of a small number of people and limited to roads - as per what a bandit's goal is meant to be. Removing raids on cities altogether by bandit groups.
  5. It's cool, but just having warps would be easier.
  6. Goals: Exploration and investigation of a ship Gear: Grappling Hooks Cloaks Arbalests Maces Winterized Armours Involved Individuals Alfie Fabius Thalia Event Summary by Alfie Fabius The involved individuals, now to be referred to as ‘we’, were assigned with the Valiant Seekers, an adventuring party, to investigate a ship on the northern coasts. The interior of the ship was investigated by the Seekers while we investigated the exterior. Nothing was of note except for a red oil substance next to the engine as we headed in. There were corpses hanging from the ceiling and laying on the floor, having clearly been flayed for their skin as a storm began brewing. A red sludge was in a glass container while a segment of the wall was differentiated from the rest of the ship. A ‘puzzle’ block was solved by the parties involved to contain a scroll, which contained some kind of equation for a machine about a castle-size. Alfie was able to derive the equation and the amount of flesh necessary for the machine. A pack of wolves and some kind of ‘other’ creature observed the two groups, before running off with a dissipating storm. The groups then evacuated the ship, as well as having found a dead wolf, and increasing amounts of debris. A crane was also found, showing that the coast was once much farther upwards than it was once. Injuries None. Notes Equation and blueprint sent directly to Glass, a resident Animii expert.
  7. "Hello Markus, It would be remiss to not state that Adria’s position in the Mori’quessir conflict is tenuous at best. Without severe reforms to doctrine, army, polities, and economics - there is no certainty of Adria being able to put up a fight against the invading force. Thus, I have suggested reforms to all four in order to make Adria a: mobile military force focused on harrying the enemy; politically able to focus upon the Mori’quessir to allow for the full usage of the strategies allowed to a military focused on the ‘Fabian’ Strategies; and economically able to carry on the conflict. This is, in my analysis, a successful way for the Duchy to not only carry on the fight against the Mori’quessir, but do so in a way that is sustainable for the future. I request this to be kept in private for my own security. Strategic & Tactical Reforms The Mori’quessir that I have encountered are primarily based in formations and legion tactics. The Mori’quessir must also be understood to be masters of pitched warfare using infantry tactics. This results in my suggestion of a focused doctrine using the principles of the ‘Fabian Strategy’. To explain, the Fabian Strategy is a strategy that turns the war from a series of decisive battles contesting zones of control into a contest of attrition until the situation has developed to a point where their natural advantages in a pitched battle have disintegrated. The way this is traditionally conducted is through an avoidance of battle and sabotage of the supply lines of the enemy. Furthermore, if Adria is to lose farmland, it is far better to render this land unusable and burn the market to starve the Mori’quessir of food and weaponry. This results in an enemy that, while numerically superior, no longer has the logistical ability to support their army and their expansion. When this process has been completed, the Officer Corps of Adria may instigate a pitched battle. Even now, do not under-estimate the Mori’quessir, but follow through with tactical understandings. The Mori’quesir have a type of combined arms approach to warfare, as their legion number five thousand men - with various engineering, siege weapons, and various other support corps aiding them. However, it would be remiss to not recognize the inherent weaknesses of this manipular formation. While lightly armed troops and a type of ‘flying cavalry’ exist, they exist to guard the flanks or disorganize an opposing attack. These troops, if successfully broken through, or outright defeated, leave the rear of the legion exposed to an attack. Furthermore, should the legion itself be broken in its organization, it may fall to a charge or basic military maneuvers. This, however, requires a mobile military force primarily based in horseback archery for strategic and tactical success. Only a mobile military can conduct harrying attacks with supreme efficiency; only a horseback archer primary force can exploit the manipular formation and their lightly armed troops to promote exposing of internal weaknesses when that organization is broken apart. It is the suggestion of myself that the Adrian state looks into what I have suggested and implement them in full. Political and Economic Reforms It is an unfortunate moment for the Adrian State that they have been split into two directions. A focus on the Mori’quessir and a focus on the war with the, what I will call, Coalition. This can be corrected in a variety of ways - something that can be only corrected by the Duke and His staff. But for the success of the military reforms, there must, unfortunately, be a singular focus on the Mori’quesir - as total doctrinal and structural reforms to an army in a two front conflict would spell disaster due to troops not being able to be trained to a manner befitting the differing natures of conflict. This is further escalated by the Coalition and the Mori’quessir fighting in two different ways and with two different structures. Economically, I suggest government control of the Adrian economy even if the state’s focus becomes singularly upon the Mori’quessir. In a type of beschlagnahme, Adria would earmark strategic raw materials for the purposes of war, and put under its own control the whole process of production and manufacturing into finished goods - with a complete inability to divert the material into civilian use unless permitted. This would permit the mobilization of Adria into a complete backing of the military reforms that would enable conflict with the Mori’quessir. Finishing Thoughts This is a fully realized reform plan that I share with you, Markus. It is a plan that I have constructed with my experience. Once again, I request that you implement these things in fullness - but leave my name off the reforms or debate. Regards, Alfie Fabius." If for some reason you want to see the cited sources, footnotes, or just prefer google docs, here you are.
  8. After-Action Report #004: The Siege of Fenn “Let this war be the last war; Let the death of our brothers mean something today! Gott mit uns!” Goals: Sieging and taking Fenn. Gear: Grappling Hooks Snow Camouflage Cloaks Arbalests Maces Explosive Potions Smoke Potions Winterized Armours Heat/Night-vision Goggles Flame Sword Involved Individuals Alfie Fabius Thalia Maximillian Event Summary by Alfie Fabius Alfie’s group would be assigned to guard the rear. The Legion that took Alisgrad marches from behind the group. Alfie ordered preparations to avalanche the auxiliary approaching. This was noticed by spiders, who came to approach. After failing to shoot the commander, Alfie detonated a bomb, causing an avalanche that took out a large portion of their force. Upon this, Galadin and the Rutherns began to charge into the fray to attack the Commander, while Alfie’s group mopped up the auxiliary force. Upon the arrival of a giant centipede, the majority of forces began to retreat from Fenn. Alfie’s group took a bit longer to make sure all injured were evacuated. Injuries None. Notes Fenn did not fall. No injuries. [This post would be distributed to all appropriate authorities; Additionally to all affiliates to Alfie Fabius]
  9. After-Action Report #003: The Fall of Alisgrad Goals: Sustaining the Siege of Alisgrad. Gear: Grappling Hooks Snow Camouflage Cloaks Arbalests Maces Explosive Potions Flame Oil Smoke Potions Winterized Armours Heat/Night-vision Goggles Ballistae Cannons Involved Individuals Alfie Fabius Astarte Lorenthus Thalia Event Summary by Alfie Fabius and Astarte Lorenthus Alfie’s group stands upon the temple roof and the rest stand on walls. The war horns blow. Siege engines, cannons and their engineers trotting forth with the troops. Morgan and Alfie called for a retreat off the walls. Call went unheeded. They come through the forests, some barely even dressed, save for their gladiator armor. One proclaimed himself at the head of the column, as 'Sedda, of Clan Torath'. He states: 'Know that you are all just slaves waiting to be claimed!’. The Mori begin to attack the western wall. They begin moving portions of his troop count towards the priorly opened hole from the worm. The Norlanders and co opened fire with bow-shot, before finding that the wall was pummeled with cannonshot. A large hole opened in the wall, allowing the Mori entrance, and calls to retreat were mostly heeded except for a few. The defenders began retreating to defensive positions within the city, and Alfie’s group began retreating to another roof. Haenseti defenders were stubborn to not give up the farm-fields, but eventually were hit with a trebuchet rock. They were forced to retreat afterwards. Sedda began venturing into the temple and Norlanders met them in the temple despite warnings from Alfie that his group would collapse the temple roof. They retreated from the temple when the danger became more present. The legion began marching into the interior of the city; And Alfie’s group diverged from the total group as a result. Thalia and Alfie took flammable barrels and dropped one on the enemy, achieving a few kills, before finding themselves hit with javelins. They retreated after dropping another barrel and the ‘Obsidian’ legionnaires arrived. Alfie was evacuated out of the city by Astarte. Following reports afterwards; A giant centipede burst from below the Ashwood tree. It is likely that it may have destroyed the tree. Injuries Alfie sustained a javelin in the chest. Thalia sustained a javelin in the shoulder. Notes Alisgrad fell. They attack with the familiar tactics of antiquity. I will offer forth the Strategikon to offer some insight into the tactics of the Mori’Quessir. Haenseti soil will be next in likelihood. Poor communication harmed effective defense. Poor planning harmed effective defense, it is citable that a unified command structure involving all authorities may enable greater chance of defense. Alfie didn't even bother trying to maintain operational security. This was spread as far and as wide as it could be.
  10. bro got bullied by everyone he knew and took a ******* nap in the snow
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