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  1. A pamphlet was attached to it: "Those with only words and without a will to act are of themselves uncivilized and impure; Racial failures such as these commit themselves to unbinding discussions that result in laughter from all others. These deserve nothing but the self-reflection of the race if they fully deserve their own self-given status as a proper civilization that is able to defend itself from attacks upon its culture and its people without needing to keep its city shut and isolated - Pretending the world outside its land hasn't happily progressed without its influences.
  2. rift is a member of the ccp
  3. Only knew you for a good part of a month - Accidentally started it off the wrong way. Unfortunate you're leaving and I will say that I'll miss seeing you around actively.
  4. A post was posted around notice boards all around Almaris. Legio I Alericum “I swear to faithfully execute all that the Officers commands, to never desert the Legion, and to accept the sacrifices necessary for the destruction of forces that’d threaten the Almaris continent.“ - The Oath The Legio I Alericum is based on the military forces of Consul Fabius’ youth, which is declared in many of its sigils, traditions, and virtues. It is made up of volunteers from all nations who are ordinary men and women who have volunteered their lives for the sake of defendin
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