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  1. no. whole thing is that they're a democracy - a direct democracy why would a direct democracy based on anarchist principles have nobility.
  2. “Instead of inquiring why the Roman Empire was destroyed, we should rather be surprised that it had subsisted so long." - Edward Gibbons At the end of the day, Cathan stared up at the blazing sun for just a brief moment. Paladins claimed it was a pauper, Canonists claimed it was a miracle, and he was only certain the Azdrazi were celebrating for it signified that Azdromoth had finally made his realm. To him, Cruinne had the right idea about it all when he had commented that it was not the same sun. The Druii had remarked that, ".. It's still bright. And one we'll live under, and maybe come to change." For it was all in truth. The Fall of Xan had indicated that this world could be changed - and if it could be changed for the worse, it could also be changed for the better. That was his belief as to the true reason behind the Fall of Xan - a lacking belief that this world could be better, and that all options but bloodshed irrelevant to the cause.
  3. "To vanquish those who transgress upon others." A dogma had been formed to defend Descendants. That is, after all, what Cathan believed. And in this, the Vikelans had not only transgressed upon one individual - but many. Thus the State was required to be vanquished - as they were in service, even if they didn't mean to be, of ruinous powers by the creation of Injustice. The Templar sharpened his longsword for the coming conflict.
  4. nah bro that was vicious putting the ******* sol invicta pks
  5. Cathan shifted to overlook the mountains of his home, before going to remind himself of an oath that he had made long ago. Defend the Balance; restore Nature; and enlighten the Descendants to how they injure the world to Ruin and the Void through their actions by word or sword. War was Diplomacy by another word, Cathan recognized solemnly - and the Templar spoke under his breath, “Malchediael - oversee me as I fulfill my obligation to the first Dogma. May my sword prove itself true; May my sword prove itself strong; And may this war be short. May the deaths be quick.”
  6. A note was returned at the invitation: "I'll be there for only a moment to give a gift, Happy Birthday. - Cathan."
  7. Cathan stared at his bed, holding on for dear life as he had a feeling that he would be lost to the Afterlife if it were destroyed...
  8. "It matters so little." The man bitterly thought as he stared at the Eclipse as the Kingdoms waged their petty wars of diplomacy on Earth - while the Heavens were reordered with the Serpentine Ascension. "Gods Above, can they not get their ******* head out their ass for three minutes? Azdromoth achieved his Truth - and yet they only worry for petty politics. How criminally idiotic. I hope he falls into a Dragon's mouth, burned alive by his own idiocy."
  9. The fools had forgotten. In the darkness of the Lion's silencing, the Sun has been eclipsed, leaving naught but Man to defeat both Void and Ruin. How quickly they forgot how both spread in injustice and brutality; how insulting & harming the weak resulted in ever-growing strength to the Dark. Yet they continued their crimes against their fellow Man - even referring to them as weaklings. The Templar perused the White Flame that encompassed his campfire, recalling his oaths, and recited it under his breath, "I will vanquish those who transgress against the realm's innocents. My courage will be in the pursuit of justice and freedom - I swear it so." And he set off for Haense to gather his affairs in understanding. Malchediael dreamed of a world where the Strong protected the Weak - and a challenge, implicitly, was issued that the Strong need not protect the Weak. Ruin would emerge in the world that this King and his Kingdom dreamed - unhindered and abetted by those they had oppressed; and Ruin would be purified from the hearts of Men in the former world - injured by the Descendants who had impressed the Archaengul so very long ago.
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