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  1. Amidst the vibrant hustle and bustle of the County of Warsovia on that evening, where anticipation hung in the air for the twin daughter's eighteenth name day, their mother, Felicite, found a quiet moment to steal away. With a tender reverence, she knelt down in a prayer, her voice a gentle murmur against the excitement that filled the keep. "Look how far they have come Aleksander," She whispered, "I know you would be most proud of our girls if you could see them now" @Olox_ The next day she would waste little time in joining the rest of the family to prepare for the festivities!
  2. With a soft sigh, the mother approached. "Your books shall await your return," She began, her voice sought to reassure the girl. "-besides, it is an opportunity for you to meet some new friends, and I'm sure our relatives wish to see you make an appearance." - "Dare I say you might even enjoy yourself... and if you do not, you may return to your books after greeting the guests, does that sound fair?"
  3. A NIGHT AMONG THE CLOUDS 1971 A recent painting of Montresor following its completion, depicted by Ser Philip Halcourt — PRINCEPS IN OMNIBVS First in All Things — FOREWORD & INTRODUCTION When my husband Philip was merely a boy, he lent his hands to his cousins, George and Viktoriya af Brasca, in constructing the Beaumont keep. A castle which holds the memories of our first dance shared together along with marking the day Philip pledged to fashion a castle of our own, a haven for our offspring. After meticulous planning and unwavering toil, the Castle of Montresor now stands proudly atop the mountain of Saint Godwin. In homage to our families and a remembrance of the journey we have taken to arrive at this point, we plan to throw open our doors to the public with a masquerade ball, akin to the one orchestrated by George af Brasca and his wife, Viktoriya decades prior. To also celebrate the Relourian culture we work to preserve, a selection of fine wines will be offered to our guests, each made within our own wine cellar. Children may be invited to try one drink of their choosing so long as their accompanying adult permits it. INVITATIONS Invitations are extended firstly to close family members, His Highness, Johannes Lothar von Alstreim, Prince of Merryweather Her Highness, Laurene von Alstreim, Princess-Consort of Merryweather Her Ladyship, Marlene von Reuss, Margravine-Consort of Velen His Lordship, Karl Franz von Alstreim Her Ladyship, Antonia Elisabeth von Alstreim Her Ladyship, Adolpha Ioanna von Alstreim Her Ladyship, Josephine Marguerite Halcourt His Lordship, Ser Cedric Laurent Halcourt His Lordship, Ser Laurens Henri Halcourt To the Peerage of the Apostolic Kingdom of Aaun, His Royal Majesty, John I, King of Aaun and his noble pedigree Her Ladyship, Olympe-Regina Diexmont de Rosius, Marchioness of Haute-Epine and her noble pedigree His Lordship, Siegmund von Reuss, Margrave of Velen and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Krzysztof Jazlowiecki, Count of Warsovia and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Grzmichuj Jazlowiecki, Baron of Triglav and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Léon Henri Haverlock, Count of Talentine and his noble pedigree. His Lordship, Henri de Lewes, Baron of Virdain and his noble pedigree. His Lordship, Emilio Varoche, Baron of Napoliza and his noble pedigree. Final invitations are sent to friends of the family, His Royal Highness, Alfred I, Prince of Reinmar and his noble pedigree His Royal Highness, Leon I, Prince in Reinmar and of Minitz and his noble pedigree Her Ladyship, Theodosya von Augusten, Viscountess-Consort of Azor Her Ladyship, Nikoletta Colborn Her Ladyship, Olenna Haverlock His Lordship, Lorand Korvacz Captain, Jan Nowak Boon and Bane Chono and Renault His Lordship, Ser Philip Laurent Halcourt, Lord of Castle Montresor Her Ladyship, Adelheid Klara Halcourt, Lady of Castle Montresor
  4. "Dear Gott" - "Johannes is finally getting married!" The groom's sister, Adelheid Klara, let up in a cheer before hastily jutting forth the invitation to her Husband, Philip @JustAngel69 "We must prepare gifts."
  5. AN INVITATION TO REUNITE 1962 Nur Gott und Alstreim — Penned by Adelheid Klara von Alstreim — FOREWORD & INTRODUCTION It has been over a decade since the mainline family of Alstreim were united in the home of Merryweather, and many years since the kin of Heinrich II and Aleksandra Milena have seen each other. Now that we are all of age and making our own homes within the continent we settle upon, I find it suitable to invite each of my siblings to reunite in our childhood home and share their achievements and stories with one another. The events will take place within the Castle of Ulrichsburg, residence of the Prince of Merryweather and a feast shall be provided in the main dining hall. Given the conclusion of the war, there seemed no better time than now to host these celebrations, as it is a time for unity within the family that has been long absent throughout the decade. Invitations are extended to the children of Heinrich II and Aleksandra Milena, His Highness, Johannes Lothar von Alstreim, Prince of Merryweather His Lordship, Corwin Ulrich von Alstreim Her Ladyship, Alexandra Mathilde von Alstreim Her Ladyship, Ana-Maria Margrait von Alstreim His Lordship, Karl Franz von Alstreim Her Ladyship, Antonia Elisabeth von Alstreim Her Ladyship, Antigone Renata von Alstreim Her Ladyship, Adolpha Ioanna von Alstreim To celebrate the reunion, invitations have also been delivered to extended family. Her Ladyship, Marlene Konstancja von Reuss, Margravine-Consort of Velen and her noble pedigree His Lordship, Waclaw Jakub Jazloviecki, Count of Warsovia and his noble pedigree And of course, Her Highness, Aleksandra Milena von Alstreim, Dowager Princess-Consort of Merryweather Her Ladyship, Adelheid Klara von Alstreim,
  6. Adelheid was overjoyed to finally marry her best friend and respect the wishes of their now deceased relatives. She had hoped her father would've been able to walk her down the aisle as anyone would, and that their quiet union would've been more lively and grand... yet she hardly found herself complaining as she rushed to find her relatives in the halls of Ulrichsburg and share the news.
  7. "Let us take my father home, he deserves to rest." The Alstreim declared to those around her as her elder brother was whisked away by the remaining council members. Her gaze remained distant, avoiding the deceased form that lay before her. She had always admired his resilience and wisdom in the face of turbulent times, and she preferred to remember him in that noble light rather than his current bloodied state. Adelheid Klara von Alstreim found herself pacing within their family home that night, struggling to comprehend the events that had unfolded that day. The Halls of Ulrichsburg felt colder that night. It was almost a decade ago that her mother and siblings had left their home for Haense, how the young Alstreim yearned for their home to be lively and filled with family joy once more. Little did she anticipate that the castle would descend into an even deeper silence following the departure of her father, the singular embodiment of their esteemed house. -and so Heidi remained in that silence as she withheld her tears for her father, there was no time for weakness now.
  8. The young Alstreim was simply doing as she was informed by those above her status, though she could understand why the sky god of Ottomar's Grandmother would express such a thought after Adelheid had helped in ensuring the vampire would be slain for his crimes!
  9. THE PETRAN CIVIL WAR 1908 - 1909 QUITE STRANGE FOR MYSELF TO BE FALSE IF I AM RIGHTFULLY ANOINTED IN THE EYES OF GOD -Renilde I — By Adelheid Klara von Alstreim — FOREWORD & INTRODUCTION It is no secret that the more we know about the past, the better prepared we are for the future, and so I, Adelheid Klara, have dedicated my time not to playing games and performing childish acts but instead learning of our mistakes and the consequences, in order to aid in my own ambitions and goals along with advising those to prevent history repeating itself. In light of my own personal studies, I have taken it upon myself to compile and publish my notes of the Battles and Wars that have particularly interested me and I think we may all learn something from. At my dearest friend Philip Laurent’s request, the first notes to be published will be that of the Petran Civil War. THE ACCUSED | 1908 C. Harren’s Folly The Petran Civil War began with the accusations of the Archduchess Renilde’s affair with Prince Marius Audemar of Haense within the realm of Almaris. Constanz was said to be a man of little affection for his wife and spent not much time with her, instead associating himself with the various Knights of Petra. Seeking friendship and company with Prince Marius, The Archduchess Renilde was subject to a burglary of her home, reportedly hired by Contstanz an unknown man entered the living quarters of the Archduchess making off with various letters as proof of the alleged affair. Upon being presented with this Constanz was enraged, and he took to the streets with these letters claiming crimes against the Archduchess. THE SIEGE OF PETRA | 1908 C. Sigismund's End Upon the issuance of such accusations Archduchess Renilde travelled to Haense to confer with King Georg, Sir Paul Montalt and Sir Valentin Mareno, seeing this opportunity the Archduke-Consort, Constanz Novellen stormed into the city with hundreds of soldiers by his side to seize the capital while the Archduchess was gathering her support. With the majority of Renildes forces laying in the countryside, Constanz succeeded in occupying the city of Valfleur, which would become heavily contested by raiding parties of both sides during the duration of the conflict. A SUPPOSED COUNTER-COUP | 1909 C. Horen’s Calling In response to the siege of the capital, Sir Paul Montalt began to plan a counter-coup alongside the Archduchess. With much effort they’d manage to rally a combined force of Petran Republican Forces, the Brotherhood of St. Karl and the Ferrymen. The army would prove unsuccessful, only succeeding in showing their numbers and what was to eventually come before they dispersed, what caused the dispersal of the two armies is not known, some claim a miracle from GOD to aid the forces of Constanz and others claim an act of Iblees cursing the realms of men prevented the battle from occurring, regardless both sides withdrew allowing the fighting to continue in the following month. The Archduchess then released a denunciation on her husband, announcing the various violations of the Petran Constitution committed by Constanz, the four points highlighted by Archduchess Renilde were the violation of the instrument of their marriage, Constanz opposition to the High Pontiff and the Holy Canonist Church, the neglect of his duty as Archduke and most grievously, his attempt to usurp the throne for himself on baseless accusations. A SELF ENTITLED CONSORT | 1909 C. Owyn’s Flame The Archduke-Consort finally issued an official declaration of war upon his wife, Renilde, with the intention to fully siege and control the Commonwealth due to the accusations of the Archduchess’s affair. Following such, the Archduchess was requested to stand trial for multiple crimes of which included, Thieving the property of another Man, Laying with another when you are wed and Raising an army against forces of the Commonwealth. It is no shock when Renilde did not attend the trial and in her place were Ferrymen and Petran Republican Forces who hastily raided the trial and to much success captured the Archduke-Consort who would be detained in Valfeur and brought to the Courteis Hale. Peace discussions would begin. The dispute would continue back and forth for quite some time until, in a fit of rage, Sir Paul Montalt attempted to slaughter one of Constanz’s soldiers but instead crippled the Dame Catherine of Furnestock before showing the rest of the rebels remorse. The Prince of Balian would not be treated as kindly, and in turn had his left eye gouged out before finally being released. BATTLE OF THE COMMONWEALTH | 1909 C. The Sun's Smile The battle of The Commonwealth began when the forces of Renilde numbering 1900 and led by both the Archduchess and Sir Paul Montalt, sallied out of Castle Moere to take to the Petran countryside hoping to catch the rebel forces unaware in an assault on Valfleur, the forces of Renilde advanced, arrow volleys being exchanged by both sides as the hosts advanced toward one another. The forces of Constanz numbered 2400 but it was aptly noted by numerous sources that they lacked the dedication and leadership ability of the Loyalist forces. Prince Marius and Joseph Vasile took 200 men-at-arms and advanced on the left flank, fighting swelled within the suburbs as the Rebel forces attempted to counter this flank. But their attempt was not to be, caught in an ambush, one of the principle Rebel commanders Gregor Malinov was grievously wounded and carried off the field of battle. Disorder began to spring up within the Rebel ranks as fissures formed, Constanz knew the army would soon break and thus he ordered a charge against the Loyalist forces. The Archduchess reportedly met her husband in the central melee, urging her forces onwards as the two armies clashed, the loyal Petrans advanced without mercy or rest. Dame Charlotte Roberta, sister to the Archduchess landed a blow upon the battle weary Contstanz forcing him too to be carried from the battlefield, the day decided by the fateful charge the rebel forces completely shattered, most fleeing north to Haense as the day came to a close. A WORTHY DEATH | 1909 C. Sigismund's End After having lost everything Constanz had spent the past few years fighting for, the pitiful Prince sought to make a final attempt to take something from the Archduchess, announcing the invitation of a duel to the death, to Prince Marius Audemar. Without much hesitation, the Haeseni Prince was quick to accept the duel which would be titled The Duel of the Second Sons - Marius being the second son of King Karl III of the Dual Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and Constanz being the second son of King John I of the Kingdom of Balian. The duel had an outstanding audience, people from all around Almaris had visited the Kingdom of Haense to see which Prince would be buried next to their father. The battle was said to be fairly even, each Prince standing their ground yet to no surprise it was the crowd favourite who was revealed as the victor, His Royal Highness Prince Marius Audemar. The fate of Petra now rests steadily in the hands of Her Highness, Queen Renilde I as she continues to rebuild her beloved nation after the disastrous events that took place three decades ago. May the Lord on High Bless her Reign as Monarch. Her Highness, Adelheid Klara von Alstreim, Writer of Adelheid’s Archives
  10. An overworked servant rushed through the halls of Noufeille Valenstrata before ensuring the Boy's mother had a copy of the publicised sketches. "That is mon petite Philip!" She declared as a proud mother would, her heels leading her to advance upon them as Josephine Halcourt intended on showing every person she knew of her son's achievements. Meanwhile the little Adelheid Klara, known best friend to the artist, surprisingly halted in reading her favourite book just to take note of her friend's works. Yet all that followed was a pitiful sigh. "Why did he not include the sketches of me..." came the girl's response, to no one in particular, before her fingertips wriggled to recollect her prized book, continuing to peruse the contents.
  11. The Phoenix of Amador, Nataliya Mariya rolls in her grave, disappointment etched within her dulled features. "How dispersed the family has become, all because they let their greed control them instead of seeking unity." A harsh puff of breath escaped the aged Baroness's lips as she saw how power hungry her kin had become with no true leader to guide them. "From Greed they Rise" Came a final echo, her tone laced with pity for their so called regent.
  12. Nataliya Amador attempted to suppress her tears, at least for the moment, as her relatives gathered within the room. Deep within her heart, she held a glimmer of hope that the tiny bundle before her would grow to embody even half of the greatness embodied by the elderly Amador knight. As Ser Karl's heartbeat came to a halt, Nataliya recollected and clung to that young shard of hope, cradling him gently in her trembling hands. "Oh how much you have to live up to little Karl.." The Baroness of Mondstadt whispered to the infant as she recalled the legacy of Ser Karl Ruslan Amador. "...such strength and honour."
  13. The Baroness of Mondstadt, Nataliya Amador clung tightly to her new-born son, a smile cresting her features as she glanced to her husband beside her. "A new course has been set for House Amador." She stated with confidence before her attention then turned back to the infant within her arms, a hand lofting to gently poke his tiny nose "I pray to Godan that your course is far from turbulent, my little Henrik"
  14. THE CITIZENSHIP REFORMS OF 481 E.S. KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM Issued by the OFFICE OF THE SENESCHAL On the 5th of Snow's Maiden of 481 E.S. VA BIRODEO E HERZENAV, As we embark on our journey to new lands and commence in rebuilding our beloved kingdom, the Office of the Seneschal recognises the importance of ensuring the safety and security of our people. In light of this we wish to introduce The Royal Census, a form of documentation aimed to allow the crown to keep track of our ever growing populace as we begin a new era. ON DOCUMENTING I. Intended to create a standardised and reliable record of our population, The Royal Census will serve as identification by registering each citizen and their basic details - including address, affiliation, age, occupation, etcetera. II. Intended to properly organise the citizens and visitors of Haense to better accommodate housing relocation, job organisation, and protection from the Crown over his people. III. To upkeep and maintain the documentation, a census shall be issued every ten years. This is to ensure all records are relevant and up to date to ensure there are no irregularities between larger spans of time, this census will be carried out each decade. IV. The documentations may serve and be used in aiding investigations within the kingdom, should it be deemed relevant. It is our hope that we may remove criminals and prevent unwanted creatures from joining our kingdom to certify citizen security. IV JOVEO MAAN, Her Excellency, Josefina Barclay, High Seneschal of Hanseti-Ruska Her Ladyship, Nataliya Amador, Baroness of Mondstadt, Kastellen of Immigration of Hanseti-Ruska
  15. Little Matilda Vespira wonders why her uncle isn't getting married to the other Lady that she remembered him spending most of his time with.
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