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  1. Clay trees that sing Clay swords that live Clay... chairs? What more could you ask for. +1
  2. Now that we're able to craft diamond tools, why not take it a step further and allow us to craft diamond (or even netherite) training swords, or other items involving these resources? Being able to access these items could lead to being able to make some really cool rp items to use. I know for one, i'd love to be able to use netherite swords to represent blackferrum/daemonsteel weaponry. Sure, we would need a way of obtaining netherite - but i don't imagine adding a node to each mine across the nations would be too taxing - and as long as we can't craft pvp armour/weapons with it, whats the harm? Not a hugely thought out idea, i just thought it'd be cool - wondered what other people might think.
  3. Flames scorched the skin - Corruption permeated the air - Chains sear the flesh - The damned torment the spirit. And yet within their damnation, despite their promise to suffer, a smile would pose mockery within the nine hells, this day. The two had never met - yet her corpse had defiled the boy plenty, in the time it roamed for another creatures whim. There were an admiration for that man that monster could not take - despite having taken everything else. A figure which in life, they had hoped to attain as well. The paladin - the martyr - had defined their own story, they had overcome the corrupted and left their warming stain upon the lands. Perhaps in a separate time, the two would've been allies. So, she smiles. Glad the thief were thwarted, in their attempts to destroy their unknowing hero. ~ . ~ And may that wretch forever remain in their eternal, empty nightmare. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In an out of character homage, i think i owe a great big thank you to letting me be involved in such an indepth character - allowing me to leave a mark on your roleplay, for as long as i were able. RP with this character is, by far, some of the most compelling i have ever experienced on the server - and whilst im sad to see him go, im glad this character got the end they thoroughly deserved. Moving from this character, i look forwards to what you'll do next - to what other compelling stories i may be able to sink my teeth into, perhaps as friends, or enemies once more. Whatever the case, adios Elias. There are many fond memories that will linger for some time, yet.
  4. Silently, a Sorvian reads this missive, arms folded and mind indulged in thought. They read the words carefully - as does a miniature companion of theres, or atleast, they pretend to. Perhaps, they thought, they should pursue this group further.
  5. [!] A written poster flutters here in the wind, catching the eye with a sketch of warm colours and fine detail. ~ o ~ ~ o ~ Greetings Sorvians, Atronachs, Automatons and those alike. In following with Glass' purpose, Glass wishes to make notice of the following services offered to constructs of any kind: The free repair and upkeep of any sorvians and other constructs of which Glass is able to mend. The information logging and ensuing protection by Glass' hand, upon request. The prospect of crafts which Glass can offer, likely without cost - depending on said craft. Any other service Glass is able to offer, within reason. In order to contact Glass, please pursue one of the following means: Enquire a bird to; (MangoManMini - Glass) Enquire a message to; (Discord - Mini#7601) Visit Glass' Workshop in Norland (Alisgrad), located to the far-right of the gates, 'FREY 6'. Shown in image.
  6. Tools scattered about the table as preparations made way - notes stacked upon one-another for guide, and dusts of alchemical symbol laid out in wooden mortars. "-What're you preparing for...?" The miniature man asked put of turn - peering on through his brow of artificial age. "To grant you greater form." That freak replied, as it prepared to begin a ghastly, and arduous process. That pirate cannot rest, not just yet.
  7. Ira's steps suddenly ceased as that wretched thing's eyes caught glimpse of a flyer - cast about by the wind, astray upon the path... With a few steps forwards did she clamp the toe of her boot atop it - reaching down to lift the slip, where horrific cracks emitted from a spine held by alchemical whim. "...Ah, good. More chaos for the fray..." She remarked harshly - gliding claw across it's font, before looking back out upon the city of Elysium she stood by - walls mounted high... Though perhaps, not eternally. "Our work continues then - without distruption, instead with distraction." The freak's amber-laid eyes lost interest rather soon - hand opening up to allow a gust to take the note from her palm... And so, she continued.
  8. "Another horror is to be birthed tonight." A nameless voice reminded themselves, in the isolation of a decrepit lab. The beginning of a rising mass.
  9. Some long, silent moments were spent - pondering these words truly, those thoughts navigated through a twisted mind, only to return a twisted judgement; "I suppose those born mortals, are forever haunted by pathetic desire. Despite the power they accrue..." That freak thought on this for some time, wondering if perhaps with time, their views may shift in some similar way. ... Though not any time soon.
  10. I'll look over this and correct some grammar. One too many 5am writing sessions seems to have gotten to me. Ty for bringing this to my attention!!!
  11. Origin Since their sparse creation, Anthroparions of both lesser and greater states have seen vivacion as merely the substance that drives their flesh to squirm and bones to shift - the bare essential to bestow artificial life upon their otherwise rotting forms. Its methods of creation almost known entirely to only their creators, none of its creation have bothered to wonder upon its capabilities... To what wonders do Anthroparions owe their existence? Should they merely accept that this fluid powers not only their ‘life’, but the abilities that come with it? Is it all true that a concoction of such terrifying ability has merely a single use, even to those whoms blood it runs through? One refused to accept it. ‘The truth is what I create.’ Their polluted mind decided, on a dreadful day which would soon mark the discovery of truths perhaps best left unknown... (Visualization of a Vivacion Potion) Pain, anguish, and adrenaline of discovery powered only by the obscenities of a maddened mind, were all felt by a single Anthroparion - as they tore their own form into mere viscera over and over and over again, to watch as the very tendons and ligaments of their body wriggled and snapped to repair themselves… All due to the mysterious substance of vivacion. That foul green glow, the brutality of which it forced a weaker form to stay intact, the way in which it could stiffen flesh to hardness akin to stone - or even create an entire being of free will, all so very intriguing to the alchemically-maddened mind of a dangerously creative Anthroparion. And so they began, researching about how their own form worked - experimenting with little relent on both themselves and others where deemed fit. And through a dissolute process of trial and error did that creature discover its various other applications when used in tandem with its creations… to which their greed for torment found satiation. Applications (Combative) (All of the following applications require an ST signed Vivacion Potion, which is within it's expiration date listed in the Vivacion potion redlines, within the original Anthroparion lore. This item is consumed upon application.) In the early stages of their experiments, the anthroparion soon found that vivacion, when directly injected into an injured host, can have various gruesome effects… Vivacion Melioration: (Representation of the potential scarring yielded from Vivacion Melioration) In greater anthroparions, when an additional measure of vivacion is directly injected or otherwise placed into the bloodstream, an excruciating process of rejection will begin, alongside a terrifyingly vicious enhancement to their healing abilities. Upon its injection the effects would present themselves within seconds, and cause the anthroparion an agony they would normally be numbed to. But as their form rejects it harshly, the vivacion would still work its process - presenting through their skin in a vibrant green glow throughout their veins. In the span of (including injection) two emotes, the vivacion crawls throughout the immediate area (spanning no more than a single limb or section of the body) and tears the flesh and bone of any wounds asunder only to restitch and messily seal the damage… leaving behind a horrid scar from which the now expired vivacion will ooze for a short time. These scars will not heal by ordinary anthroparion regeneration, and instead can only be healed in the same way a descendant could heal a scar. If injected into an area which once held a now severed limb or other applicable piece of the body, the vivacion will regenerate such through a skinless, bleeding form - in a rather grotesque display of flesh and muscle squirming to stretch and rebuild. This skin will eventually be restored, albeit in a horrifically scarred form, through regular anthroparion regeneration when outside of combat. Use of vivacion melioration isn't without it's side affects however - as the targeted area, at the end of this application's duration, will for a temporary time experience a newfound sensitivity to pain, any further wounds sustained in that area presenting with the pain you'd expect a regular descendant to experience. This rather alien sensation will last until the end of combat for the anthroparion, where the effects would then wear off with time. Redlines; This process will put any anthroparion into a state so overtaken with pain they are rendered incapable of major action and have their movement halved for its healing process. The initial injection however is unrestricting, allowing someone to still utilize their full movement and any other reasonable actions before the healing kicks in, in the next emote. This process takes 2 emotes in total - one for injection and activation, and another for the healing process. The healing process of Vivacion Melioration restores torn flesh and skin, repairs broken and even shattered bone, and reproduces any organs or blood lost in the applied area. When applied to where a severed limb or other applicable area once were, said missing parts will regenerate almost completely; missing only the skin which can later be regenerated, albeit with horrid scarring, through normal anthroparion regeneration when outside of combat. This process takes 4 emotes rather than 2, the healing process requiring 2 additional emotes, and only bestowing the anthroparion control of the limb once those 3 healing emotes are made. Alternatively to complete limb regeneration, should an anthroparion manually jam a severed limb back into where it were severed from, and then attempt this application - should the limb be held in place for the duration, this reattachment will take only 3 emotes in total - one for injection and activation, and two more for the healing and reattachment process. If the limb is removed from it’s hold against the applied area, this process will fail. Vivacion melioration, after the end of it's healing process, will present a new sensitivity in the targeted area of the body, where the anthroparion's normally numbed sensation to pain will be amplified to that of a regular descendant - further injury in that area presenting such pain until the end of the combat encounter. The scars left by this process are unregeneratable by normal anthroparion means, and instead must be treated regularly. The vivacion can travel only throughout one segment of the body (head, torso, an arm, a leg.), and heals all injuries in that area simultaneously. Attempts to inject vivacion more than once per encounter render the anthroparion subject to risk of a harsher melioration, the targeted wounds exploding open rather than forcing shut, and as a result creating graver damage instead of repairing it. See the overdose table below the ‘applications’ section for more info. EXAMPLE EMOTE With further experimentation came further discovery on how vivacion can affect an anthroparion not only in their dormant state, but in the utilization of their grotesque abilities… Vivacion Surge: (Visual example of Vivacion Surge and the kinds of scars it would leave) In greater anthroparions, when an additional measure of vivacion is directly injected or otherwise placed into the bloodstream of an area of the body currently channeling the ability ‘Vivacion Flow’, the effects will dramatically escalate, resulting, with 2 total emotes, hardening of the skin which spreads out twice that of its original span, and remaining for a much longer time. In its relentless pursuit to spread, the vivacion will twist flesh and ultimately shatter any bone that it would encase. This enhanced area of hardening oozes expired vivacion from it’s crevices for a short time, and will take 5 emotes to fade. This leaves unsightly cracks in the skin which cannot be healed by regular anthroparion regeneration. Upon fading, any bones caught beneath the path of its spread will have been shattered to the point of unusability, at least until the anthroparion has been given time to heal. Redlines; The size of the area hardened by ‘vivacion flow’ is doubled in its maximum size, and cannot be reduced nor precisely controlled in how it will spread. It will always span out to the maximum radius. The hardness of the vivacion flow affected by the surge is still exactly the same as detailed in the original lore; ‘with a hardness akin to stone’. Vivacion Surge requires 2 emotes to activate - one to channel the ability and inject the vivacion, and another where the effects form. If Vivacion Surge is applied to anywhere where bone is essential to an Anthroparion (e.g the skull) the effects will immediately render the subject into their regenerative death state. Vivacion Surge leaves small tear-like scars where the cracks of the hardened skin once were. These scars are unhealable by an anthroparion’s regeneration, and must instead be treated regularly, in the same way a descendant would treat a scar. Vivacion Surge being active will not prohibit the simultaneous use of Vivacion Flow in other portions of the body, as it's presence is maintained by the additional measure of vivacion. Attempts to inject vivacion more than once per encounter render the anthroparion subject to risk of an irreversible surge, which results in the hardening remaining permanently. The only way to reverse this is complete replacement of the affected area with a similar arm/leg/etc of similar build and size, where it (similarly to how an anthroparion’s head may be stitched back on) would need to be stitched back on for the anthroparion’s natural regeneration to seal the rest. See the overdose table below the ‘applications’ section for more info. EXAMPLE EMOTE With the discoveries of how vivacion could subject the host to enhancements carrying with them painful consequences, this anthroparion was intrigued, but not nearly satisfied… And so, as ramblings took their mind, experiments of greater risk found applications of similarly sinister results. Vivacion Apperception: (The eyes of an anthroparion under the effects of Vivacion Apperception) In greater anthroparions, when an additional measure of vivacion is - in a rather brutal display - directly injected or otherwise absorbed into the eyeball, a green vivacion glow will violently take the eye, oozing from it’s socket, and crawling down the veins in their face, as the subject’s vision begins to morph within the next emote. Whilst the eye viciously heals any damage within its shivering self - rejecting anything stuck in the eye including the needle that may have been used to inject this vivacion - the subject’s vision will develop a keen sensitivity to the vitality which vivacion is so closely interlinked with, forcing a frightening obsession within the subject’s sight by highlighting those living things before them with a distorted sort of glow… These ‘highlights’, even amongst complete darkness, cause the anthroparion to become abnormally fixated on the living creatures before them, their vision directed by the whims of vivacion. Whilst active, this new form of sight allows the subject to focus upon organic targets to an extraordinary extent, whilst blurring their surroundings as their sight flickers across targets purely based on the greatest, or most immediate, sources of vitality. This warping of the anthroparion’s vision will hold its presence for a total of 6 emotes, before the vivacion seems to completely escape the eye’s grasp, leaking down the user’s face now - spoiled and rotten with blood and plasma. Redlines; Injecting an eye renders only that eye under the effects of Vivacion Apperception. Should that eye be removed or damaged beyond usability, the effects of Vivacion Apperception will end. The application of Vivacion Apperception allows the user to perceive entities of both player-operated and npc types - so long as they are organic - with great detail and attentiveness, aiding in their ability to react and retaliate to actions made by these highlighted creatures. However, this application also causes the anthroparion to lose focus on their surroundings and the general environment, due to the absolute fixation the vivacion will inhibit within the eye. Even in complete darkness, the highlighting of creatures before an anthroparion under the effects of vivacion apperception will persist, revealing their form in absolute darkness. This will not however aid the anthroparion in seeing their surroundings in complete darkness, and would instead hinder it further, warping that darkness with the uninterested blur of vivacion. Vivacion Apperception requires 2 emotes to fully activate; one for application, and another for its development and healing process. Vivacion Apperception will always last it’s full length of 6 emotes, and cannot be voluntarily deactivated. The only way Vivacion Apperception can be preemptively ended is if the eyes is damaged beyond functionality, or if the anthroparion would somehow be killed or otherwise rendered into their regenerative death state. Applying this to both eyes (even at the same time) would be considered two separate applications - and so would render the second application at risk of overdose repercussions - and would take an additional measure of vivacion. Attempts to inject vivacion more than once per encounter render the anthroparion subject to the risk of a failed apperception, where the vivacion will react adversely to the contact with the eyeball, and cause the affected eyeball to explode in a gory display of plasma, vivacion and viscera. See the overdose table below the ‘applications’ section for more info. EXAMPLE EMOTE A final display - directed by a mind consumed with obsession, this final experiment risked great amounts in its discovery, but revealed terrifying possibilities locked away within the mysterious workings of vivacion, vile powers that are unlocked only by the greatest risks, offering unrelenting strength to those reckless enough to pursue it… This was the freak’s last discovery of vivacion - one that satisfied that mind finally, their ‘magnum opus’, so to speak… Vivacion Delirium: (An anthroparion under the demented state of Vivacion Delirium) In greater anthroparions, when a user brave - or perhaps desperate - enough to take such risk injects or otherwise induces an additional measure of vivacion into the brain, the user would promptly collapse and begin to spasm violently, as the vivacion excruciatingly makes its way throughout the organ and tears asunder their mind. Veins all over their body will glow with that vile green vibrance, saliva and sweat plagued with the concoction would drip from their maw, and even both eyes will begin shining out in an unrestrained vivacion glow. In this excruciating, mind-breaking process, is where rejection is most likely - but should the victim of this process prevail through the vivacion’s wrath, the strength they will find will be incomparable to anything else they’re capable of, although leaving their mind in a crazed, animalistic, and reckless state for the duration, making complex thought nigh-impossible - and so rendering all other abilities available to an anthroparion unavailable during this application’s course. Wounds sustained by someone in this state immediately begin their rejuvenation process (following a number of the guidelines of the 'Vivacion Melioration' application) with uncontrollable inefficiency, spewing blood and vivacion in it’s sporadic attempt to repair, and so leaving nasty scars unhealable to an anthroparion’s natural regeneration. Any limbs that are detached will automatically squirm to regrow - but if the head is detached, this process differs somewhat, head detachment rendering them in their regenerative death state immediately, until their head is able to bind back onto their neck, where the anthroparion would regain consciousness and continue their frenzy. Furthermore - the subject's pain is rendered obsolete, encouraging a dangerous aversion to their own safety. Their vision is majorly crippled behind bulging veins and squirming iris’, blurred and relying perhaps purely on the perception of vitality that Vivacion Apperception offers - which too activates uncontrollably with this application, and lasts the entire duration of Vivacion Delirium. This application will last a total of 6 emotes, or until the anthroparion is somehow met with a fate that would meet any of their pk clauses that Vivacion Delirium is incapable of repairing. Once the duration of Vivacion Delirium has ended, the anthroparion will be left in a disoriented state for the next 2 emotes where the spoilt vivacion will be regurgitated from their system. Only after this disorientation clears up will the anthroparion begin to feel the true consequences of using this application, as the fatigue of any wounds they’ve accrued throughout the duration present themselves, along with a new vulnerability. In reaction to such violent use of vivacion, the body will gain a new sensitivity to pain for some time, a sensation which is usually numbed to an anthroparion. This sensitivity will last until the end of the combat encounter. Redlines; Vivacion Delirium requires 3 emotes to activate; one for application, one where the anthroparion collapses and begins to spasm, and the last where the vivacion sets in, and the anthroparion regains control of their body. This can only be interrupted by the anthroparion meeting any of it’s pk clauses. Even through head detachment however, should the application roll result in success, Vivacion Delirium will still set in. No other anthroparion abilities or vivacion applications can be activated whilst Vivacion Delirium is active. All wounds take 2 emotes to repair. These wounds however can heal simultaneously, no matter their amount, and this healing process disregards size and severity - assuming the anthroparion's form is somewhat intact. If this healing is interrupted by the duration of Vivacion Delirium ending, said wounds will remain half-repaired. Wounds healed by Vivacion Deliruim are done so without the regeneration of skin - and so will still lightly bleed both blood and vivacion. This skin is later healed outside of combat, where scarring will form. If the head is detached, the anthroparion will be rendered into their regenerative death state and immediately begin healing. If in range of the body (said range specified within an anthroparion’s decapitation pk clause), the head will take 2 + (1 emote for distance above every 2 meters of distance between the head and body) emotes to reattach and grant the anthroparion their consciousness once more. Each of these emotes contribute to the total duration of Vivacion Delirium, and if the duration ends before the head can reattach, this process will cease. If a limb is detached, the process for regrowth takes 3 emotes in total, detailing how the flesh and muscle progressively stretch and form to regrow a new, grotesque limb. Only after these 3 emotes will the anthroparion regain control of said limb, albeit without skin, which will later be formed through an anthroparion’s natural regeneration, although with horrid scarring. Vivacion Delirium does not increase one’s raw strength in any way, but instead offers the user the abilities described in Vivacion Delirium’s description. Aswell, this application does not make one ‘immune’ to damage, instead only working to repair damages they might take during Vivacion Delirium’s duration. Vivacion Delirium, including any of it’s effects, cannot be ended preemptively - and will last 6 emotes unless the anthroparion is killed. Even through their regenerative death state, if their head is able to repair and reattach, the effects will persist until 6 emotes have passed since its beginning. All damage acquired during Vivacion Delirium will leave nasty scars, which are irreparable by normal anthroparion regeneration means. All damage acquired throughout Vivacion Delirium’s duration will, at the end of it’s duration, present fatigue of both mental and physical challenge, aswell as a new sensitivity to pain which anthroparions are not accustomed to. This sensitivity and fatigue will last until the end of combat. Application to the brain is a dangerous venture - and will always render the risk of rejection. Should the vivacion be rejected upon application, the anthroparion will be rendered into their regenerative death state - dying amidst their spasms, rather than rising. This is not a forced pk. See the overdose table below the ‘applications’ section for more info. EXAMPLE EMOTE Overdose Table This table details the repercussions of applying vivacion more than once per encounter (or of using Vivacion Delirium as a whole) - where the chances of having a negative reaction increase the more vivacion is used. Some overdose effects are more severe than others, and some yield much greater risk of rejection than others, depending on the application's strength. Application Prerequisites for roll requirement Roll required Roll to meet / beat Overdose effects Vivacion Melioration Having used any application of vivacion once already in your encounter. 1d20-(amount of times vivacion has been rolled for in this encounter prior.) 5 Targeted wounds will split and burst open rather than seal shut, creating further damage, and leaving the anthroparion with a new-found fatigue similar to the fatigue felt after Vivacion Delirium, only to a more mild extent. Vivacion Surge Having used any application of vivacion once already in your encounter. 1d20-(amount of times vivacion has been rolled for in this encounter prior.) 5 The affected area will stay permanently hardened and unresponsive until replacement. Replacement requires reattachment akin to the head replacement process detailed in the original anthroparion lore, where stitches would be required to sew a replacement of similar proportions on. Vivacion Apperception Having used any application of vivacion once already in your encounter. 1d20-(amount of times vivacion has been rolled for in this encounter prior.) 5 The affected eye will explode. This can be healed any way available to an anthroparion, including the effects of 'Vivacion Melioration', but will be non-functional until restored. Vivacion Delirium N/A 1d20-(amount of times vivacion has been used in this encounter prior.) 10 The anthroparion will be rendered into their regenerative death state, revival following all rules detailed in the original anthroparion lore. Despite Vivacion Delirium potentially causing their death, this does not count as 'death by suicide', and so does not force any PK upon the player. Purpose of Addition Whilst I love anthroparions and their concept, I've had to admit after playing one for so long that they are niche, mostly unknown, and underutilized. I’d even assume that the majority of people reading this haven't even heard of them before. For as long as I've played an anthroparion, I've only ever known two other anthroparions - and it’s the ones I created at the time of making this addition. The hard truth is that they take too much effort to make for too little return in their strength - their creation is entirely known (to my knowledge) only to those in the darker groups, and so what's the point in creating them when you could just make something like a darkstalker instead - a similar thing but with much more power, and easier creation, should you have the required magics and feats. So I thought about how to make them stronger without just buffing them, because let's be honest - plain buffs are boring. I figured that in reality, anthroparions are not very unique, and their ties to alchemy aren’t very much utilized past their creation. Vivacion too is a potion that only has one use, and it’s their creation - but why? Why not have it closely intertwined with an anthroparion’s options, rather than just ‘it's in my blood so I can do things’. So, with this addition, I've implemented ways that anthroparions can use this concoction to their own advantage - empowering themselves with a mixture likely only they can acquire, and one that only they can handle, since they’re so carefully connected with it. I think, with this addition, anthroparions become a lot more interesting without just outright buffing them - yet bringing them up the tiers of CA’s so that they’re not so overshadowed. This, hopefully, incentivizes more players to seek playing one - and so revives the very limited playerbase of this CA that honestly, I think deserves much more attention - their concept is full of potential for amazing narratives, and I think their existence should be encouraged further. Citation: Noz - Original Author of Anthroparion Lore Mini - Author of addition Valannor - Proofreading and general help SacredSource - Proofreading bloomtiara - General help SquakHawk - Feedback for amendments
  12. Amidst crazed cackles and unhinged mania were objects tossed and glasses smashed, a pure anticipation ravaging an often dull mind, bringing to fruition the obscenities of one's most buried thoughts - until once more that mind's bearer could tame their composure. That invitation, one of a threatening dissonance which it's writer oft bears, it rang gleefully in the advertence of that freak it were addressed to - as if permission to let go, to let those desires run true - to let the monster out. A voice, long tortured wailed out in beg for rest. To spare this soul a wrath which they'd witnessed with possessed eyes, time and time again... But those screams had long since died to the one mind whom stole their voice. There were little able to stall this now, a call had been made to one whom just ached for the excuse. "Fine, then - fine then. With your viscera I will dye my hand red, by my claw will your mind grow pale... Oh, the years I've awaited such reckless abandonment- for this boy to finally snap." These words were but a few that rang out for hours in that thing's vicinity, ramblings driven by the obscenities of that corrupted mind. He could assume his call would be heeded, someday... But on that day, could he really expect that thing to follow their rules?
  13. A sickening grin perked upon the pale maw of one certain character, digits clawing at the tools and equipment of a space often unoccupied. Following a maddened wheeze came unintelligible mutters which spat from their lips, gaunt cheeks tensed as that glow were almost lost in their squint. And so, they got to work.
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