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  1. Chemi has a drink to Deek’s life, the best damn captain she’d ever had the pleasure of sailing under... Oh, and likely the smallest.
  2. MangoManMini


    ~Appearence~ Ayo stands not too tall but slender, wearing grass green robes that are decorated generously with feathers, flowers, greenery and the like. He has a hood over his head, and his face is completely concealed. However edgy that may sound, he does not at all seem threatening, which is accompanied with his optimistic/confused take on reality. Along with his green attire, he has a nicely made pair of white boots and gloves. The whereabouts of where he got any of these clothes from are a mystery. It would be hard to tell anything about Ayo, from age to race, unless he told you. ~Backstory~ Ayo was born from what he knows, as nowhere. To his knowledge, one day he suddenly just popped into existence, and that's all she wrote. (He never even got named, he just made a name up for himself!) Ayo never really took the time, nor had the knowledge, to determine why this might be. Instead, a comfortable conclusion had already reached him; The nature was his mother. He's believed for as long as he can remember that the world simply made him. Since this belief, he's fell in love with it. For a long time, he didn't bother getting concerned on what the other people on the planet were doing, he hadn't any care about anything but mother nature herself. At an age he cant recall (not to say he knows his age now), Ayo had began taking an interest in becoming part of mother, and the beautiful world she grew. The trees always fascinated him, as well as the flowers and rivers and rocks and caves. But for the longest time, the thing that interested him the most was the creatures living here with him, in his home. I suppose you could say he saw them as neighbours, but he wanted to see them as family. He’ll always give it his best to befriend these creatures, and whenever he does, he’ll usually wander around with them! This doesnt always work, however, he never lacked compassion and determination. He tries countless times to befriend the wilderness, sometimes succeeding, but usually failing. He doesn't seem to mind too much, in fact, he seems to take it as a way to study them. Though, he couldn't really tell you any of this, since he speaks hardly a word of any language. As of today, Ayo still lives in the wilderness, with very little human contact. In his eyes, he doesn't really need it. From Sutica, to adria, to gladewynn, he’s never actually tried to approach any part of civilization, and he’s especially not tried to communicate with any of them. The wildlife and mother is enough to sate his social needs forever. However, Ayo has began growing curious - or rather frustrated - with the current growth of kingdoms and consumption. Watching people knock down his home, scar his mother, it has made him confused. Perhaps by meeting someone, and learning to trust them, he may try venturing out into actual civilisation, in an effort to save the one who supposedly birthed him. Perhaps all he wants is to try make new, surprisingly alien friends. Why wouldn't he want to save the one who gave him such a gifted upbringing? Why wouldn't he want more to trust? Will he even succeed? He's so oblivious to pretty much anything, you could mug him just by asking. He'll have alot to learn, for sure, and even more people to befriend. But Ayo never lacked compassion and determination.
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