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  1. as a girl i love kissing other girls. i now return to my ten thousand years of slumber

  2. As a victim of Gen's first Murder Emporium, I approve this message!
  3. Ah, finally, I can now sit two blocks to the east and not tank Bywater's stats A step in the right direction, although we'll just have to wait and see how things shake out next map. Absolute jumper W tho.
  4. I'm late and not really active anymore but I think this is a good start. I reckon soul beacons should be more common than just having four across the whole map. Greater soulstones would be cool to see, but I frankly think making them mina purchases is a bit silly from a lore and gameplay perspective. Have them be a reward for something other than voting or mina, or hear me out, make greater ss the default. Also tiles should not be squares, but for the love of god make tiles ROUGHLY the same size so that we don't have tiles the size of Everest and tiles so small I can barely fit my town in them :)
  5. jarvis, how much are you gonna sell your account for once you've farmed all the rep
  6. Um, ackshually, us Phantoms can only get shot if you use golden bullets 🤓
  7. if i haven't logged on in months can you just rate me instead, not my character just me
  8. why is alaric such a big ol meanie head to anne >:( also got any cool Plans in the works?
  9. Who is hank and why should I give even one single hoot about his root beer
  10. my man jumper just wrote a multi page guide on mineman farming well played sir i am going to create a farming empire
  11. This feels like it's only useful for warclaims and nothing else. Prolly gonna cause more harm than good outside of warfare if I had to guess. Also, really? I have to ask mods to leave a realm? RP is fluid and characters inevitably bounce from location to location. Pretty sure my now-dead previous main character Jol went through at LEAST 5 different "realms" in the span of a year. I'm not a plugin creator, and I don't want to be an armchair dev, but is it really that hard to add a command or UI option to leave a realm? If it's frequency of leaving that the mod team is concerned about, toss a cooldown on it, or only have it be a cooldown during war, idk. As others have stated, inevitably certain folks who are obsessed with grinding out activity will target new players and rope them into a realm they're not really that interested in, and new players probably won't understand how realms work. Plus, if I understand correctly, this also means that you can view a persona's nationality at will as a player. RIP spy RP because meta go brr TL;DR a fine idea, flawed execution imo.
  12. Yo any mods around that I can contact about my forum post being removed? Have not received any kind of explanation and I'd like my forum post back if at all possible.

    1. salamanderfantasy


      Give us back the halfling bisexual post pls

    2. HalflingPrincess


      Can't believe this blatant bi erasure smh

  13. "Honey, honey, look at this..." says a certain elf through fits of giggles, plopping down next to her wife on the couch. "I'm a mother, and they still would deny me a license to breathe the same air as them." They'd have a good laugh before taking their copy of the flyer that they had procured through some unknown means and adding it as fuel to their fireplace.
  14. are aviaries available/usable starting now or do we have to wait till the grace period ends to use aviaries? i wish to create an ic ponzi scheme this way
  15. Angela wasn't really sure what to think when she read the letter. She'd never really known her own mother all that well, and now it pained her that she hadn't taken what time she had with Locke and spent it well. Nevertheless, with her late mother's blessing, Angela set out on the road once again without warning, ready to take what's hers.
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