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  1. wow i think i should apply to LT, seems like a great opportunity on this minecraft server we call Lord of the Craft! (sponsored by Tythus co.)
  2. i didn’t take any part in this, but I’m taking credit (jk)
  3. i like dragons, i like the color green, and that's good enough for me man. i havent read it yet nor do i think i will soon because im too ******* tired. good job either way though kale.
  4. story more like boring
  5. here comes the storm... (jk sure he'll do amazing)
  6. Was, and will always be the best grandma.
  7. god imagine being a caerme'onn, what a loser
  8. watching the video and holy **** this is really well done
  9. Carwyn takes a brief glance over the missive, before nodding once, folding it up and shoving it into his coat pocket. "Glad to see he's found someone..." He murmured, clearing his throat before continuing down the hall.
  10. god finally, elven twins are no more. do we get to shoot the extra child now?
  11. The man of elven descent took a slight interest to her sudden arrival, having just been treading the halls. "Hm?" He hummed out in a dull response, as if he had barely been paying attention, before taking a look at the paper she presented before him. "Just a grasp for attention, most of it's lies anyways... I'd advise to not take it seriously." He uttered, before handing the page back to her. "It's creative, though, even if crude." He admitted, continuing to his destination.
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