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  1. [!] A short, unfamiliar 'ker would have claimed one of these missives, offering a brief scan of its contents. That false-limb would have curtly raised, wooden digits uncomfortably rubbing at her features.
  2. i didnt even read any of the text, the image is enough to sell me on the idea
  3. In regards to some recent complaints, no, christmantown is NOT a prison. No one here is a hostage, and everyone in christmantown has free will, I can assure that.
  4. The Less-Great Villager, Right Hand to the Great Villager, First of his Name, Planter of Wheat, christmantown OSHA CEO, and Mercant of the Trading Outpost (ST APPROVED) recommends christmantown. 10/10.
  5. your average magic user having to figure out which of their 134+ ST items to bring through the vault
  6. More means to circumvent killing is always best, killing as a spook is CRINGE
  7. [!] "So be it." The voice of that spiteful woman rang outwards, scanning over that proposed meeting-place with a slow nod. That charcoal-stained piece of parchment was slowly, yet very meticulously folded over one another until it was bound into a tight square. She had no weapons to grab, nor anything to bring along, setting off towards that fallen city with deliberation in her steps.
  8. [!] Reaping across the snow were a series of oddly-constructed, Automata couriers. They carried numerous copies of the same missive to differing portions of the continent. To the fabled Herald of Strife; The Ashkeeper, The time for stagnancy dwindles. With war on the horizon, and the continent’s soon collapse, I see it fit to claim your long-abandoned position as Herald for myself. Of course, you are welcome to challenge such if you wish to come out of hiding, but as I expect, if no response is given, I will grant myself the means to claim your forgotten throne. I eagerly await your presence within the True Synod, Ashkeeper. If any time is fit to act, now would be that time. Signed, Abendevek @Swgrclan
  9. @GlassySkiesMy #0 boyfriend I appreciate you.
  10. Leaning against a corner, seated atop a small stool in the corner of her lab was a pale woman that was now stirred from that unintended slumber. That awakening was more of a jolt, than anything else, her breaths having picked up as her eyes shot open. That Oyashiman noticed that she was drenched in a cold sweat, connecting that panic to that distant vision... A glance was soon sent to her palm as she gathered her bearings, that foreign sense of foreboding welling up within her chest. "Gomen, I- I know... I saw it too." She spoke, seemingly, to no one...
  11. thank god... something that we can do other than being dead...
  12. Last time we had a system like this it allowed for nations to grind it to hell and back. Made it hard for the average player to earn a sizable income. I think we should just find a way to promote merchant rp.
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