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  1. The man of elven descent took a slight interest to her sudden arrival, having just been treading the halls. "Hm?" He hummed out in a dull response, as if he had barely been paying attention, before taking a look at the paper she presented before him. "Just a grasp for attention, most of it's lies anyways... I'd advise to not take it seriously." He uttered, before handing the page back to her. "It's creative, though, even if crude." He admitted, continuing to his destination.
  2. i didn't read any of this yet i just wanted to leave a reply. hello.
  3. end our suffering for the love of god
  4. ark what pokemon am i? i must know
  5. [!] In a looming wall within the ruined palaces of Al'Faiz, therein lies the bounty boards by the Knights of Malchediel. To eradicate the demonic Inferi, bounty posters are being placed for brave adventurers to take. CREATURE NAME OR OBJECTIVE - Eradication of an Infernal Beast, personally dubbed ‘The Handyman’ LAST SPOTTED - The Northern Portion of the Aegrothond Forest THREAT LEVEL - Mediocre, Party of 3-6 Recommended REWARD - Adfectio Ring, 2000 Mina “To the Bold Warrior, In a recent encount
  6. God I love seeing “linzexu” over a pale high elf skin.
  7. PLAYER NAME : Lockages CURRENT POSITION : F SUGGESTED POSITION : d REASON FOR CHANGE : Me and North go back and forth in pvp, so we are therefore of equal skill level. This is unjust, and I demand to be represented eq- yeah I don’t care, love you all.
  8. Minecraft name: Lockages Character name: Abelas Caerme’onn Character race: Elf Combat experience and preferred weapon(s): Experience in raids, defense, wars, as well as using a multitude of weapons. Specifically prefer spear and shield. (I’m also ok at clicking.) Discord user: Lockages#7000 Time zone: PST
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