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  1. Abelas would simply laugh at the ridiculous request...
  2. MCName: LockagesRPName: Abelas Caerme’onn (The sequel.)Character Race: Not-white
  3. ((I wasn't too late.. I responded like 5 minutes before the auction ended, but alrighty then.))
  4. A voice called out from the crowd, emmiting from an armored man. "One thousand five hundred minas!" ((Rip accidentally SSed to CT gimme a minute.))
  5. Lockages


    Kacper has lived his entire live in Axios, when this unknown cause had destroyed the land which had caused him to move to Atlas at the age of 18. When settled in Atlas, he had decided to set up temporarily in the dominion. Kacper for his entire life leading up to the fall of Axios has believed in canonism, but watching the fall of this empire has led him to believe that no god of his would have done this to what he once called home, and therefore his religion has remained at little to nothing. Kacper in this current world enjoys simple things, like causing misfits in the domain, and just messing around like the immature adult he is. He doesn't mind for much and is searching to be apart of some cause, he feels like if he's going to live in this world he should be apart of something, good or bad. His relation to his family was very high, he held his family in high respect, he's one of the last in his family and is the only one to carry on the Demetriou name. His personality is mischievous but can be more or less serious when needed to be, he also holds high respect for the friends that he had, which aren't many.
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