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  1. It would definitely be nice to get some new and unusual fantasy races.
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    Thanks! Fixing it right now.
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    Dante Dy’Squith was born to a merchant family in the Federation of Sutica. His mother taught him the arts such as poetry and oil painting while his father traveled on business. Despite being constantly surrounded by other unique people, he was taught that High Elves were the peak of society, and all other “inferior” humanoid races needed their help. His parent’s raised him as a strict atheist leading him to have a strong distrust of the supernatural. When he turned 20, he followed his father on a trading journey over the mountain ridge as a sort of right of passage. The day before the trip, he was given two gifts from his parents: a small hand-mirror from his mother and a dagger from his father. The trek was going smoothly, until, on the third day of the trip, he awoke to find his father had left, leaving him alone in the woods. He was soon discovered by a friendly innkeeper, never able to have a child herself, who took him in. The sudden deception by his parents created major abandonment issues for him. He soon grew to accept his new parental figure, despite them not being a High Elf like himself. Now he’s a strapping young lad (of 48) who enjoys writing poetry and tasting fine liquors. He still keeps his parent’s mementos with him at all times. Nowadays, he can be found doing small tasks for cash or being the occasional barkeep, which will generally end in him being promptly fired for “sampling” too much of the product. He tries to be independent, but his fear of abandonment still hinder him. Despite this, he still a vain High-Elf who very much enjoys flaunting his striking features and High-Elf heritage. He is often prone to snobbery and can seem egotistical and jaded to others. He constantly tries to convert his companions to atheism, picking apart what is wrong with their religions, and when they argue back, he generally doesn’t react very well, often making a fuss. Despite all of this, he is looking to meet new friends and finally go out and explore the vast worlds around him.
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