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  1. Magdalena de Alba sits lavishly in a beautiful red wood chair adorned with a mink fur, made by her mother Alaina, cheering for her new decorations business. ”Yay! Mama’s decorations are the best!”
  2. The Arcas Cosmology Guild Purpose There is never a short supply for knowledge and always a yearning from every new generation to gain something more than the last. The proposition of this guild is to gain and spread awareness of why the sky looks the way it does, the placement of the stars, the composition of stars, celestial bodies and what lays in the Great Beyond. Roles President: The President or Spokesperson for our guild will be managing communications with all branches and groups. They will be in charge of approving documents, agreements, projects, and general discourse of the guild. This role cannot be applied for, rather you will need to send bird to the Chairman and request an interview, and will be chosen carefully by the Council and Chairman. Council: Council members will oversee the advancements and production of the research division in addition to just discussing how things are overall going. Council members can vote for or against things the Chairman and President set in motion. These members will be personally picked by the Chairman and cannot be applied for. You must first apply for a different role and participate in the Guild to be considered for the Council. Branch Leader: Leaders or representatives of each nation, settlement, duchy and or wherever are invited to submit applications to the guild and if accepted, after interview, will be in charge of commanding the branch of their race, nation, or specific settlement. This includes sending important scientific data to the research division, President and overseeing smaller projects involved within their branch. Head of Research: The Head of Research will be regarded as the guild’s most knowledgeable scientist and will run multiple divisions of the guild including: Cosmology, Chemistry, Mechanical, and Geography. This role must be applied for, interviewed, and provide evidence of their ability to lead, guide, teach, and conduct scientific studies. Head Tinkerer: This role, which must be applied and interviewed for, will help develop equipment for both the scientific divisions and to be sold to the people of Arcas. Researcher: The researchers will serve directly under the Head of Research and Branch Leaders. You will be out in the field observing and collecting data or working whatever projects are being carried out. Beneficiary: If you are interested in the publishments of our guild and would like to donate mina, labor, or access to private land please send bird to me and you will be given the honorary Beneficiary role. In addition, you will also be gifted a unique telescope and monthly updates on our projects and discoveries. Member: Want to scout locations, send data, or provide help to our guild? Ask to become a member and you will be given tasks by researchers or branch leaders to fulfill. In addition you will be provided a copy of the monthly journal sent out. Star-Gazer: Are you interested in the stargazing events that will be held? Please ask for the Star-Gazer role and you will be updated on when and where they take place. Events On top of having weekly to bi-weekly meetings this guild will host numerous scientific lectures, debates, tours of the Astronomy tower, and stargazing trips to various locations. All are welcome to join in whether for fun, a learning experience, or to contribute. Meeting Locations Currently, a tower where the epicenter of our guilds activity will be is being finalized and constructed. While we will meet there, specific locations will be disclosed to members of every branch and division on where to meet in the meantime. These locations will be decided by branch leaders and or beneficiaries who wish to host the guild. In addition, said locations will be used alongside the Astronomy tower. Application OOC Information MC IGN: Discord: Timezone: RP Information Persona Name: Race: Gender: Age: Desired Role: [Optional] Specification: (If you are applying for the researcher role please specify which division you’d like to enter [cosmology, chemistry, mechanical, or geography.])
  3. The Marriage of Clovis Farlander and Emily Elmpool, 1729. [!] Letters fly in the beaks of ravens through the lands of Arcas, each one bearing the seal of the grey wolf and the white crowned lion. These invitations, enclosed in ornate white envelopes read: You are cordially invited to witness the wedding of Clovis Farlander & Emily Elmpool. Ceremony to be held within the Cathedral of St. Tobias, in the Grand City of Alannor, capital of the Duchy of Vintas. Receptional feast held in the tavern of the city to follow in celebration of their union. Special Invitations, hand-delivered by vintasians messengers are extended to the following: The House of ALIMAR, and the Nobility and Citizens of Rubern The House of DEVEREUX, and the Nobility and Citizens of Curonia The House of BARBANOV, and the Nobility and Citizens of Haense The House de JOANNES, and the Nobility and Citizens of Cascadia The House of HELVETS, and the Nobility and Citizens of Kaedrin The House of MERENTEL, and the Nobility and Citizens of Vintas The House of NASRID, and the Nobility and Citizens of Cresonia The House of SUFFOLK, and the Nobility and Citizens of Suffonia Sincerely, HER EXCELLENCY, Cordelia of the House of Merentel, Lady Seneschal of the Duchy of Vintas HER GRACE, Elissa I of the House of Merentel, Duchess of Vintas, Countess of Alannor and Baroness of Hallowfell
  4. If you are interested in playing the mother or grandmother to my character please either reply to this thread or send me a msg in-game (ItsRainingRupees) or on Discord (LSPrimal#0002). Mother Character Profile: Yvvaeta de Savin (nee Varodair): Race: Human Age: 50 Subculture: Adunian Marital Status: Widow Occupation: Glass Craftsman Children: Exelia de Savin Physical Description: A 5’9 woman with a hourglass figure, light-green eyes, pale skin and a above-average muscular build. Her years of being a glass-blower have built her upper-body strength tremendously, though the death of her husband has made her normally youthful appearance somewhat aged and tired. Notes: I am currently working on a skin for her and will edit this post to attach it. However, if you’d like to make your own skin or alter the one I will make that is perfectly fine. Because Yvvaeta is Adunian, she looks a lot younger than a normal 50 year old would. People often mistake her as her own daughter’s sister. Benefits of taking on this role: Besides asking you to attend certain events you will be allowed to go with this character as you please and continue her story. I will provide a room for you in a manor and seek additional housing for you in Athalia (where Yvvaeta grew up and raised Exelia), in addition to a glass shop in which you will profit from in Athalia. (I still need to set these things up.) Access to the Duchy of Vintas, in which Exelia is a Steward, where active RP will be taking place. (Once it’s built soon.) A prominent role in Exelia’s Astronomy Guild. And finally, connection to the noble House de Savin. Grandmother character profile: Amelia Varodair: Race: Human Age: 70 Subculture: Adunian Marital Status: Married to Hartwin Varodair Children: Yvvaeta Varodair Physical Description: A 5’8 woman who has a gentle face and petite facial features, she has worn but bright skin and medium-green eyes. Amelia’s light-brown hair is long and oddly healthy looking for her age. Notes: Here is the link for her skin: https://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/lotc-don-t-use-base-skin-for-character/ (You are allowed to alter this as you like, I didn’t do the greatest job anyways.) Similar to Yvvaeta’s note, Amelia is old but looks like she’s in her 40’s. Benefits of taking on this role: Everything listed in Yvvaeta’s benefit note applies to Amelia as well. I have a player who is going to be playing Amelia’s husband, Hartwin.
  5. If you were given $1,000,000 to spend anywhere freely, what would you spend it on?
  6. Note: I’ve been having a little trouble finding out what the current lore/lay of the land is within the wiki and forum pages. So, if anything is factually incorrect in regards to lore its because of that. I also assumed it was okay to choose Adunian because it was featured on the, “Races” wikia page. Thanks for reading this! ? Edit: I also just noticed my examples of powergaming and metagaming were cut off for some reason. For metagaming I provided the example of my character learning from someone else that a third character was planning to propose to mine. If I logged onto a rp session with those people and refused to marry him before he could even begin, that would be metagaming. For powergaming, I gave the example of pulling a all consuming black hole (Kirby) out of a bag and swallowing two other characters into a void in which they couldn’t return from. Doing so would not let either react or respond to my action.
  7. ItsRainingRupees


    Exelia is the only child of Yvaeta and Wexling Varodair. Wexling and Yvaeta Varodair ran a successful glass business in Athalia where they raised their daughter, though they weren’t very wealthy they tried to teach her with books from Wexlings fathers childhood so she might learn something and have a better life than they did. While Exelia and her family ethnically look very Adunian, her father decided that it would be best for them to forge a new life and forget about their peoples past. Thus Exelia does not know much about the tragedies that stain the past Adunian civilizations or cultural tensions like that with the Highlander Andunian’s. Additionally, Wexling created a bastardized version of their last name in order to mislead people from thinking any connection to a Adunian clan/house. However, her father did instill a great belief of New Adunian Creatorism within her, but her mother also convinced her that making it known what religion she follows might bring about negative scenarios. Though her parents failed to produce a healthy foundation of social skills in Excelia, because of their fear of people discovering to whom they were related, they did excel in producing a strong interest in science and mathematics within Exelia. Paired with her constant exposure to glass-blowing, molding, and the powerful flames of a forge Exelia has taken great interests in objects that give her the ability to look at distances farther than the human eye can. Now that Exelia has grown to a appropriate age her parents have sent her off to begin her own life, and in the hopes of finding a professor/mage/noble-man whom might take her on in learning about astrological and astronomical studies. She is left with few belongings such as two bags of currency, a makeshift magnifier, a blunt dagger, and a small glass sculpture of what her father thought a dragon might look like.
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