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  1. Name: Karp Eiriksson Year of Birth: 1754 Clan: Eiriksson Line of descent: Son of Jorvik, son of Adelmar, son of Torsten 'The Pretender', son of Rodrik, son of Olaf, son of Eirik 'The Great'
  2. Fahad observes from the outskirts of the hangman fortress, being one of the many in the upper hierarchy of the broken order. He turns to his draconic friend, quirking a brow. Brandishing a longsword forged of steel - he'd point it out towards Eluitholnear. "My friend, you look weird, but I'll fight with you against wood elves. They look much weirder." He commented.
  3. Fahad, who has a Phd. in Haeseni Law, frowns at the legality of the inheritance....
  4. BARCLAYS WAPPENROLLE Or BARCLAEO DUYVLETUNG Or THE BARCLAY ROLL OF ARMS A COLLECTION OF ARMS OF THE HOUSE OF BARCLAY. Dynastic arms of Barclay with the Barclay eagle as supporter, holding a sword in one hand to signify the family’s military tradition, and scepter in the other as symbol of their authority over their demesne. Introduction House Barclay has developed a strong heraldic tradition over the course of its existence. Heraldic arms and achievements are the prime way to express a Barclay’s accomplishments and contribution to the reputable name of the house. In this roll of arms I’ve compiled most heraldic achievements of house members as of Vyzmy & Hyff 342 ES. WILHEIMITE LINE The following arms are a collection of Wilheim I and his descendants, thus being declared the Wilheimite Line. WILHEIM I His Lordship Ser Wilheim Barclay, First Baron of Freising, Lord Marshal of the Brotherhood Of St. Karl and Marian Knight MARCELLA BARCLAY NÉE AVERN Her Ladyship Marcella Barclay née Avern, First Baroness of Freising and wife to Wilheim I. ERWIN I His Excellency Sir Erwin Konrad Barclay HKML, Marshal of the Haense Royal Army, First Duke of Reinmar, First Count of Kretzen, Second Baron of Sigradz and Second Baron of Freising KAMILLA BARCLAY NÉE ALIMAR Her Grace Dame Kamilla Irena Barclay née Alimar, Crow Knight, First Duchess of Reinmar, First Countess of Kretzen, Second Baroness of Sigraz and Second Baroness of Freising MANFRED I His Excellency Manfred Karl Barclay, Marshal of the Haense Royal Army, Captain of the Snowy Fields Watch, Second Duke of Reinmar, Second Count of Kretzen, Third Baron of Freising and Sigradz ISABELLE NÉE BARBANOV Her Grace Isabelle Barclay née Barbanov, Second Duchess of Reinmar, Second Countess of Kretzen, Third Baroness of Freising and Sigradz FRIEDRICH I His Lordship Friederich Wilheim Barclay, Baron of Sigradz and Heir to the Duchy of Reinmar, County of Kretzen and Barony of Freising RUBEN BARCLAY NÉE RUTHERN The Right Honourable Sir Ruben Barclay KML, Crow Knight, Marian Knight and Second Viscount of Batavia LUISA BARCLAY The Right Honourable Luisa Barclay, Second Viscountess of Batavia ANTONITE LINE The following arms are a collection of Anton, the younger brother of Wilheim I, and his descendants, thus being declared the Antonite Line. Instead of a black eagle facing left, the Antonites opt for a brown eagle facing right to signify their difference to the Wilheimite line. ANTON His Eminence Sir Anton Barclay KML, XXVI Archbishop and Cardinal Jorenus, Bishop Petrovic, OSVALD His Excellency Sir Osvald Anton Barclay KML, Crow Knight, Lord Speaker of the Duma and the Deputy Palatine of Hanseti-Ruska LIESELOTTE BARCLAY NÉE FISCHER Her Ladyship Lieselotte Barclay Née Fischer KAROLINA Her Ladyship Dame Karolina Barclay, Crow Knight AILRED His Eminence Ailred Barclay, Cardinal Reinmar TITLES HERZOGTUM VON REINMAR HERZENZEM VAN REINMAR Seine Huld die Herzog von Reinmar His Grace the Duke of Reinmar GRAFSCHAFT VON KRETZEN KOMITZEM VAN KRETZEN Den Ehrenwerten die Graf von Kretzen The Right Honourable Count of Kretzen BARONIE VON FREISING BOSRZEM VAN FREISING Seine Herrschaft die Freiherr von Freising His Lordship the Baron of Freising BARONIE VON SIGRADZ BOSRZEM VAN SIGRADZ Seine Herrschaft die Freiherr von Sigradz His Lordship the Baron of Sigradz
  5. Poggers, excited to see the war/conflict rules
  6. still can’t believe u got banned by mfs that look like thisunknown.thumb.png.6a3d650709fc4626d5b2e46b79e80b8c.png

    1. JokerLow


      free frill

    2. devvy


      actually my uniform is black

  7. Fahad gasped as he read the missive “40 thousand children... what a celebration”
  8. Fahad chuckles “All it took was 71 thousand marks”
  9. “Up to our knees in Orenian blood surrender or you’ll die!” Fahad hummed as he read the pact, the hangman chant seemingly very fitting
  10. My name is kipps and I proudly sign this petition #justiceforpunchsteel
  11. Fahad sends word to The Hangman about this new company.
  12. IGN : kippss RP NAME : Fahad Skills you can bring to the table : I can give you 40k in.... well you know how that ends
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