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  1. My name is kipps and I proudly sign this petition #justiceforpunchsteel
  2. Fahad sends word to The Hangman about this new company.
  3. IGN : kippss RP NAME : Fahad Skills you can bring to the table : I can give you 40k in.... well you know how that ends
  4. The ex prelate of Courland, Anton, let out a small chuckle “Gott help this child” He murmured as he read the missive.
  5. Why was frill demoted even though he had 3rd most modreqs? #freefrill
  6. Toxicity is no more boys, all praise LotsOfMuffins!
  7. #freefrill

    gm team wrong for doing my man like that.

  8. Anton does a quick nepotism check
  9. Anton sat infront of the fireplace in Reinmar, watching the hot flames with the coldest stare. He recalled the young warrior, always fighting her cousin at family gatherings. Yet another of the faithful Haenseni that falls to the Atheran savages. He never thought he'd outlive his granddaughter, he let out a sigh with a whisper: ”Died protecting the faithful von Haense, died protecting the Königreich, died fighting savage pagans. Our little hero, rest easy auf the sieben skies”
  10. Anton smiles at the edict as his designs are featured on it!
  11. Cardinal Anton gives a single nod as he read the missive.
  12. WHY WE AREN’T CONTENT A CRITIQUE ON THE FIXATION ON THE FAULTS OF OUR MODERN ERA Seine Gnade The Bishop von Jorenus The Reverend Monsignor Anton Barclay “The division between the content and the decadent - 1753” Oh, how good we have it as Orenites, the realm prospers in its newfound peace with the AIS and humanity is united under one GOTT-chosen Emperor. The socio-economic prosperity and security of our realm has brought us to self-reflect and to fixate on our own imperfections and faults. And as a consequence of this fixation and tunnel-vision we exaggerate these small imperfections. When I hold my sermons one thing reoccurs. Citizens of Oren come to me with things that bother their mind. Can they afford the expansion of their manor? Will their niece win a seat in the House of Commons in Helena? Or will a man be able to attend the Address To The Empire? These are trivial problems that do not concern life or death. A filled stomach or starvation and peace or war. It is simply about the cardinal sin we know as greed. Greed about the luxuries life and GOTT can give us. It is not enough that you can control your own political destiny. It is not sufficient that you are sure not to starve. It is not acceptable enough that you can find whatever employment you want. No. The sinner must complain about trivial things. As they can be nothing more but a trivial person. The true obeyer of GOTT understands the gift given to them. He understands that if he is a grateful man he is supposed to be happy with his existence in this Empire. What other Empire has given him the voice to change laws? To be guaranteed a fair court? To enjoy the safety of our big walls? The cynic tells you that I have no freedom. Yet I can walk freely. I can speak freely. And I can create a future that I want in accordance with my abilities. The doomsaying rebel yells at you that this regime are power hungry maniacs. Yet how can that be, when the citizen is more powerful than it ever was? The Scroll of Gospel 6:24, 25 & 26 says: “Will a pot rebuke its maker? Will a father kneel before his son? I have made you and your Kingdom. So Godfrey saw his error and begged forgiveness”. And like Exalted Godfrey, GOTT bless his soul, the deniers of our modern prosperity must one day repent as well. When GOTT asks the rhetorical question whether a pot would rebuke its maker, it is applicable to the modern man. For the Empire is the maker of the modern man. One without real problems. One that is born into a decent Imperial existence, if he wants to embrace it. When the modern man rebukes the Empire. He rebukes his maker! He shoves the plethora of food from his dinner table, to then complain that he is starving! This is a SIN before GOTT. For they grow corrupted by their lack of gratitude. They lose respect for the authorities trying to protect them. They lose love for the people that love them back. They lose sight of what is valuable and what is not. Why aren’t we content? Because we are blinded by the privileges and luxuries we have. Thank GOTT for our prosperity, for this prosperity gives us more time to pray and learn about GOTT! Because in a mortal life, it is not the amounts of gold and minas one possesses that fulfills one, it is the understanding of GOTT and the heeding of His words which gives you fulfillment. A solid first step is to acknowledge the privileges that the Empire provides us and to put all our failings in perspective. IN NOMINE DEI Seine Gnade the Bishop von Jorenus Anton Barclay
  13. Bishop Anton read the missive ‘Ja, the Everardines are the party that care about the two swords of our Empire: Church and state. Unlike that herr Callahan that writes to the Josephites.’ he nodded
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