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  1. Albrecht chuckles with his Reinmaren compatriots
  2. yeah lburg sounds pretty cool

  3. Albrecht Barclay raises a glass to Caledor after the finished draft was submitted "To both our peoples" he said with a big grin!
  4. Albrecht playfully salutes his uncle Sir Manfred as he trots past the cabbage fields in Reinmar on his steed.
  5. Albrecht frowns as he reads the messy stylings in the document and incomplete signature of his cousin.
  6. IGN: BarclayBargain RP NAME: Hardar Ireheart CANDIDATE: Durorn Ireheart
  7. 'You don't say...' murmured Albrecht as he read the passage
  8. Dear Mika, 1278th of his name Me and my team at the Beboonlogic Institute of Bandit Psychology (BIBP) have studied this occurence happening. On the basis of our research, we have made a graph: I hope this does satiate your hunger for knowledge Regards Dr. Kippothy, head researcher at the BIBP
  9. Name: Karp Eiriksson Year of Birth: 1754 Clan: Eiriksson Line of descent: Son of Jorvik, son of Adelmar, son of Torsten 'The Pretender', son of Rodrik, son of Olaf, son of Eirik 'The Great'
  10. Fahad observes from the outskirts of the hangman fortress, being one of the many in the upper hierarchy of the broken order. He turns to his draconic friend, quirking a brow. Brandishing a longsword forged of steel - he'd point it out towards Eluitholnear. "My friend, you look weird, but I'll fight with you against wood elves. They look much weirder." He commented.
  11. BARCLAYS WAPPENROLLE Or BARCLAEO DUYVLETUNG Or THE BARCLAY ROLL OF ARMS A COLLECTION OF ARMS OF THE HOUSE OF BARCLAY. Dynastic arms of Barclay with the Barclay eagle as supporter, holding a sword in one hand to signify the family’s military tradition, and scepter in the other as symbol of their authority over their demesne. Introduction House Barclay has developed a strong heraldic tradition over the course of its existence. Heraldic arms and achievements are the prime way to exp
  12. Poggers, excited to see the war/conflict rules
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