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  1. Poggers, excited to see the war/conflict rules
  2. still can’t believe u got banned by mfs that look like thisunknown.thumb.png.6a3d650709fc4626d5b2e46b79e80b8c.png

    1. JokerLow


      free frill

    2. devvy


      actually my uniform is black

  3. Fahad gasped as he read the missive “40 thousand children... what a celebration”
  4. Fahad chuckles “All it took was 71 thousand marks”
  5. “Up to our knees in Orenian blood surrender or you’ll die!” Fahad hummed as he read the pact, the hangman chant seemingly very fitting
  6. My name is kipps and I proudly sign this petition #justiceforpunchsteel
  7. Fahad sends word to The Hangman about this new company.
  8. IGN : kippss RP NAME : Fahad Skills you can bring to the table : I can give you 40k in.... well you know how that ends
  9. The ex prelate of Courland, Anton, let out a small chuckle “Gott help this child” He murmured as he read the missive.
  10. Why was frill demoted even though he had 3rd most modreqs? #freefrill
  11. Toxicity is no more boys, all praise LotsOfMuffins!
  12. #freefrill

    gm team wrong for doing my man like that.

  13. Anton does a quick nepotism check
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