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  1. Toxicity is no more boys, all praise LotsOfMuffins!
  2. #freefrill

    gm team wrong for doing my man like that.

  3. Anton does a quick nepotism check
  4. Anton sat infront of the fireplace in Reinmar, watching the hot flames with the coldest stare. He recalled the young warrior, always fighting her cousin at family gatherings. Yet another of the faithful Haenseni that falls to the Atheran savages. He never thought he'd outlive his granddaughter, he let out a sigh with a whisper: ”Died protecting the faithful von Haense, died protecting the Königreich, died fighting savage pagans. Our little hero, rest easy auf the sieben skies”
  5. Anton smiles at the edict as his designs are featured on it!
  6. Cardinal Anton gives a single nod as he read the missive.
  7. WHY WE AREN’T CONTENT A CRITIQUE ON THE FIXATION ON THE FAULTS OF OUR MODERN ERA Seine Gnade The Bishop von Jorenus The Reverend Monsignor Anton Barclay “The division between the content and the decadent - 1753” Oh, how good we have it as Orenites, the realm prospers in its newfound peace with the AIS and humanity is united under one GOTT-chosen Emperor. The socio-economic prosperity and security of our realm has brought us to self-reflect and to fixate on our own imperfections and faults. And as a consequence of this fixation and tunnel-vision we exaggerate these small imperfections. When I hold my sermons one thing reoccurs. Citizens of Oren come to me with things that bother their mind. Can they afford the expansion of their manor? Will their niece win a seat in the House of Commons in Helena? Or will a man be able to attend the Address To The Empire? These are trivial problems that do not concern life or death. A filled stomach or starvation and peace or war. It is simply about the cardinal sin we know as greed. Greed about the luxuries life and GOTT can give us. It is not enough that you can control your own political destiny. It is not sufficient that you are sure not to starve. It is not acceptable enough that you can find whatever employment you want. No. The sinner must complain about trivial things. As they can be nothing more but a trivial person. The true obeyer of GOTT understands the gift given to them. He understands that if he is a grateful man he is supposed to be happy with his existence in this Empire. What other Empire has given him the voice to change laws? To be guaranteed a fair court? To enjoy the safety of our big walls? The cynic tells you that I have no freedom. Yet I can walk freely. I can speak freely. And I can create a future that I want in accordance with my abilities. The doomsaying rebel yells at you that this regime are power hungry maniacs. Yet how can that be, when the citizen is more powerful than it ever was? The Scroll of Gospel 6:24, 25 & 26 says: “Will a pot rebuke its maker? Will a father kneel before his son? I have made you and your Kingdom. So Godfrey saw his error and begged forgiveness”. And like Exalted Godfrey, GOTT bless his soul, the deniers of our modern prosperity must one day repent as well. When GOTT asks the rhetorical question whether a pot would rebuke its maker, it is applicable to the modern man. For the Empire is the maker of the modern man. One without real problems. One that is born into a decent Imperial existence, if he wants to embrace it. When the modern man rebukes the Empire. He rebukes his maker! He shoves the plethora of food from his dinner table, to then complain that he is starving! This is a SIN before GOTT. For they grow corrupted by their lack of gratitude. They lose respect for the authorities trying to protect them. They lose love for the people that love them back. They lose sight of what is valuable and what is not. Why aren’t we content? Because we are blinded by the privileges and luxuries we have. Thank GOTT for our prosperity, for this prosperity gives us more time to pray and learn about GOTT! Because in a mortal life, it is not the amounts of gold and minas one possesses that fulfills one, it is the understanding of GOTT and the heeding of His words which gives you fulfillment. A solid first step is to acknowledge the privileges that the Empire provides us and to put all our failings in perspective. IN NOMINE DEI Seine Gnade the Bishop von Jorenus Anton Barclay
  8. Bishop Anton read the missive ‘Ja, the Everardines are the party that care about the two swords of our Empire: Church and state. Unlike that herr Callahan that writes to the Josephites.’ he nodded
  9. Bishop Anton talked to Laurence after the Everardine convention. Putting his signature on the letter himself!
  10. FIRST HOMILY OF HANSETI-RUSKA ON THE LENDIAN HERESY CRISIS WRITTEN AND PUBLISHED BY Seine Gnade The Bishop von Jorenus The Reverend Monsignor Anton Barclay EDITOR’S NOTE A homily is a verbal interaction a clergyman can have with his congregation or the faithful in abstract. Whereas sermons are usually about scripture or the interpretations of such: homilies are often a form of address or conversation relating to the lives of one’s parishioners. While classically these were verbally held by the High Pontiff, the spread of the printing press and expansion of civil institutions popularized it among Bishops and priests as well: for they too were now a part of the political discourse, which often homilies were a general response to. Dear faithful of Hanseti-Ruska, After I was made Bishop of Jorenus in the Tenth Golden Bull of Helena, I published my somewhat infamous rebuttal against the Lendian heresy, wherein I made clear that our Mighty Königreich shall not fall to these heretics. After my rebuttal I dedicated a sermon to the Lendians, telling them that forgiveness will be given to the heretics if only they would turn to the light and accept the official teachings of the Church. After my sermon I have not heard of any reports of Lendians. I want to thank the Ledians that reformed after letting my words reach their hearts, it is truly heartwarming that my word is being respected by this minority. After conversing with some of the Lendians, it seemed to me that their true intention was not to be heretical, nor be schismatic in their nature. I truly believe that the majority of the Lendians were riled up into heresy under the guise of a separate cultural identity. This effort for cultural change is commendable, but dangerous when it is combined with heretical beliefs such as Lendianism. A prime example of the development of a cultural identity when it comes to the Faith are the candlesticks of St. Daniel that the Carnatians see as a symbol of the unity of their people under the Church. In their annual sermon of Provenance, they discuss their people’s history and the historical relation between the Carnatians and GOTT. It is entirely possible to bring back elements of old Ruskan Orthodoxy without clashing with our most Holy Church’s dogma. Therefore I request any Haenseman to approach me if they have a proposal of introducing any cultural practices or traditions that have faded out of the Haenseni Church doctrine over time. For I’d rather have us digging up ancient doctrines than rejecting our Church’s dogma. I am not here to antagonize you. But I won’t allow any form of heresy in my diocese, regardless if they are foreign or not. This brings me to the letter of Arthur Callahan to the Josephite Sir Terrence May, a letter nearing heresy, but most definitely a grave insult to our most Holy Institution. The author of the letter is a soul that feels inadequate when he looks at our blessed Church and our many followers. A man that attempted to legitimize heresy by attempting to garner support from the Josephite party. Danke GOTT that he is cast to the fringes of our religious debate. The Bishop of Ves and I are angered at this proposal, as it rejects GOTT in its truest of forms. I ask of Haense to ignore this and keep yourself true to your belief: the belief of the Holy Church of the Canon. I would like to point out that I’m not in disagreement with the two-party system of the House of Commons, for GOTT gave us all the ability to think for ourselves. But to turn against GOTT using this gift bestowed to us by Him is a plain arrogance and shows a lack of piety. Some Josephites I talked to are in staunch disagreement to this letter, but even by associating with such radicals: it brings a bad reputation upon the name of the Josephite movement. The past, the present, and the future of our Könighreich lies in GOTT: For GOTT was, GOTT is, and GOTT shall always be. IN NOMINE DEI Seine Gnade the Bishop von Jorenus Anton Barclay
  11. “GOTT mitt uns” Stated Bishop Anton as he signed the Hussariyan Cross ”Fine work from Seine Emminenz Pruvia”
  12. THE FIRST SERMON OF BISHOP ANTON ON FORGIVENESS ORGANIZED & HELD BY His Grace Bishop Anton of Jorenus TRANSCRIBED BY His Eminence Laurence Cardinal Ves ON 9th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1763 The Bishop of Jorenus introduced the topic to the Haeseni congregation, in the following fashion: “What if hypothetically, a man walks into your house and steals an apple. Why should you forgive him? For he has done nothing but harm you”. Men in the crowd answered negatively: a man shan’t be forgiven for his harm or betrayal, there is never a reason to do so. Anton Barclay corrected them however, replying: “Because we humans are capable of redeeming other people. Let’s say I eat this apple and I look back at mister Corbish being hungry and a grumpy old man, I would feel sorry for him no? And mister Corbish wouldn’t like me either: his feelings towards me will turn into hate. Hate! Forgiveness is there because we ascend primitive animals and we can think beyond. Redemption is vital, for redemption is the only thing that lets us move on. While this was a simple story, I wish to proceed to something more controversial. The Lendians. For the Lendians are heretics as I wrote in my letter, but I do not think of them as monsters or anything. I doubt any of you know a Lendian as a monster yourself. They believe in God and His Teachings, the Holy Scrolls as well, but they are still heretics. It are these misguided souls that we must seek forgiveness from God, and redeem themselves in His eyes. For God’s forgiveness is endless, one must accept him and repent to him. Just like if I stole an apple. If I steal it, I go to a priest and ask for forgiveness from God. Some of these Lendian men are good folk, for I am sure they still believe in His Word and the Exalted. But some aspects of their faith are heretical. So hear my word, any Lendianen present; In God’s most holy institution, The Church of the Canon, there is space for you. But you must allow yourselves to be forgiven and be redeemed by following the faith, as is prescribed by our dogma. Now, let us finish this mass with a small prayer. The prayer for Redemption: Our Father, King of All, please lead us away from temptation, and lead us towards Your Eternal Salvation. We beg that you allow us into your embracing arms Lord, regardless of the struggles we must go through to be here. In Nomine Patris, Amen.
  13. Anton Barclay reads the newspaper “These Sutican gangs are up to no good”
  14. Dearly beloved, The Holy Scrolls are the Word of GOD, and contain wisdom for all times. Thus, in this troubled age, we are called to examine our beliefs and see if they hold to His Word: to keep what is good, and to dispense with what is not. Recently our Church has been the subject of criticism from those who, for all their austere living and purported humility, do not obey the Lord. The specter of heresy haunts the faithful: folklore is being mingled with faith, to the detriment of both. I speak of the ‘Lendian Rite’ also called ‘Sigmundic Canonism’. In truth, adherents to this heresy are neither ‘Sigmundic’ nor ‘Canonist’. For all their love of Exalted Sigismund, they do not believe his own words in the Auspice. For all their love of Canonism, they do not read the Canon itself, the Holy Scrolls. Thus, in order to avoid the confusion of the laity, we will refer to these misguided individuals as Lendians. The key errors in the Lendian belief are the Iovanos and the Ioranija, two innovations which are wildly at odds with the dogma of Canonism. THE HERESY OF THE IOVANOS: Lendians believe in ‘Iovanos’, which is the granting of divine essence to humanity, permitting them access to the Skies. They further believe that because the other descendant races did not receive this ‘gift’, they cannot enter the Skies. This is false. While it is true that humans do hold a special place in GOD’s eyes, and indeed they shall inherit the Skies as a result of their racial blessing, Exalted Sigismund’s own writings guarantee that some nonhumans are currently residing in the Skies, and they shall serve in the Exalted’s armies during the final battle. “Thus the virtuous of other tribes are marching down from heaven, and the Skies are given over to the sons of Horen.” (Auspice 3:12). THE HERESY OF THE IORANIJA: As if their blatant disregard for the actual words of the final prophet is not enough, Lendians also believe in the coming of the “Ioranija” or “Fifth Prophet”. With this they undermine yet again their supposed reverence for Exalted Sigismund, who is described repeatedly in the Canon as the last prophet. This dignity is an eternal one--Exalted Sigismund is the last prophet, and he shall remain so forever. “So My promise is kept: the waters of prophecy are frozen until the last day, and My Seal is placed upon them. And with the third son of spirit, no more shall prophet rule as king; the crown and the laurel are two in harmony, like unto Evaristus and Clement. For when I return, the waters shall thaw and wash over the world, and all shall know My Word, and none will reign as prophet above another. The Sons of Horen shall walk the Seven Skies.” (Gospel 7:58-62) I charge the Lendians with falling prey to that ancient enemy of Canonism: the silent introduction of folkloric and foreign ways into true faith. As it is written in the Gospel, wicked Iblees is known for this crime “In the kingdoms of Malin, Krug, and Urguan, he shaped false faiths. In the kingdoms of Horen, he mingled strange and corrupt practices with the wisdom of holy men.” (Gospel 5:33-34) Moreso, Lendianism is most prevalent amongst Highlanders--the descendants of the Kingdom of Edel under Joren, of whom Exalted Owyn wrote “The Lord is the Lord GOD without peer, but you have failed in your defense of His word. Indeed, your own brothers mingle the word of lesser beings among His, and lapse in His commands for favor of new and foreign ways.” (Spirit 2:6-7) Thus we encourage those Highlander adherents of the Lendian heresy to learn from the mistakes of their great ancestors. Accordingly, and with sorrow for those piously misguided individuals who have fallen to Lendianism, I find it necessary to declare the doctrines of Iovanos and Ioranija to be heretical and anathema. I have been given the authority from the High Pontiff James II himself to excommunicate all that embrace these false beliefs, though I pray to GOD that I will not need to use this authority and can correct any that have been led astray. Finally, in the spirit of peaceful reconciliation, I will remind those who would reject this declaration of another tale from the Holy Scrolls: the consecration of James I, as High Priest and Pontifex under Exalted Godfrey. “And there was peace and holiness, for the priests had returned from long persecution and spoke the Word of GOD in temples and courts. But they were quarrelsome, for they had no lords, and they brought great confusion into Godfrey’s kingdom with their divisions. So Godfrey called the priests of the Lord together, and bade them to agree upon rites and hymns that all men should use. But the priests argued, and cried out about their wisdom and their love of the Lord. They could come to no decision, for many had lived in strange lands and loved their ways. So Godfrey said that none should leave until they had come to accord. For seven days and seven nights, the priests of the Lord quarreled and prayed, but could not agree. Finally, the Lord’s servant James came before them, and spoke ‘O elders, the Lord has sent us a prophet after one thousand years of Silence. If we cannot serve the prophet of the Lord, we serve Iblees.’ And the priests were humbled, and Godfrey saw that James was good and pious. So Godfrey raised the horn and laurel, and said unto James ‘O James, pious son of the Lord, I have seen the glory of God in your heart and His word on your tongue. You will be my high priest, as in the days of Evaristus and Clement. I name you pontifex, for you are a builder of bridges.’” (Gospel 6:48-61) In nomine Patris, Bishop Anton
  15. “I look forward to serving king Sigismund and the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska! I hope I can teach the good people of Haense more about Gott!” Bishop Anton said as he looked at the parchment before shifting his gaze to the King himself sitting in his throne!
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