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  1. A scroll would be delivered to said applicant within the claws of a crow. Once the crow landed upon a branch it cawed- gathering your attention, before dropping the scroll to allow you to exam such. A few moments later, the crow would caw and fly off. "Dearest applicant, I have read your application. . . Smiling upon such I would like to formally invite you to come to the academies holdings to meet with me on the terms of said application to fill one of our teaching positions. . . I the headmistress and those of the academy thank you and wish to see you in the near future." signed, -Her Ladyship The Lady Sorceress of Celia'nor, Renae Athri'onn, Headmistress of the Arcanic Celian Academy
  2. THE ARCANIC CELIAN ACADEMY Penned by, Renae Athri’onn Published, 13th of the Grand Harvest, 75th Year of the Second Age — INTRODUCTION - As a welcoming statement to all students, scholars and magical graduates, I wish to welcome all with a warm greeting to the Arcanic Celian Academy. Our mission is to educate the masses of diverse alumni and students into arcane excellency; to promote our community of education and creative progress through education, research, scholarship, creativity, and critical thinking in both the general and arcanic field of education. Our vision as an academy is to see The Arcanic Celian Academy recognized as one of the greatest centers of education and magical prosperity in the world. -Renae Athri’onn, Lady Sorceress of Celia’nor — THE ARCANIC COMMAND - i. Do not use your magic to cause harm to innocents. ii. Do not dabble in the arcane recklessly and without thought for its effect on the world. iii. Ensure you understand the effects the arcane has on the world and the costs. THE ARCANIC ROLES - The Headmaster/Headmistress: Head to the college, the Headmaster/Headmistress is responsible for formulating the criteria of the academy of students, to oversee student growth and educational content. They are equally responsible for the conduct of their students, and expected to serve punishment towards students who are committing rowdy behavior. Arcanic Lecturer/Mentor: Teachers to entire classes of students, Arcanic lecturers are responsible for tutelage of basic class lectures and educational content. Expected to engage and teach their students, Lecturers are seen as pillars to the college in creating the next generation of avid scholars and sorcerers. Lecturers, however, teach classes of several students, whereas mentors are responsible for teaching individual students. While they can both take on multiple students, and hold lecture classes; they generally form mentorships with individual under-graduate students attempting to learn Evocations or Arcane Forging. Arcane Scholar: Pupil towards lecturers and students, Scholars are generally considered of two groups, of youths attending the college as general students in both the arcane, and educational sector, and older alumni who study the arcane arts alongside other fields of study. Both are under the tutelage of Lecturers, and expected to not only act appropriately inside the college, but produce productive grades to advance in their studies. CLASSES Main Courses: - Arcane Theory/Basics: An introductory class to the fundamentalism of the practice, function, application, and theoretical aspects of the Arcane, Arcane Theory/Basics teaches the understandings and tutelage of a student's introductory years of Arcane practice. Both on an application of arcanic sciences in the laboratory sense, the philosophical in creative and documentative writing, and practice of the basic arts of the Arcane. While largely a class of classwork and study, the class does teach the basics and intro level understandings of how to practice in meditation, honing skills, and preparation towards being assigned mentors. This class is considered a requirement to prepare for Specialty classes. Defense against the dark arts: Dedicated to the study of arcanic defense, the Defense Against the Dark Arts class is for the purpose of studying how to best defend oneself against the practice of dark magic, shades, and other abhorrent magics, through either active prevention of hexes, or defense against the dark arts through defensive combat and how best to defeat abhorrent magic users. Magical Creatures: Introduction to Magical Creatures, is a subject of field of study that studies the biology of Magical Creatures, from anatomy, to population statistics, taming, and other lessons of these magical beasts. Largely practiced by beast-tamers, this class intends to teach students how to properly engage with fantastical creatures, or how to properly avoid dangerous beasts from bringing harm to the individual or populace. Magical creature studies include mythology, transfiguration, and other oddities of the beastial world. Deific Magics: Centered on the practice of Deity magics, Deific Magics is a class to be easily said as kept under a watchful eye. Centered on the field of studying and practicing Deity magic, it is largely kept under the watchful eye of the Ancient Arcanic Council. Largely considered a taboo by many within the Ember City, it is monitored closely to reach a better understanding of these strange and mythical arts.Largely made of rituals and tools, it is a class that seeks to expand students to the concept of the divine magics. General Studies: Necessary to a fully rounded education, general studies is a requirement of all students to pass, with topics such as literacy and basic math to be passed. General studies is a broad subject, including basic rundowns of content including reading and writing for youths and in-need adults. Math is a subject many are required to be able to pass with a basic understanding of math operations as a basic, and promotion of Algebra for post-grad students in general studies. Literacy is deemed highly valued and therefore a requirement to all youth students to learn. Specialty Classes: - Evocations: The masters class of alumni of Arcane theory/basics, Evocation class is for the purpose of suiting a student with a mentor into learning one of the many degrees of Evocational magic. Evocation is the most hands-on class, with a focus on meditation, establishing a link, and spell practicing. A student may attend Evocation class for as long as necessary to establish them as a versed practitioner of Evocational Magic. Arcane Forging: The practice of drawing forth one's connection to the void, Arcanic forging study deals in the education of this ability to hone one's latent energies into the physical. Students will learn from assigned mentors in this field in both experimentation and research of this practice and ability. THE ANCIENT ARCANIC COUNCIL – Over lifetimes conflict rules over those of the different arts of ‘magic’ such as drui, magi, and others. . . So we in the Academy have come to the conclusion to create a council of sorts under the Lady Sorceress of Celia’nor to keep the peace between the different groups. So we may work as one body, with the goal to preserve the realm, for as long as we may live. -Renae Athri’onn — The Chairman/Chairwoman: The Chairman or Chairwoman of the Council most likely are seen as the head of magic within the realm of Celia’nor. Their duties are to hold meetings for the council to discuss issues of the realm related to that of magic, being the figurehead they hold the final vote in whatever the council does within Celia’nor must be approved by the chair before action. The current title holder of Chairwoman is Lady Renae Athri’onn, Lady Sorceress of Celia’nor. Arcanic Representative: This is an intelligent and trustworthy lord or lady, who practices and mastered one or more of the void arts. They are in charge of delivering information to the council on topics like voidal tainting such as; voidal corruption of land, the opening of rifts or tears within the realm. They are to be the vote of the magi of the city and work for the best of magi kind. The Current holder of this position is, Valyris Wynasul, High Magus of the Arcanic Court Druidic Representative: The Druidc Representative has been invited to Celia’nor from that of their circles to give such a magi dominant realm an understanding of the Balance, the true workings of nature. To prevent more conflict from druid v. magi workings, they are to watch over, and give advice on how to keep the balance within our realm, at all times. The current holder of this position is, Lady Elara Athri’onn, the Goliath Druid, Archdruid of the Circle of Crows Princess’s Advisor: The Princess’s Advisor is an advisor hand picked by the Chairman or Chairwoman to sit and watch over the council meetings and workings at all times. They sit with the council not to vote, but for the sole purpose of relaying information of the meetings back to the High Princess. The current holder of this position is, Lord Becclain, The Kestrel Druid APPLICATION
  3. "How Lovely." The Lady Sorceress of Celia'nor, Renae Athri'onn smiled the suns smile!
  4. A BIRTH OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED Penned on the day, 4th of Horen’s Calling, 1870 [!] Théa de Sarkozy holding her newborn child, c. 1870 [!] TO THOSE WHOM IT CONCERNS, After the marriage of Laurent and Théa de Sarkozy, one could see that the household went quiet, months on months Théa would sit in her chambers preparing herself for the child to come. She wandered the halls, anxious to take on one of the hardest tasks a woman will face in her life. . . Motherhood. . . And so after nine months it is to be announced that the Lord-Regents dearest Wife, Lady Théa gave birth to a male newborn late in the night of the 2nd day of Harren’s Folley. It is now known that the child was born healthy and is still so after two saint days of being born. For God has blessed Sarkozy with a child, Joseph Frederick de Sarkozy @zzmarcc. . . Amen! SIGNED, His Lordship, Laurent Frederick de Sarkozy, Lord-Regent of Pompourelia Her Ladyship, Théa Helaine de Sarkozy
  5. The Serpent Mother, Renae Athri'onn moved into a rather dim room- it seemed to be a library with a singular large desk in the center. The elfess frowned as she spotted Becclain sitting at the desk reading over a missive and shaking his head. "Ti. . . So much drama. . . both the valah and the imperial mali are so dramatic." The magi chuckled then, as she placed a hand upon Becclain's right shoulder. "It's as if they are all running about without their heads on. . ." The elfess paused looking about the room, moving over some to place herself on top of the desk in front of Becclain. "Let me tell you about what happened between your nephew and I in Celia'nor. . ." The elfess then went to rambling.
  6. "For the court speaks." A elfess simply said as she read over the missive.
  7. An Athri'onn woman read over the missive lifting a brow slightly. "I find no reason for Ebonwood to become involved. . . If the Silver State is to fall because of the civil conflict it holds. Allow it to do just that." The 'aheral paused then, a harsh sigh escaping her. "But if you must Dear Minuvas, I wish you the best of luck." She then chuckled shaking her head as she carried the missive, moving off through the gardens of the Imperial Palace.
  8. The Serpent Mother glanced over the young 'ame as she leaped from the bed to protect the spider who made it's web. "Agh! Elara, don't toy with it... Oh- Another drui outburst." The magi sighed then. "Blessed be." She'd hum then. "May you continue to grow young oem'ii." Renae then paused now before lifting herself up and moving off. "Anyway- I'm off. . . Oren is a rather lovely city to be about right now." She'd say with a grin, continuing off
  9. "Ah- Finally, we step up to show what we are capable of doing. To prove those who doubt- we are very capable of using the gifts and arts for the betterment of the realm. Ti, indeed. . . Let the court continue to grow in knowledge as we move forth." Declared The Keeper of Knowledge, Renae Athri'onn after reading over the notice as she walked about the Imperial palace gardens- a smile upon her face. The elfess hummed softly now as she went to prepare for what was to come.
  10. Renae Athri'onn, smiled brightly as she read over the missive. "Isn't this a lovely little notice." She'd whisper to herself, as she read the missive, walking along the gardens of Haelun'or. "No more fighting. . . Hopefully." She'd chuckle softly, before folding the letter back up and placing it within her pocket.
  11. The Serpent Mother, Renae Athri'onn smiled brightly as she read over the missive. "Splendid" She'd simply state before continuing to wonder the Orenian roads.
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