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  1. IGN : Epicethan4 RP NAME : Matt House Skills you can bring to the table : None, but I have a good work ethic and a friendly face
  2. Epicethan45


  3. “Very fair deal, Vitenna should take it.” Matt House would comment, nodding lightly
  4. “I don’t know why Goblins are so obsessed with their Banana statues” Matt would snort “Hopefully they will start selling those ‘madcaps’”
  5. IGN: Epicethan4 Name of Contender: Matt House Nicknames of contender or notable features, I.e nationality, age, occupation etc. (For nickname purposes): Great big bushy beard
  6. Don’t worry Telanir, I’ll watch it
  7. “Abolish the Senate. Let Oren be ruled by GOD, not by bureaucrats.” States Pierre, nodding in agreement.
  8. “‘Half of yer rally are women an’ dregs ye found by the cloud temple, oi can maybe count two or three soldiers there” Oswald would comment.
  9. Pretty off-topic but ok. I’ll give a non-biased description of Nick Fuentes. Nick Fuentes is more of an Alt-LITE guy, he says some really edgy **** sometimes though he isn’t a big fan of the more extreme alt-right guys. For the past two weeks or so he’s been advising people called ‘Groypers’ to go to speeches by mainstream conservatives and ask them questions in their Q and A speeches, he believes people like Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk to be ‘fake conservatives’
  10. God bless friend, it was a pleasure to help you with the Helena Church
  11. Ok but seriously bro, why haven’t u quit
  12. Alfred smiles at his Lorrainian comrades as he reads his favourite passage from ‘the art of warclaim’ “
  13. Alfred reads the letter, chuckling. “Hah, you should have tried debunking her arguments more instead of attacking her, the only argument you provide is that Lorraine should have reported Adria to the lord justicar. We did not because we had no intention of escalating the situation, whilst the Adrian’s made every move to kill our builders, attack our men and bring bandits to slaughter Oren folk. It is absolutely within Lorraine’s right to protect their land from Adrian aggression.”
  14. Alfred huffs in response “Less than a saint days ago you were applauding us for our fort and our courage, seems you have changed your opinion so quickly.”
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