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  1. Friedrich Barclay shakes his head in disapproval or such a honorless act "May his head be placed on a fecking pike"
  2. A Message of The Sons of Karaman [!] As the skies of Arcas dye themself Black with war also the sons of Karaman recieve word of war this being declared fromout Al-Faiz for claims they did not do ”People of Al-Faiz, And more important Sheikh Ibraheem of Al-Faiz. we the clan of Karaman the sons of Kashgar heard your claims of treason, These are Injust! we do not plan to attack nor work together with the Enemy named Saalih Al-Nabeel. He is the same snake that promised us a stable second station in his land to only place a knife in our back this we found out in fast time we did not supply Saalih with any recourses nor did we plan to aid him in the war against Al-Faiz you are the one we side with in this war Not the snake that calls himself friend” To all who could see and to all who were willing to read this message was made known that clan Karamanoglu supports Al-Faiz in their struggle against the Iron Snake calling himself King Saalih Al-Nabeel
  3. [!] A bird of the Sons off Karaman reaches the sheikh his feet on wich a note from one off the clans elders is written "Sheikh Ibraheem, your talk off treason is injust while we indeed planned to take foot step inside off the bounds off mister Saalihs his regime we never planned nor even thought off betraying the Sheikhdom as a Nomad clan we need footing everywhere we did not pledge an oath to attack anyone nor to coup your humble abbode the only thing we were said true is to protect our steeds from the battles, also our plans to set up base inside off the bounds off his lands has fallen through as the clan notices mister Al-Nabeels his intentions were merely to gain from us and then set us a knife in the back we support the sheikhdom in this matter not the snakes that called theirselves friends" [!] The letter was signed with the seal off Karaman
  4. Friedrich Barclay Would hear off the passing off Commandant Sturmholm, as he did not know Tharik that well he wasnt struck too harsh, but yet saddend to see such a loyal soldier and man fall he stated: "May the seven Skies find you Commandant Sturmholm"
  5. The decapitation of the young Kontanz As the days in haense grow ligher, the war starts to look up, the dead got time to be mourned. A young Barclay boy does not take peace as his family was slaughtered, his parents slayed by the terror of war. Young Konstanz blamed no one but Morsgrad, those barbarians started it after all. So, young Konstanz marched out of Reza to the lands close to Morsgrad managing to kill off a small squad of amateur warriors. Konstanz went on stating “No Morsgardian who crosses my path shall live” the young boy traveled on as he came across another squad of Morsgardian soldiers, these sadly being heavily more skilled and better armed. as Konstanz saw no way back he drew his blade yelling out “FOR HAENSE” he charged at the soldiers with the pride bestowed uppon him by the barclay blood. he managed to kill one of his enemies before getting a knife in his back, falling down to the ground. the young Konstanz was, though fighting bravely, sadly defeated. the Morsgardians took him to his knees and decapitated the young boy, some sick joke towards the Barclay family who already lost the old Konstanz Barclay to imperial law. no more then a few days later the Morsgardians set up a pole in the midst of the night with Konstanz Friedrich Barclay-Markanz his head on it, each man and woman in the morning would see the horror of the event. Barbarians each and everyone of them. The last breath of Konstanz was taken with sword in hand
  6. Would have his blade standing in the throath of one of the pirates piercing it and killing the pirate before stating "Trouble comes to stone yurts at all times"
  7. Konstanz Friedrich Barclay Would stand in the square of Reza looking uppon the people filled with hope and happiness the young boy would state "Perhaps now our family will be treated with a little more dignity and respect"
  8. Konstanz Friedrich Barclay hears of the letter being send to the Dwarves before stating "May GOD protect us and bring us this fortune at least" before returning to his training for Knightlyhood
  9. Wouldnt be a harsh decision for me i would just join
  10. Would look at his returned brother before saying "Thank Kashgar for another has returned"
  11. would lay his hand on the shoulder of his son “See this boy, we will soon be managing this and make a bustling horse pen from it”
  12. Bayezid would chuckle when he got word of his sons response "that is my boy"
  13. Bayezid & Melike Karamanoğlu preparing the ritual to make a descendant, 12th of Bol bayram, outskirts of Helena A NEW SON OF KARAMAN For those that would visit the Karamani encampment: confusion would’ve been a justified sentiment. Throughout there were Karamani playing Matrak, signing and socializing over a Hookah. Unbeknownst to the bystander, the Karamani were celebrating a special birth. For it has been over thirty years since Timur Karamanoğlu had brought his sons to this world. The Böö Oğuz hard warned that for the first time in ages, the healthy olive tree that is the Karamani line was at risk of withering. But there came Bayezid and Melike, two youngsters who had found their love early, and eternalized it by the creation of a new soul to wonder upon our mortal realm. Not only had they brought pride and honor to Kashgar for birthing a son in such pious and harmonious circumstances, but also to the entire clan. The finest of rewards that the Karamanoğlu could receive in return for their servitude and vigilance. Happily and healthily brought into our world, Kadir Karamanoğlu 10th of Floranın dansı, 69 Surrounded by his loving clan, in divine presence through our most esteemed Böö Oğuz Karamanoğlu. May he successfully mirror the radiant greatness of our late Timur, and be judged as faithful and honorable by our beloved Kargash.
  14. Darien Jacques Mieh and now Claus As the Haensemen are dropping like flies also Claus isn't spared his body got captured by an unkown sickness and took the better of him on his deathbed on a unkown location he sended his commandant a letter saying "Greetings Commandant Sturmholm today is the day another brother will fall not to a blade but to a terrible disease I have decided to spend my final days with my family in safe range of the war Ave Haense with greetings Claus" as Tharik recieved the paper he showed it to all who might listen as Claus calmly died in his bed ending his life with his family
  15. Bayezid would leave the hall he just been in stating "What a rudeness and that just because we were sitting”
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