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  1. Far away from the ruins from the former capital of Krugmar sat a ancient Shaman Al-Uk'Yar, Seer of Clan Yar and keeper of Forbidden knowledge. Words of Boroks death eventually reached the Goblin "Flattageh tu deeh Bûrz... Flat tu deeh Bûrz Rex. Mi hopez hiz zould wuz zaved ihn deeh end" A raging behemoth in his escape from San'Velku slaughters through the Mori, The death of the Crimson Rex fresh on his mind "LATZ FlaaAt ZERVEZ NuuUb PURPOZE. MAI REX KYBAL pRuuVe MUURE ZtAbUl." Popogoth Drekür'Ungri emitted, Albeit he ridiculed Boroks dying he did respect his relentless efforts to the lost City
  2. Popogoth Drekür'Ungri, Wargoth of Clan Ungri, Slaughtermaster of the GREAT MAW. stared at the Goblin reading out the missive, noting of the carnage at the fall of San'Velku a maddened grin creeping over his cursed visage "UngRi ZTAndZ Wiff KYBAL!"
  3. A blood curdeling roar left the great Aengul Slayer, Popogoth Drekür'Ungri, followed by a earth rumbling laughter as the beast his goblin clansmen read to him his paper. "HARR HARR! OLoOOog Ob WEEK! olOog OoB ETERNITI!"
  4. "DONE NOTHING IS IT?!" The Towering Silverback Druid emits shaking his head and hucking the missive away "Didnt see you being half beat to shit by those spider fucks!"
  5. "Kjellos preserve us..." The Ireheart beserker let out rubbing his Temple, He loved Sigrun as a Brother but knew his duties to his clan. But would he ever consider forcefully taking away Sigruns feather? That very feather he climbed to the nest of a veroscious Gryphpon for? Time shall tell. For now the Dwed was highly conflicted with the whole ordeal.
  6. Dravil 'The Bold' Ireheart, Devote Kjellite, and Blooded Ireheart firmly nods as he had signed down as the Patriarch of the Ireheart Culture "Noow weh ge' tuuh crushin doseh fookin Here'ics"
  7. Imagine camping in the CT safezone awaiting for the opertune moment to kidnap perhaps the weakest and most defenseless race ever thought up Spook RP takin -1's daily cus of these goons.
  8. A Great Black titan sits upon his throne of bones, A soft snorting left the Slaughtermaster of The Great Maw and Popogoth of Clan Ungri, As the missive is read to him. "MEeN iHN rOBez wiHL fLat." Was all he cared to comment before waving his Redcap off.
  9. CLAN UNGRI History of the Ungri Tribe: The Ungri Clan started as but a wild rabble of murderous and more importantly rapidly starving Ologs, Remnants of the once great Olog Kingdoms that were faced by the wrath of The Great Maw and scattered away from it after its eventual disappearance from the world of Descendants. The start of the Ungri Clan brings us to the early days of Arcas where more remnants of this once great race lived, Damned and hated by most of the nations on the continent the Ologs had no choice but to live in the wilds, and hunting for their food that more often than not was quicker and smarter than them. Living from lucky stroke to lucky stroke more ologs died of starvation every passing day, That was until on a faithful day a behemoth of an Olog by the name of Drekür united what little remained of his dying race, He and those willing to follow together formed a Wartribe by the name of Ungri, Speculated by some to be named that because the ologs where in fact Hungry. Whatever the reason might’ve been the Ungri Tribe upon orders of their new Popogoth began to hunt more organized, Not only on animals however, They instead shifted their eyes upon unsuspecting descendant villages, Villages that so far could fend off the lone ologs brave enough to attack them with but a few pikes. However none were prepared to face the force of an entire Tribe united under the Popogoth, Many a village burned and were filled with screams of pain and terror as the Ungri’s ate their fill till there was nothing but the crackling of fire left behind. Many moons these unforgiving attacks went on as they ravaged through Arcas eventually reaching the Rexdom of Krugmar, And at the time Rex Murdok’Lak and his council of wargoths. Stead of pikes the ologs met kin, Stead of closed gates they met open arms of the other Urukim, Fed, and offered caverns to sleep in the Ologs decided to settle within the Rexdom and change to what we know the Clan to be Today, The Maw Worshiping savages that make even the bravest of men tremble. The Clans Hierarchy: Despite being blood-savaged beasts, Even ologs know what Hierarchy is and thus follow a perhaps small but clear leadership structure. The Popogoth: [!] A Olog Popogoth considering what to do with two captured humans. There he sits, The Mighty Popogoth. Named so because the members of clan Ungri all consider the largest and strongest amongst them to be their Father, Every single Olog below this Behemoth is either a son or daughter to them and due to this, the clan is quite Loyal to its own as they are indeed a family. Ruling over the Clan with an iron fist the Popogoth leads the clan in its endeavors to such an extent this creature also doubles down as the Slaughtermaster in the Faith of the Great Maw. The Big Brudda: [!] A depiction of a Big Brudda The Big Brudda, Also always an Olog of great prowess and indeed does command respect over those below him. Answering only to the demands of the Popogoth, Or the Butchers of the Faith the Big Brudda is in charge of ensuring the clan behaves in the Popogoth's absence, Ensuring they are well fed and sharp for a battle that will surely come soon. The Big Brudda is also seen as the Popogoth's eldest son and thus the Little Bruddas should carefully follow in his footsteps to try for their father's attention. Little Bruddas: [!] A depiction of Ologs striding into battle. The Little Bruddas make up the Grunt Force of the Clan, Treated like the youngest sons of the Popogoth they follow the commands of the Big Brudda and of course The Popogoth himself. Eager to prove their worth to their Popogoth. The Redcaps: [!] A depiction of a few Redcaps. Although far smaller and weaker than their Olog brothers and Father the Redcaps stand tall within the clan, Making up the brains of the clan, Engineers, Crafters, Cooks (Usually while helping the Maw Butchers), Smiths, and some even the Cleaning Crew. Redcaps are often seen riding on the shoulders of their olog brethren, And into battle, Hurling potions or firing arrows and bolts from their vantage point, Where some are far more feral than others every Goblin can become a Redcap within the Clans Ranks. Traditionally seen marked with the Red hand of the Popogoth. Claiming them as Ungri for life. The Ungri Kubs: [!] A depiction of an Olog Ungri Kub, Eager to join the Clan. This role needs little introduction, Lost sons or daughters have found their way home eager to prove themselves to the Popogoth by conducting their Trials to prove themselves of the Ungri Blood. Ungri Religion: The Ologs and Goblins from the clan follow a tight religion based around a savage deity known as The Great Maw. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/223993-the-great-maw/ Clan Trials: Much like any good clan the Ungris too have trials, These are commonly administered in preparation for a feast to the maw. The Trial of Beasts: The First trial a Ungri Kub is beset upon is already one some weaker specimens may perish at, The Olog or Goblin is tasked with the finding of a great foe, Be it Beast or Man, To fight and kill. (Example: Crackadonks, Throdaags, Straadoth. Etc.) After killing such a tremendous foe the Ungri should decapitate it to carry proof of their kill and harvest the best chunks of meat they can find to be applied into a sacrifice stew to be given to the Maw during one of the many festivals. The Trial of Sacrifice: While the Ungri values their sacrifices most at the festivals where their stews are brewed and given to their God, not one Ungri would deny a live descendant specimen to be carved up on the Altar in front of the Maw before promptly hurled into the deep pit. Therefore the second trial of a Ungri Kub demands they move from their caves and capture a live Descendant soul to be brought before and fed to The Great Maw. The Trial of Dominance: Finally, after the Ungri Kub has completed the second trial they are bestowed the third and final trial. Tasked with combat against a fellow Orc of exceptional strength and beat them in hand-to-hand combat (Often chosen from their clansmen). After their victory, or after a show of equal strength, The Ungri Kub can be inducted into the clan as a fully-fledged Little Brudda or Redcap after which a feast in honor of them and of course The Great Maw. will be held.
  10. THE GREAT MAW The History of the Great Maw: Many many centuries before the birth of either Clan Ogr and Clan Ungri there was once a great Kingdom of Ologs, Bloodsavaged beast who’d rule over their territory with iron fist and jagged teeth. Not a living thing could survive long in the Kingdom of Ologs, No army could topple their savagery, No beast could rival their prowess, None until on one faithful day came The Great Maw. A beast of terrible sizes able to swallow entire villages with but a single bite of its wretched jaws, Armies swallowed like a bite sized snack once the creature reared its ferocious jaws. Not a living soul has ever seen the full scale of the beast, most not even alive long enough to see the full scale of the horrendous depths that make out the creature's jaws. The Olog Kingdom too was faced with this horrible beast and its vicious bite. Villages fell, caverns where collapsed, The beast ate and ate till the Olog Kingdom was driven to near extinction. Eventually however it stopped, It rested on the surface of the earth having laid its horrible depth’s wide for the remainder of the ologs to behold. Instead of attempting to kill it or flee their lands the Olog-Hai by order of their great King besieged themselves to start worshiping the Maw, A devotion grown out of admiration of the creature and a crippling fear of its appetite and savagery. In the Centuries to come the Kingdom Prospered and as all things do eventually vanished with time, The Faith however remained, Recovered by the titanous Ologs in Clan Ogr and now adopted by The Bloodhungry Ologs of Clan Ungri after the Ogre’s too had vanished. Still worshiped as a deity to be admired and feared. Ranks within the faith: Even within the savage culture of the Ologs exists hierarchy, And thus as with their faith this is no different. The Maw has some more zealous servants than others, like the Church of the Canon has its Priests and Bishops. The Slaughtermaster: [!] A Depiction of a Slaughtermaster. Most commonly the leader of a tribe of Ologs gets the role of Slaughtermaster, While in Clan Ungri the role of its leader is known as the Popogoth this Olog also doubles down as the Slaughtermaster of the Faith. This Olog is the leader of the faith and is in charge of making and delivering of the sacrifice stew to the Shrines of the Great Maw, He guides the lesser Butchers below him in the finding, Killing and finally preparing of the best cuts of meat to be hurled into the Great Maw its stew. Occasionally the Slaughtermaster may decree that a live specimen is to be hucked into the boiling pot of meats and foods so the Great Maw can revel in its screams of terror. Slaughtermasters oftentimes also wear little to no armor believing their devotion to the Great Maw protects them from any bodily harm, They rarely will take the time to equip any sets of armor and are usually found wearing everyday attire or the apron of a chef. The Butchers: [!] A depiction of a Butcher The Butchers are like the Cardinals to the Slaughtermaster, Responsible with the selecting of the best subjects to harvest meat from, The Victims more often than not alive before they reach the Butchers their blades. Not only are the Butchers responsible for selecting the best meats for the Sacrifice stew but they also double down as the Tribe their cook, Devotely feeding their fellow Ologs and more importantly ensuring the Slaughtermaster does not grow hungry lest they risk ending in the stew themselves. These Ologs, like their Slaughtermaster, are rarely found to be wearing armor and usually reserve themselves to wearing butcher clothing. Carrying as a weapon only their massive meat cleavers or meat hooks. The Devoted: [!] A warband of Ologs out hunting for victims to sacrifice Alas there they stand, The Devoted followers of The Great Maw, Loyal till the end to their Tribe leader and the horrible deity they worship and fear despite far more common in a tribe these towering behemoths too serve a critical role in the worship of the Great Maw. Namely, these beings are tasked with the hunting and collecting of flesh for the Butchers to chop up in preparation of the Sacrifice Stew, While most of the stew oftentimes contains the flesh of animals these creatures are encouraged to deliver their Butchers live Humans, Elves, Dwarves whatever may most resemble descendant life as this of course remains the Maw’s most favorite snack. The Sacrifice Hunts: [!] A Olog tribe out hunting for sacrifices to the Great Maw Mostly ordered to be conducted by the Slaughtermaster or the Butchers ologs make a great deal out of the hunting of creatures and descendants to put into their stews or eat during their festivals and thus mostly hosted by either the Slaughtermaster or the Butchers these bloodthirsty beasts often go out to hunt great beasts or prepare their tribes to besiege and attack unsuspecting villages to rip away their men and woman from to drag back to their caves and feast halls. Feast of The Great Maw: [!] A depiction of a great feast in one of the Olog Caverns. Much like their viscous God the Ologs themselves too have great appetites and a vigor to fight and slaughter, During the preparation of a sacrifice stew and during the sacrificing itself great feasts are hosted where the titans can eat their fills and fight till their bones are broken and unable to stand upon any more. This is also why lesser orcs often find themselves dead at the end of such a horrid night. The Ologs however do have a great tendency to continue this feast for days or sometimes even weeks on end leaving great casualties even among their own tribesmen or fellow orc kind. A display of savagery and greediness the Great Maw is sure to revel in. The Feeding of the Maw: [!] A depiction of the sacrifice pot being prepared Perhaps the most important activities that commonly can be seen on the many feasts the Olog tribes host amongst themselves, All the work that is done before one of these many feasts leads to this. All their strife and loss in combat have worked up to this. The Feeding of the Great Maw, Copious amounts of food and sometimes even live creatures are hurled into the shrines devoted to this terrible beast as well as of course brought by the Slaughtermaster the Sacrifice stew he and the Butchers worked tirelessly on is presented, Now this leaves many a soul asking, Why? Why do the ologs feed this thing that supposedly brought them to the brink of extinction. Well, other then because they fear and admire the creature the ologs also harbor a potent belief that the Great Maw ensures their prosperity and wellbeing, Delivering the ologs with abundant conflict and mountains of food and drink to enjoy amongst themselves. Long as the Maw is kept well fed.
  11. I find it dumb to remove a Spirit because it represents something vulgar like lust, Lust is a concept in the world as is beauty and pleasure. And thus by the law of spirits there is one to domain over it... its how the spirits work.
  12. Dravil 'The Bold' Ireheart lets out a sofy chuckle shaking his head "And ye' dah dishonah Torsun commi'ed o' meh remains unspoken off... Er per'aps dah cowardiceh ooh Thalgrim fer abandonin 'is King! Et beh o' disgrace ter Kjellos et beh!"
  13. Dravil 'The Bold' Ireheart calmly plays with the rings in his massive beard while he read over the missive. A hearty chuckle left the Viking Dwed soon after. "Ef Torsun wuuld nae 'ave attaked meh we'h moi back turned er Thalgrim wuuld nae 'ave left teh King ter 'is oown devoices weh wuuld 'ave nevah had aneh troobleh." The Ireheart scoffed before placing the papers asside, He had no intend to stop standing against the cowardice of Dwedmar, Be they Goldhand or otherwise.
  14. Dravil 'The Bold' 'The Long-Bearded' 'The Drinker' Ireheart blinks a few times gazing at Sigrun once he announced it. Shrugging gently the Dwedmar raises his goblet and eminating a chanting "ARUU ARUU ARUU"
  15. Dravil 'The Bold' Ireheart can't help but chuckle gently as he got his hands on one of the invitations... Likely looted from one of his adversaries their bodies "Yeh fergaveh her fer shaggin dat Cyris guy in yer oown bed aye?" The Ireheart snorting, remembering the trial where King Cyris Collingwood claimed he slept with Mimosa Applefoot
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