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  1. CLAN UNGRI “EMBRACE YOUR BLOODRAGE, EMBRACE YOUR SAVAGERY” ORIGIN: The Ungri Pack started with but a few Ologs, remnants of the once great Olog race scattered about the plains of Arcas. From these roots, they were to be united under a large black Olog, going by the name of Drekür. They followed the black beast, not because he was the strongest or because he was the smartest, but because he came with a plan for the remnants of their dying race; A plan to gain food. While the orcish creatures before this had tried to hunt deer and other wildlife, all these attempts had failed. Before the Ologs even got close, the animals already scattered at their thumping approach! Forced to live from lucky stroke to lucky stroke, though not the smartest creatures, each Olog came to realize this way of life was unsustainable. Drekür, however, offered a different idea to gain food: He offered to attack settlements, and offered to hunt descendants- instead of those pesky fast animals. And so, the Ologs united under Drekür came to raid upon descendants; elves, humans, dwarves, anything that would stand their ground and fight back. These hunts were labeled accordingly as the ‘Ungri Hunt'. Thus, the sweeping massacre would eventually lead the bloodthirsty pack to Krugmar, where they found the warm and welcoming embrace of the Sons and Daughters of Krug. Instead of how the other descendants saw the Ologs, the Uruk-hai viewed them as kin, fed them, and offered them a place to rest. The first place the brutes didnt resort to massacre was a place they soon were to call home. After the bloody ‘Ungri Hunts’, the Clan Popogoth appropriately named the band "Clan Ungri", as to remind them what they had done to reach this point... and what they will do again if the need arises. Now becoming an official clan under Rex Murdok’Lak, right when the Infernal War dawned upon Arcas, the brutes learned a base form of worship and took upon three spirits they felt represented their way of life best. Enrohk: The Spirit of War, Savagery and Bloodlust Leyd: The Spirit of Physical Domination and Dominance Gazigazh: The Spirit of Flesh, Blood and Bone These Spirits are worshiped for one purpose; The clan believes that the Curse once bestowed upon Krug’s bloodline is a blessing in disguise. They use their rage as a tool, they embrace it and utilize it, to brutally enact slaughter upon anything that dares stand in their way. Through that which most orcs view a curse, they would use to bring their kin to Victory. The Ranks within the Clan Popogoth: The Popogoth is the chosen leader of the pack, and he who decides what way the clan steers. This job is commonly laid upon the strongest Olog, however, the one best able to provide for the clan can also be Popogoth. These leaders are always Ologs, though the Goblin Redcaps of the clan are able to function as the "minds" of the clan. So, while a Popogoth’s Redcaps are subservient to him, they are able to help the Olog-hai with strategic decisions. Big Brudda: The Popogoth’s right hand man and the pack commander when the Popogoth is unavailable. This Olog is picked by the current ruling Popogoth. Before a Little Brother is allowed to challenge the Popogoth to a duel, they must beat the Big Brudda. [OOC] A Olog can only challenge the Big Brudda or the Popogoth after a certain amount of time within the clan, this is to avoid constant shifting in clan leadership. Little Bruddas: The Grunts of the clan, these Ologs are newly initiated members to the clan. They have passed all Trials presented to them by the Popogoth or Big Brudda, and are now welcomed into the Ungri Pack as fully fledged family! Redcaps: This rank is assigned to the Goblins that call the Ungri clan their Family. Though they seem in no position of power, these Goblins are in as much control as their Buddy allows it- the Redcaps are assigned a olog to be their Clan Buddy. This Olog they shall ride on in battle, and assist with their minds. For a Little Brudda, a Redcap might remain nothing but a friend who has some common sense, but to the Popogoth and Big Brudda the Redcaps are very important strategical aids. These Goblins help make the decisions that the Olog's more primitive minds cannot. Ungri Kubs: This Rank within the clan is made up of both Goblins and Ologs These children of Krug, are those yet to be initiated through the Trials presented within the clan. After these take place, the Ologs and Goblins will be assigned a buddy and welcomed into the clan as family. Though assigned by the Popogoth and Big Brudda, these matches are often created before the trials are finished. Clan Trials: The Trial of Enrohk: In this Trial, the Olog Initiate is paired with a Goblin Initiate and sent out into the wilds to hunt and slaughter a beast of "great power". These beasts are commonly able to match a Olog in raw strength, and thus, the Ologs will require the Goblins and their mind to defeat this foe. The Trial of Gazigazh: In this Trial the Olog Initiate and Goblin Initiate are tasked to use the bones of the slain beast, and with it, construct their first bone-forge weaponry. This weapon may look and function as anything the initiate desires, as long as the weapon is wholly functional in combat. The Trial of Leyd: In this Trial, the Olog and Goblin initiates are tasked to fight against one of their fellow Clan brothers or sisters. They need to either match or beat the skill of an already-initiated Olog and their Buddy to reach the end of their Trials. Only then, will they be welcomed within the Ungri clan.
  2. Barend Den Ruyter, clothed in his freshly polished shining Myrinian armor grins widely uppon the missive issued by his Lord and Savior Marquis Balthazar II and nods firmly as he raises a mug filled to the brim with ale"Das fokin roiteh, will teach dem greenskins teh fok with Myrine!" At the same time Barend exclaims such a slowely insane going Witchdoctor going by the name of Al-Uk'Lur sits creating powerful hexes fueled with the power of the Spirits he praises.... this to only be interupted with such a missive the Shaman snapping right his head as he growls and curses out the mail boy in ancient blah reading over the missive now his focus was disturbed "Wagh wiff Myrine eh? Wub zkahin glob kauzed diz zkah"
  3. The Old Shaman Al-Uk'Lur sits in his home about finished curing a Human her deafness through Witchdoctery being informed on the peace forged between Elven and Orc kind the Goblin stared towards Druidic staff that hung uppon his wall of trophy's snorting a bit "Wehl zubboze mi kan nub harvezd mohr Druid zkah"
  4. Al-Uk'Lur gently smiles at the multiple missives reaching his home now this a call for brothers to regain their honor within the Warnations eyes "Tuu meni bruddaz god kazt oud thruugh dah yeerz.... ed zhall bi hozh tu peep dem bak agen"
  5. The Old Shaman Al-Uk'Lur sat gently in his home smoking from his pipe as he got the note handed by a paper boy titling his head with a smirk "Dah iron uzg? haz ah hozh rihn tu ed...." he nodded approvingly finally the codes again put back to stone was something the nation needed The Titan of a Olog known as Drekür'Ungri after awakening from what seems to be a hibernation? crawls from the depths of the Ungri Cave and after face palming a large chest of food gets read the note scratching his head quite confused "IrOOohN uUuZG?! WuuUUb DaAAaAD?!"
  6. THE PACT OF ASH AND SCORPIONS Issued 2nd of the Amber Cold, year 35 of the second age PREAMBLE As troubling times strike both Norland and Krugmar with war raiders and conflict, the Honorable nations, henceforth known as the signatories, once more find it befitting to make a pact. Not one simply of peace, but one of military aid, trade, non-aggression, and political contact. This alliance and its written agreements will last for 20 years, which both signatories may agree to renew and re-sign thereafter. AGREEMENTS DISCUSSED AND AGREED ON Artikle Azh Both signatories agree to a full non-aggression pact of aggression directed from the orders of the leadership. Violation of such a pact will result in the alliance being nullified. These signs of aggression include: raiding, enslaving, unprovoked attacking, killing of and stealing from signatories’ citizens and property. Artikle Dub Both signatories agree to respect each other’s borders and territories, abiding by its respective laws and codes of the culture commonly used within. Artikle Gahk Both signatories agree to aid each other if conflict presents itself, provided this conflict is begun by a non-signatory party or that the one the war is declared against is the one who aggressed first. The aid must be for a conflict that’s in a honourable and justified act of response. Artikle Futh If indeed either nation aids in conflict against foreign nations, both have the right to issue their own list of demands against the offender, provided the list is reasonable and is first discussed with both signatories Artikle H' Both signatories and their respective citizens are allowed free trade and travel in both Krugmar’s and Norland’s respective territories. Thus, Norland and its citizens avoid the need to hand tribute to the kin of Krug. Signed, Kor'garr the Clanless, Rex of Krugmar Al-Uk'Lur Wargoth of Clan Lur, Dominus of Krugmar Vane Freysson, King of Norland, Protector of the Highlanders Aylin de Astrea, Chief Diplomat to Norland, Heir Regent to Elysium
  7. [ooc] Just from a ooc standpoint lads! I recently noticed some tension between orc and dwed players which honestly is kinda wack from orcish leadership just know we do this from a irp standpoint we don't hate anyone personally
  8. Al-Uk'Lur can be heard cackling and laughing up a storm as one of his political envoys brings him a artistic depiction of the beardless Lord Bakir Ireheart along side the missive send towards the dwed which as always he gives more mind to once his laughter subsided "Nevah mi peeped zuzh globbizhnezz... Ah beerdlezz ztowt?! Prizelezz!.... Bub mi thynkz edz tik tu ehnd diz globbizh konflikt wiff dah Ztowtz" the goblin places the missive down putting the sketch of the debearded Ireheart in his robed coat for a gentle chuckle in the future
  9. THE PEACE, LOVE AND HAPPINESS ACCORD 5th of Malin’s Welcome, S.A. 33 ARTICLE ASH - The Men of the Red Company promise their loyalty to the War Nation of Krugmar and Rex Kor’garr the Clanless. ARTICLE DUB - The Men of the Red Company will provide men and supplies in times of war, or at the calling of the Rex. ARTICLE GAHK - The Men of the Red Company will be allotted a space of land, encompassing the area of former farmland in the hinterland, for the construction of a keep and a village for serfs. ARTICLE FUTH - The Men of the Red Company will be given representation. Their land will also be overseen directly by the Targoths of the Krughai. ARTICLE H’ - Therefore, the Men of the Red Company will be considered residents of Krugmar and the Greater Krugmar area. ARTICLE H’ASH - The Men of the Red Company will be permitted to derive profits and income from their land and their serfs. ARTICLE H’DUB - The Men of the Red Company will be at liberty to govern their land as they please, provided it is in accordance with the Codes of Krug. ARTICLE H’GAHK - However, their relationships with other Nations and Settlements will be considered independent of Krugmar’s foreign policy. ARTICLE H’FUTH - As Residents of the Greater Krugmar area they will enjoy all the same protections that an Uruk might enjoy. ARTICLE ASHTY - As Residents of the Greater Krugmar area they will also be subjected to the same punishments as an Uruk might in the event of dishonour or misconduct. ARTICLE ASHTY ASH - The Red Company is liable to pay in full, every week, the sum of FIVE (5) TEEF - worth exactly fifty (50) Minas. ARTICLE ASHTY DUB - If the Red Company accepts a contract against Krugmar, or aggresses against Krugmar herself, this contract will be liable to being terminated. Signed, Kor’garr the Honourable, REX of KRUGMAR Al-Uk’Lur, DOMINUS of KRUGMAR, WARGOTH of CLAN LUR Friedrich Radclyf, COMMANDER of the RED COMPANY Targoth Fishbref of Clan Raguk Targoth Hu-Din
  10. THE FELLOWSHIP OF ORC AND MEN [!] Goblin couriers can be seen making their way into Norlandic lands; carrying a missive which is then nailed to their varying notice boards.... all of the Norlandic leadership receive a letter with a copy themselves of the missive. It promptly reads: "To all calling the Norlandic realm home, we the sons and daughters of Krug hereby request audience with the King and his council for we wish to rekindle the friendship Orc and Norlandic Humanity once shared in the form of a Alliance; one where we might come to eachothers' aid when foreign nations stand against us and where we might revel and celebrate eachothers' culture and achievements." [!] The Missive is promptly signed Kor'garr the Clanless, Rex of Krugmar Al-Uk'Lur Wargoth of Clan Lur, Dominus of Krugmar
  11. The Orcish Dominus Al-Uk'Lur once finally having emerged from the spirit realm wanders uppon the bloody sight not having participated in the battle but certainly had heard for it a grim look uppon his visage as he spoke "Mi rimembahz ah tik dad Orkz wehr lyke Kin tu dah ztowt agh dah ztowt lyke bruddahz tu dah Orkz.... Hohw dah tikz hav cheenged" The Dominus sighs as he shakes his head digging his staffs end in the dirt below to sully its end with the blood of the dwarves likely to be used in a future shamans curse
  12. Hob stares up at the notice board the unhinged orphan gently draws his dagger from its sheathe ready to do some very unhalfling like stuff "YEAH! LES' FOK EM UP!" not quite sure of what he is referring to by 'them' though he is sure he will attempt to indeed fok em up
  13. The Dominus of the Warnation Al-Uk'Lur just gently sits in the realm of the moon spirit Luara meditating in the calming aura of the moon spirit after a while the shaman opens his eye as he raises to his feet "Mohre wagh.. Mohre flat.... Enrohk zhall bi fihled wiff Powah" the Dominus didn't necessarily want war but was all to familiar with the inevitability of it and thus accepted its reality
  14. A NEW LUR CHIEF A Elder Goblin going by the Name of Al-Uk'Lur sits gently staring up at the palace gazing uppon the magnificent shrine of Krug.... small and short mutterings in old Blah leave the Elder entranced before suddenly his head snaps left right observing the area round him a low growl leaving his maw "Nub bruddaz ihn dah Goi.... nub Bruddahz ihn dah Klan! atroziouz! wehre ez dah waghgoff?" He questions wobbling through the city down within the halls of Lur again empty a trophy wall? no trophees visible no bounties of the hunt anywhere.... "Enuff.... Ef ziztah Yarrow'Lur haz gohne mizzin agh ohr Chieftainz nub du zkah mi zhall akt....." The Goblin writes up a missive ment towards the Orcish Nation of Krugmar pinning it up at the notice board within his countries territory... however its quite public and for all eyes to gaze uppon the missive reads both in Blah and Common "To Whom it may Concern.... I, Al-Uk'Lur Elder of Clan Lur refuse to longer see the suffering of my Clan continue we have fallen from greatness back into a deep pit of dispair and emptiness.... as no Wargoth nor Chieftain has chosen to stand up and drag us out i shall.... I will place myself uppon the pedistal of Wargoth of Clan Lur.... if any Lur not thinks me worthy im looking foreward to seeing Votar his judgement in the Arena..." The Goblin certainly didnt expect this to go challangeless he was fine with such a fact truly either hed lead his clan or someone else finally got the balls to stand up and do it [!] The Public Missive is promptly signed Al-Uk'Lur Elder of Lur, Shaman. Former Targoth, Former Snagagoth.
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