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  1. Lo' there he sat, Lord Friedrich Barclay... Staring into a glass of icey cold water. a soft tear rolling down the Elders wrinkly cheek as he was informed of the Pontiffs death, To him Tylos II wasn't just his Pontiff he was his friend. A man Friedrich had come to admire greatly "Ze suffering ist part of Godani's divine plan" muttered the ancient Barclay however shook his head firm after "Still hurts like ein jab of ein sword though"
  2. A slayer of Beasts after having claimed for himself another feat of Glory got swiftly informed on the death of Filibert, While not being close to the Halfling perse he was still his kin and therefor took the death to heart... With a painful expression he placed his 'Gremlin Slayer' back upon his back. Hob thereafter firmly spoke up to the skies "Why o' gracious Knox... why take me kin loike cattle o' leaveh meh standin firm o' both feet? Oi've been impropah... oi've commited acts agains' 'alflin ways. Why do ye nae claim meh?"
  3. Motsham Al-Uk stood before his students @Sewer_Rat and @Barbogspeaking on the missive introduced by one of the Urukim "Kowardize agh behaviohr muzh akin tu dat ob deeh betrayur Iblees tu zkeem agh lieh tri tu zeek oud deeh kurze wi ahm plagued wiff tu paind uz az BEAZT" The maddened Shaman let out some distorted and twisted cackles "Kowardz agh znakez, deeh lot ob em"
  4. Motsham Al-Uk spiritual leader of THE HORDE merely snorted at the missive "Mohre grizh tu flow, mohre twigz tu Krimp. Afâr'Ilzgûl, Lûp'Krug.
  5. The old and quite frankly decrapit Friedrich Barclay squints over the paper as he holds a single palm on his back... The other used to trace each word with a finger "WEH SELL WINE?" Exclaimed the old geezer in suprise, though approved none the less
  6. Popogoth Drekür'Ungri stood with a wicked bloodthirsty grin staring over the pit as Morean's headless body made the crashing decent down into the pit the head raised shown to the Ungri Kin like some twisted lifeless trophy "TU DAH MAW!"
  7. Hob the beast Slayer stared near lifelessly into near nothingness as he heard of the late Thains passing... The Slayer finally fell to a knee before the shrine of Knox "Oi'l see ye in ter golden fields me T'ain" There Amongst the roaring clattering and clashing sounds of fighting within the War Nation stood Motsham Al-Uk'Lur, driven mad by the many pacts he made with Spirits he is safe to say some actions did infact have concequences this time it being the brief knowing of Iris.... Alas the Shaman liked to believe however brief it was it ended on a good note "Intu dah ztarguzh'ztroh... Tik tik faze Kor"
  8. TO THE FAKE GOD OF THE CANONIST CHURCH [!] Around the sewers and crevasses of the stronghold of the Holy Orenian Empire, come rats dragging tattered missives. These same missives had been hung up along notice boards across the realm. It reads; “To the citizenry and nobility of Oren; This is a message hailing from the Zealots of the Spiritual Realm. Today, we have come to purge the fake God from your pitiful realm. We have sent our Shamans to your Empires borders, to place upon it a wretched curse that shall twist and torture the land. The land that, by the right of existence itself, belongs to the Spirits. However, not all of you need suffer this fate. Not all of you need be tortured, and sacrificed to the Spirits. Convert. Drop the fraudulent claims and misteachings that the church of the Canon has bestowed upon your lives, and view upon true power. View what a real deity can bestow upon the mortal realm and to their devotees.” [!] Tied to the missive hang a few artistic depictions of the accursed land. The real thing being all to close by, of course; “Let be known, that this shan’t be the last of the Spirits’ claimant marks upon their rightful land.” Signed, The Spiritual Zealots
  9. A massive Ape-Like creature standing close to 7ft in stature stares over the hill where these agressors where supposedly settled the Hei-Zhu growled softly as he bared his gorilla like fangs shaking his hefty head "War isn't needed to achieve peace... However these Pàntú stand against the Sultanate in its own land" Lung-Luan commented more to himself then anyone else, however he knew grim as it was this vermin must be exterminated.
  10. Hob the Beast Slayer prepares one of his first trophy's to give to Iris for reaching 100 years of not dying! Yay!
  11. Hob the Beast Slayer sits in a row boat maliciously sharpening harpoons staring at the waters depth "Oi'l foind ye fisseh... O' when oi do et be ye or me" The slayer kept on sea for days to just investigate
  12. Doctor [REDACTED] at research site 14 close to the [REDACTED] of the state of [REDACTED] gives an approving nod after reading over the missive
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