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  1. Drekür’Ungri drags a random snaga from the streets to the place of signatures for the wargoth ordering the slave to sign the missive and shoves him away once the slave finishes barking at him to go away and leave him alone “DAH UNGRIZ NUB BUTHA WIFF DIZ KLOMP! MEI DAH LURZ AGH RAGUKZ FIKZ ET! LUP’ENROHK!”
  2. Al-Uk The Snagagoth of the city of Krugmar reads the missive presented to him by one of his loyal snagas he grunts as he shakes his head taking his trusty curved moon blade from his chamber ”Mei Luara guyde uz yn deeze waghtikz mi zhall ztend wiff mi bruddaz” Drekür’Ungri Alpha of the Ungri Clan and holder of a council seat bulders out in amuzement readying his men and weaponry to murder those who threathen his clan “DAH UNGRIZ ZTAND WIFF DAH GOI AGH ITZ REX MEI ENROHK ZHOW DOZE ZKAHERZ WUB WI BI MEYDE UB! LUP’ENROHK!”
  3. [!] The Flyer somehow has made its way to the city of Krugmar its snagagoth had taken ahold of it reading over it Al-Uk reads over the flyer giving a hearthy laughter before raising his cane to the sky “Dah unlee azhez whu peep uvah uz bi dah zpiritz lat globbizh Pinkehz” another few hearthy laughs exit the Snagagoths mouth as he returns to his slaving buisnes
  4. Joseph Gaultier softly hummed along with the tune as he tapped his foot “Dat be o’ lovely tune”
  5. CLAN UNGRI Basic Ungri Culture: Clan Ungri is a clan of souly Olog’s and, inevitably, their slaves the Ologs themselves are not anything special beside their heightened pride they hold clan Ungri has a tendency of stealing the bones of their victims to forge weapons and armor out of it, or rather have someone who can do such do it for them in this culture whether a ologs battle skill isn't as strong as another. Clan Ungri olog doesn't matter the amount of bones on his body and weapons created show the worth he holds in the clan there also is not a leader set up within this clan the Ungri Ologs form as a unity and shall decide which olog is best for a certain task for example the Olog with more bone armor is more likely to be send in for a honor klomp while a Olog with a higher IQ is more likely to speak for he clan needs and wants Spirit Worship: While the Ungri clan members all are lacking in IQ and of course shall never get into shamanism or legitimate spirit worship. These Ologs have learned to worship three spirits, whom they consider fitting in their mindset. These spirits are, but are not limited to; Enrohk - Spirit of bloodlust, savagery, and war Enrohk is worshipped by the Ologs in their own ways as the spirit of bloodlust savagery and war perfectly represents what these Ologs like to do on a daily basis Enrohk is set on a high pedestal in clan Ungri Paxahru - Spirit of arrogance and stupidity Paxahru is worshipped by these Ologs for they also show great forms of Arrogance and pride in their way of life they consider themselves better then the common Uruk and Goblin though of course shall not consciously break codes to prove such things the stupidity part is of course also bound to the Ologs but isn't commonly the reason Paxahru is worshipped by clan Ungri Glutros - The spirit of greed and gluttony Glutros is worshipped by clan Ungri for he represents the greed and gluttony the ologs themselves show on a daily basis most clan Ungri ologs wouldn't back down for an opportunity to gain more and shall go through bodies in order to reach such goals While the Ologs recognize all the other spirits as valid spirits they will not commonly worship them as these spirits simply do not represent what they are or want [THIS LORE IS NOT YET FINISHED WIP]
  6. “The Armies of the Krug-Hai rallying for their new Targoth” The Gobbgoth of Clan Shrogo Al-Uk’Shrogo wanders uppon the front gates of the city of the Eternal Uzg when he noticed his Targoth standing between the bunch the Warboss of the Krug-Hai slams his chest letting out a low toned and Madcap effected voice ”Throm’ka Targoth” it booms out as the Targoth turns after having settled a dispute between two Yar’s he nods back towards the Shrogo Warboss starting his little speech Matumahk’Raguk states in a bellowing voice as his boomsteel plating still is glowing from the heat “Mi bruddaz da tik fur squabling is nub is nub now dah inferis am on da doorstep they flat us from dah inzide agh outzide” He got Silent, before saying with a too quiet yet humble tone ”As Targoth mi haz failed latswhere am da Krug-hai? Hrm? where am da trainin’s agh wagh-effort? Mi haz allowed mi mental ztate tu fail da Uzg” The Uruk of Clan Raguk fell silent before motioning his arm towards Al-Uk ”Al-Uk uf Clan Shrogo, Mi waghbozz mi BRUDDA” As such was said the Warboss Al-Uk perked his face up to look up to the Targoth tilting his head wondering what he was going to say “Lat wyll bi wub lat wuz ment tu bi! BI TARGOTH!” The Goblin blinked a few times before unsheathing his one handed Waraxe swaying it through the sky roaring out ”MI WYLL BI TARGOTH YN NAME UF DAH UZG AGH YN DAH NEYME UF LUARA!” The Goblin quickly hurried off to go and gather the appropriate armor smaller orcish children went to post letters around The Eternal Uzg and Cloud Temple for all to see and for all to be known Al-Uk’Shrogo Gobbgoth of Clan Shrogo was now Targoth of the Eternal Uzg
  7. Veliar Jusmia waddles about the sanctum cave in his bat mask before staring up at the extremely large bat hanging from the ceiling he points up as if anyone was listening to his epic monolog "I am the amazing Batboy! I shall tame you once you winged beast!" the boy giggled to himself before going to run through the cave using the cape he had on pretending he had the wings of a bat
  8. THE MARRIAGE OF A COMMONER [!] A painting of Aurora Loughty and Joseph Gaultier [!] An Invite hangs about the New Reza and Cloud Temple Notice boards and gets handed out by flyer boys who seem rather passionate to hand these particulair papers out, They must have been paid the invite reads: ”All those who wish to attend the wedding between Aurora Loughty and Joseph Gaultier are invited to do so the wedding shall be held in The Basilica of Fifty Virgins next Saints day located on the grounds of old Reza we hope to see you all attend to our wedding” [The event will start 6-8-2020 at 3 PM EST]
  9. THE CALL FOR A MEETING A note gets hung around the city of Krugmar and deliverd on the Rex his doorstep for all to read this letter states “Rex Ugrad’Lur, I, Al-Uk’Shrogo, Gobbgoth of Clan Shrogo, and Warboss of The Eternal Uzg. wishes for an audience with you, the Goths, and the leader of the warband of the Delven settlement set within our Orcish bounds. This is in regard to the worship of a certain spirit. We have received word of the worship of Aztran being done by the Dark Elven settlers within our lands, and this is the same spirit that has casted a curse onto the Shrogos of old, and yet still the Kin of Shrogo feels this curse and are forced to live in the shadows away from Aztrans burning rage. I wish to discuss this peaceful and civil under the council of Goth’s. If such is not possible, I shall resort to other actions to protect me and my kin for yet another reign of tyranny of Aztran and his worshippers. Let this message be known to all who will listen, that the Shrogos shall not stand for more harm to befall our kin!” Signed: Al-Uk’Shrogo Warboss of The Eternal Uzg and Gobbgoth of Clan Shrogo
  10. “Joseph Gaultier kneeling for his fallen brothers” The Day of the siege the Scyflings created around the city of New Reza was nearly at an end for their troops grew thin and their belief even thinner though a large group of Shamans had not set their minds on losing today with all their might they atttempted climbing the walls of Reza though were quickly repelled sadly not before a few could land a fatal blow on one of Joseph's closest friends Jack Reynolds the man noticed such and made quick aproach on the mans body who was barely holding on a thin thread of life shamefully Joseph was no medical man and thus could not help figuring he was more usefull on the battle field instead kneeling beside his friend he merely stated to Jack ”Ye best niet die ye ol’ foker” sadly to all our knowledge this was not the case as Jack indeed did die later that day Joseph having just another dream for his heavy PTSD to cling to he fell too one knee in the fast bloodied fields after the siege staring down at the ground still in his bloodied battle armor crying out “WHY NIET TAKE ME EH!” the man roared out assumingly towards GOD after he staid there for a good few hours crying as the rain poured down on the troubled soul his then Girlfriend and soon to be wife Aurora Loughty placed a hand on the sobbings soldiers shoulder to bring him back home ”The bloody aftermath of the Siege of Reza”
  11. Al-Uk’Shrogo frowns as he roars out in sheer disgust of that what tries to pose as the great moon spirit Luara ”DIZ IZ NUB DAH WEI UF LUARA! LUARA IZ NUB EVIL LUARA IZ HOZH!” All Shrogo Goblins bow for their Gobbgoth and draw their blades as Al-Uk has his Mushobic dagger raised into the air “FUR LUARA WI WAGH DIZ IMPOZTAH!” With that all the Goblins including the leader known as Al-Uk roared out in a fit of sheer faith and deviance of whatever it be that shown itself into the sky ”LOP LUARA LOP TALMINDI!”
  12. Al-Uk’Shrogo frowns at this with a soft growl exiting his mouth as he lets out ”Mi iz nub thynkin dah Wagh uf Rexez zhuyld cuntinu diz fazt dah Rex uf Lur zhuyld hev a chenze tu pruuve hiz wurth tu Krug agh Luara mi deniez latz ryght tu Klomp dah Rex agh wizez fur lat tu weyt tyll utha tikz” with that the Shrogo Gobbgoth finishes his statement leaving what happens next up to the spirits
  13. Joseph Gaultier gives a deep sigh as next to his five nights no sleep he now has to clean up 50 issues of buck news scraping his beret from under the copies ”Fokin ‘Ell bucko one wos enough” hed state grabbing an issue slowely reading over it
  14. The Era of a new Gobbgoth “The Goblin's Rallying for their new Gobbgoth” At the Meeting the Rex called for Two of the Shrogo Goblins present these being former Gobbgoth Vrig’Shrogo and new Gobbgoth Al-Uk’Shrogo as the Rex stands and ask’s if anyone has something to speak for to him and the Brothers in Krugmar Al-Uk’Shrogo speaks up with a loud and firm “MI!” Most of the Orc’s in the Chamber remain quiet as the Goblin eventually gets his chance to speak and thus does so taking stance just below the Rex of Krugmar “Brothers and Sisters of Orcish blood i Al-Uk shall take over the rank casted down to me by Vrig’Shrogo of Gobbgoth!” The Goblin lets out a crazed grin on his face ”This means i shall be leading the troops who have sworn to guard the faith of Luara and be the master off all Goblins who are good and smart enough to see Luara her Greatness” He states with a bow before roaring out in great pride of his new aquired rank and great Respect to his old Goblin Master Vrig’Shrogo ”LOP LUARA! LOP TALMINDI! FUR DAH ZHROGOZ!”
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