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  1. The Era of a new Gobbgoth “The Goblin's Rallying for their new Gobbgoth” At the Meeting the Rex called for Two of the Shrogo Goblins present these being former Gobbgoth Vrig’Shrogo and new Gobbgoth Al-Uk’Shrogo as the Rex stands and ask’s if anyone has something to speak for to him and the Brothers in Krugmar Al-Uk’Shrogo speaks up with a loud and firm “MI!” Most of the Orc’s in the Chamber remain quiet as the Goblin eventually gets his chance to speak and thus does so taking stance just below the Rex of Krugmar “Brothers and Sisters of Orcish blood i Al-Uk shall take over the rank casted down to me by Vrig’Shrogo of Gobbgoth!” The Goblin lets out a crazed grin on his face ”This means i shall be leading the troops who have sworn to guard the faith of Luara and be the master off all Goblins who are good and smart enough to see Luara her Greatness” He states with a bow before roaring out in great pride of his new aquired rank and great Respect to his old Goblin Master Vrig’Shrogo ”LOP LUARA! LOP TALMINDI! FUR DAH ZHROGOZ!”
  2. Would nod at the notice still wobbling in his chair smoking from his pipe “Hrmm... letz peep yf diz Rex blahz hozher uf Luara” The Goblin states before waddling back to the Shrogo cave as he and his Shrogo bretherin conversed of the new rex and our expectancy
  3. Holy Ser Philip De Beaumont “The Fair and Just” marches around his training area lecturing his squires about the Code of Chivalry and how important this be “AND THUS MEN, we shall obey by its word for that is our knightly duty!” hed state before nodding at the boys who train under his wing “DISMISSED!”
  4. Al-Uk’Shrogo sighed a bit as he leaned back in his seat biting a bit on his extremely old Pipe stating in a voice calm yet crazed “Hrmm peepz lyke Znawt mei heyv ah Klom...” hed swiftly shook his head as he hung blew out thick clouds of Cactus green smoke throwing the missive from his hand this fluttering through the sky carried by the wind to be handed to the next reader
  5. The small Goblin known as Al-Uk waddles into the cave and gives a mere nod at his brothers gathered there before picking up the note Vrig had previously read “Hrmm, Diz yz ah weyrd anuynzement yub yub, Mi iz kuriouz huyw diz wyll pley uyt!” Hed say before waddling to his brothers stating in a voice calm and collected “Lets azk Luara bruddaz, tyme fur ah Tryp!” With that the Goblin sat down soon the Shrogo bretherin sat around him awaiting the trip they were promised “Luara guide us”
  6. A MISSIVE TO VIRA’KER A crude drawing of the destroyed shrine of Luara A missive is send out all over Arcas planted in all Luara worshipping nations and hung up all around Cloud Temple for the all of Arcas to see The missive reads out the following “My Fellow Children of Luara, The Principality of Vira’Ker has allowed the destruction of a shrine of Luara it has became known that one of their own soldiers going by the name of Kees Ezelsteen has commited such crimes against our Spirit! we hope this may be solved without war.” "Luara Guide us”
  7. Jacques De Beaumont welcomes his fallen brother into the seven skies remembering Bjornolf from his earlier days in Haense ”Welcome in paradise Brother, Here we prosper without pain” The old warrior stated with a smile placing his hand on his chest Philip De Beaumont sighs a bit as he heathes word of Ser Bjornolfs fall placing a fist on his chest looking up into the sky “May your pain end up there Brother” hed state with a small smile wishing his fallen comrade well into the Seven skies
  8. Cant lie thats lotsa damage Phill swift be proud Lop Luara
  9. Holy Ser Philip places a hand on the pommel of his blade giving a approving nod of the Mentioning of his Military ‘The Palatine Guard’ ”May GOD stand with us!” He merely lets out before returning to the training of his troops
  10. Simply nods going to sharpen his golden axe awaiting his Gobbgoths command roaring out “LOP LUARA AGH LOP TALMINDI!”
  11. Al-Uk’Shrogo frowns a bit at news sighing at another fallen Orcish brother he swiftly remembers the time he roared ‘WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH’ with the Orc hed give it a chuckle before letting out “Mey Luara guyde lat LOP LUARA LOP TALMINDI”
  12. THE END OF AN ERA A member of ‘The Order of the Dark Crow’ On a Faithfull morning Kristofer Von Santen was laying in his bed sick his wife Aera Von Santen by his side and members of his order surrounding the poor man and woman contracted the plague while Kristofer was certainly not new to this disease knew in the factor he and his wife contracted it his brothers of the Order could merely lengthen his life but niet cure the disease Kristofer Decided to speak with his wife about their final moments The Following conversation enssued: Kristofer: “My Darling wife, Our time has come GOD has decided our end is there the magic i used to keep us allive has reached its end i can do no more for us” Aera: *while crying* “What about our children Kristofer!, What about Clementine, William! and Ilyse?!” Kristofer: *pulls his wife closer to his arms* “They shall be safe within the Order Clementine shall live out her time with her husband we did our jobs” Aera gave a mere nod as the conversation ended crying in Kristofers arms As the days drawed out the Order of the Dark Crow deliverd letters to all those who were known in Kristofer and Aera their lives some got more personal letters then others, once this was handled the Order members assisted the two to fall into a painless death getting welcomed into the Seven Skies
  13. Al-Uk’Shrogo welcomes his Gobbgoth Vrig’Shrogo with a wide smile as he blows a thick cloud from his pipe from his mouth ”Fur dah Goboz” The Goblin merely lets out with a toothy grin on his face
  14. No, Itl ruin the Medival aspect dontchall think? i mean sure LOTC doesnt have the full Women have no rights people are slaves to their lords and ladys doing whatever the **** they want but still its ment to be medival maybe indeed flintlock guns or other very first era guns but nothing too advanced ill vote to give it a chance but please for the love of god keep it a bit down
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