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  1. The Ancient Shaman known as Al-Uk 'The One Voice' Yar sits within a darkened cavern, scratching maddened cave-man esque cave paintings into the cavern walls. All the while muttering sweet insanities in the ancient tongue. At the cener of all these drawings is Ixli, The Traitor spirit who went on to create the Moz'Strimoza... However the Yar feels a new Wargoth ascend to his clans Throne, A disturbance the Shaman is sure to come and investigate. For none but those most worthy shall sit the bone throne of the Yars.
  2. Drekür of the Ungri, First of his name, Rex of Ologs and Protector of the Race, Eldest Spawn of the Great Maw, Slayer of Aenguls and Bane of Inferi, Can do nothing but blink at this utter tomfoolery. Having hoped an Olog upon the throne of Krugmar would've lasted longer. "Dah zkah...?"
  3. Al-Uk appears saddened at Kor'garrs retirement, Although is sure to enjoy issues of cactus weekly with his Morning Cactus Green.
  4. THE VOICE OF THE SPIRITS [!] An Orcish warband ready to march upon its own people "I return from many moons of exile to see Bronze Twigz, Ork, Inferi... all waging war in a supposed 'Civil War'. Yet it is nothing of the sorts. Its a war of hunger... A war where the Lesser blood takes advantage of the lesser intellect of our Olog Brethren. Although i agree with the call against certain members of the Akaal as i myself too have made effort against Borok back when he was tainted by the Bûrz, I disagree with the notion all of them are bad... The Decendants of Ram are Honourbound at heart, Kybal blood of the Ram, It is he who is our Rex, It is he who leads us through the honorable blood of the Elder Clan Ram Therefor i suggest; Disband the Clan Akaal, Let the clans it had once absorbed return back to their singular existance, Ram, Izig and Mog... Let the Warband of Bronze instead wage war upon the dishonour it seeks to weed out, The Questionable nature of the Mog morality. Let the Challengers return to Kybal'Ram without the threat of civil war, Without the threat of destroying our honourbound lands in such pitty squables. Let the Honoraries who Kybal have seen fit to banish return to plead their case infront of the Wargoth Council.. Have them explain themselves and their reasoning for killing several of their Orcish brothers. As the Ancestors would demand of us, As our Father Krug would demand of his many children Let there be Peace, Let us turn our Warbands upon the Lesser and Bûrz ridden, Not on eachother." Al-Uk'Yar, Elder of Clan Yar, Servant of the Spirits, Elder Shaman
  5. The Popogoth ponders on how these challengers are challanging without the needed wargoth approval.
  6. A Goblin Shaman, Maddened by the constant whispers of Spirits and Drunk on their power, sits within self-imposed Exile, Just as his Patron spirit always painfully aware of the affairs of his homeland. A calm chuckle begins to resonate from within the very core of the Shaman's corrupted soul "Mi warned them of diz corrupted Inferi, Agh all supported Borok the Bûrz, Labeling dah fiend ally, Labeling our zworn enemi friend." The Shaman's maddened chuckling soon turned into a burst of full-blown and unhinged laughter, Shaking the very foundation of whatever hole he had been hiding in. Before finally calming down after a while "Zenssless swine's, Dei zhould have flatted deeh Daemon when dei had the chance, Nub nohw it is finally showing its true colors"
  7. "Deeh ORK ahm GREATUR ZPAWN. DEEH MAW, bLeZZUZ uz Ahl.. HORUN, MALIN, URGUAN. AHL VERMIN. Ib Dei wIHl Nub ADAPT dEI wIHl FEED DEEH MAW." The Thunderous voice of the Titan Popogoth roared out over his flock, Bringing out his support of Grimruk.
  8. THE BROKEN GUARDIAN. A wild halfling returns home, After years of Self-imposed exile caused by the event of his late wife's death, Hob the Beast Slayer returns home. Turned, however, No more the cheery protector the Wee-Folk would know him as but changed by the wilds and savageness of the world, Hob Returns home with experiences and a great deal of tales. The man aged and grown stronger, Taller, and like the wilds he called home more savage… A Slayer returns, Returns home
  9. Dravil wonders where the Allfather's judgement was when Balon was captured and all his guards slaughtered in the process
  10. THE MAW THE WOLF AND THE TOAD. Preamble; To Unify the savage and untamed, The Clans known as Ungri, Lur, and Lak have agreed to settle within a pact of blood, A bond between the three lines of ancestry, to make war against the dishonorable and corrupted. All three Wargoths of the respective clans have agreed upon the following terms. Azh; Clan Lur, Clan Ungri, and Clan Lak agree to enter into a defensive pact, If either of the clans is attacked by another Clan, Nation, or Destructive force they are to come to each other's defense. (The Only Exception is if either signatories fall to the powers of the Dark, Or ways of the Honorless.) Dub; Should any of the Signatories beset themselves upon an offensive war the Signatories are expected to meet and negotiate on joining each other in any existing war efforts or declaring themselves neutral. Gahk; Clan Lur and Clan Lak henceforth swear to recognize Drekür’Ungri as the Rightful Rex of Ologs, And father to the Honorable Race of Giants. Futh; Clan Lur and Clan Ungri henceforth swear to recognize Marash’Lak as the Rex of the Swamps and Protector of the Swamp Life. H’; Clan Lur and Clan Lak henceforth recognize that all Ologs belong under the rule of Drekür and with that in Clan Ungri, Urging all Ologs to find out their Father. (The Only exception is if the Ologs seek to join either Lur or Lak specifically) H’Azh; Clan Ungri and Clan Lak recognizes all Green-Skinned Uruks and Goblins as part of the Lur lineage and shall urge them to the Lurgoth to find their bloodline, As does Clan Ungri and Clan Lur recognize all Blue-Skinned Uruks and Goblins as part of the Lak lineage. (The only exception is if the Goblins would seek to join Ungri specifically.) H’Dub; Clan Lur and Clan Lak agree to aid Clan Ungri in their war against Glutros and see the Serpent overthrown, Replacing Glutros with The Great Maw as the Greater Immortal. H’Gahk; Clan Ungri, Clan Lur, And Clan Lak shall join efforts in the war against the Bûrz, As decreed by Krugs will. H’Futh; All signatories recognize each other's allies and shall do their best to avoid any hostilities with them, As well as exempt these nations or settlements from any tribute runs. Azhty; Clan Ungri and Clan Lur agree to aid Clan Lak in their war against Freygoth, And see Laklul instated as Greater Immortal. Signed, Drekür’Ungri, Popogoth of Clan Ungri, Rex of Ologs, Prophet and First Son of the Great Maw, Slayer of Aenguls and Bane of Inferi Urzug’Ungri, Big Bruddah of Clan Ungri, Eldest son of Drekür, The Great Collector Tuwak’Ungri, Butcher of the Great Maw, Descendant of Prophet Meat’Head’Ungri, First Daughter of the Great Maw Madoc'Lur, Lurgoth of Clan Lur and Chief of the Wolf Bloodline Grimruk’Lur, Chieftain of Clan Lur, Axe of Lur. Azfrai'Lur, Elder of the sword blood line, The pale uruk, Daughter of the wind Marosh'Lak, Rex of the Swamps and foremost of Laklul, Swampgoth of Clan Lak Toad’Lak, Vessel of Laklul’s will
  11. "Death will beh dah onleh way, Le' 'im beh judged boi Dungrimm"
  12. "NARVAK OZ URGUAN! KAVIR RUK DA KHORVAD SONTH" Dravil cried in rage and sadness at hearing of the demise of the to him also Only Good Goldhand.
  13. "Oi warned ye aboo' dat Traitor en Almaris, An' oi warned ye again o' dis con'inent" Dravil let out as he catches wind of Thalgrims demise "Ye wuuld nae lis'en.."
  14. Dravil 'The Bold' Ireheart knew the Honourless ways of Torsun when he had first attempted to take Dravils life with his back turned, A shake of his head was simply offered at the matter "Honourless swoine 'e beh, Kavir ruk da Dwed dreng, Kavir ruk Torsun Goldhand"
  15. "Harr! Dats troice now ye los' tuh us in dah field? Beg fer peace alreadeh!" A dwarven Ireheart Beserker chimes in a rather entertained manner
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