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  1. The one Voice, Motsham Al-Uk'Yar, sends a brief but clear letter back to the Silver Lubba "Perhapz deeh termz ob deeh pakt wuz azh bit konfuzin, Zhi kan goh agh bi werevuhr zhi pleazuz... bub deeh Grand Moot will perzue agh deztroi ohr kureh darkzpawn werebur dei ahm. Sarah ahm nub welkohm ihn deeh Moot territori ib zhi refuzez treadmend fohr hehr voidal taind, Wi wihl nub keeb her bub neidur wihl wi kondone hehr taint wiffin ouhr zitiez... ib zhi ztrayz agh returnz tu buurz likeh vamyrizm wi zhall nub zit idli by" [!] The letter cordially signed and send of for The Silver Lubba
  2. Within a Spiritual Temple, The one Voice, Motsahm Al-Uk'Yar, sits in meditation. Disturbed by the information of the missive. The Shaman merely snorted "Du nub dizzapoind Borok." Was all the Ancient Goblin emitted in response
  3. [!] In probably some form of Shamanistic magic the letters change before her very eyes! Wicked! :D
  4. TO CURE A DISEASE [!] After the spiritual trial of Sarah Artenin the following missive is distributed throughout the spiritual strongholds of the realm. “The will of Scorthuz has been made readily apparent, And therefore the Grand Moot shall not allow the Lord of Purity his word to be ignored. Sarah Artenin shall have to uphold the following sentence lest she wish to be hunted down like all Buurz spawns shall be.” “[!] Motsham Al-Uk’Yar on the throne of San’Velku accompanied by Pôrobmog Qudlia Jusmia and Scortuzian Agis Penweather.” “Sentenced by the One Voice, Motsham Al-Uk’Yar, And cured by Techgoth Kretz’Ox’s alchemical mastery the former Lesser Vampyr Sarah Artenin has been cured of the wretched disease known as vampirism. Additionally Sarah has been found to be tied to the wretched void, This too a disease outlawed in the territories of the Grand Moot.. The Motsham has sentenced Sarah to find the cure and take upon residence within the Spiritual stronghold of Nor’Asath where the local Pôrobmog Qudlia Jusmia along with aid of Scortuzian, Agis Penweather, are tasked with the cleansing of the sentenced soul.” “[!] Sarah Artenin set kneeling before the One Voice in the Hall of San’Velku” “Additionally, If Sarah Artenin is found to be in violation of her sentence, After having begged for the merciful Al-Uk’Yar to preserve her life and instead grant her redemption the Human shall still be hunted down and put to the blade.” Signed, Al-Uk’Yar, Motsham of the Faith, Voice of the Spirits Qudlia Jusmia, Porobmôg of Nor’Asath, Primarch of Clan Jusmia
  5. The Motsham nodded in a approving manner "Perhapz nohw kan Raguk bi riborn intu greytnuzz"
  6. Motsham Al-Uk'Yar The Voice of the Spirits jots his signature down upon the document spitting in shame of Kul "Hi haz denied hiz redemptziun, Agh nohw hi zhall bi huntehd agh flattehd. Mai Kor judgeh hiz zoul."
  7. THE LIES OF A WORM [!] After information had reached the Motsham and Together with Dominus Madoc’Lur concluded the Whitewashing of the Red Skinned Worm Kul’Raguk the following missive spreads throughout the territory of the Grand Moot. “Redemption has been offered and denied by Kul ‘The Worm’ Raguk, Discovered by The Horde and more specifically it's Dominus Madoc’Lur the Moot has been informed of the heinous Buurz alignment Kul has taken with the forces of the Arch-Betrayer Iblees. Whitewashed in the Iron Horde already the Motsham shall make clear the following terms.” Azh; Kul ‘The Worm’ Raguk from here on out shall carry with him a Kill on Sight order in any and all borders who swear holy fealty to the one Voice of the Spirits. Dub; Kul ‘The Worm’ Raguk shall be open to hunt by all spiritualists, For he is now a ‘Buurz Spawn’ and an enemy of our Immortal Spirits. The Motsham declares it the Mortal Duty of all Spiritualists to hunt down and murder any and all buurz Gahk; The Grand Moot and The one Voice urges all spiritual nations to banish Kul ‘The Worm’ Raguk on a legal basis, While the Iron Horde has already done so the Ashen State has yet to follow, The Motsham calls on Primarch Netseth Loa’chil to rectify this. Futh; The Grand Moot calls upon Clan Raguk to banish Kul 'The Worm' Raguk from their honorable kin, Strip him of all titles within your clan, And bring his head upon a spike to be donned on the Bridge of San'Velku. Signed, Al-Uk’Yar, Motsham of the Faith, Voice of the Spirits Qudlia Jusmia, Porobmôg of Nor’Asath, Primarch of Clan Jusmia
  8. __________________________________________________________________________________________ PLEASE YEMEKAR, SOMEONE. [!] A missive was sent out throughout the realm, Specifically to the Duchy of Adria. __________________________________________________________________________________________ A young woman by the name of Ludmilla Silvia is hereby an official Captive of Dravil ‘The Bold’ Ireheart! A ransom of 200 minas is to be delivered to Urguan for her safe return! Much like my Clan father Sigrun Ireheart I too have a thirst for mead! And a hole in my coin pouch that desperately needs patching! [!] “A depiction of Ludmilla babbling about what they'll have for dinner” __________________________________________________________________________________________ Signed, Dravil ‘The Bold’ Ireheart [PS: Please for Yemekars sake, Someone come get her… She keeps saying I'm her Husband.]
  9. "Aruu?" let out Dravil Ireheart, quite unsure on how to cheer on the matter. If at all.
  10. Lung-Luan does not have any Formal clothes, And if anyone tries to stop him, He will formally rip their heads off
  11. THE WILL OF SCORTHUZ [!] After a long time of meditation, The Voice of the Spirits, Al-Uk’Yar appears from his tent to release the following missive across the Realm of Spiritualists. Scorthuz has Spoken “The Voice of the Spirits has heard the Voice of Scorthuz, Spirit of Purity, Cleansing and Purging… The Lord of Purity has set his demands and the Voice has spoken them to his flock, From here on out the following corruptive magics and filthy taint shall be banished throughout the lands of the Spiritualists.” Azh; The disgusting art known as ‘Voidalism’ or ‘Voidal Magic’ from here-on out is banished from the realm of Spiritualists, The Disgusting plague of the void shall never be accepted in our society of Spirit-fearing warriors, Any and all who refuse to be meet with a Shaman and be educated in their error shall be driven from the city, or killed if resistant. Dub; The Disease known as ‘Vampirism’ is from here-on out banished from the realm of the Spiritualists, With this all Spiritualists are obligated to report and actively search for a cure to this wretched corruption. Any who willingly allow this disease to fester shall be killed upon sight. Gahk; The magic known as ‘Blood Magic’ is from here-on out banished from the realm of Spiritualists, With its close ties to the vampiric disease, And the meddling the magic performs within a descendant's life, The Moot has found it wise to banish this art from its borders. These misguided individuals are to be saved, Or if they refuse, Killed. Futh; The creatures known as ‘Frost Witches’ are from here-on out banished from the realm of Spiritualists, their wretched magics have no excuse to be upon our lands and shall be considered to be killed on sight. H’; Both the daemonic creatures known as ‘Inferi’ and their accursed allies the ‘Nazterak’ are banished from the realm of Spiritualists, These entities have no way to redemption and are seen as Kill on Sight. H’Azh; The creatures known as the ‘Azdrazi’ Their Heralds and their wretched father Azdromoth are banished from the Realm of Spiritualists. For the wretched crimes Azdromoth committed on the side of Iblees in the war of the Descendants this beast, And its children Are seen as Kill on Sight. H’Dub; The Undead and its foul magics are from here-on out banished within the Realm of Spiritualists, Necromancers and Mystic’s are an instant Kill on Sight, No opportunity is given to those who would deny Kor’s will. H’Gahk; Although the art of ‘Paladanism’ is a thing we do not tolerate to be learned and used among our Spiritualist flock, We do allow the Paladins of Xan in our domain as long as they accept to uphold our morals and values. H’Futh; Although the Spirits view the Aspect’s as a weaker version of themselves, We, The Moot. Do accept their servants the ‘Druii’ inside of our borders. Despite this we do deny our flock to learn the art of Druidism. [!] “I, Motsham Al-Uk'Yar, Voice of the Spirits, personally request all those who Rule the Spiritual nations, uphold these restrictions upon our flock to a legal extent. That we may be worthy to call ourselves Spiritualists and Worthy to be in the presence of their mighty Shamans.” Signed, Al-Uk’Yar, Motsham of the Faith, Voice of the Spirits Qudlia Jusmia, Porobmôg of Nor’Asath, Primarch of Clan Jusmia Murdok’Lak, Swamp Goth of Clan Lak, Aengul Slayer
  12. Motsham Al-Uk'Yar, Voice of the Spirits softly smirks as another Joins his moot in the war agains the Buurz, Slowly nodding "Agh zoon doze whu klaim tu zerve deeh Ilzgûl tu unleeh yeahrn fohr powagh zhall bi deztroyed"
  13. TO RECOGNIZE THE VOICE [!] Throughout the lands of the HORDE, Nor’Asath, Cloud temple Noticeboards, as well as some Halfling hollows finds itself the following Notice. “To Unite our people under the one voice of the Motsham, Al-Uk’Yar, The Voice of the Immortal, Ancestral and Elemental Spirits… The Moot of the HORDE as well as the Temple of Nor’Asath have found it wise to agree upon the following terms” Azh; The Ashen State of Nor’Asath, As well as the Temple of The Maehr Clergy both agree to recognize Motsham Al-Uk’Yar, Voice of the Spirits, To be the one true Motsham of the Spiritual faith… And with that its voice upon the Mortal realm, And Voice of the Spirits. Dub; The Shaman Moot of the HORDE agrees to view Primarch Netseth Loa’Chil of Norasath and the Mali’ker to be the true Primarch of the Ashen state of Nor’Asath. Gahk; The Ashen state of Nor’Asath, as well as the Temple of The Maehr Clergy both recognize and instate Motsham Al-Uk’Yar, Voice of the Spirits. As the Motsham and Leader of the Spiritual faith no matter where it may be. Futh; Motsham Al-Uk’Yar, Voice of the Spirits, Shall agree to do his utmost best to avoid any conflict between the Spiritual nations, And, If possible, Seek to resolve any matters without violence. H’; The Ashen state of Nor’Asath, The Temple of the Maehr Clergy and the Moot of the Iron Horde agree that all faithful are free to Roam, Learn, and seek Education (This too extends to Shamanistic lessons should the Student be Worthy). H'azh; Motsham Al-Uk’Yar, Voice of the Spirits. hereby declares Qudlia Jusmia to be the Porobmôg of Nor’Asath, and with that a vessels of the Motshams will. Signed, Al-Uk’Yar, Motsham of the Faith, Voice of the Spirits Netseth Loa'Chil, Primarch of Nor'asath and Mali'ker Qudlia Jusmia, Porobmôg of Nor'asath, Primarch of Maehr.
  14. The Motsham of the Horde Al-Uk'Yar stared at the missive, a small nod of his head was given in response "Zuun wi wihl bi unihtud ziztah... Zuun ahl zhall heer deeh voize ob deeh Zpiritz"
  15. Dravil Ireheart blunk a few time after he read the missive, Perking a soft brow "'e fokin did wo'?"
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