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  1. REINFORCING CANONDOM Preamble; As Canondom writhes and churns against the onslaught of the Darkspawn menace, there's only one solution to the Ibleesian Legions, Faith Militants, Holy Orders of which less and less are present within our righteous canondom. To preserve the prestigious title of Holy Serdom and defend Canonist lands the Crown of Hyspia and the Holy Order of Saint Jude, Henceforth addressed as ‘The Signatories’ have agreed to the following terms. On the testing of Hyspian Citizenry and Visitors; The Signatories both agree that the Order of Saint Jude can freely test for dark spawn within the borders belonging to the Hyspian Crown every Census [3 months] for the Duration of 1 saints week. After the aforementioned Saints Week, the testing may only be conducted provided there is reasonable evidence against the tested individuals or distinct permission of the Crown of Hyspia. On the Recruitment within Hyspian borders; The Crown of Hyspia agrees to provide the Holy Order of Saint Jude with a temple outpost where the Order may freely recruit Hyspian Citizenry who may serve within this Branch of the Order and be called upon should the Judite Order require them. On the matter of Papal Law; The Signatories both agree that the Holy Order of Saint Jude is permitted to freely patrol the lands belonging to the Crown of Hyspia in search of the Ilk of Iblees, To deliver papal justice, All the while being permitted to enforce the Canon Law set forth by the Church of the Canon and its Vicar Caius I. On Duration; This pact shall remain in effect for as long as The Signatories please, able to be unbound or altered through a meeting betwixt the Signatories. Signed, Holy Ser Lug MacSkaul, Grandmaster of the Order of Saint Jude, Righteous Knight of Repentance Holy Ser Barend De Ruyter, Knight Captain of the Order of Saint Jude, Righteous Knight of Repentance HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Ramona I, Sovereign Princess of Hyspia, Duchess of Pacazu, Baroness of Arenisca and Del’mar, Lady of Ladorada, Lady of Niseep, Gereon's Hold, and Ciudad de Plata, Gran Maestress of El Orden de Francisco, Protector of the Hyspian People, Protector of the Farfolk, Matriarch of House de Pelear HIS HIGHNESS, Rafael Arsenico de Pelear, Infante of Hyspia, Baron of Evaristo, Diplomatic Envoy of Hyspia
  2. Dravil 'The Bold' Ireheart gazes at the declaration of the Clergy. His eyes scanned the paper thrice over... Once for every call of damnation. A mighty frown spawned on his visage thereafter as he sighed deeply "Woot 'ave ye doneh Baldr..."
  3. THE TRIALS OF HONOUR Preamble; I, Al-Uk Elder of Clan Yar, Voice of the Spirits, officially claim the title of Krimpgoth. Intendant on rooting out the Orcish souls trapped within Lesser husks I will stop at nothing to burn out the lesser blood in our Honorbound lands. I will go over mountains of Elven, Dwarven, and Human corpses to discover those select few who harbor the Soul of a Child of Krug. To achieve this those seeking to join the honor-bound people will have to beset themselves upon a trial walk. All Honoraries of yore are hereby recalled to the Lands of the Iron Horde to be either reaffirmed in their title or be demoted back to the name of Lesser. The Trial of Rebirth; Under the Faith of Ublulhar, the Spirit of New-Beginning and Rebirth, Honoraries to be are to surrender everything they once called their own, Sacrificing it to a shrine of their true father, Krug, Only when all ties to their former lives have been severed may a Lesser-Husk begin their transformation into a true Uruk-Hai. The Trial of Time; The next step will be to spend time with the Orcs within the capital for at least 4 years. This step ensures the descendant on the path understands the culture and gets to know his or her soon-to-be brethren. The descendant will not be seen as an honorary but as a guest. They will be respected by the Orcs as a guest during their stay. During these 12 weeks, the one on the path is expected to follow the culture of the Orcs, yet still need the permission to speak blah. The Trial of Wisdom; After having surrendered their former lives to the grace and mercy of the true sons and daughters of Krug the to-be Honorary will have to deepen themselves into the realm of the Spirits, The immortal deities the Orcish people follow and revere. Be this The Ancestral, Immortal or Elemental spirits matters not. To Complete this Trial the trial-walker must elect a patron-spirit, Visit their realm, and be able to educate people on them. The Trial of Might; After the Spiritual awakening of the Trial Walker comes the final trial, To truly be reborn a battle between two Honoraries will be held, One that will honor the ‘Might Makes Right’ culture the Urukhim have followed throughout the centuries. The Victor of this fight will be officially recognized as an honorary and a feast in their Honour will be held to celebrate the occasion where the now Honorary will take an oath before the then-ruling Rex of the Iron Horde. Swearing loyalty to their true father, Krug. The Loser of the battle shall have to retreat and lick their wounds, 2 descendant weeks will be added onto their time as trial-walkers till they may again re-try their final trial to join the ranks of the Honorary. Terms to remain an Honorary Now a respected Citizen of the Iron Horde, The Honoraries are expected to follow the Laws, Codes, and Culture of Orcs. With that comes a strongly enforced set of rules lest the honorary risks whitewashing and the revoking of their place amongst the Sons and Daughters of Krug. AZH An Honorary is expected to live within the Capital lands of the Iron Horde, And with that amongst their true Brothers and Sisters, Alternatively, an Honorary is permitted to live amongst the people of one of its vassals. When an Honorary fails to do so they shall be declared whitewashed and hunted down by command of the Krimpgoth. DUB The Station of Honorary remains in effect for 5 Skygod months, after that an Honorary may elect to denounce it and return to the realm of the lesser. If one opts to go this path they may never again return to the Path of the True Urukim. Forever perceived as a Lesser spawn to the Rexdom. Should they elect to remain amongst their true Brothers and Sisters they shall have to reaffirm their oath to the then-ruling Rex to prolong their honorary ship for another 5 descendant months GAHK Honoraries are expected to follow the Orcish culture, and with that maintain the religious faith of the Spiritualist. Doing their utmost best to uphold the tenants of their elected patron spirit, Be they Ancestral, Immortal, or Elemental. The Codes of Krug are expected to be upheld above all else, If one’s patron spirit evokes dishonorable acts an honorary is expected to denounce this tenant and uphold their true father's will at all times. FUTH The living with, accepting of, Or utilizing of people and arts of the Bûrz is strictly prohibited. Any honorary caught in possession, or magically attuned with any of the tools of Iblees will be immediately stripped from their status and declared whitewash. Such a declaration shall go without forgiveness or chance of repentance. Any to-be honoraries who have Bûrz artifacts or magic are to denounce and remove them from their lives before they are allowed to enter the Krimpgoth’s care. Refusal of this also results in immediate expulsion and hunting down of the individual by the Krimp-Hai’s forces. ON THOSE OF THE PAST ༄ Continents move swiftly, and so does the goi. Many Orcs and honoraries alike lose their way, abandoned by their kind. If an ancient honorary appears from the desert sands, they will have to show proof of their name, clan, and previous virtues to show that they are truly of honor. It will be up to the Krimpgoth and Rex personally to allow them back within the goi. If the name is unknown and the honorary has not been lost but is living within the concrete walls of the lesser kind, their honorary title is stripped, and they must perform these trials to regain their title.
  4. THE SAVAGE ALLIANCE Preamble; Clan Ungri and Lur at this moment reaffirm the sanctity of the blood pact between their people, Adding the Clan Vukh. While Clan Lak is still recognized as a part of the Savage Alliance their lack of presence within the Iron Horde will result in a lack of signatures on their part. The four clans will hereafter be referred to as ‘The Signatories’ Azh; The Signatories hereby recognize each other's Sovereign rule over each Clan and the respective territory belonging to it. Dub; The Signatories hereby enter into a Defensive pact, Agreeing to come to each other's aid against other Nations, Clans, Or any Hostilities threatening their statuses or respective territories. Gahk; The Signatories agree to recognize Rex Grommash to be the Sovereign Ruler of the Iron Horde, Placing the alliance under his Rexdom. Futh; The Signatories agree to consult each other before taking offensive actions against any Nation, Clan, or Hostile Entity. H’; Each of the Signatories will have the right to accept or deny the request of aid in any offensive capacity, Defensive however is an obligation within the Alliance. Signed, Drekür Ungri - Wargoth of Ungri, Slayer of Aenguls, Bane of Inferi, Father of Ologs, Mawborn Gundanat Vukh - Wargoth of Vukh, Wargoth of the Horde, Slayer of Azdrazi Madoc Lur - Wargoth of Lur, Motsham of the Iron Horde
  5. Barend De Ruyter, Holy Ser of the Order of Saint Jude brushes through his beard. Appearing entirely unsurprised at the heretical claims upon the Haensi Monarch. He drawing the Lorraine over his chest before speaking. "May GOD preserve the innocent souls under that heretics rule. And may his righteous wrath strike him into the hells."
  6. Knight-Sergeant Barend the Ruyter, Brother of the Holy Order of Saint Jude perks a brow at the horrid allegations. Conflicted between the righteous act of erasing the vampiric presence upon the Mortal realm and the truly godless act of murdering a child yet to be born. The Holy Ser seeking out the closest church and sank through his knees before the Lorraine cross "My Lord GOD" He spoke unto the cross "How can it be that a child, yet unborn, innocent of sin, Devoid of vice has to meet such a crushing price. How can it be righteous o' GOD. I beg you, Guide me through the precipice of Darkness and deliver me unto Light... Your righteous light." With those words, the Brother of the Order rose from his kneeling state. Signing the Lorraine over his chest and leaving the Church. That much more unsure if he truly was upon the enlightened path.
  7. A Maddened cackling came from the depths within which the Mad Shaman Al-Uk'Yar hid when serving the realm of Madness. A corrupted and disgusting cackling it was, Numerous voices emanating through the corrupted shaman as the cackling developed into a full unhinged laughter. When at last his laughter subsided the Shaman only spoke one sentence "He will be a useful tool."
  8. Al-Uk of the Yar reads the missive, Rubbing his horn as he ponders for a moment "Azh nub'flat Borok...? Mi hopez nub."
  9. An Ancient Shaman regarded by some as evil nods to himself, giving a faint chuckle at the artistic depiction of the Moot "Azh piti indeehd dat Zkorkon haz beehn flattud... Hiz zoul twiztud agh korruptud. Nohw onli deeh Brazen Bull remainz." The Shaman gives a curt nod, hoping most of all that the Bronzen Band would realize their mistakes before it would be too late.
  10. Drekür'Ungri, Prophet of the Great MAW finds this an absolute BOP.
  11. There he sat, Upon his throne of riches and gore. The Great Drekür'Ungri, Aengul Slayer, Bane of Gazadriel, Father of Ologs. It was here he was read the Kaktuz Weekli and it was here where he oversaw the ritual sacrifice of several Elven descendants into the death sentence which was the MAW. A grin krept over his visage as the paper was read "Wi zerveh zoh dat dei kan liveh..." The beast emitted, for the first time appearing content
  12. THE INFERNAL STENCH Preamble; Hear all brothers and sisters who revere the way of Purity and Honour! I, Al-Uk’Yar, joined by Ixula’Akaal and Rex Grommash, call upon you all to face an issue long overdue to be solved. The Brazen Bull and the putrid taint he brings upon our honorable realm must go! All three of us agree that a cure is unobtainable and his banishment must come in the form of the Death of his wretched form. To the Spirit Lodge; We call on you to vote within your flock as we seek righteous justice to be enacted upon the insult this Infernal creature has been allowed to beset upon all our Ancestors and the eons of strife they have had to suffer through, Vote on the death of this beast so that both Ixula and Al-Uk may join your Lodge with assurances it is focussed upon the purification of the realm. To the Faithful; Whether you are Elf, Orc, or Human if you revere the spirits we ask you to join us, Join us in the hunt for the tainted and Bûrz, Join us in the effort to eviscerate the Darkspawn from this world, Starting with The Brazen Bull. Signed, Al-Uk’Yar, Elder of Clan Yar, Servant of Purity Ixula’Akaal, Wargoth of Akaal, Gaium ob Leyd
  13. The Ancient Shaman known as Al-Uk 'The One Voice' Yar sits within a darkened cavern, scratching maddened cave-man esque cave paintings into the cavern walls. All the while muttering sweet insanities in the ancient tongue. At the cener of all these drawings is Ixli, The Traitor spirit who went on to create the Moz'Strimoza... However the Yar feels a new Wargoth ascend to his clans Throne, A disturbance the Shaman is sure to come and investigate. For none but those most worthy shall sit the bone throne of the Yars.
  14. Drekür of the Ungri, First of his name, Rex of Ologs and Protector of the Race, Eldest Spawn of the Great Maw, Slayer of Aenguls and Bane of Inferi, Can do nothing but blink at this utter tomfoolery. Having hoped an Olog upon the throne of Krugmar would've lasted longer. "Dah zkah...?"
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