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  1. "It seems our growth will only prosper from here, upon the Marble City we'll sprout - a new beginning." Mused a certain High Elven woman, whose name was directed under the Seat of Ceremony - Lorelei Vamyar.
  2. SUN & MOON GALA 17th of Grand Harvest Kaliri 28 SA; Ando Alur Upon the denizens of Ando Alur’s marble city; In conjecture of establishment upon Ando Alur’s grounds, the time has arisen for a Gala. The settlement of the Mali and other residents has proven a grand time for celebration, and in collaboration with the prosperous beginnings, citizens are asked to attend a ball of Sun & Moon. The place of correspondence will be held in the Court room of Ando Alur. SUN Sun shall represent the harvested good that has sprouted from the eased populati
  3. I started playing Minecraft in my early teens. It started as simple survival worlds, watching and inevitably crying as my brother would kill pigs, but out of pity, allowed me to play on his account. This is where my deep desire to play Minecraft came into play, I struggled to get my own account, until in 2015 I had enough money. 27 dollars, it was all that I needed. I was so young and I was so excited to be able to finally have an account all to myself. I eventually came to LOTC in about 2018. There's been times I've left, came back, left, came back, though I find it befitting that I take my l
  4. Maude looks upon the words with some sort of quirk in her brow. She passes the letter to her dear brother, Anthony, in hopes that they would share the same thoughts. @Caranthir_
  5. Portrait of Baroness Winifred Roussard: 10 mina :3
  6. Maude Eleanor Fitzpeter reads over the tabloid, and upon stretching her eyes upon every word (despite not being able to read) she found herself wondering how cruel her Social Season will be. She shrugs it off, thinking it probably won't be that bad, since Maude was already a Ruby in Maisie's eyes. Maude produced this second tabloid to her brother Anthony, to gain his opinions on it. @Caranthir_@zuziee
  7. Maude Eleanor Fitzpeter contorts her countenance into that of horror. She scanned through it, and feelings of pity and rage befell her. Her brows were stitched together in fury. But wait.. What was this? Maude saw her name and began to sweat profusely. She had her father read the words, and all these prior feelings washed away. Maude felt praised. Maude also can barely read, all she could read was; 'The Carringtons are truly a circus family." Everything else went over her head.
  8. Maude Fitzpeter grasps upon the missive, much like all the other papers that were thrown out at the ball. She reads over the pamphlet, and finds it rather intriguing. Maude couldn't help but to tug a smile upon her face. "I will have to tell Wilhelm about his writing skills when I see him next." Maude placed the papers on her nightstand, so that she wouldn't forget to remind him the coming day.
  9. Lady Maude Fitzpeter greets the invitation with an exultation of excitement. She beams with such announcements, and prepares herself to be in attendance of the Soiree. Maude saunters in accordance to Juliya's quarters, where she presents the letter to her. "Perhaps we can find something special to wear." And with that, Maude began to look forward to the date. @gohliad
  10. Hello! Sorry for being unable to close the auction, I was unavailable during the time of close. Though it does state in the rules that 6 PM EST was the cutoff, so all those who passed that time will have their bid become invalid. Unfortunately, as of right now, I'm unable to check the exact times, so I have to wait up to an hour+ to confirm. Those who participated will receive a DM when I get the results. Thank you for participating!
  11. ATTENTION: Whoever bid past the six o’clock mark, your bid is invalid. I will DM those who participated. Thanks!
  12. CLONKY'S SKIN AUCTION PT 2 https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/clonky/submissions/skins/ This auction is particularly special, I have a special guest who will be selling some of his skins in this auction... @Epistile! Most of these skins are primarily human skins, and we DO have male skins for all the guys that need some fashionable clothes. Please ensure you follow the rules and format. If you have questions DM me on Discord at chloe#9750 RULES - Do not comment on the post unless you are bidding. If you have questions contact me on Discord at chloe#9750. - Do not ed
  13. CLOSED participants will be contacted shortly throughout the day for payment and skin files. Next Estimated Auction: December
  14. UPDATE: bidding ends MONDAY the 16th @ 3 PM EST
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