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  1. AFTER THE RAIN Comes a Rainbow Wails of a newborn echoed the chambers, vision blurry at the sight of such creation, and suddenly it all stopped. The room was quiet. A vision now changed, a scene obscure yet so clear, so memorable. A painting of a pair, joyous and loving. Madalene Ruthern, a flaxen-haired woman that Stefaniya so envied, pictured with her spouse; Ailred var Ruthern. Stefaniya’s eyes had fixated upon her father’s portrait, where she shared so many similar features with him, and had a raging desire to be like him. He was her idol, a true knight of fantastical ways that she admired. Then, she had one more pair of eyes to vision upon - a youthful Lucien, who admired the portrait just as much as she, even if he had no chance to have met her two parents. "When ea have children, ea want to be there for them. Their lives were cut too short.” Stefaniya was just a child still, yet a promise was kept, a deal where she was betrothed to Lucien, to marry him in the future. He knew, too, the pains of losing a parent, the absence of oblivion, like a sea without water, a desolate sand. "I promise that it won’t be like that, Stefaniya.” And there they stood, deep in their own thoughts, perhaps in their own sorrow, but also did they begin to look ahead. Another abrupt wail came, a flash of a vision before her, a wriggling child and handmaidens brushing the sweat off her brow, and it faded out once again… The sands were unique, a feeling that felt far from home - a warmth upon bare feet, with the waters of the ocean tickling at your toes. Freedom perhaps adjoined with this euphoria, as she stood in ragged clothes upon the beaches of Haelun’or. Stefaniya had escaped her turmoil from her journeys gone wrong, and her mission was to come home, to continue that promise with Lucien, to see her sister once again, but as she stared longer upon the wallowing waves, her mind swirled with the clash of the ocean’s fog. . . You’re evil, Stefaniya Ungrateful You can’t return home now. Undeserving How can you return? Stop it, Stop it, Stop it. And silence. A calm once again, after ravaging and circulating, a riptide of her mind had now turned into the tranquil oceans once again. Her mind stretched far beyond the sea now, where the flurries of snow whipped at the face of those denizens in Haeseni Ruska, and one particular one was still clear in her mind - the face of her betrothed, who she knew was filled with sorrow that she had disappeared. The melancholy sound of the lapping waves, where the same melody played in his ears, yet it was the flame that kept him company, and a bottle of Carrion Black. Soon, she would have made her return. "Stefaniya? Oh Stefaniya, look at vyr gorgeous babe, look at him, oh how healthy.” The tears fogged her vision again, and instead of looking upon a newborn, she had seen the countenance of her beloved again. No spark upon his eyes, a weariness that dragged along in his shadow, and her mind whirled again, as if her own shadow had overtaken her mind and haunted it. How can he love you now, Stefaniya? Silly you, how detestable you are. LOOK at him, you did this. You did this. You did this. This. "I will still have your hand in marriage Stefaniya, it was only you that I thought of, only you.” Yet, even with these words of reassurance, and even with her simper growing wider at the undying love that her betrothed carried for her, she still had these thoughts wash out her humor. A kiss upon the hand, and a gratitude to be home once more, yet she found herself having a dread, a hidden uncertainty, never to be shared with her dearest. "Now quiet, nie need to disturb vyr mamej. Someone assist Stefaniya, now, she must be tired. . .” Now her eyes opened, and a glimpse, a dream of her betrothed stood before her - her Prinzen, Lucien upon the altar, eyes now shifting to the other unfamiliar faces, yet she caught her sister’s flaxen hair, the hair that she shared with her mother that she so envied. Her heart raced with love, a passion - Angelika, a dear confidant, a friend, along with her undying ardor for her to-be husband. She remembered now, stringing up the foliage within the church, lanterns and flowers scattered and embraced in their union. "I do, I will, Stefaniya.” The words came to her in her bed, where her eyes barely came to open. Beside her was her husband, and the room was silent. Her hand held with the face of her betrothed once again. Before this, she must have told him something, something important. The scene around her had changed again, it was no longer the hazy image of the church, but the bedchambers where she first began her lucid hallucinations… "Name them, for me. Please tell me one more time, just one more time. . . that vy still love me, Lucien?” She did not hear his response, or hardly wait for it, but she murmured out what she was thinking all along, when the blood ran from her system, when all her health was gone into two newborns, and when all she had left was a full heart. All she thought was; "Ea love vy dearly, mea Prinzen.” A spur of wails trailed again, albeit distant this time. She felt her other memories flash upon her mind, a story of her life, where she was granted one last dance with her beloved, only until she left him alone for the last time, with two children now taking her place.
  2. "Oh how darling." Exclaimed Amadie Pruvia, though she didn't quite understand what was happening in society, as her thoughts were always in a jumble.
  3. With Lucien did Stefaniya remain, as the news from the courier came in a flurry - news that already was spoken upon the countenance of the man who delivered such grim news. She peaked over the shoulder of her spouse, and Stefaniya could tell, could feel that there was something being held back from Lucien. The rather stoic face of her beloved, she knew what simply a mask of the ravaging emotions that swirl in his mind. How she wished she could be of comfort, yet she knew that in her heart, she was in shambles too. The loss of a dear friend, a protector, an idol. Dread washed over her as she bid farewell to her Lucien, knowing well that she was presumed dead by him as well. He has lost many, and she felt guilty for having been one of them. As the door closed, she heard the choked cries of the Prince Emeritus, and she too held reserved tears in the wells of her eyes. Then did she walk to Vidaus, where she took a branch off of her olive tree, and prayed. “This my friend, is my offer of peace to you. Peace in your journey to the Seven Skies.” Tears soaked the purpled olives, and she kept the branch so that she could visit his grave and pay her proper respects. She then made her way back to Lucien, knowing she had to comfort him for all that he had lost.
  4. Stefaniya vas Ruthern had a wicked grin encapsulated 'pon her features, truly did she find this amusing. "Mea sestra. . . Who would niet want her when she wore such a dobry dress to mea wedding?" She questioned with herself, clearly innocent and blinded by her love for her sister to truly take into account the severity of these accusations!
  5. "Does papa not realize that he had abdicated many moons ago? If I must, I will be the Lady Regent for my son, as I am the rightful Countess Emeritus. Go back to reading the scrolls, since that was the life you chose to live." Amadie Marlene stated in a cruel manner, perhaps penning a special letter to her father, who probably suffered from similar illnesses Amadie has - forgetfulness.
  6. A Ruthern of youthful innocence had come upon the Duchy of Vidaus, her home where family of plenty had resided, a home in which she shared many memories. She had been feeding the local foxes, and the day was meant to be like any other, except her father had gone to war. Stefaniya vas Ruthern had stepped into the innards of her home, the warmth of the fire stocked, with a pile of armor drawn nearby the fireplace, yet her mother was the only one to be seen. "Papej's home! Papej's home!" Cried the youthful Ruthern, having jumped up and down, as her search began for her father. Her mother did not spur any word, not a single indication of her father's whereabouts. The more she looked, the more she was wrought in confusion. "Where's Papej?" The armor had been sent home by the other knights who had joined Ser Ailred, with his lifeless body, already being prepared for the funeral, and preparations were made for the succession of her brother. Stefaniya returned back to the Duchy, where she sat at the same fireplace, and had toted the same armor of her father to accompany her. Finally, the war had been over, but the losses were still ever-lasting.
  7. ARDOR ABOVE DUTY Prince Emeritus Lucien and Lady Stefaniya vas Ruthern after reuniting To the citizens of THE PRINCIPALITY OF SAVOY and KINGDOM OF HANSETI-RUSKA, IT has been many years, years spent upon time in the Principality of Savoy, and a consistent patience for a betrothal to be fruitful, to grow into a marriage of two upon a promise. Yet, time and tribulations made an oath of marriage seem vanquished. With a prolonged disappearance of Prince Lucien’s betrothed, there was a presumed understanding that a betrothal was not upon the pair. Yet, where duty falls, there is still a persistent necessity for something we all desire; companionship. The standing of a betrothal can be supported by the idea of status and gain, yet companionship was above all. Therefore, the return of Lady Stefaniya vas Ruthern had sparked a flame that had once muted. The companionship still lingered, and a marriage is soon to follow. T I M E T A B L E Wedding Preparations | Before the wedding commences, the bride and groom ask that close relatives and friends of the families join together at the Duchy of Vidaus to share drink and food while both bride and groom prepare for the ceremony. Springtide Wedding | The wedding shall take place in the Basilica within Vidaus for all to bear witness to this holy matrimony. Reception of Ashford de Savoie | Following the ceremony should be a reception held within the Duchy of Vidaus, where family and friends will continue the festivities. Guests will be adorned with weaved crowns of flowers from the Savoyard sands, bringing both the culture of Savoy and Haense together. INVITATIONS ARE SENT TO THE FOLLOWING: TO THE PRINCESS OF SAVOY AND THE PEERAGE: Her Royal Highness, Princess of Savoy and her Royal Pedigree. His Excellency, Margrave of Lvinsk, and his Esteemed Pedigree. His Excellency, Landgraviate of Alstreim, and his Esteemed Pedigree. His Grace, Duke of Drusco, and his Esteemed Pedigree. The Honorable, Count of Freimark and his Esteemed Pedigree. TO THE KING OF HAENSE AND THE PEERAGE: His Royal Majesty, the King, and their Royal Pedigree. Their Graces, the Duke and Duchess of Vidaus, and their Ducal Pedigree. His Grace, the Duke of Valwyck, and his Ducal Pedigree. His Grace, the Duke of Reinmar, and his Ducal Pedigree. The Honourable, the Viscount of Krusev, and his Vicomital Pedigree. His Lordship, the Baron of Ghaestenwald, and his Baronial Pedigree. His Lordship, the Baron of Richtenburg, and his Baronial Pedigree. His Lordship, the Baron of Mondstadt, and his Baronial Pedigree. TO THOSE SPECIFICALLY INVITED BY THE GROOM: His Imperial Highness, Frederick Charles Novellen, Count of Mardon. His Serene Highness, Karl Sigmar, Grand Prince of Kusoraev. The Lord of Alban, Matyas Isaak Bihar. Captain Banjo of the Ferrymen and his Retinue. Ser Grigory Vyronov. Andronikos Mareno. Dmitry var Ruthern. Diome Indoren. Iscesi ‘Snowbird’ Velulaei’onn. Borris Kortrevich. Ruadh Mór. Lukas Vyronov. Amadea d’Arkent. Cole Gadian. TO THOSE SPECIFICALLY INVITED BY THE BRIDE: Her Imperial Highness, Anna Ulyssa. The Honorable, Count of Aldersberg, Edward Clement. The Right Honorable, Fernand Antoine, Count of Provins and his Esteemed Pedigree. Angelika Irena vas Ruthern and her Retinue. Dorothea vas Ruthern. Fenika vas Ruthern. Eleanor Maude Vilac.
  8. Reminder: Auction Ends today at 4 PM EST. I will be messaging people around 7-8 PM EST if they have won anything from the skin auction in order to do payments and transactions.
  9. A SUDDEN SWEEP - CLONKY https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/clonky/ Preface - Hello everyone! I've made a few skins to auction off, along with cleaning out some of the skins off of my PMC. I have decided to depart from LOTC, though I'd rather keep this auction fun, light-hearted, and equal. I may still do commissions or skins every once and a while, but for now, I am going on a prolonged hiatus. Allow me to explain the rules and regulations: RULES: 1.) Bids start at $12 2.) Bids MUST increase by $1 3.) Some skins come with a head, and some don't. It will be said which skins do. 4.) All bids must come to a stop on Tuesday 3/15/2022 @ 4 PM EST (If bids continue after then, your bid does not count.) 5.) Follow the format 6.) Do not discuss anything in the comments, you must simply place your bid and that's all. 7.) Mina or any other currency other than USD is not allowed. There is no buyout. 8.) Do not edit your comments to adjust your bid. For new bids on the same skin, please make a new comment. 9.) Do not Repost, Resell, or Reshade any skins won from the auction. FORMAT: Discord Tag: Skin Name: Bid(s): BIDDING ENDS 3/15/2022 @ 4 PM EST Adventurer: Simple Russian Woman Gypsy Dancer: Lady Witcher: (HEAD INCLUDED) Viking Furs: Christmas Raven: (Head NOT included) Little Flower: (Head INCLUDED) French Fur Coat: (Head NOT Included) Blondie Locks: (Head INCLUDED) Babydoll Dress: (Head NOT Included) Trapper: (Head NOT Included) Portrait Perfect:
  10. Amadia Pruvia laughs hysterically, as she hears the ridicule of her family, even though her father did once the same to her, put into a position from an early age, and retiring after many years so that her son can account for the same fate as she once did. "Oh..! The lives of the damned! Oh woe is you, for you've nothing else to chat about other than lives that are not your own! My condolences to those who were angered by my sudden departure. Oh woe is you... Oh woe is you..." She repeated this in a sing-song manner, clearly the Countess having lost some of her sanity, raising her little Count to be exactly like her manic mind. Charles had tended to her in said state, but at least Amadie was freed from the chains of sewage society. Her days of hunting in the dense forests and striding in the deep pastures of the wilderness were upon her, with Charles joining her on these adventures. All stories must come to a close, and the ending of this adventure was only the beginning of another.
  11. Stefaniya vas Ruthern awaited the journey home of Prince Lucien, knowing that in any conquests he wished to pursue, he would be successful. In the meantime, she sewed some clothing for herself.
  12. T O U R N E Y O F B L A D E A N D S T E E L To commemorate the recent triumph, we proclaim the ‘Tourney of Blade and Steel’ which is to take place in the grandiose Colosseum of San Luciano. All are invited to witness the spectacle and the gallant are encouraged to participate. Those who prevail over the other contestants shall be greatly honoured. Guests are required to wear garb of the deserts. T I M E T A B L E The Opening Once all are gathered and comfortably seated onto the Colosseum, the host shall briskly commence the event. Firstly, the names of those competing will be called, subsequently announcing the order of the duels. Secondly, the Prince of Savoy shall personally address those fighting and deliver a short speech. Finally, the host shall proclaim the first duel and begin the tournament. The Battling All shall be geared, if one does not bring his own armour and sword such shall be provided, but it is advisory to fetch your own and don the heraldry of your house. The duels shall take place in orderly fashion and conclude once only one man has been left undefeated. The Finale As the duels conclude, the host shall summon the victor, who shall receive the honorary title ‘Champion of Peremont’ and reward of two hundred and fifty minae, then the second place shall receive hundred and fifty minae and third place shall receive hundred minae. The closing of the event shall be announced, before which congratulations shall be extended to those participating. SIGNED HIS SERENE HIGHNESS, Lucien I, Prince of Savoy, Duke of Corazon, Count of San Luciano, Peremont and Sarissa, Baron of Brynnrose, OOC: Sunday, 13th of February, @ 3 PM EST SIGN-UP SHEET: Roleplay Name: Nation of Residence: Minecraft IGN: Wear Greek/Roman robes <3
  13. Countess Amadie sighs as Fernand drools all over himself again. She cleans up after his messy spitting and ignores the gossip in the Chateau.
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