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  1. how big is Xavis’ family tree..? it.. seems LORGGG.
  2. So wait bandits are murders are upset they have to give effort on who they bandit- instead of being able to take advantage of new players? If this an April Fool’s its fine as well.
  3. *~` Wyvrun’s Tournament of Renewal`~* [!] A pristine white envelope has been delivered to the many mailboxes across The Princedom of Fenn, The Under-Realm of Urguan, and The Princedom of Aegrothond. Each has been sealed with a blue wax seal in the design of Wyvrun. “After the Under-Realm opened its doors to the people of the Princedom of Fenn and the Princedom of Aegrothond, the people of Fenn have decided to return this gesture in kind by opening our long-frozen gate to our two close friends.” “The Princedom of Fenn, its Grand Prince and his council, welcome all who receive this letter to a festival in order to celebrate the Princedom’s renewal. There will be a sparring tournament for all attending and a ritual of change for the mali’fenn. Food and drink will be provided by the many people of Fenn and the Silver Snowflake.” “This feast will celebrate the relationship between the three nations, the rising of Akkar Tundrak and in turn the rebirth of the one true mali’fenn nation.” Signed by, Grand Prince of the Princedom of Fenn, The Tahu'naeri, The Grand Chancellor, The Grand Steward, and The Grand Advisor
  4. Datura is probably somewhere smiling at the mention of her tavern.
  5. Datura stood at her counter, tapping her Fennic Pen against a counter as she tapped her foot rather quickly.. chewing her lip as she wrote.. Her note read as follows: ”Dear Aesilnoth... We have not been close in the slightest. You have insulted me numerous of times for me not keeping my tongue due to only being a ‘lowly bar wench’. But today I will not be silenced. I am no longer that meek lowly barkeep you once knew. I understood your circumstances for leaving Fenn. I myself did not like that mad Grand Prince. I thought it was overboard for them to smash your limbs, and I was genuinely afraid to return home to Tahu’Lareh. But yet when I heard Akkar took up the throne, I returned home. The world outside of Wyvrun’s blessing was too harsh for myself, and I had no other home besides there. You did not return although Akkar dropped all previous restrictions on those Aelthos had banned. You stayed in Aegrothond. Which this is fine. You seemed closer with them than any people of Fenn that remained. And Aegrothond is a wonderful place indeed. But you cannot claim what Grand Prince Akkar has or has not done for his people. He has lead mass reconstruction efforts to serve the people better. The New Grand Council has been making strives to revive our religion, re-organize our people, and serve those who have been wronged in the past. Whether or not you claim Tundrak blood has no concern to me, but your blatant slander and mischievous actions cause me great grief. You say you protect all mali’fenn, yet I have not heard a single peep from you until Akkar disowned all Tundraks who fled Fenn in its time of need. You care not for our people or Wyvrun, but rather your own self gain. You had all possibilities to return home, to ask of our well-being. Instead you call us ghosts and snow. Your own daughter was willing to come, to visit, to check up on us every now and again. But you can not? You have attacked your own people within hospitals, caused countless fights, and been extremely reckless and unkind in the past. Once again you deceive others to fit the narrative you want, and I am now realizing you are unbelievably aggressive. Fenn does not need this in a time of its healing. Fenn does not need more unrest within its people. You may be asking yourself, Datura, how have you helped your own people? I came back. I stepped up. I finally stood up for myself and asked to be on the Grand Council. To help where I can. To help those on the Grand Council with whatever tasks they needed to be completed. And when I am not doing that I stay in my tavern. I talk to those who may need help or are worried or just want a bit of distraction. I introduce our culture to wanderers who come and visit the great land of Fenn. Not all service has to be through bloodshed and violence as you so hold dear to your heart. We are a militaristic people, but in the end we are all just people. Soldiers or not, we can still love, laugh, and learn. Datura Tathvir”
  6. Datura is shaking her head, a deep frown on her lips.. “We finally have a ruler who takes care of people that this man calls ghosts and snow.. I am glad to hear this from someone I have yet seen to approach us once. He is a foolish man who knows not what he speaks. Maybe the madness from not protecting Wyvrun’s land finally got to him.” Datura would return to cleaning glasses in her tavern..
  7. *`~~~~~~~~~~~~~`* A soft, whistling wind swirled through the mountains, pulling the wisps of snowflakes across the quiet landscape. Alone, a Mali’fenn sat in the snow on the mountain outside the capital of Fenn.. The deconstruction of the Capital had taken many more years than everyone first expected, and had even stopped as more and more Grand Council members seemed to go silent. Even more workers left to go on the trip to Athera. It left the Mali’fenn rather lonely. The city’s gates were always down, to prevent mischief from the outside interfering with the rebuilding process. This caused her business to slowly become empty and abandoned. Why run the tavern when there is no one around to buy goods? Even her beloved Varvhur had disappeared on an expedition, gone for almost two decades at this point.. maybe even longer. The Mali’fenn’s closest family had mostly scattered across Arcas, or were busy with getting ready for the move to a new Manor. So there she sat on a cold night, enveloped in the delicate snowflakes that scattered across the skies. Running her fingers through the chilling snow, she started to ponder how in the world the Grand Prince must be feeling. “Is he overwhelmed? Stressed? Does he possibly need help? Especially if those he relied on have suddenly gone quiet…” She gently grabbed a clump of snow, feeling the soft powdery snow become stiff as she pressed it together. Her dark blue eyes studying the clump of pure white snow in her hand, a small smirk appearing on her lips. “Maybe I should reach out to him… to the others too. After all, we are stronger united. And we as a people have not gathered in quite a while.” Her pearls and her golden bracelets gently clinked as she continued to gather more snow, making the once small ball larger. “Besides, we have not done anything fun in quite a while. No parties, no tavern nights, no dancing, no festivals.” She became more enraptured by making the snow larger, before starting a fresh new snowball. “And I have heard complaints of the city being not really in running order to do anything, that they wish they could just escape for even a little while.” The mali’fenn stared at the smaller snowball in her hand, studying its spherical shape, smoothing out imperfections in both orbs. She then placed it on top of the larger orb, smiling warmly as she picked up some loose pebbles nearby. “And we haven’t had a snowball fight together in over 30 years…” Placing the pebbles on the newly created snowman, it looked up at her with its lifeless stone eyes and smile. She tapped her lip, trying to figure out what it was missing. The mali’fenn then tried to find little twigs, giving it a nose and small arms. Her hands on her hips, she then sat back down on her knees proudly. “We have all this beautiful snow, and yet we as a people have yet to sit down and admire it in a rather long time. To gather and put aside differences. Maybe… I should meet with the Grand Prince…” Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. Her ears perked in alert, as she slowly turned her head to the sound of soft footsteps in the snow. The Mali’fenn stiffened in fear, unsure who or what could be behind her. As she looked to the source of the sound bright black eyes stared back at her from the ground. It was a small snow fox, looking rather thin. The little fox was low to the ground, alert, staring up at the mali’fenn. “Why hello there oem’ii, what brings you here?” She cooed softly, searching through her pouch for a sweet treat for the creature. The fox’s ears perked up, sniffing the air now. The mali’fenn held out a handful of sweet berries towards the little fox. “Do not worry, you can trust me.. anyone who is from the land of Wyvurn is welcome here..” At the sound of Wyvurn, the little fox bounded forward, taking the sweet treat from her fingers. The mali’fenn smiled toward the fox, waiting for it to finish before standing up. She turned to return within the walls of the Capital, walking with a newfound determination. The little white fox stayed by her feet, following her every step, ears pointed up high. “It seems I have found myself another little friend hmm?” The mali’fenn smile grew even brighter as she whistled for her rather clumsy sparrow, it flying down and chirping brightly. It flapped beside her, waiting for her instructions as the mali’fenn scribbled a simple note in her notebook as she walked. “Hello Briar! I have an important message you HAVE to give to the Grand Prince okay?” She then wrapped the note up with a delicate blue ribbon, before handing it over to the sparrow. She whistled him away, and with the command he haphazardly flew towards the Citadel. As she looked down at the little white fox, she kept striding through the empty streets towards the tavern. “What is your name little fellow? Lily?” Nothing from the small fox. “Iris?” Once again nothing seemed to come from the small fox, and the mali’fenn sighed. Reaching her destination, she stopped suddenly at the door. After looking at the familiar sign, she looked down once more at the pure white fox. “What about Snowdrop?” The black eyes of the creature looked back up at her, and it yipped softly. “Well then, little Snowdrop, it is time for us to bring back the feeling of family within the mali’fenn.” Determined still, the mali’fenn went behind the counter and began to shuffle through her papers… for this plan to work, it needed a lot of preparation.
  8. I don’t know why but this made me laugh harder than it should’ve.
  9. I would highly appreciate an update post when and if Korvic ever gets the permission he needs. It would be happily received from myself. Even if its not a post, a ping in discord would be delicious.
  10. Boy lets be real; I have been helping you edit the spelling mistakes. I love you though. xD
  11. Gimme more about flat shells please. I love the rest of it though. ❤️
  12. Datura Tathvir would nervously bite her lip at the words contained within the message.. “So Fenn seems to not be doing so well after I fled.. I wonder if I should return home soon or stay away..”
  13. Datura can be heard distantly yelling in excitement, making grand motions to command her small army of helpers to get Fenn ready for the festival. ”Do not worry, we will have both Elven and Dwarven alcohol at these festivities! And do not forget to visit the Flower Crown stall! Special festival only Urguan flower crowns!”
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