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  1. EnderMaiashiro

    How to Calm the Snow Elf Uprising

    @SuperDuckyGamer As a guard and medic in Fenn, I can assure you that other races are allowed in and our population does have non-‘Fenn in it. The difference is that Fenn is not like Sutica where everyone and their brother is allowed in to do whatever they want. This being said we do have restrictions and it seems like we don’t allow anyone in because we deny entry to a few of the larger populations (Ex. Gladewynn and the Empire).
  2. EnderMaiashiro

    How to Calm the Snow Elf Uprising

    @Wulfery Thank you for your input, first of all 🙂 With regards to what you said, there are a couple points that are incorrect. Magic use is heavily ristricted in Fenn and Mali'Fenn have a disadvantage when it comes to learning magic and many forms of it are outright banned. As for differences from 'aherals, life expectancy is shorter due to severe mental degredation at 600, fertility rates are lower if I am not mistaken, and overall the 'Fenn are shorter than the rest of the Mali, the tallest being 6'2 only found in the Sylric bloodline. Not a major concern nor am I trying to diss what you said at all, just piggybacking off of what you said.
  3. EnderMaiashiro

    Persona Database Cleanse

    @NotEvilAtAll With regards to the kha, interestingly enough we have had more people joining and being invested in the population since the CA change, so it is possible that this is for the better although it does limit our pool to draw from. @Haelunor What is your reasoning? Multiple generations have passed and in lore they are defined separately with their own features unique to them while remaining able to produce offspring with the other Mali, the definition of subrace.
  4. EnderMaiashiro

    Persona Database Cleanse

    I’m sorry, how can Snow Elves be a sub culture? They are defined genetically separate at this point from the rest of the elven population, including but not limited to stature, life expectancy, fertility, and the related lore regarding their deity and a curse rendering their sanity decreased once they reach 600. Beyond this we have higher numbers than the dark elves and most likely high elves that I have seen in my time here and both populations as far as I can tell are dwindling in number and activity. Honestly, there is a difference between culture and subrace similar as there is between species and sub race in the real world and saying that the Mali’Fenn are a culture is beyond inappropriate considering the separation genetically. Sorry to bring up genetics but as a biologist this has been relevant in my life so it is beyond culture but takes into account biological processes resulting in racial separation that to deny existing would make the entire thought of subraces in this context unrealistic.
  5. EnderMaiashiro

    Trial Summons for Edel Silvervein

    ((Alrighty, should be fixed XD Does it look right now?
  6. EnderMaiashiro

    Trial Summons for Edel Silvervein

    (( @Crim It’s all the same, though I have bad eyes XP
  7. Edel Silvervein, Your appearance is requested at noon of the 10th of The Amber Cold, 1697 (4:30pm EST January 7th, 2019) due to discrepancies that have occurred during your time within Agnarum by the Council of Rikkin. These include treason, participation in slave trade of halflings, and necromancy as an undead. Should you not appear before the court by the given date, the council of Rikkin will have no choice but to proclaim you guilty of all charges deemed worthy by the council, unless an appeal has been made of your absence by some form of communication ((Discord or by /msg)). Should this be the case you will be captured on sight and receive the according punishment for these crimes. - Agnarum Council of Rikkin ~ Bianca Ireheart Ireheart Clan Mother, Daughter of Danella Ireheart, Council of Rikkin Chairwoman ~ Kazrin Starbreaker Starbreaker Clan Father, Son of Gardath Starbreaker, Member of the Council of Rikkin, High Remembrancer of Agnarum, Ranger of the Legion, Forgemaster of the Deep Forge ~ Egoi Stormfist Clan Father of the Stormfists , Son of Ermageon, Member of the Council of Rikkin, member of the Remembrancer of Agnarum, ranger of the Legion ~ Dain Metalfist First son of Gimli Metalfist, Thane of the Metalfist clan, Steelheart, Grand Marshall of Dungrimms Legion of the Dwedmar Kingdom of Agnarum, Rikkin at the council of the Elective Constitutional Monarchy of Agnarum. ~ Utak “Goldilocks” Ireheart Clan Representative, Warden and Guildmaster of Agnarum, Lieutenant in Dungrimm's Legion, Keeper of The Confederation of Hammers,Steelheart Patriar ~Durumir Stormfist Son of Bithra Stormfist, member of the Council of Rikkin. ~Bjor Cottonwood, Chief of The Cottonwood clan, High Chief and Founder of Hefrumm, Rikkin at the Longbeard Council of the Elective Constitutional Monarchy of Agnarum. ~Dwarger “Saviour” Silvervein Clan Father of the Silvervein clan, Rikkin at the council of the Elective Constitutional Monarchy of Agnarum, Longbeard of the Dungrimm’s Legion ~Ulhart Grandaxe Clan Father of the Grandaxe Clan, Assistant to the Regional Arch Runelord, (the rikkin title we all have), Hero of Southern Atlas. ~Urist Silvervein, Clan Harrold and Elder of the Silvervein Clan, Rikkin at the council of the Elective Constitutional Monarchy of Agnarum., Member of the clergy and Priest of the Brathmordakin.
  8. EnderMaiashiro

    -=- The Sky colored hair of the Stormfists -=-

    Yeah, while I could see the elf part not exactly working, blue tones etc. are possible from it. Be it cobalt or the actual heritage from the past, it could just be a different manifestation of the gene. There are Mali’Fenn that have blue tones to their hair, while it isn’t blue, so it could be how that trait carried over across species. Translation doesn’t happen as direct as it seems to in LotC so I feel like it could make sense either way. This being said as mentioned prior, it could just happen given the fantasy aspect of the server... you see some preeeeeetty weird things out there.
  9. EnderMaiashiro

    Payment of Past Crimes [PK]

    Celanea lowers her head at the news of the death of yet another of Halsworthy, “I am sorry to hear of your passing, llir. Thank you for offering your help when I needed it most.... Ito nae elahern'wyrvun… ito elannil'wyrvun…” Her head raised once more, though her ears remained slightly lowered as she decided to pay Halsworthy a visit for the first time since she heard of Giles Curthose’s death.
  10. EnderMaiashiro

    LionEY_'s Event Team Actor application

    Great dude in roleplay and ooc. ❤️ Always a joy to rp at all times. Go get ‘em Lion!
  11. EnderMaiashiro

    Change in Location and Leadership

    [!] To all Kharajyr, a brief notice is sent [!] Sa’vi vneahts, Ri’Tsisha wishes to update all Kharajyr of the upcoming and ongoing changes that are taking place in hopes that you will join together once more to promote the growth of our people. As such, the following changes have either already occurred or will occur soon. Government and Leadership With the passing of Tla’Tepah, Var’Zinawr has stepped down from the role of High Aelkos and will be filling the role of Aelkos. Returning from his hiatus, Ri’Vashzel will once again reprise his role as Aelkos. Finally, with the absence of a Tlahtoani, Ri’Tsisha will be stepping up to the fill role of High Aelkos to guide the Kharajyr. Location With the destruction of Haelun’or, Tla’Tepah had taken the Kharajyr faithful to Fenn for temporary refuge. Since then, circumstances have indicated that it would be best for the Kharajyr to immigrate once more. After a series of discussions, polls, and prayer, it has been determined that the Kharajyr will be joining with Sutica for the foreseeable future. If there are any questions or concerns, please contact Ri’Tsisha, Var’Zinawr, or Ri’Vashzel via bird. Mul’ta, Ri’Tsisha Yohualtica, citialins tlahuilli tlahtoatica Muuna, auh cuica mauttica auh pertica.
  12. EnderMaiashiro


    Jeez dude, we’ll miss you, but we’ll be here when you can come back 🙂 Get well soon! ❤️
  13. EnderMaiashiro

    Coronation of Fimlin Grandaxe

    [!] Flyers are scattered across dwarven lands, upon looking at them you would read: “Hear ye hear ye, all dwarves born of Urguan you are all hereby invited to the coronation of the Dwarven King Fimlin Grandaxe. After being elected by the dwarves of Agnarum to lead the Kingdom, it is time to have an official crowning of the King himself! The coronation will be plentiful in food and ale, and be a worthy celebration of dwarven kinship and kingship. The coronation will be held within the Kingdom of Agnarum, in the capital Kal’Azgaryum.” The coronation will be held on Saturday, December 15th at 3pm EST, 8pm GMT.
  14. EnderMaiashiro

    The Act of the Contract, 1691

    Celaena nods in approval as she set the document on one of her multiple shelves of books, most of them being on the various cultures that can be found in Fenn and its surrounding nations. “As it should be, public display of faith has died down as of late, and it will be a welcomed change to have it restored.”