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  1. Of course you are, all you need is some edgy magic to throw in the mix and you’d beat Callum 😛
  2. Time for the stupidest questions of all: Why be a pvp goon when you could be an edge lord? I know you do well at both 😛
  3. Velatha Sylric once again bows her head as she puts away her chest of embalming supplies, “Too many too soon... will it never end?... They are all too young...” Tears fell from her remaining eye as she sealed Aelthir’s medical file with a wax seal bearing the Tundrak bloodline’s crest.
  4. A notice is shortly delivered to Aroiia reserving a spot for Velatha.
  5. "Awh shame..." Tsisha grimaces and rolls the missive up once more, "Tew keel thaws whuu follow yawh like they awr nawt yawr citizens... Bawt nawh matter... eet weel cuum tew an end suun... Taking pride een thawh death uuv children... disgawsting..."
  6. MC Name: EnderMaiashiro RP Name: Bianca Ireheart Dwelling(Kal’Varoth, Hefrumm, etc.): Kal'Varoth Candidate: Gimli Grandaxe
  7. Bianca lets out a borderline pitiful cry as she holds the missive announcing her friend’s death, “Fokin’ ‘ell Bjor, yeh were at it tuh t’e last breath... was ah ‘onah tuh join ye in battle. May Dungrimm welcome yeh wit’ open ‘arms ye koind ‘earted oaf...” She then returned to her home for a moment before emerging with a bottle of carrot mead to leave at his final resting place.
  8. @lucasking321 Bianca Ireheart runs from the square to wherever Borin is, "Deah, wot t'e fok did yer clan duh? Vithar's swearin' up an down ye're tuh duel 'im ovah slander!"
  9. As of today, The 14th of The First Seed, 1715, any medical practitioner seeking to operate in the clinic of the Princedom of Fenn must receive a license from the Fennic head medics, Rothilion Tathvir and Velatha Sylric.This license must be issued and signed by both medics before use of the facility may be granted and if usage is performed without proper documentation, punishment will be dealt accordingly in accordance with the princedom’s laws. In order to apply for a license, complete the following application and submit to either of the head medics. After the application has been reviewed you will be asked to come for an in-person interview, upon successful completion of this interview your license will be added to the records and will be good for a trial period of four years. After which point, usage will be reviewed and the license may be subject to removal if it is unused or misused, however can be reinstated with a new application. ~ Velatha Sylric, Ivae’Fenn Vanguard and Quarter Master, Fennic Clinic Head Medic ~ Rothilion Tathvir, Ivae’Fenn Vanguard and Fennic Clinic Head Medic Application: RP Name: Race: Allegiance(s): What training have you received in the medical field? Include your tutor(s), texts do not count. Have you practiced in similar medical institutions prior to now? How many years have you been practicing? What are your qualifications and specialties? OOC What days/times work best to schedule the interview? Discord Username?
  10. Ri’Tsisha places her signature on the treaty!
  11. @DrHope I don’t intend to be gone long, but I need to step back for a bit. I’m hoping no more than 2 weeks but we will have to see where I end up. Bianca’s not leaving Borin or Thondil, and Ill possibly pop on from time to time, but at the moment everything is up in the air.
  12. [!] To all dwarves descending from the Ireheart Clan, a notice is sent on parchment with a blood-red ink, each notice carefully written by the one-eyed clan mother, Bianca. My dearest clan of ******* amazing idiots, I wish to thank you for the amazing years spent in your presence. I know I did not have the most conventional background, yet I was given the opportunity to take over in Gror’s stead as Clan Mother. I hope he is as proud of ye lot as I am; over such a short time, the clan has grown and shown a large presence in the Under-Realm- And don’t dare ******* stop! You never cease to bring a good name to our clan, to which that that Kjell himself would be proud of. You’re the strongest dwed I have had the pleasure of knowing and look forward to see you continue to grow into the mighty clan that we are meant to be- only no-longer as your matriarch. As of today, the 12th of Sun’s Smile, 1713, I, Bianca Ireheart, resign from clan mother and extend my well wishes to Utak Ireheart, the new Clan Father of the Ireheart Clan. I wish ye the best lad, ye’re the most promising fucker I’ve met over the years and I know you can continue to lead the clan towards success. I would die protecting any member of this clan, and I know you hold the best wishes at heart. Keep goin’ lads and lasses. It is the time of Ireheart revival, and it is all of you that would make the clan even better than it already is! For Dungrimm! Former Clan Mother, - Bianca Ireheart OOC: Thank you all for an amazing time leading you. I am sorry I have not been around nearly as much as I would have liked, but OOC issues have been becoming more of an issue so I have to step back from most if not all of LotC, and after many hours of consideration, I’m having to resign to get irl sorted out before I can return. Again, thank you all and the best of luck to you all and your roleplay endeavors!
  13. Velatha bursts out into a rare fit of laughter, wiping a tear from her remaining eye as she read the proclamation, “So the ‘aheral are even larger fools than I thought! Siding with the empire, making every other valah a prince or princess! What is the use of such a title if everyone bears it? I applaud you, Haelun’or, you have proved your stupidity once more and it will be your downfall! I encourage you, bring your fooled mentality into my clinic and I assure you, it will not last a moment longer.” With that she promptly threw the paper into the hearth at the other side of her office. “Prepare to fall once more Haelun’or, that seems to be the only thing you have been good at in my nearly three hundred years of laughing at your existence.”
  14. EnderMaiashiro

    DNN #13

    Bianca snorts as she’d flip through the news article, lingering on the post about Borin and herself, “Fokin’ creeps is roight, Borin…. Shites better keep our son out o’ it...” She’d look down to the two month old child she held in one arm before placing a kiss on-top of his head, “Dunnae be ah creep when ye’re oldah laddeh… jest stick tuh yerself an’ t’e othah lads can beh freakeh wit’out ye...”
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