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  1. [!] Tultelkos Tsisha signs the document with a squinted gaze.... she forgot her glasses so her expression bore the epitome of seriousness. As well as minute blindness.
  2. Thank you for your application, you will receive a message shortly with further instruction!
  3. Thank you for your application, you will receive a message shortly with further instruction!
  4. Thank you for your application, you will receive a message shortly with further instruction!
  5. Revival of the Do’ With the change in decade soon coming upon us, it is time for the restoration of the Do’, the full strength of the Kharajyr people to protect their siblings under their mother’s knowing watch. These Kharajyr step beyond their everyday lives to ensure the safety of their people, regardless of subrace. These children of Metztli combine their multitude of talents into one of the strongest bonded groups that once had been known with terror to the Descendants that faced their spears in the line of battle. Since these days are past it is time to revive this force with the hopes that the Kharajyr will no longer have to fear others but be a force to be reckoned with to ensure the safety of their people. The Do’: Ma’ [Maynhan] - Warrior in Training The Maynhan are the initial Kharajyr recruited to the Do’. Once they have spoken their oath to the Kharajyr people and their goddess Metztli, they begin their journey. While Ma’, Kharajyr will undergo training in basic sword and hand to hand combat as well as simple formations. These will allow the Kharajyr to learn the basics needed in order to perform well as a team to make headway in battle. Upon completion of this training they will undergo the Do’ trial, which consists of an assessment of their knowledge and abilities by the senior most command present. Do’ - Honorable Warrior Once the initial training has ended, Ma’ become Do’, to signify their knowledge and completion of the beginning training period. While they have achieved Do’, the Kharajyr may chose to remain in this rank, they may continue to participate in trainings. At this point they also have the ability to pursue training in specific combat tactics. The only requirement asked of them during times of peace is to see to patrols and manning the gates to the pride locations across the realm. A standard of 2 patrols and 2 gate hours is expected per each individual however this does not go without exception. Most importantly all Do’ are required to participate in at least 3 specialized trainings to improve their skills. Da’ [Dasbmakiynt] - Temple Guard The Dasbmakiynt are a particularly special group as they are under direct oath of the Varkolu, Aelkos of the Kharajyr Religion. As the religious warriors they carry out the will of the priests and see to the protection of them as well as the sacred grounds of Metztli such as temples and muun pools. Ta’ [Tabido] - Senior Warrior These warriors have gone above and beyond the call of duty and have been selected by the Tultelkos to assist in leading the Kharajyr. To be applicable for this title and responsibility, the individual must have at least 2 specializations, 10 patrols, and 24 gate hours accumulated where applicable. Tul’ [Tultelkos] - Aelkos Overseeing the Do’ This is the highest command that the Do’ report to. This Aelkos oversees all operations of the Do’ as well as negotiations with foreign entities during time of war. Anything to be brought to the Tultelkos should be taken through the chain of command where appropriate. However, unlike other forces, the Tul’ is not impossible to speak to and as such Do’ are encouraged to speak to them as though a fellow Do’. Fa yna Metztli'c lremtnah, ihedat po pmuut, tavahtat po lmyf! (We are Metztli’s children, united by blood, defended by claw!) Enlistment form: Should one wish to enlist, fill out the following form to the best of your knowledge. Ign: Discord User: Rp Name: Rp Age: Subrace: Have you completed your faith trials? Do you swear that should it be required, you will lay down your life in the defense of our people and Muuna Metztli? Should any questions come up, contact EnderMaiashiro via DM or Discord (EnderMaiashiro#7430).
  6. Marcella blinks, looking at the invitation, “Erwin has truly grown up, hasn’t he?.... Bless time goes by way too fast....” With that Marcy heads back to Freisberg from Reza to go congratulate her son... It was just not long ago that she saw him fighting with Kamila’s brother with regards to the marriage.... he finally did it!
  7. Definitely, though I'm not totally up to date on how all that went down. If we were to add that in the revision, could you help with that?
  8. Yeah... the art is inadequate. I was very limited in time for picking it out. If I can I'll find/make better art but it was rushed. If you have suggestions please let me know though 🙂
  9. Do you have thought on how they should be mentioned more? This is a draft for the lore games so it is something that can be expanded upon.
  10. Metztli The Daemon of Time “What was time? Before seconds or minutes came to be, how could they have defined When? Simply not. There was no when or past, present or future. Not even sure if it even went forward or in reverse. Did any time even pass before my existence?” A tall, slim feminine figure pondered as she watched the silver glow of her everlasting creation. As she touched the water of the endless stream with her gloved fingers, the water began to display a series of various events. The woman in white was entirely covered so no physical attribute was to be shown of her. A pure white dress with gloves that reaching her upper arms. She wore a hood to hide her physical face in her own realm. Similar to how her river flows, she shift her appearance at will, depending on whom she visited. The race representing the container she would form herself to fill. Here in her own realm, there is no form to take. Here, however, her true form cannot be hidden. Her actual form represented the physical and sentient passing of time. A feature that when mortals laid eyes upon, would drive their minds to insanity. Her attire, beautifully decorated by the white fur of animals, what a diva she was. From behind the darkness she watched the image sequence play out. She watched how the Descendants were at war, how some lived in peace, how some gained magic or accomplished heroic deeds, it gave her a sense of satisfaction as well as fear. . She watched as Descendants had families. Brothers and sisters playing, wives caring for their babies, men working hard on the fields. Slowly, a more negative feeling came to stir within her. She watched how the Descendants worshipped their gods and brought them their sacrifices. The feeling was jealousy. It rose within her akin to a tsunami when she watched the worshipping beings. The descendants worshipped the ones who created them, gave them life, but not worship the one who maintains their world to move forward. As time is not a stable phenomenon, she was envious towards the Descendants. Her work went unnoticed, how she prevented time from going in any direction. She watched the Descendants live their lives in their world… Sigil Origin Metztli is believed to be born when the first second was able to be registered. When time began to move so did Metztli. Metztli is the one who maintains the timeline of the mortal realm. It is her passion to take care of it however watching scenery that has happened in the past with the Descendant races can frighten, make her pity or angry as she cannot fully comprehend the actions or actions enforced by the Descendant’s curses. Regardless of those emotions towards the Descendants, she becomes jealous quickly of not being worshipped as others are for her work. This is in combination with their actions gave her motivation to create a better race that would follow her and repair the world alongside her. They would be the better race without a curse to influence them, they would worship her and satisfy her desire, they would help her maintain the timeline and hopefully help in maintaining the mortal realm itself. Her task As for time, time is definitely not a stable something as it can go in any direction it can choose. It is a wobbly concept and if not maintained, has the potential to stir the world into chaos. Time as we know it goes forward and has special measurements to indicate when what happened. Time is unstable and so it is possible for time on certain places to stop, move forward or backward. Here, time no longer follows the standard laws that we know. The Daemon of Time is what makes it go forward at a constant pace and who fixes it when a time anomaly shows up. However, the endless river that is the timeline she creates is sometimes hard to fully oversee. Especially when it is possible to be easily manipulated. As to why the gift of her magic will also bestow helping her with the maintenance of the timeline. Realm of Desa The home and realm of the Deamon of time. The realm of Desa. The realm is an eternal jungle. When her followers and children die, they have the option to live with her in their afterlife. They form the stars on the eternal night sky in the realm. they can come down from those stars to interact with Metztli, interact with each other or tend the river with her. The realm possess one important element. Through the realm, an endless silver-colored river flows. The river has no subtle waves, a peaceful stream that moves forth calmly with an almost flat surface. The stars giving the river its glow as the river is the representation of the mortal realm’s timeline. It came to be when Metztli and the concept of time were born and clocks were able to tick. The birth of time is represented at the beginning of the river as it also the source of all the water in the river. A waterfall that drops from a cloud of mist surrounding the beginning of the stream. Metztli takes care and sails on this river. With every second that passes in the concept of time, the river grows another inch. Metztli resides on an ominous, ship made out of birch and named Meva. Her ship is slowly pushed by the calm current. On the edge of where the river still grows and the bow of the ship sails is where the vessel itself carves a path which the river shall follow. Metztli is able to steer the instrument and uses it to carve the future. This way, Metztli weaves the timeline of the mortals through her own realm where she can tend to it. With a simple touch on the surface, she can let the water show any past events she wishes to see since all history is stored within the stream. The river’s current should move at the same speed at all time so it is equal to one second passing by. It can occur that somewhere on the river these currents can change as time begins to diverge. This means that in the mortal realm time anomalies pop up. On the river in Desa, these are also represented. The time anomaly can be identified by for example on how fast the current on the spot moves, stands still, reverses, splits off, or suddenly drop down all have an effect on how the anomaly works in the mortal realm. Creation of Kharajyr Those later known as her children. The Kharajyr who she saw fit for the position. She wished to create a better race who would value the beauty of nature and and see the importance of the world in balance but also possess emotions and devotion to her and others. So said, the Daemon entered the mortal realm to create her new master race. Her ability of taking the physical shape of a race helped her greatly. This way, she deceived many Descendants. For she would take on the form of a female variation of the individual focused on. At first, she searched the land for worthy candidates to give conscience to. She found a pack of primates within the jungle. She unlocked the mind of Hou-shen and made the creature sentient. She gave him a crown of jade and the ability to give sentience to all the other primates within the jungle of Asul. However it was Hou-shen who got worshipped and not Metztli for her deed. They began to detest her and in return, any memory of their creation by her was wiped from their memories. Leaving the race with an unending anger for their creator. As the Hou turned their backs to Metztli and left, Metztli continued to experiment. She began to walk among mortals as she gathered intel where to gain her subjects. From that, she kidnapped elven children from their cribs and conducted experiments with the cubs of the ocelot, resulting in hundreds of failed creatures. Then one, of the thousand failures, stood out to her as her perfect being. A humanoid and feline creature with spotless white fur. From this, she wanted more however could not recreate this creature. As a result, she created 4 subraces that could bring forth new generations. However, she was not yet ready to let the world of Descendants see her creation. She did truly treasure the race she had created. She also feared as they were so different from the descendants and were meant for a greater purpose, to which the rest of the mortals that roamed the realm were not ready for, yet. She kept her creations on an island far away where they grew, prospered and through Metztli’s signs, came to know for what they were destined to become. The sign of white fur was nothing but a mere coincidence but such rarity of fur color was praised by the Kha which more or less led to a misunderstanding that those born with white fur, were actually a messenger from Metztli. This was not the case however. The race that she had created satisfied her desires and became something she did not wish to leave this world. She became attached to them giving her the worship she always wanted and as return guided them for the possibility of having a better purpose, assisting her maintaining time and her own creation. However one day, the ego of her creations’ led to their paradise’s demise. She hurled them from their paradise and threw them in the harsh world. As both punishment for neglecting her and showing a frowned upon behaviour. Following Metztli is tasked with the important duty of maintaining the flow of time, for which she does not get the recognition she desires. This makes her more jealous of the fact that other ethereal beings get worshipped instead of her, even though she believes that her task is one of the most important ones. This jealousy is furthered as she has watched countless wars and catastrophic events caused by the Descendants, along with the suffering of their curses. This is what gives her the motivation to create a better race to her own design and a potential group following her ways. To earn her gift to be bestowed upon you, you are not required to be a Kharajyr yourself. The followers who have her magic bestowed upon them are also given the duties of helping her maintain time. However, Metztli becomes jealous quickly due to her desire of being worshipped. As a result, her followers have strict rules of giving sacrifices and only are allowed to worship and follow her religion. Those who break these rules would be stripped of their power as well as not given a place in her realm to accompany her. This goes for all worshipers of Metztli. Present day To this day, Metztli spends her time on the river and giving guidance to her followers as se bathes in the praise she has wished for so long. She is stuck with her eternal duties of tending to the timeline. She is sometimes obligated to enter the mortal realm to handle time anomalies as they are too far out of control to contain in her own realm.
  11. Sitting at her desk the, the Kharajyr Tultelkos Tsisha sat, scribbling a note in a fine handwriting for the self-proclaimed Aelkos, “To the one known as Haskir, Tsisha commends you on your actions towards forming a pride, as every Ri’ before him has done to some extent or another. However, Tsisha must ask what it is that we have not done? Tsisha will admit there is fault on her part as the High Aelkos overseeing the Kharajyr that her delay in action is hardly acceptable, her only defense is that she has been recovering from a heart attack and injury caused by a rogue golem in Sutica. This being said- if Haskir wishes to properly be awarded the title of Ri’ rather than giving it to himself, he is more than welcome to speak with Tsisha. She would have had no issue with giving him the title as it is within his rights as a child of Muuna. Tsisha would have loved to hear his criticism and still would if he can trouble himself to spare the moments for such. It is hard to make improvements if they never reach Tsisha’s ears. If Haskir’s concerns are with regards to the Do’ not fighting those of Irrinor- it is because there is no Do’ at the moment. Tsisha has recruited many times however this new generation has no interest in serving. The only Do’ left is Tsisha and her son, Ranji. Once again, if Haskir has thoughts, he merely needs to voice them to Tsisha, rather than remain silent and say that our ears are deaf when not a word has been uttered. Mul’ta. Muuna’s blessings upon you, Tultelkos Tsisha” With that Tsisha sealed the letter in the form of a scroll with a wax seal depicting a three pronged trident striking through a full moon, passing it to her parrot to deliver to the Pantera on the other side of Arcas. She rose to her feet, aged paw gripping her trident for support as she began her long journey to Haelun’or to see the populace once more.
  12. Character Name: Marcella Avern-Barclay Age: 44 Place of Residence [Street / County Address]: Barony of Freising Position: Alderman
  13. @Harold [!] A response is shortly sent to Hadolph and the others who write, “Hadolph, The point of the letter is not to say that I am by any means a hero. My frustration is that I would spend countless hours to no avail over the simplest of needs. Keys to doors. Issuing armour. Gaining materials. It would all be ignored or denied no matter if it was needed or would merely assist. As for promotion, I did not speak of myself as deserving of promotion. My qualm is with how the promotions are dealt out. There are those under myself that worked their asses off to no recognition, then left or died out in activity. They strive to appease those needed, and yet members are brought in with no expertise in the requirements of the Ivae’Fenn and thrust into leadership with no gate hours, patrols, or any of the things that I personally believe are instilled as a characteristic of the Ivae’Fenn that made us who we are. I do not make claim to fame, but I am disappointed that in my time, I have seen a decline that I am discontent with. I know I hold no place within Fenn now, nor right to give criticism, however all I ever wanted was to see our lliran strive to be better and improve. Yet I have seen countless over the last few years fall out and loose all motivation that kept them moving. Take it as you will. Think of me as a stuck up old woman that knows nothing of the world than what is up her own ass, but I do not perform for my own sake, but to try to further those around me. After all, what good does rank do for a medic that prioritized saving lives than taking them? Best, Velatha Sylric” @Snelfma “Dearest Zatanaes, I have heard a great deal of you from your daughter, Mayan, and my nephew Airebys, who was also Celaena’s nephew. While I do not know I would be able to accept such invitation, I would be more than delighted to speak with you, perhaps even bring resolution to the untimely demise of our common kin. Sincerely, Velatha Sylric” @Sygnus_05 [!] Eventually Velatha’s chickadee makes his way to Aroiia, “Llir, I hope everything is well since my departure. I can only hope you take over in my stead and strive, but I have full faith you can do anything you set out to, it is just who you are. I passed as much of my knowledge as I could to you, use it well to your advantage. You are a smart oem’ii and while I am gone, I am not dead. If you need guidance or reassurance, I will be there as soon as I can. With love, Velatha”
  14. [!] A letter is left near the entrance to the Ivae’Fenn Barracks, a sword planted in the snow below it. “To whom this may concern, As of today, 9th of the Amber Cold, 1732, I, Velatha Sylric, will be resigning as Warden and head of siege and medicinal practices within the Ivae’Fenn. As of late, lliran, I must say that our organization has fallen. In all of my time in the Ivae’Fenn, I will admit this is a new low, and my standards are not set high compared to what I believe they should be. Chain of command ignored. Those working hard not receiving credit and those not worthy of it being promoted, even skipping entire ranks and the processes to achieve such ranks. Those like myself putting countless hours into our service only to be reprimanded by junior officers and then justified and given higher permissions than their peers. I withdraw with a heavy heart in hopes that perhaps, making way for the new generations will allow recovery. If not, then ideally for a lesson to be learned of neglect of duty and prioritization outside of our own people. This being said, it has been an honor to serve along side you, brothers and sisters of arms. I wish you well and I hope I do not see you in the clinic and seeing to your wounds, but should you fall and need assistance, I am always just a bird away and if not- I can get someone that is. It has always been my self-assigned responsibility to raise those around me up to their fullest potential, and I believe I can say I have succeeded at least in part with this, however that success is up to you. So, lliran, I leave you with this, do not settle, strive to be the best that you can be and prove that the Ivae’Fenn have not fallen out of grace and remain the strongest force in the realm. While I may no longer guide you as an officer, my door is always open should anything be needed. Thank you for all of your hard work. A final farewell, Warden Velatha Sylric Senior Siege Engineer and Medic Head Practitioner of the Fennic Clinic
  15. IGN: EnderMaiashiro Character Name: Marcella Avern-Barclay Age: 36 Position: Alderman
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