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  1. IGN: EnderMaiashiro Character Name: Marcella Avern-Barclay Age: 36 Position: Alderman
  2. I think the plugin is great so far, though I agree with Meteor on adding additional plants for certain. If/when alchemy has a plugin of some form to use the plants, I think it would all flow nicely. Nice work dudes ❤️
  3. [Ooc] Username: EnderMaiashiro Activity Rating (How many days/hours do you play per week?): ~Daily, work providing (Current conflicts already made known) Discord: EnderMaiashiro Timezone: EST#7430 [RP] Name: Velatha Sylric Gender: Female Place of residence: Sylric Bloodline Manor Race/Sub-race/Culture: Mali’Fenn Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn and the Grand Prince?: Of course
  4. @JokerLow A reply is sent shortly via parrot, “Tsisha is sorry about the inaccuracy, vneaht, it has been corrected.” @Gallic A reply is sent shortly via parrot, “Tsisha would be glad to speak with Adria if they wish to make amends, but that is the reason for discontent, especially the allowing of a certain ‘kha’ there going by Magic Cat or Sylvester of the North.”
  5. Ign: EnderMaiashiro Character Name: Marcella Barclay-Avern Age: 31
  6. [!] To all Kharajyr, a brief missive is sent out with regards to the road safety in Arcas! _____________________________________________________________ Sa’vi, please read the following below to remain safe on the roads and nations of Arcas. If there are any incidents that may change this, please send a bird to Tul’Tsisha so that this advisory may be updated. If a nation/family leader wishes to re-establish relations, send a bird as well. Mul’ta! Key: Ally - An official pact of non-aggression or further terms is established Friendly - Overall kind to the Kharajyr, few members may have anti-Kha beliefs Neutral - Residents can swing to either side of the spectrum Discontent - High likelihood of assault. It is advised to avoid these areas. Nations: Under-realm of Urguan - Friendly Fenn - Friendly Haelun’or - Ally (Pending treaty) Adria - Discontent Haense - Discontent Curon - Discontent Renatus - Discontent Aegrothond - Neutral Sutica - Ally Krugmar - Discontent Druids - Neutral Charters and Others: Charters: Crimson Edict - Friendly The Jade Republic (Hou-Zi) - Ally Llyria - Friendly Clans: Ironguts (Dwarven Clan) - Friendly Silverveins (Dwarven Clan) - Friendly Irehearts (Dwarven Clan) - Discontent Grandaxes (Dwarven Clan) - Discontent Starbreakers (Dwarven Clan) - Neutral Goldhands (Dwarven Clan) – Friendly Irongrinders (Dwarven Clan) - Neutral
  7. [!] To all relatives and friends of the Barclay and Avern houses, doves and falcons fly with invitations to an upcoming wedding! The tan parchment leaflets are scribed with a shimmering gold ink and tied with a deep green and silver ribbon. Finally, a blue wax seal holds the scroll shut only for the eyes that it was intended for. In two saint’s days, the Stallion of House Barclay; Ser Wilheim Barclay, and the White Dove of House Avern; Marcella Al’abass Avern, are to be married in the Basilica of the Fifty Virgins, by Father Johannes. Friends and family of all walks of life are welcome to attend the wedding and reception to be held afterwards in the Bell Inn and Tavern to celebrate the union of the honorable Avern and Baruch households in holy matrimony. If there are any questions or concerns, send a bird to Marcella or Wilheim. Signed, ~ Ser Wilheim Barclay ~ Marcella Al’abass Avern [OOC] The wedding will be held on Sunday at 4pm EST.
  8. Of course you are, all you need is some edgy magic to throw in the mix and you’d beat Callum 😛
  9. Time for the stupidest questions of all: Why be a pvp goon when you could be an edge lord? I know you do well at both 😛
  10. Velatha Sylric once again bows her head as she puts away her chest of embalming supplies, “Too many too soon... will it never end?... They are all too young...” Tears fell from her remaining eye as she sealed Aelthir’s medical file with a wax seal bearing the Tundrak bloodline’s crest.
  11. A notice is shortly delivered to Aroiia reserving a spot for Velatha.
  12. "Awh shame..." Tsisha grimaces and rolls the missive up once more, "Tew keel thaws whuu follow yawh like they awr nawt yawr citizens... Bawt nawh matter... eet weel cuum tew an end suun... Taking pride een thawh death uuv children... disgawsting..."
  13. MC Name: EnderMaiashiro RP Name: Bianca Ireheart Dwelling(Kal’Varoth, Hefrumm, etc.): Kal'Varoth Candidate: Gimli Grandaxe
  14. Bianca lets out a borderline pitiful cry as she holds the missive announcing her friend’s death, “Fokin’ ‘ell Bjor, yeh were at it tuh t’e last breath... was ah ‘onah tuh join ye in battle. May Dungrimm welcome yeh wit’ open ‘arms ye koind ‘earted oaf...” She then returned to her home for a moment before emerging with a bottle of carrot mead to leave at his final resting place.
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