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  1. EnderMaiashiro

    Coronation of Fimlin Grandaxe

    [!] Flyers are scattered across dwarven lands, upon looking at them you would read: “Hear ye hear ye, all dwarves born of Urguan you are all hereby invited to the coronation of the Dwarven King Fimlin Grandaxe. After being elected by the dwarves of Agnarum to lead the Kingdom, it is time to have an official crowning of the King himself! The coronation will be plentiful in food and ale, and be a worthy celebration of dwarven kinship and kingship. The coronation will be held within the Kingdom of Agnarum, in the capital Kal’Azgaryum.” The coronation will be held on Saturday, December 15th at 3pm EST, 8pm GMT.
  2. EnderMaiashiro

    The Act of the Contract, 1691

    Celaena nods in approval as she set the document on one of her multiple shelves of books, most of them being on the various cultures that can be found in Fenn and its surrounding nations. “As it should be, public display of faith has died down as of late, and it will be a welcomed change to have it restored.”
  3. EnderMaiashiro

    The Final release

    A muffled crying could be heard within the Dancing Igor tavern, the now widowed kha cradling a small wooden box that contains Tepah’s ashes. “Tsisha deed nawt tink eet tew come sawh soon... Awl Tsisha can hope ees thawt he ees happy nawh…”
  4. EnderMaiashiro

    Petition to replace Hou-Zi or Kha with Ratmen

    @Burnsy__ Ah, right. I meant more in-game I haven’t seen you much, but anyway, doesn’t matter in context with this. With the insufferable portion, are you referring from your perspective towards kha players, or the amount of effort the kha player has to take in order to get the accent and lore correct? I see your point with both, and yes, our numbers were dwindling though we were starting to pick up a few new rpers, they were not understanding the rp aspect... Who knows, perhaps the CA will work for the better in having it so that those who do play kha have decent rp with it so they know what they are doing, though it will certainly not help in the numbers aspect of things.
  5. EnderMaiashiro

    Petition to replace Hou-Zi or Kha with Ratmen

    @arakrsptec I totally see where you are coming from, and I do agree that if they are to die, to just let them die or be apply to play as it is now for the kha. This being said, it probably doesn’t help that our two races don’t get along well, so we don’t see too-too much of each-other. Unfortunately, those kha that remain are overly reliant on leaders who, frankly, aren’t doing anything... I have been trying to take up a role in bringing the kha back, but it’s always “Oh, we’ll vote next week.” and other passive things like that... Yeah the current leaders are good people, but there’s so little effort being put forth that nothing is coming from it. @Burnsy__ Bias or not, they still contribute. Myself as Tsisha running the tavern (Though I have been on a bit of a hiatus lately due to my enlistment, I will be around on weekends now for certain), hou-zi running land negotiations to the north... there is contribution however it is hard to see from Holm or wherever you are hanging out now, considering I don’t see you all that much anymore.
  6. EnderMaiashiro

    Petition to replace Hou-Zi or Kha with Ratmen

    @Lerenzo I knew four kha before making mine 😛 And met more shortly after. As for re-visiting the kha, when we got soft shelved or whatever you want to call it, we were in the middle of a revision which meant multiple players stopped playing, though some had other reasons, to wait for the new lore.
  7. EnderMaiashiro

    Petition to replace Hou-Zi or Kha with Ratmen

    @Lerenzo Are you though? I play a kha and I don’t remember the last time I saw a Hou-zi across any of my characters... I’m surprised the Hou-Zi aren’t soft shelved like the kha are at this point though considering there have been fewer Hou-Zi than kha, at least from what I have seen, in months. Ofc I could completely be wrong, but I do travel a decent bit.
  8. EnderMaiashiro

    [Accepted] [Trial][W] LeoRabbit99's Game Moderator Application

    Great guy with more common sense than most. 🙂 Certainly would be a reliable resource to other players as I have found in my time rping and generally talking to him... +1
  9. EnderMaiashiro

    Female Kharajyr Skins (Request)

    Yep, just a blank template for each subrace that new players can add clothing to as they would like it. Details barring clothing would be great though! ?
  10. EnderMaiashiro

    Female Kharajyr Skins (Request)

    Hey skinners of LotC! The Kharajyr are looking to have a set of skins made to be used as a base for female kha, which includes the four subraces Kha'Leoparda, Kha'Chetrah, Kha'Pantera, and Kha'Tigrasi. The current male skins that we have are as pictured below. What we are looking for is a similar set that we can use for incoming players for female kharajyr. This includes adding clothing to it or using the basic skin on its own. We are looking to spend around 8,000 minas, 2,000 per skin. If it helps at all, here is the link to the Kharajyr portion of the Wiki. Kharajyr Wiki If you have any questions/comments, feel free to ask and I'll get back to them as quick as possible! ? Example Female Used in the Past Current Set of Male Bases
  11. EnderMaiashiro

    The Belvitz-Holm Railway; An Era of Industry

    Tsisha would grin as she'd look at the railway, her tail twitching, "Purrhawps tis ees gewing tew work weel... even faster thawn Tsisha cawn run on awl furr paws." With a quick turn on her rear paws, Tsisha would pad back into the city to restock the bar.
  12. EnderMaiashiro

    The Silvervein Clan

    "Aye, and a foine clan t'ey be... rest in peace fat'er, ye did well." Bianca would have a slight smile as she read about Edel in the clan's history.
  13. EnderMaiashiro

    STUNNING Political Upset in Holm Elections [Holm Senate Meeting]

    Tsisha would sigh as she read the letter, "Thawt ees nawt whawt Tsisha meant by thawt… bawt thawt thawh kharajyr awr leaving except furr Tsisha awnd Tsisha's keetawns…"
  14. EnderMaiashiro

    Citizenship Papers

    OOC NAME: EnderMaiashiro RP NAME: Bianca Ireheart Location of home: Kharajyr District Proof of purchase (take a picture of the item being bought/in your inventory with your name in sight):
  15. EnderMaiashiro

    [Feedback] Nation Status

    If I may add to this, at the moment there are at least five soulstone pillars that are full, and I have had multiple people have to set their soulstones to Belvitz and other nearby areas. It is overflowing and we have been having housing issues as well. Holm does need to be added as a nation, and although I am fully committed to Fenn and its players, Holm greatly exceeds Fenn in a number of ways population and activity wise and yet it is a nation.