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  1. The elderly former Baroness Marcella Barclay sits on her now empty bed, void of her loving husband now among the dead. She sighs as she read the notice and the lack of invitation to the grandmother of Manfred and mother to Erwin.... A shame, but she knows better than to attend without an invitation. Nonetheless she wishes her grandson a happy marriage and hopes to meet her at some point.
  2. [!] A muffled crying is heard from the office above Fenn's clinic. Inside Velatha sat at her desk, staring at a now tear stained letter. Her one good eye turned away from the content of the note but rather moved to stare at the door. "Love... what happened to you? We were to have forever but now... only a memory. I hope you are happy wherever you are. For now even I can say... 'My lover... he wanders the tundra'." She then set the letter in the drawer of her desk, retrieving her helm before striding out to yet another dreary day of silence.
  3. Accepted, please report to the barracks at the next training (See Discord)
  4. Accepted, please report to the barracks at the next training (See Discord)
  5. Accepted, please report to the barracks at the next training (See Discord)
  6. Accepted, please report to the barracks at the next training (See Discord)
  7. Iron and Ice, the Ivae’fenn “May snow ever fall on the Princedom!” A mali’fenn cavalryman before dying. Circa. 1683 The Princedom of Fenn has long been a militaristic nation, bragging militaristic might against its fellow elven nations. Its people are sculpted in the harsh conditions of the tundra and hardened by their history of persecution. These people, the Mali’Fenn, are known for their tenacity and unwillingness to surrender, staying as dangerous and unforgiving as the blizzards of the Yatl Wastelands in the direst of situations. Young Mali’Fenn are trained in the matters of survival and combat so that they may survive the unforgiving place they call home and protect it from those who would do it harm, but those in this group push themselves further. Loyal only to their Grand Prince, these men and women would gladly lay down their lives to defend their home and their people. The Ivae’fenn is the name given to them, warriors who have joined in the preservation, and defence of the Princedom and its Grand Prince. The actual translation from Ancient Elven is “Military of Fenn”, and it acts as the nation’s protector and its enforcer of laws. Ranks, Duties, & Payment Sentinel If there are few Wardens there are even less Sentinels. They act as the Grand Prince or (if active) Grand Marshall's hands. Their leadership skills, tactics, and accomplishments have earned them the right to hold this position. They are officers who issue orders, patrols, and missions to their comrades both in war and peace times. Warden Wardens... there are only a few, and they act as officers. Their leadership skills, tactics, and experience in combat have been recognized. Consulted by those above and below them for their thoughts on various military matters or advanced battle techniques. Duties: The Wardens are required to host at least one specialization training and 1 PVP training per two Elven weeks and attend/host 1 CRP training per elven week. They are also required to lead 1 patrol per elven week. Vanguard The Vanguard holds equivalent rank to sergeants. There are multiple of them, and it is their responsibility to train the soldiers and help lead them into battle as well. They must have excellent leadership skills and experience in combat. Seeing as these soldiers are considered to be junior officers, they will occasionally be consulted regarding higher military matters and decisions. Some are even granted ‘Honorary Officer’ and given the ability to hold trainings and patrols. Duties: The Vanguards are required to take part in at least 1 patrol per Elven week. They are also required to do 1 gate duty hour per week and attend 1 pvp training and 1 spec training per 2 weeks. They are also tasked with keeping the city quiet and work as the local police. While not enforced, they should also teach Initiates the ins and outs of protecting the Princedom. Guardian Guardians are the average soldiers of the Ivae'fenn, and therefore its backbone. They fight in squads during battles, guard the Princedom, and do all else the Grand Prince and Wardens require of them. While they are able to lead Initiates, it's rare they are put in positions of leadership. Duties: Guardians are required to take part in at least 1 patrol per Elven week. They are also required to do 2 gate duty hours per week and attend 1 pvp training and 1 spec training per 2 weeks. They are also tasked with keeping the city quiet and work as the local police. While not enforced, they should also teach Initiates the ins and outs of protecting the Princedom. Initiate Initiates are citizens who have just joined the Ivae'fenn. During this stage, they are given intense training in commands, weaponry, formations, and other concepts that will be vital for their success. Until such a time as they are ready, they perform menial labor within the ranks of the Ivae'fenn, though they shall still fight in battles when their presence is deemed necessary. Duties: Initiates must pass the Formations Training and the Combat Training to be ranked up to Guardian. Until then they must help with minor tasks such as preparing horses, and janitor work. Overall Rules Initiates who do not get promoted within an Elven month will be removed from the Ivae’fenn. Members of the Ivae’fenn who miss their periodic (once per Elven month) mandatory combat training may be demoted. Payment is dependent upon activity. 1 Sentinel at all times. Ivae’fenn Specializations Each soldier has their own individual capabilities and specialities. To expand upon these abilities, the Ivae’fenn has specializations for those enlisted to take part in missions suited for them and to expand their skills. Specialization statistics and logging of patrols and gate duty hours are largely the responsibility of Wardens. For an Initiate to rank up to Guardian, they must be adept in basic melee combat (Spear/Sword). Then, they must have passed the Formations Training and the Combat Training. For a Guardian to rank up to Vanguard,, they must be Expert on the Melee (Spear/Sword) and Expert on the Cavalry spec. Then, they also need 15 hours of gate duty, 10 patrols and 3 missions. * All Ivae’Fenn initiates who are promoted to Guardian are required to take the Oath of Fealty. Specializations Siege Engineer Cavalry Scout Healer Melee Archery Definitions, Clarifications, and Requirements Patrols Each patrol should last at least 15 Elven minutes. Standard patrol routes include patrolling around the walls of the capitol, any nearby forests, forts, and main roads. Specific patrol route details are issued by Wardens and the Grand Prince. A patrol is going from point A to point B. Gate Duty Gate Duty guidelines are to be found in the Ivae'fenn Gate Duty Manual. This consists of guarding the gates and questioning those who enter. Taking weapons or doing escorts as needed. Missions Missions are special assignments tasked by Warden/Grand Prince. These assignments can be anywhere from detailed scouting reports, to outpost construction, to defensive probing, mapping new settlements or special tasks that need to be done. Application [Ooc] Username: Activity Rating (How many days/hours do you play per week?): Discord: Timezone: [RP] Name: Gender: Place of residence: Race/Sub-race/Culture: Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn and the Grand Prince?: Oaths of Enlistment: Credits: Prior Ivae’Fenn officers for reference material, TDubs for putting this post together!
  8. Velatha Sylric smiles as she reads the missive from within her office that sat in the clinic. “Times are changing lliran... let’s keep this momentum going.”
  9. A well aged human woman fell to her knees, the staff she carried falling to the floor with her, ringing out a crystalline chime as the emerald orb that sat atop the worn wooden pillar clanged against the stone floor below her. Wracked with sobbing, Marcella Avern-Barclay clutched a letter to her chest, grieving the loss of her brother and closest friend she had. Known to few, it was Hiren that found her, abandoned to die by the Adrian militants that dragged her father to execution without care of an at the time not even a year old infant... He was also her mentor- one that taught her many things beyond how to merely be. It is not known how long she remained there, but when she finally left she uttered words that echoed through the halls of Freisburg, “My dearest brother.... I was so certain you would not only outlive our father but myself as well.... but now.... it is I left alone as the last of his legacy... Please wait for me.... my time is soon... but not yet...” At that... all that was heard was the clicking of the staff of the late Richard Baruch echoing off into the halls of the elderly woman’s home.
  10. Marcella Avern-Barclay picks her head up from where she was grooming a large black dog, the well weathered former baroness offering a smile as a young boy ran into the courtyard with the news. “Things are looking up- a good thing has begun. Let us hope it remains well as mein liebe intended, as he formed our sanctuary amongst a world of men.” With that she lowered her gaze once more to finish pulling out the last of the snarls with a brush. Giving the dog a treat as it trotted off, her hand gripped onto her father’s staff as she slowly pulled herself to her feet with a chuckle. The greyed highlander shuffling her way back into the keep once more to prepare the night’s dinner with the help of the other women of the household.
  11. Thank you for your application, you will receive a message shortly with further instruction!
  12. [!] Tul’Tsisha signs the letter with an arthritic paw- a little ragged but clearly her own.
  13. Thank you for your application, however it is being denied for reasons that can be explained off of this forum should you desire. Feel free to send me a pm here on the forums or on Discord at EnderMaiashiro#7430.
  14. [!] Tultelkos Tsisha signs the document with a squinted gaze.... she forgot her glasses so her expression bore the epitome of seriousness. As well as minute blindness.
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