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  1. I'm so confused. What's the difference?
  2. trading insta follows for minemen

  3. “Looking forward to new hands” Veesel eagerly states, while drying some freshly washed cups. “Got my hands full enough as it is”
  4. Is this where I go to cry till people get unbanned... free my boy elite

    1. _Jandy_


      yes, this is the place

    2. Amayonnaise


      What’d he get banned for?? Isn’t he a lil kiddo

  5. I think this might end up in “this guy is bad, get him! dabdabfragfrag”. Which, of course, is poor rp and should be dealt with accordingly, but I don’t see how writing that this particular group must hunt another will really add anything beneficial. You’ve listed some examples of dark magic of requiring death to progress/exist. But isn’t that enough to act on, to take down these groups? If they harm the general populace, you have enough reason ic to deal with them. I don’t see why it needs to be written down in the lore. On the belief of holy mages exist to destroy “evil”. Isn’t it a bit morally gray just to act on someone just on what potential danger they have? It’s not exactly “good” if I push someone with a timebomb attached themselves to save others, I’d say. Also on the idea that people could say that you’re not doing your job. You can still target these people even though it may be wrong to be seen as busy. There’s consequences on if you decide to do so or not. I’m a bit new so I may have misunderstood somethings. Correct me if I’m wrong on something. EDIT:Accidentally sent before I could add some things.
  6. Twodiks

    We Have A Crisis

    Why is this turning into an arguement about pvp? I don’t think this post was ever meant for these type of comments to pop up.
  7. Twodiks


    Edited, Changed the skin and took out the bit about Braduk.
  8. Twodiks


    Born to a rather young orc father, Gnot spent most of his early life, watching his father work as a somewhat talented blacksmith and was somewhat common in hunting and raiding parties. Growing up, he would frequently find himself beaten by the other children due to his poor stature at birth. Never much to complain, as he lived a rather comfortable life otherwise, pushed his shortcoming to the back of his head, though he wished he could be somewhat stronger, though he’d never try to work towards it. At the age of 11, he had an eventful meeting during a trip to a city joined by his father, prolonged matter in the city. Having the little coin he was provided snatched by a couple of ruffians, he made the decision to join chase, till he was cornered into an alleyway and was being beaten down. All of a sudden, a glass mug was smashed upon one of the thieves. The assailant revealed to be a rather unkempt drunkard. He dispacted the other few in a flurry of spit, trips and other dastardly moves. Told Gnot, to watch himself in the city, pocketing the coin purse without Gnot realizing. Gnot with his eyes glassy, begged the man to teach him his ways, seeing it as a chance to actually win at something. The man agreed after much pestering. Gnot spent the next few months visiting the man, who frequently sent him on errands posed as “tests” and always managing to take whatever coin Gnot had on himself. Learned a few tricks others would call disgusting, and at the age of 12, had a tearful goodbye with his short term mentor. Gnot only though, his mentor was finally glad to be rid of him. Heading back to the normal nomadic life of the orcs. Gnot tested his tested his newfound techniques on his peers. Found a lot of success, as a lot of them were caught unprepared for those sorts of acts. Gnot felt strong, felt this was his calling. This continued on for a little of two years as he sparred with fellow young orcs. Till at the age of 14, where he after declaring himself victor after spitting on the face of his sparring partner as a distraction before delivering a finishing blow. This time though, his father caught him who became enranged and dragged him to an empty clearing in the desert. His father in a calm rage, demanded Gnot show him those “techniques”. Gnot preceded to do so in a duel with his father, he was promptly humbled to an inch of his life. After waking up from unconsciousness, he saw his father sitting down in silence, whose only action was to point Gnot to one of his father’s shaman friends residence. For the next few years, as Gnot got more responsibilites and such, even joining military affairs when he could. Many of his days was spent recieving guidance about honor and strength from the Shaman and others were spent training with his father and subsequently healing from the bruises. He was considered coddled by his peers, who saw him spending so much time doing those action, a sign of immaturity. But those days meant well to Gnot, as leading him back to the path of Krug, forged a fierce and unbreakable bond to those traits. At his later teens, he finally was considered independent and spent his days joining battles and training himself. Though, the influence of the Drunkard, still lead to him heavily favoring drink and grub. These habits continued on till the present day.
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