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  1. Get some like-minded people and make a humble farming community. Nothing will go wrong.
  2. "Huh. They've really done an effort to make these mock politics seem real." Ahnakriel, Destroyer of Oren, mused within a rocky chamber; laid resting leisurely as he perused the daily news.
  3. "Where's the second edition?!" Ahnakriel, the immortal dragonkin screamed in anguish within the unfathomable depths of his cavernous abyss of a lair. The narrative and its abominable suspense was an affront to his mind, an intricate labyrinth of arcane knowledge and forgotten sorceries, reeled in latent horror. "WHERE IS THE SECOND PART?!" It screamed with a roar that echoed through the shadow-haunted recesses, the Azdrazi's fury manifested through a ravenous clawed hand ripping through a stack of old books. The walls of the cavern, carved by eons of his silent brooding trembled as though beset by some cosmic upheaval. His eyes, like twin suns of eldritch fire burned with a fury not born of mere mortal irritation yet of an ageless indignation that transcended time itself; smoke billowing in boiling anger from his serpent-like nostrils. At once he left the chamber to embark upon a search for the sequel.
  4. Ryanark

    Until Then

    Take care of yourself man, much love
  5. "God damned this is fire." Ahnakriel commented.
  6. For once, an old Azdrazi recalls the memories of yore from the eyes of Sir Hannibal; vividly remembering the Warrior-Poet and his uplifting songs. Truly, they were maxims to rally behind. Shame. Then, Ahnakriel carried on.
  7. New chat colors has me sold alone. Really awesome
  8. Event team! Event team!! More pk events please!
  9. "Much wiser, Druids are." Ahnakriel commented, reading the announcement from his crater— recovering from a grievous wound streaked with black and yellow scar tissue.
  10. chat, are we cooked?

  11. Ahnakriel the Azdrazi began viciously looking for blackstone vinyl pressings of this new hot single.
  12. "I, too, shall be there, waiting." Ahnakriel's voice gnarled.
  13. I live in a low income housing environment that goes by the region name of "Tor Praeth". Me and a group of my dragonflight control certain areas of this region in order to run our illegitimate business. We possess unregistered blood magic enchantments, stolen Golemancy anvils, mind-altering inhibitors, and only use Dracanium for financial purchases. If anyone would like to settle unfinished CRP altercations, I will be more than happy to release my coordinates. I would like to warn you; I am a very dangerous Azdrazi and I regularly powergame.
  14. im a freak.

    just lmk.

  15. While perusing the Thegn's desk, Beowulf stumbled upon the letter; the giant Norn was filled with trepidation at the thought of a great battle as he read.
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