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  1. Really liking this and I wish this is what we are getting for the next map, excellent work and consideration put into it. will be expecting a full map built from scratch by you in 2 weeks.
  2. Radu relaxed, gentle by a great hearth of dancing flames, leaned back as he casually read through the many pages. Occasionally, looking aside to copy down most, if not all of its content onto another sheet of parchment. An empty stack lay behind it.
  3. I heard you like women. Frankly disgusting
  4. Hannes unsheathed an aurum longsword, "For God's Kingdom."
  5. Hannes de Vilain, curly-haired low-born maniac, conquered oren with his son while trying to juggle 7 children and grandchildren. acts like dad jokes are still funny
  6. Hannes rushes over, scribbling finely on a brightly colored note, posting it onto the original document as an errata and stamping his seal onto it.
  7. A PROCLAMATION FOR UNITING THE PROVINCES OF ORENIA; PETRA, CATHALON, ARENTANIA, ARICHSDORF, THE VALE, AND OLTREMONT INTO ONE UNION, UNDER THE NAME OF THE HARVEST CONFEDERATION. 7th of Tobias’ Bounty, 1889 This information is made known to the world. PREFACE THE KINGDOM OF OREN is no more. Rightfully conquered and dissolved by the forces of the Harvest. By the will of the people and the Harvest Lords, we do proclaim a GOD-fearing dominion, led by the states of the Barony of Acre, the Viscounty of Minitz, and the Commonwealth of Petra. Seeking to reunite and breathe new life into the sullen lands of past Orenia, we shall build anew humbly, razing the palaces and manor houses of a bygone era; constructing in its place a home of steadfast stone, and unfaltering determination to community and decent labor. I - Thus do the Harvest Lords recognize one another’s sovereign titles and lands as follows: The Graf of Minitz and House of Barclay von Minitz as the only legitimate claimants of the Grafschaft of Minitz, and any titles vassalised under them, with lands encompassing the territory of Cathalon The Baron of Acre and House of de Vilain as the only legitimate claimants of the Barony of Acre, and any titles vassalized under them, with lands encompassing the territory of Vienne The Regent of the Commonwealth of Petra as the only legitimate claimant of the Commonwealth of Petra, and any titles vassalized under them, with lands encompassing the territory of Upper Petra The Freiherr of Corwinsburg and House Alstreim as the only legitimate claimants to the Freiherrschaft of Corwinsburg, and any titles vassalized under them, with lands encompassing the territory of Lower Arentania The Prince of Alstion and House Alstion as the only legitimate claimants to the Principality of Alstion, and any titles vassalized under them, with lands encompassing the territory of Upper Petra II - Thus do the Harvest Lords pledge military assistance for one another in case of conflict and threats of foreign origins. The Harvest Lords do also pledge military cooperation, training their warriors whenever the opportunity for such is given, thus forming stronger bonds amongst their forces. Furthermore, the Harvest Lords do thus pledge to not engage in military recruitment within one another’s lands, or recruit one another’s subjects, unless an agreement is made. III - Thus do the Harvest Lords form the Council of the Harvest, composed of each and every one of them. The Harvest Lords do so pledge to hold council meetings in times of political turmoil, disputes amongst them, or foreign threats. Furthermore, the Harvest Lords pledge to conduct such meetings in good faith, seeking solutions of mutual benefits agreed to by the majority. IV - Thus do the Harvest Lords pledge to allow the free, unrestricted travel of one another’s subjects or warriors in their lands, without harassment or bother, lest the individuals traveling have been found to break the laws of the lands of the respective Harvest Lord. Furthermore do the Harvest Lords recognize the legal authority that each of them have in their respective lands. If a Harvest Lord’s subject is found to break the law within the land of another, the respective Lords or their delegates shall meet to solve the issue. V - Thus do the Harvest Lords agree to allow and engage in the exchange of squires and pages between one another houses, thus fostering better noble relations with their heirs, pedigrees, and prominent subjects. VI - Thus the Harvest Lords do agree to engage to trade and exchange between one another. These include any materials produced by any of the Harvest Lords, be it crops, animals, metal, or weaponry. Each Harvest Lord may request the others to trade any produce, and all Harvest Lords do agree that such trade will be conducted in good will, to achieve mutual benefit. VII - Thus the Harvest Lords do pledge, and agree to leave the past to the decay of time. The Kingdom of Oren and its predecessors are no more. A new era of the Harvest has been ushered in, leaving behind the corrupted institutions that sparked our grand revolt. None shall reform it, or so they meet misfortune and suffering for their broken word. Each Harvest Lord is entrusted with the special mission of uprooting imperialist, or monarchist sympathizers of a bygone era - The Orenian era. Using whatever power, violence, or authority that is necessary to quell these forces. Finally, this power shall be dubbed the Harvest Inquisition. NO KINGS BUT US Signed, F.O.A. Sir Hannes de Vilain Harvest Lord, Baron of Acre, Patriarch of de Vilain, Father Of All Seine Hochgeboren, Leon Brandt Ritter Barclay von Minitz KRE Ernte Herr, Graf Minitz, Burggraf Tucay, Freiherr Boriënwald, Herr Brandthof und Durres Paul Salvian Harvest Lord, Regent of the Commonwealth Seine Hoheit, Heinrich Franz von Alstreim Ernte Herr, Dynasticscher Fürst Merryweather und Rhine, Freiherr Corwinsburg Charles Alstion Prince of the Principality of Alstion, Harvest Lord
  8. "Men to form a milestone in our history." Hannes said, smiling.
  9. Hannes sat on his knees in front of the dungeon's fireplace, the news of Adrian's passing reaching his far ears in Acre. The aging Baron placed a fist on his heart, paying homage and rethinking all the brief moments of like-minded comradery they shared. They were the same, two old trees, that sat in the forest. And so the eldest fell in the night. "Who will continue the Old Ways now? Who but you? Rest easy now, old dog. You have done well, and you shall not truly die until the world itself ends and there is no more breaths to be spared for our children."
  10. Hannes gave a thumbs up, sipping some Haeseni vodka.
  11. Hannes was left alone in the feast hall after Maciej and Ottilie left, along with his bannermen to leave the Baron to gather himself. It was a tough decision. The aging Baron prayed, and muttered to himself: "Your people will find peace, old friend. May our paths cross again, so I may see you in wealth."
  12. Hannes added yet another faithful ally to his growing list.. Frankly, he had lost count by now.
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