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  1. A Return From The Sands -=The last moments of the return =- [!]A message would be sent ahead via various merchants and travelers Hear me, Brother, Monarch and Citizens of Balian. I shall return shortly, my sickness cured and vision gained. A year, no longer than that I shall stay, for things need be done. Yet I am to be soon here once more, and soon we shall speak once more. Signed Viktor Darkwood
  2. [!] Time goes on and things change, rumors spread, books and pages are sold in markets, and it just so happens that some pages detailing travels pass by. Their origin and time of writing is unknown, nor if they were spread with a purpose, as a message home or found on some corpse in a forgotten corner of the world. Yet it matters little, for now in front of you sit a few pages of….. The Travel logs of One Viktor Darkwood. Day I I have left the Grand Duchy once more. It pains me greatly to leave so soon after returning, but my sickness has weakened my body to the point where I can not fight. While it has slowed down for now, if I do not find a cure then a grim fate awaits me. Day II My food and water supplies are holding up nicely, while I had doubts about my ability to make any long journey with my failing health, for now I am not feeling any major complications. Day III I have reached a desert valley of an unknown size, luckily enough there were two small lakes nearby for me to fill up my water reserves. I am beginning my descent into the sands, I know not what awaits me. Day IV My descent was successful and I have started my trek into the sands. The sun is sportingly hot, I used what little cloth I had left to cover my head from its rays. During the day my sickness made itself more noticeable, I lost almost all of my strength for a short moment and enjoyed a face full of hot sand. This momentary weakness disappeared as abruptly as it appeared, leaving me to continue my journey. Day V This place truly is the closest nature can get to damnation on earth, scorching sun during the day and freezing wind during the night. At this point I am mainly looking for cover during the day and only moving during the night, for while the cold may be harsh, it seemingly alleviates my sickness, if only for but a moment. I also believe I saw some wooden structure in the distance not too far from where I am at, a thing to check out for sure. Day VI For all of today I was forced to stay idle as a sandstorm raged on outside. Luckily I had found shelter in the wooden structure I saw yesterday. It turned out to be a wooden ship, wrecked and old, yet having plenty of space to rest without the sun casting its rays upon you. Though my supplies are not doing too great, for I am low on water and food, the amount I have will only last me for a day or two at most. I even found an old telescope! Day VII The sandstorm ended shortly before nightfall and as such I set out. With my food and water stores dwindling I moved towards a larger dune to get a better sight of the surrounding area using my telescope. The sight gave me more hope than most things had in the last few years, a structure, clearly made by some sentient race. A place where I can most likely restore my stores of food and water, nevermind the fact that this may be the place of rumors where my sickness could be cured! I shall head there as soon as possible, who knows, maybe my travels will not last as long as I had thought.
  3. Gone am I and gone I shall be

  4. Into the dunes [!] A notice would be left in the Grand Duchy of Balian and spread to members of the Darkwood family I shall not be long in my words, to save what time I may have and what time others have. A sickness ravages me, weakness in my flesh, day by day worsening. I know not for how long shall I live if this goes on, as such I must depart in search of a cure. Tales and rumors have told me of rare medicine only found in the depths of the desert, a possible cure. So, I depart into the sands. I know not, when or if I will return, but I leave this notice as either my last words or information of my whereabouts as I leave. Good luck to you all. Viktor Darkwood
  5. The Grand Fishing Festival -=Contestant of the festival catching another fish=- Too long of a time has passed since the last time fish were common in the south. The sands offer little to support these creatures, yet when there is a need and a wish, a way will be found. As such, after years of waiting, it is time for fishing to return to Balian. Years have been spent cultivating and growing fish in the Royal pond so that now the citizens of the Grand Duchy of Balian and any travelers may come and join the Grand Fishing Festival! So now, we shall celebrate, fish and feast to remember this old craft. Schedule of the Festival Opening of the Festival Fishing Competition Cooking Competition Award giving and ending words of the festival Prizes of the Festival Largest Fish caught: 50 Mina and the Golden fishing pole Most Fish caught: 50 Mina and the Golden Fishing Net Best Fish cooked: 50 Mina and the Golden Spatula
  6. Night of New Beginnings -= Citizens, soldiers and travelers gathering in the Brown Bear’s Rest=- I call out to ye, citizens, soldiers and travelers, many months has it been since I have returned to the Grand Duchy. As the Darkwood family is united once more and the so-called Kingdom of Oren has fallen, such now is the time. The time to celebrate a new age, without false kings and new beginnings. As such I call out to ye, Come, feast and drink, tell the tales of times of yore and join the celebrations! Schedule of the Tavern Night: Opening of the Night First round of drinks and the start of the feast Retelling of tales of Yore Drinking Contest Prizes of the Night: Best Tale told: 100 Mina 2nd Best Tale told: 50 Mina 1st place of the Drinking Contest: 100 mina 2nd place of the Drinking contest: 50 mina
  7. Viktor Darkwood would gaze upon the announcement and note "It is done, I know not how long my time will be, yet now I know that the vision I had recieved was worth it, one day a grand nation will rise, without the need of vassals and only its greatness to push it onwards in the world"
  8. Viktor Darkwood would nod as he read the missive and note "And as such, the conflict within ends"
  9. Dissolution of van Darkwood -=The declaration of dissolution=- House van Darkwood, a creation of mine many years ago. Its purpose was simple, yet no longer is it required. Hence from here on out I proclaim the end of House van Darkwood. All items and property owned by the house from this moment on are the property of House Darkwood and its Head Drako Darkwood. With this, let the conflicts of old end and a new page begin. Signed Viktor Darkwood
  10. To put a wounded animal out of its misery -=Viktor van Darkwood moving away from the capital with other soldiers=- Long had I debated with myself on what actions to take, what path is the one to prosperity. This thinking only led me to a single conclusion. The nation which calls itself the Kingdom of Oren is nothing more but a rotting corpse, a wounded animal thrashing and lashing out at everyone around it, including itself. When I first walked into these white walls I expected a rebuilding nation coming back from a conflict, one full of promise and growth. What I encountered was a nation which had abandoned its roots and values which made it great, abandoned its principles in the name of greed and power. A war waged for no reason but to gain more power, not for the sake of Oren, not for the sake of restoring the glory of the Empire, but for a select few in control to gain a boost of their egos. To the nation which has abandoned progress, values and principles of its name I have but a single thing to say - I understand your wish for power, your desire for better times, yet your actions and your path lead to nothing but damnation. I shall not allow this failed state to tarnish the name of Oren any longer, for My ancestors had sworn to the Empire and the fealty still holds. This Kingdom must end for the Empire to one day return. Signed Viktor van Darkwood
  11. small map be good map, dont need huge swats of land that are empty.
  12. [[RP]] Full Name: Varge Years of Age: 35 Race: Highlander Pedigree (Noble/Non-Noble): Peasant Battlefield Experience: Work in fields Reason for Interest: Lost home [[OOC]] Username: Darkwrath94 Discord:JokingHill#2196
  13. Viktor van Darkwood would draw his blade and head to the gates "Time to secure our freedom" he would note
  14. Patrol of The King’s Road -=Soldiers Patrolling the King’s Road, year 1880=- The soldiers rallied early at a day like any other. The month Owvyn’s Flame had begun around a dozen or so days ago and with the recent tensions soldiers were eager to ensure the safety of Orenian lands. Under my command with George Obedia as second in command we set out, our force was of considerable size and armed with horses at the front to serve as a scouting force and shock troops if need be. The initial departure from the capital had no noteworthy events, no hostiles were seen near the majestic gates of Vienne, only local citizens making their way to the city. Crossing The bridge over River Petra we observed its currents, the speed of which was noticeable, and as such it could be noted that it would be ill advised to cross the river by swimming or boat at this time of year. Most likely such a situation shall remain unchanged for the whole month of Owvyn’s Flame. Moving further we finally reached the region of Lower Petra, its forests giving us a grand view, especially noteworthy in this time of year. Yet the woods restricted our sight as well, their branches robbing us of any chance to see past the few first trees. As we continued onward we passed the Knight’s Estate and marched under the Victors Arch making our way deeper into the lush forest. A short moment later we passed a distributary of River Reden, the wooden bridge creaking under the weight of the Horses and allowing us to venture further. Finally we had reached the crossroads. A grand memorial stood there, a reminder of an old and bloody conflict with The Eternal Stone not far from it. Moving further we passed outpost Cinder and checked in on the troops stationed there. After making sure that the stationed troops were good on supplies we took a small detour to view the ruins of Haverlock. Not finding anybody there we continued onward with our original route. At the end of our long march we made it to the Aurelian Border Post greeting the local troops stationed there and taking a pause to rest. As the men rested I observed many merchants and travelers moving from the eastern travel hub towards our glorious Kingdom. It was not long until we rose from our short respite and set out to return to Vienne. The march back occurred without incident. As we returned to the city the soldiers formed up and a short speech was given to congratulate the participating men. Overall the King’s Road was clear of any hostiles, no foes were encountered and the stationed men were doing their duty in their posts. This concludes the Report about the patrol. Signed Sergeant Viktor van Darkwood
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