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  1. THE IMPERIAL STATE ARMY “In the end, there were two reasons behind the collapse of the Cascadians. They had no generals, and they had no soldiers.” - Adrian de Sarkozy First Edition by Simon Basrid, 1746 Second Edition by C.B. Puller, 1815 With the collapse of the Legion of the Seventh Empire, so too did a period of immediate martial decline begin. From the Haeseni Declarations of 1719 to the infamous Podophile Affair, it had long become obvious to the Lord Protector that the status quo was no longer tenable. It was with this motive that he began co
  2. OOC SIGN UP: IRP name: William Darkwood Discord:JokingHill#2196 IGN Name:Darkwrath94 Age:78
  3. RP Name: William Darkwood MC Name: Darkwrath94 Voted: Yes
  4. News Release on the Excavation of Sedan An Atrocity Uncovered [!] An informational missive is published for the Orenian population, posted at the Bastion in Providence & sent through typical channels to the towns of the Empire. The following is an unaltered, official report written and delivered by an Army engineering team tasked with tending to the remnants of Sedan. Report from the engineers at Sedan: Before the living remnants of the rebels in Sedan fled the Empire’s borders to preserve their lives, the
  5. Lieutenant Colonel William Darkwood would listen to the news as it was deliver to him by one of the soldier "Ah, The general has passed it seems, A fine man, a great soldier and a excellent leader, his work shall be remembered, the legacy shall not be forgotten, the ISA shall endure the test of time!" he would remark and return to paperwork
  6. Lieutenant colonel William Darkwood would look upon the news delivered to him by one of the enlisted men "So they have lost, their band of brigands they call an army shattered, their pride thrown in the mud and their existence noted as failures to achieve anything this is how they will be remembered within the annals of history!" he would note and chuckle
  7. Muster the heartlands! /|\ [!] A poster would be nailed to the bastion wall depicting soldiers rallying. It would read: Citizens of the Holy Orenian empire, the Sedanites, the self proclaimed goats think they are above everyone else, they believe that they don't need to pay taxes like everyone else, they think themselves above you, above the law and above the Emperor himself. This arrogance they show, it cannot be tolerated, they think themselves above the common folk, above everyone, this cannot stand, so raise up arms, p
  8. Lieutenant Colonel William Darkwood would clean his blade from the blood of traitors and speak to the nearby soldiers "Look at their corpses men, we shall see many more such corpses in the coming days, for dying is the only thing these traitors are good for!"
  9. Lieutenant Colonel William Darkwood would read the testimony and note " At least he sees the truth, the more the nature of these Sedanites is exposed the better, their treason shall be punished!"
  10. Lieutenant Colonel William Darkwood would read upon the missive "What a question indeed, they claim to be goats, but they flee like brainless fish, I do wonder are they the thing they truly claim? Are they grass eating mammals or fish, or maybe, maybe they are some weird hybrid between the two, I do wonder..." He would note to a few comrades "Or maybe if goats fear their lives they run towards water and imitate fish as camouflage?"
  11. Lieutenant Colonel William Darkwood would look upon the missive and note to the soldiers near him "My fellow comrades, the traitors have shown their true colors, they are nothing more but barbaric beasts, looking for power, they have no honor to the point of dressing children in armor and sending then out, their simple minds cant penetrate our defenses and their blades have failed to take us down, so let us note this victory and continue onwards!"
  12. Lieutenant Colonel William Darkwood would look upon the order and turn to his fellow comrades "Such is Imperial Law, their failure to uphold basic standards led them down this road"
  13. Lieutenant Colonel William Darkwood would read the missive and note "Scoundrels that think that they are better then everyone else, such people must bare the weight of their actions and deal with the problems they made for themselves!" he would look outside the bastion window and gaze upon the imperial citizens "How arrogant of them to think that they are above others not to pay taxes, even the common man pays their fare share"
  14. RP Name: William Darkwood Minecraft Name: Darkwrath94 Age: 74 Do you agree to pay the entry fee of 5 minas to participate in the race?: Yes
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