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  1. IGN (MC Username): Fwied Discord: Fwied#1980 Likes: everythin but like irl money is dope so like plz use that on me! Dislikes: nothin (all these people sayin they don't want irl money spent on them... pfffttt)
  2. Would rather be a digimon but whatever lol, what pokemon am I???
  3. Woo, Independence feels pretty good ngl (here is a little Haense appreciation I wrote in like not even 10 minutes so I didn’t cover everything I want but wanted it to be quick) Dang, this map has been crazy. From the start of arcas to the end I have had many good memories and some bad ones, but this community sure does make you forget the bad ones! When I first joined Haense I had no idea what it really was so it was a bit confusing at first, but man did this community accept me fast lol! I just can not explain how much I love all you good old Haensas! Though all of this community are human so as you know humans make mistakes and I came under the fire of other's mistakes sometimes, but I have also made a few mistakes throughout my time with this community. I know I might not be the best at being consistently active but I still aim to grow even more in Haense and show how much I care for it by actions! I know this probably isn't the best writing ever but I am writing this on the fly and idk so Love you Haense! and let us all grow together! (lol this is a bit cringe but whatever)
  4. nahhh Louis has leading skills and many other pvp skills that you don’t have so he should be B
  5. PLAYER NAME : Fwied CURRENT POSITION : None for some reason smh SUGGESTED POSITION : c REASON FOR CHANGE : I have won many 1v1s against a lot of people in d so I deserve c, but d would fine. Also led and won a 2v6 raid against norland(morsgrad) during the ais war so definitely c tier or better
  6. gross, fast-travel stops bandit rp and I for one love it when I get to pvp/crp some bandit goons.
  7. (ooc): dang... wasn’t shouted out for the creation of the billboard, smh
  8. Cole Roger chuckled to himself “well, I was not there but I will laugh about this more than anyone!”
  9. was thinking the same thing when I read the romance one like, I know someone who was like that.... LOL
  10. Reimar Ludovar also gives a thumbs up!
  11. wow... haven’t read something like this in a while, really beautiful writing.
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