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  1. Fwied

    8.0 Map Teaser

  2. Mcname: Fwied Discord: Fwied#1980 Talent: Reading the wonderful Dr. Seuss books as well as maybe another book or two
  3. Cole Roger reads this and chuckled a bit “If this is what the imperial women of this age like I suppose I will be a gross man and will never have a lover, though with the way things are I most likely will die alone anyway” he forced a smile as he threw the paper into the C&C trash bin
  4. Cole Roger likes this but he counties to sell his metals on the auction house
  5. Fwied#1980 pink coat 3.2k
  6. Cole Roger prepares for the celebration In advance by combing his mustache
  7. Cole Roger Coughed when he heard the child as Alpha is not a married women
  8. Vasili stands around near the docks walking, kicking the rocks that he sees as he walks. He was about to kick a rock when he noticed the smoothness of it. Vasili bent down and pick it up ”this stone will go further than three skips,” Vasili said as he remembered one of the last things he did with his Papej. Vasili winds his hand up to throw the rock, the stone flied from his hand as he sent it at the water. The rock as if it heard Vasili went to skip twice as many times as last. Vasili smiled and continued to skip stones as he walks by the shore.
  9. MC Name: Fwied RP Name: Cole Roger Market Stand: No Fish Slapper?: Yes Master of the Catch?: No
  10. Vasili Vanir prepares for the ball super early and combs his mustache
  11. Ser Lukas Vyronov fully agrees with this, knowing that he will have to show the younger knights this every time he gets the chance so that they may choose to follow this way that he prays he has followed himself
  12. Vasili grinned as he did collect one of the eggs
  13. one word, wait no two words, wait THREE words!. okay okay. FOUR WORDS. PLEASE DON’T DO THIS
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