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  1. It's me again, here for the 2nd question! Last week was alright, didn't get that many answers but one is better than none! Now this time it should be pretty straightforward. You can go into more detail as to why your favorite movie is what it is and I would love it if you did just that So, now I get to tell you my favorite movie. Okay, I can't actually tell you my all-time favorite because I have just a lot of movies I like, but I'll tell you my latest favorite. 'Josee, the Tiger and the Fish' absolutely love that movie. Most people would probably choose a few other movies over this one, but I really like it so I do not care about what you think. Alright, you know my favorite movie now so go ahead and tell me yours!
  2. +1 for the zoo keeper -1 because her pizza choice is pretty gross
  3. dogged Every day is a good day when you know the next day can/will be better! (lol idk why I got so wise with that lmao)
  4. Yo! wassup? Well, I'm sure you are doing great! oh me? I am doing fantastic thank you for asking!! Well, what is this? well, this here is going to be my new thing, sorta..? I am not sure yet. Might keep this going for a long time? maybe this is the only one I do? NO IDEA! I am very glad you decided to join me today though! Now, Let's get to it! You have probably read the title so you know the question already! Wow, go you! So, the FIRST question is! What is your favorite pastime? You are welcome to go into as much detail as you like. You could say for example; Reading, playing a sport, art, writing, making something? and so on Now if you would like to know my favorite pastime... Guess what! I will just tell you! The pastime I enjoy is simply.. well I am going to say multiple so if you would like to as well be my guest. My pastimes are; Reading, playing/watching basketball, singing(yes I can sing pretty well tyvm), and Airsoft(do this about once a month) Well, I look forward to the answers below! also if you have any ideas for a better name please share! I am not too sure about the name I came up within like 30 seconds. Please be welcome to say anything that does not involve the question, I would be happy just for any reply! Also if I do this again I will make sure it is of better quality than this post I made in 15 minutes because why not! See you next time!
  5. Looked that up.... man I want that.... A short story about this, I used to love Cookies and Cream but one day I decided I was gonna eat like half a gallon of it and when I was in bed asleep I woke up and threw most of it up... never liked the taste of it since. I like Butter Pecan cake but not the ice cream flavor... strange I know but whatever.
  6. Well, today was the wonderful awesome ICE CREAM DAY, so you better have had some ice cream on this very special day. SO because of this day I am here to ask... What is your favorite Ice cream flavor? My favorite is vanilla, because “I'm a man of simple tastes. I'm always satisfied with the best.” ― Oscar Wilde
  7. Very nice idea, something that is purely driven by just how cool it is and how much clout you would get for having some. (at least that is how i see it i guess)
  8. Don't do magic and don't play lotc anymore but lol guess I am the Avatar
  9. This made my brain hurt
  10. MC Name: Fwied Current Tier: None Desired Tier: Washed Up Reason to be Moved: Cuz me gone lol
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