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  1. No, You AMA ha gottem
  2. Name:Charles Vausman Age: 22? or 24 idk forgot Race: human boy Prior Relevant Experience: Prior Relevant Experience is my Experience
  3. Name: Charles Vausman Residence: The woods near Providence ((MC Name)): Fwied ((Discord)):Fwied#1980 ((Timezone)):CST
  4. Fwied


    I don't hate it but liked the old forums better
  5. Vasili Vanir chuckles when he read number IV as he remembers the last court and how his Nephew Fiske said something about the king @Sander
  6. IGN (MC Username): Fwied Discord: Fwied#1980 Likes: everythin but like irl money is dope so like plz use that on me! Dislikes: nothin (all these people sayin they don't want irl money spent on them... pfffttt)
  7. Would rather be a digimon but whatever lol, what pokemon am I???
  8. Woo, Independence feels pretty good ngl (here is a little Haense appreciation I wrote in like not even 10 minutes so I didn’t cover everything I want but wanted it to be quick) Dang, this map has been crazy. From the start of arcas to the end I have had many good memories and some bad ones, but this community sure does make you forget the bad ones! When I first joined Haense I had no idea what it really was so it was a bit confusing at first, but man did this community accept me fast lol! I just can not explain how much I love all you good old Haensas! Though all of this community
  9. PLAYER NAME : Fwied CURRENT POSITION : None for some reason smh SUGGESTED POSITION : c REASON FOR CHANGE : I have won many 1v1s against a lot of people in d so I deserve c, but d would fine. Also led and won a 2v6 raid against norland(morsgrad) during the ais war so definitely c tier or better
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