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  1. The Damerian Barbecue [!] A Messanger sends out the invitation to all of arcas Join us in darrowmere, we shall be celebrating the engagement of ‘The Rabbit’! Come enjoy a delightful barbecue by our pool, We shall also being having a drinking contest in the tavern! The winner shall recieve 500 mina as their prize of winning the drinking contest. Personal Invitations would be delivered to the following: The Highlander Clans throughout the Highland Realm The Gorundyr Orvar of Vi Stige and its citizens The Highlander Eiriksson-Lunner of Lunsbeck and its citizens The Highlander Barbanovs of Haenseti-Ruska and its citizens The Sutican Triumvirate and its citizens The Crown of Elvenesse and its citizens The Wood Elven Village of Siramenor and its citizens The Rex of Krugmar and its citizens The Grand Kingdom of Urguan and their citizens [!] A cartographer’s sketch of a map of Arcas can be seen, with instructions on how to get to Darrowmere [OOC: July 22 5PM EST]
  2. [!] A messenger sends out the invitations, each invitation sealed with red wax, bearing Darrowmere’s coat of arms. 'This missive is approved by the Rabbit of Darrowmere' 'Girls Wanted' The men in Darrowmere have been really lonely for the past few years with no one to love since, being a military city, most of the population is men. The single Damerian men have decided to host a pool party and looking for girls to hang out with. Make sure to stop by in your swim suits and maybe you'll fall in love with one of our guards Personal Invitations would be delivered to the following: to all the Beautiful Ladies who live all across arcas [!] A cartographer’s sketch of a map of Arcas can be seen, with instructions on how to get to Darrowmere Signed by Dame Athri, The Rabbit of Darrowmere Ser Jolfrey Elessar, The Marshal of Darrowmere Alli Ruse Onfroi, The Burgrave of Darrowmere [OOC July 10th 5PM EST ]
  3. Tournament Registry Clan,Settlement,Nation - Name - Notes - [OOC] Discord- [OOC] IGN - (Contact LucasDaGamer#6193)
  4. Full name: Espen Age: 27 Experience: Solider,Farming,Working with animals Ethnicity: --- [OOC] Username: LucasDaGamer [OOC] Discord: LucasDaGamer#6193
  5. RP Name: Espen Stormbringer MC Username: LucasDaGamer Race: Human Country of Origin: Morsgrad Age: 21
  6. Name: Espen Stormbringer Nation: Morsgrad Combat Experience: Adept
  7. SleepyLucas


    Espen was born and raised in the Highland Realm. He had two siblings who he was very close to, Olivia and Natan. They woulds always play together in the Aedellands hunting for treasure or cool animals. Espen’s father would tell him stories about the martyrs of morsgrad and how they were some of the greatest warriors of the land, his father woulds also tell him stories from the time he was a martyrs, the adventures he has as a martyrs the places hes visited and what he did, Espen got ecxited when his father would tell him about the places that he went to, Espen would start asking his father to take him places so he could explore but his father would always say no because it was to dangerous to go, so Espen listened and he stayed with his father, When Espen turned 16 he asked his father again if he could go and explore now that hes older this time his father said yes but only if he with other people instead of just himself, so Espen left to start his journey, it has now been 2 years since Espen left his family to go exploring and now he’s ready to go stay with them for a while, until he goes off on his next adventure
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