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  1. A young ker quite familiar to Wren, jumped excitedly up and down on the ledge of her chair by the fireplace in her room, reading over the governmental post-up. “Oouhh! Wren un ea should have a chat again!!” Yelena grinned, thinking of herself, weilding a giant axe of her own next to Wren, an idea on her excitement level currently only second to seeing her girlfriend…
  2. Two pearly white pupilled eyes blinked a few times, unsimotaneously to one another as the Ker sat there trying to read through the unformatted wall of text that was this missive. Another sentence, and her attention span and concentration would have unalived itself and she’d have completely lost the thread of what had been written. “ehhh..?” She muttered in thought, trying to make head and tail of what she had read before a line in it struck a cord with her, bringing out a not-so long ago memory in her mind as she turned to Lumia with a perplexed expression. “Loom? Vy did ne try to tell anyone from any nation to abandon home un move to Lurin, even though vy dream to house all willing ker here, right?” Although Lumia had already had the chance to read the missive once, Yelena reached over her own copy of the missive towards Lumia, pointing at a specific segment. ”..but this makes it look like Vikela wants to implore the Lurin people to move to their place. Ea remember when Luciana un ea went to Celian’or, we got banished from setting foot there again just because Luciana mentioned vyr dream to a couple people there…”
  3. The blue haired elfesse’s green slit eyes peered curiously over at her son from the comfort of the tiny chair she had managed to get herself down onto. “Wha’? Gon’ show me wha’ yer readin’?” She questioned before being handed the paper, immediately scanning it’s contents, gradually making her expression grow more serious the further it went on. ”Ah see.. so ‘et is tiem fer war once mor’..” The elfesse let a deep dark purple flame wash over the paper as it ceased existing in this mortal plane and she got up from the place in which she was seated, nodding at her halfling son with his Shovel. “We ‘ave sum’ neighbors t’ defen’.” -=+=- Meanwhile within the Uialben Keep of Lurin, a short ker in old and worn leather armor let her pearly white pupils read over the paper with a grin reaching from cheeck to cheeck, letting her jaggered sharpened teeth show. “So it is true!!” She jumped a bit with excitement on the ledge of her bed while she read. ”It’s time ea prepare for War! Orcs! Vy better be ready! Da, vyr ne going to see us comming!!” The ker cheered with determination, rushing over to grab her Billhook. ”Mika, where are vy!? Ea need vyr help-“
  4. The Liquid Atronach known as Aichtuyo nodded it's head in agreement to this, resulting in a few swooshes of water splashing against the see-through visor "La malpleno montros sian forton! ETERNAL WE HUNT!"
  5. Very interesting idea. Makes Artificery a more worthwhile feat to pick up and get yourself into with the required voidal investment. Up until now, Artificery is merely a familiar/manifestation creation feat with voidal feeling without the requirement of Transfiguration that let you add on whimsical creations beyond the mastercraft.. (side note.) I hate how the most interesting and thematic ability of creating whimsical and nonsensical items and tools that Artificery has, is locked behind the mastercraft unless you pick up or have Transfiguration. It doesen’t make sense to me how a different specific magic type is required to use Artificery for what it’s core theme is about Thanks for listening to my ted talk, lmao
  6. The Blue Haired Elfesse’s brows furrowed at reading this from wherever she was on her yet newly started trip. “Are ye feck’n kiddin’?!” She groaned, starting to realise just what that commotion had been about, connecting the pieces in her head. ”We’re busy conductin’ tests fer darkspawn an’ ‘deez rats come chargin’ us as th’ pests.. This’ th’ reason why ah dunnae associate m’self wit’ a religious belief..” The elfesse sighed and shook her head in disbelief, her arm starting to flare up as the paper was burnt up in her metallic hand with a look of disgust plastered to her face. “Ah’ll see ‘ow all o’ ‘dis evolves when ah’m back inna years tiem..” She muttered, continuing her journey…
  7. TheGekko Tiwari Kervallen-Elmwood 49200
  8. Realm PRO MC Name: TheGekko Realm PRO Character Name: Tiwari Kervallen-Elmwood Realm Name: Ravenmire Primary Realm Color: Purple / Magenta Proposed Tiles (Highlight 3 on the map): Taiga Highland 17 (Top Option, builds being prepared based on it) Taiga Highland 16 (Second best option. We need coastal access) Taiga Highland 12 Realm Lore (could include previous roleplay posts showing involvement with the community) (1000 words minimum): Ravenmire - Nation Lore Realm Government Structure Explanation: The realm is led by five council members. Every council member leads a Department dedicated to a specific task, these departments are: - Department of Knowledge - Department of Inhabitancy - Department of Diplomacy - Department of Culture - Department of Knighthood The government structure within the undercity varies from the one explained above. Although on paper it's still managed by the council, they don’t see any benefit in enforcing the laws there, because of this, the undercity is ruled by crime lords. More information can be found in the realm lore. Capital Builds (photos required): These builds are subject to potential edits and variations, but give a very clear example of the sort of architecture and style we aim towards. How does this settlement offer a unique niche not already found in an existing polity on the server?: While some nations have tried their hands on smaller instances of utilising the actual essence of the servers and, especially, the lores progression over the most recent years we have focused our endeavours on the implementation of alchemy and clockwork into a nation, which should serve the special need of progressive roleplay and evolution of social infrastructures and culture alike, which are based on those aspects. Through the different players, groups and even guilds which will join the nation we hope to create a place for rather unique interactions, which also use the very build-up of the nation. Inner event lines between the upper districts and the undercity will allow for roleplay scenarios, which have been seen sparsely and not in the scale we plan to hold them, which include the implementation of crime lords, which rule the undercity, while the upper districts keep their hands as clean as possible while keeping the nation as a whole stabilised and functioning. All in all, we hope to satisfy the desire of many players, who have wanted such roleplay to become possible on a larger scale, while also allowing us to implement a unique theme to the world of LOTC through the usage of alchemy, clockwork and the culture, which connects these aspects. How does your settlement tie to the greater lore and narrative set by the community on LotC?: By tying the aspect of alchemy to our nation we are able to apply ourselves to the scientific and material world at large. Thus we claim that Ravenmire, a city of progress, contains a major tie to the development of evolution and furthering of LOTC’s progression in the topic of advanced societies. Ravenmire serves as a push to such claims, and a way to experience a culture that's based on alchemical progression, magical advancements and knowledge. LOTC lore is filled with much mystery and it is the desire of Ravernmire’s citizens, who are mainly scholars and mages, to research the unknown and expand on what is already known. Additionally, the lore of the area itself brings a lot to the table not seen anywhere else on the map, including very interesting things like the Heavy Heart Syndrome, only seen in the Taiga Highlands where we will reside, making us the primary community to mettle with to explore the expansive lore of that part of Aevos. Unique materials also take base here, having Shadegrain as the special rock material that can withstand a lot of weather and tether, proven useful for primarily construction purposes, a material which we will become the main collector, user and distributor of, giving the world a location and source for narratively acquiring quality materials. In essence, we desire to be the driving force towards exploring the lore of the world we have chosen to settle in, and the people who have a desire to explore it with us are more than welcome to take part in our endeavours! Have you ever run a settlement on LoTC before and what experience do you have with leadership within roleplay communities among the current groups of players?: Yes, sort of. I, TheGekko, partook in a co-operated Founder leadership position alongside SirWillz (character Gaius Kaeronin) on this very persona who will be PRO of Ravenmire as we together were running the settlement back in Arcas called Attica, that later got taken over and called Talon’s Grotto before the end of that map. Additionally, I have for a long time been part of the Council team, running the still existing nation of Lurin, where I have taken a considerable amount of leadership roles, running one of the major divisions within its governing force. A good amount of the people who will be following us into Ravenmire will be people whom I have experience working together with in relation to that position, while a very minor part of them were there for the aforementioned Attica. Do you understand the metrics for maintaining activity and the grounds for settlement removal, along with the standing polity cap?: Yes, we do. Sidenote: I, TheGekko, may or may not be unreachable throughout the period between the 13th to the 20th of September due to vacation. If this is the case, you may contact Ragnio about these things on my behalf. However, try to reach out to me first regardless.
  9. Tiwari would have sent out express timed letters to the two, inviting them for a more formal Interview and test Training session...
  10. Having been in the middle of the Square, Tiwari was just casually conversing with those around her as she rapidly started growing drowsy until a ringing filled her head and made her collapse onto the ground without as much as finishing her last sentence, causing the people around her to flock around her in shock, however by then, Tiwari had already lost all contact to that plane of existence as her mind had been taken hostage in the Veil's realm. Sweating, cold, shivering and with a small pool of blood underneath her, Tiwari soon after woke up, screaming, terrified by what she had witnessed. Confused. Her mind swarmed around the vision until she could look around herself once more. "..Wha'.. Did I jus'...See...?"
  11. You’re cool. Apparently your character weren’t although he never did anything to offend My character Tiwari personally… at least to her knowledge xD
  12. Introduction Greetings Business Owners and any others with an interest for Trade, shopping and likewise. It has been a few years since the VoC, short for Versatile Overseas-Trading Company, had been initiated and development towards it’s progression started. Much has been happening behind the scenes as the years has passed us by, and we are about ready to take the next step towards fulfilling the purpose of this business endeavour that VoC was always meant to be. Development The VoC has been working hard towards establishing themselves as an active force, though admittedly with minor results thus far. We are fully aware that lack of proper advertising is partially to blame, and only we ourselves are to blame for that. Meanwhile, efforts has been put towards finding a location in which operation can finally take place, looking through many locations within the continent of Aevos for a prime location to place a headquarters of operations along with our first means of improving business and trade for our members and members-to-be. The New Location Through our expansive search, we at VoC have reached a conclution and are offered up a most prosperous position for our establishment to take form on. Mika, the Silver Lubba of the Most Serene State of Lurin has kindly offered up a proposition for us, and in turn given us a goal to work towards. We will be able to start operations on the coastal area of the Blossoming Cherry tree lands south of Lurin and east of the lands of the Halflings of Dunfarthing once Lurin makes efforts towards expanding their territories. Here, we will be able to operate among beautiful scenery of both pretty floral life but also ocean view in nearly every direction. Here, we plan to establish a district of Prime real estate for shops and businesses alike to set up in, providing a centralized place with purpose of easy trading, internal communication and purposefully an attractive location for any type of buyer to come for their shopping needs. We Need You But, as many of you may know by heart, nothing comes at the price of nothing, and as such, there are many expenses involved in this new and ambitious project to make Business owning a less Taxing endeavour for everyone involved. With our current limited capability, our ability to gather up said economic needs are limited at best, and as such, we humbly request the financial support of you! To reach this milestone on our own would be an endless endeavour, and much like the premise of our business, we cannot carry ourselves, but need the support of likeminded individuals so we can lift each other up in United efforts. Any and all donations of Mina to the cause will be met with the most heartfelt gratitude, not only from us, but from those in the future who will see the project fulfilled. What we can do for you The situation being how it is, there is not much we can offer in return for your generosity, however where we can repay you is with a future investment. For any supporter, we will include your or your business’ name on a memorial of gratitude within the confines of the future establishment. Additionally, any donation beyond 200 mina will ensure you a permanent shop Tax reduction to let you save more of your earnings for personal endeavours for as long as you choose to co-operate with us at VoC. Lastly, with the same threshold of donation, we will give you a boosted priority when it comes to picking out your desired business property once everything has been constructed. This way, with these benefits, you will be sure to always feel that your donation mattered, not only to yourselves individually, but also us as a unified force as a whole. Together, we'll conquer new horizons and prosper in the ever-evolving world of international trade, and it all begins with you! Contact and info Interested in joining VoC, or perhaps you feel a hint of generosity and wish to make a financial donation? Contact Gaius Kaeronin (SirWillz) or Tiwari E. Kervallen-Elmwood (TheGekko) through mail, aviary or in person. For more information see our official documents where also all current companies under the VoC are listed along with progress updates for benefacting members and partners: [ official discord ]
  13. Tiwari’s Face beamed, reading the invitation to her dear friend’s Wedding “Yess!! Go gurl!” She exclaimed.
  14. “Ah, yes. So ‘et begins, aye. Les see if th’ Workforce can gather sum troops after our Centurion forces take up all o’ th’ good ones.” She mused to herself.
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