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  1. The Sheriff Anne reads over to missive as her dear Thain shows it off, "Oh tha's ra'her odd... oi never heard bou' all this." The lass then gives a little yawn, "Well oi hope teh 'ave fun and don't fall in wi'h teh wrong kindeh people or 'ave teh village jus' become eh village of little humans running bou'."
  2. ~~xXx~~ Anne sits alone at her desk in the office of the Shrimp as it sways on the sea; the sounds of the twilight play a somber lullaby in the lasses ears as she scratches out a letter. Salty tears soak into the parchment while the lass wipes away at her runny nose. Finally, her work is done, and with a shaking hand, the lass passes the parchment over to a bronze rat. The critter takes the parchment and scuttles off into the night. As the sunrises, each remaining crew member would find a note resting on top of their chest when they awake. "To my dear crew, I am incredibl
  3. ~~xXx~~ A sand-covered rat totters up to each crew member of the remarkable ship known as the Spicy Shrimp. The rat lay down a note at the feet of each person before waddling away. Upon opening the note, the crew would find it to read as follows. "To my dear crew, It is time for us to set sail! Pack up your bag, gather your food, and ready your sea legs! We will be setting sail out on our first ride across the grand mistress that is the deep blue sea in the coming day. Now keep in mind, my dears, that this is our first trip out on the sea as a group, so I ask yo
  4. ~~xXx~~ A soggy coffee-colored rat totters up to each crew member of the tremendous and extraordinary ship known as the Spicy Shrimp. The rat lay down a note at the feet of each person before waddling away. Upon opening the note, the crew would find it to read as follows. "To my dear crew, As many of you know, we were traveling out on our first sea-faring trip in the coming days. However, my precious crew, your remarkably knowledgeable quartermaster, got food poisoning from devouring ALL of my rats' treats. And it is because of this; we will have to push back the trip
  5. ~~xXx~~ [!] Brown and black rats run around from city to city, dropping off handwritten notes in front of anyone they can find. Today is the day, my friends! Come to the village of Bramblebury and join the crew of the Spice Shrimp. We have many jobs on our crew open and beds for the first few that join! Get ready to set sail and start a grand adventure! [!] At the bottom of the page drawn in black ink is the insignia of the Rat Queen. [OOC: 4pm EST 4/12] ~~xXx~~
  6. The Ballot: ((MC Name: )) Little__Lady Name: Anne II Vote Anne Cottonwood for Sheriff? Yea (x) Nay ()
  7. Anne's eyes flicker over the paper as a small smile makes its way onto her face, "Well et's rather sad teh see her s'ep down wi'hou' eh figh' oi guess oi unders'and why she's doin' et. Bu' none teh less, thank yeh Memaw fur all yeh work and if oi deh take yeh place oi'll hope teh deh jus' as good eh job as yeh did." The lass the turns on her heals and walks off a few rats moving along with her.
  8. ~~xXx~~ [!] Small rats run around, dropping off handwritten notes. To the many people and other alive-ish things of Almaris, I would like to extend to you an offer of adventure and freedom and life on the sea. Hidden away in Bramblebury, there sits a ship that has sat dormant on the sea unused and untouched until today. I, Anne Gardner of the Cottonwood clan, Warden of The Sea, and Rat Queen, am stepping up to take my rightful places as the Spice Shrimp's Captain. My father, Taurin Gardner, was the last captain of the ship, and in his final note to me, he gave me the ship. And now,
  9. The Ballot: ((MC Name: )) Name: Demeter Pebblebrook Vote for Elder: James Peregrin () Greta Goodbarrel (x) Filibert Applefoot () Jordan Applebottom () Winter May Gardner (xx)
  10. [!] A note is pinned to the notice board of the village! "I, Anne Gardner of clan Cottonwood, Warden of the Sea, Captain of the Spicy Shrimp, am writing this as a formal challenge to the current sheriff, Meemaw for her position. Meemaw, I have nothing against you, and you have been an outstanding sheriff, but I feel it is about time someone younger takes over keeping the village safe. I wish to be that someone, as I have a deep love for this village's people, and a genuine want to keep my kin safe. Thank you all, Anne." (TLDR: Challenging you nerdy lol <
  11. Minecraft Username: Little__Lady Roleplay Name: Anne Race: Halfling Timezone: CST
  12. The wee lass once know as Anne sits on her fathers ship, her many rat running round making the place home, as she reads the paper aloud, “Awe he wrote bou’ meh, oi’ll ‘ave teh ge’ some’hin’ teh day thank yeh.” The lass chuckles a little as she folds the paper back up and gets up going back to work. Anthea rubs her eyes having woken up in the Gardner burrow that morning the lass simply picks the paper up from one of the close by tables, “Oh..well at least some people had fun at the festival I planned..I wonder if Winter has seen this?” The wee lass wanders off to find her friend.
  13. Anne joins the Warden Order! [!] A note is pinned to the Bramblebury Noticeboard and delivered to all of Anne's many friends by small rats! ~In image of the ship Anne Captains~ Anne Cottonwood-Gardner, Rat Queen of Bramblebury and Captain of the Spicy Shrimp, is being sworn in as the first of the new line of Wardens Protectors of the Realm. If you wish to be there to support the wee lass on this great day, for which she has worked for over many year, make you're way to Bramblebury to the Hall of the Wardens on the 16th at sundown. ((5:00PM EST, S
  14. Anne smiles as she runs past the paper stoping only a second to mutter, "Oi guess oi bet'er go ask Roll teh go wi'h meh" The wee lass chuckles before running off to find her battle buddy. Antheia looks up from her flowers as she smile, "Oh I just can't wait, I hope everyone loves all the work me and Winter have put into this!" The woman sighs once move before going back to her work to ready for the The First Ever Doublesweet Festival.
  15. Anne reads over the note from high up in her tree a deep set frown making it's way onto the wee girls face, "Wha' is this...wha' 'ave weh become tha' people are goin' teh beh killed..." The wee girl would hold the paper close to her chest as she cries, "Oi don' wan' te-teh die! Oi jus' wanted teh keep people safe from bad guys!"
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