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  1. { Fire Department Application } ((MC Name: josie_exotic)) Name: Onelia Peregrin Age: 60 Mailing Address: 1 Cherry Lane Why do you want to be on the Fire Department?: I would like to join the Fire Department to keep our grass green and untouched by fire. Any other comments?: I've seen some fire safety violations throughout the village that may be worth addressing.
  2. [!] A new poster is pasted across the village noticeboard, announcing that there is a new fire chief in town. OFFICIAL ~FIRE CHIEF~ PERRY OVERHILL 1815 It is with great honor that I announce that the winner of the fire chief elections is none other than Mister Perry Overhill. From here on out, the fire chief elections will be held immediately after the announcement of the new elders, as not to interfere with the elder elections. Along with this, in the future elections, polls will be open for 2 elven days before the announcement of
  3. We, uhm, do a little trolling? (Am i doing this right)

  4. F2U SparkleTiny Pixel SparkleATiny Pixel SparkleMTiny Pixel SparkleATiny Pixel SparkleBTiny Pixel SparkleF2U Sparkle

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    2. __Clocky


      I'm just waiting for the Lord's High School @Slorbin

    3. Kiiwi


      My favorite halfling player!! <3 I miss you Josie.. (Its Dana/KawaiiAlice btw c:)


    4. Lionbileti



  5. Why aren't humans shelved yet? We're all humans in real life and races with actual FLAVOR are getting shelved for iNaCtiViTy while humans get to stay so ppl can live out their fantasy of beating their wives irp :(

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    2. __Clocky


      Based overdose based overdose

    3. altiar1011


      That's it, shelve all races and let us play exclusively Aengudaemons

    4. MonkeNotic


      No more lore for anybody. We're banning all humans, dwarves, halflings and elves.


      Wonk School RP Time

  6. +1 Don't stop a race that you would have fun playing from being made just because you think it ~might~ die off. I would relive MANY of my good experiences even if they had tragic endings. Also maybe just play the race and it won't be an issue? lol. Also shelve humans.
  7. ^Rio posing for their year-book photo. Say yeast! *Snap* Rio embodies strawberry bread because pink. Pros: -Strawberries are the best berry, right next to raspberries. -Is sweet in bread context -Nommy af Cons: -Diabetes -Looks like they oppress poor people
  8. [!] A new poster is pasted across the Bramblebury Noticeboard, directly above a new, much shinier ballot-box! Fire-Chief Elections of 1811! The Fire Chief of your choosing will remain in position for the next four years! If their position is not contested with the nomination of another Fire Chief in four years, they will repeat the term until a new nomination is brought forward. Likewise, the Fire Chief reserves the right to step down and hand their position off to another member of the Fire Department. Once elected, a Fire Chief will be in charge of managing t
  9. [!] A poster is nailed to the Bramblebury noticeboard, directly above a poll-box. The Official -Bramblebury- Fire Department 1810 As elders of Bramblebury, it is our duty to ensure the safety and well-being of Bramblebury's wee. With this in mind, we have commissioned the building of a fire department, to protect folks from the devastation and destruction caused by accidental fires, wildfires, and fires caused by reckless bigguns. We are prou
  10. Y'know what?Β I'm gonna say it. It's time to shelve humans.

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    1. Potatatoes


      they're too op. If you don't like the character line you have you can just nuke them without consequence of losing a magic which you spent half of a f***ing year tiering up in.

    2. MonkeNotic


      I stand by this.

  11. The Ballot: ((MC Name: Josie_Exotic )) Name: Onelia Peregrin Vote for Elder: Burt Hassenfort (x) Onelia Peregrin (x) Kerraline Goodbarrel (x) Cyris Collingwood () ((Dunno if I'm supposed to vote because I'm a candidate but HERE.))
  12. lol why are y'all changing halfling lore without playing halflings?Β  I'm not out here changing high elf lore please stay in your laneΒ 

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      finna change human lore and make 'em all 2 feet tall now if this is how the server works now

  13. ^A picture of Spoons staying organized with their Toast-It notes. Spoons is the crouton because croutons are nommy. Pros: -Can eat in handfulls -Excellent snack for the financial struggle -Cronchy -The only part of a salad worth eating Cons: -Will kidnap your family for no reason
  14. ^You bread my mind Mason! Here's a portrait I made of you. Mason is cornbread and you cannot tell me otherwise. Pros: -Corny -Easy to make -Tastes pretty good Cons: -Corny -Can be hard to swallow ^I'm on a roll with these bread puns, Dev. Here's your yearbook photo! Dev embodies the croissant because croissants are magical and so is Dev! Pros: -May contain chocolate! -Light and fluffy! -Will make you seem ~fancy~ Cons: -A lil flaky but it's okay -Expensive
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