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  1. THE BALLOT ((MC name: nornukig )) Name: Khaeryr Leverys Vote for Okarir'hiylun: ( XX ) Seth Calith ( ) Valyris Wynasul
  2. THE BALLOT ((MC name: nornukig )) Name: Khaeryr Leverys Vote for Sohaer: ( XX ) Arelyn Iyathir ( ) Nuala Telperion
  3. Upon having his fill of the previous issue, mister K. Leverys fishes out yet another sheet from a tightly bound stack of scandalous tabloids. "My my" he muses with insurmountable levels of lethargy seeping through the gaps between his breaths, "One should be overjoyed for their mistakes to be treated with such leniency. Now... Will the poor wretch choose to seize this opportunity?"
  4. Upon witnessing the odd scene play out somewhere on the streets of Karinah'siol, the moony librarian decided to stay out of sight and beyond earshot of the group. He could barely stifle a hiccup when the fourth person jumped the previous three from behind. Before retreating deep into the bowels of San'evarir, Mr. Leverys muttered something barely coherent under his rimy breath. The mumbling sounded somewhat like "What a perfect day to lock oneself up somewhere far from here." Then again, maybe it could've been deciphered as "Imagine if they had knives and no regard for the la
  5. THE BALLOT ((MC name: nornukig )) Name: Khaeryr Leverys Vote for Okarir'tir: ( XX ) Valorin Celia'thilln ( ) Ellisar Aevaris ( ) Olrin Hildinyr
  6. An unsuitably dressed for the harsh weather mali'aheral climbed up the 56 steps he learned to dread and respect over the last few months. There, laying atop a thick layer of dust, a single folded note greeted him from the reception desk. Having been left deprived of his precious books, Khaeryr Leverys rushed to the letter, giggling and gasping in anticipation of something to READ. The abundant text was somewhat blurred from what appeared like... teardrop stains? Several important parts could only be interpreted from the context, which the disquieted bookkeeper happily did. The bit
  7. THE BALLOT ((MC name: nornukig )) Name: Khaeryr Leverys Vote for Okarir'hiylun (can't believe you schmucks made me change this you got the point): ( ) Maeve Elibar'acal (XX) Aestenia Aevaris
  8. He shifted, groaned and wrestled with his blanket. Gripped by another fit of meaningful nightmares, mister Leverys crashed down to the floor while traversing an incorporeal dungeon in his sleep. Upon a rough waking, the elf clambered onto his office chair and, muttering a couple of curses, commenced the long and tedious ritual of reviewing his shoddy penmanship. His eyes run down an array of incomprehensible scribbles before they stopped at two particular entries: THE HUNT : ORB OF NIGHTMARES It brandished impenetrable illusions. I
  9. Does reality bend and buckle under the weight of amassing nightmares... or do nightmares arm themselves with snippets from my past and present? Whichever way the wind blows, my gaze deflects somewhere beyond, a place where I'm not meant to be.
  10. Those seeking paranormality find it in no short supply for this insane, wretched reality is eager to provide. To keep yourself walled, to remain oblivious, to become complacent - is to stagnate and perish. To do otherwise... is insane.
  11. THE BALLOT ((MC name: nornukig)) Name: Khaeryr Leverys Vote for Okarir'nor: ( ) Zelios Elibar'acal (XX) Nuala Telperion
  12. Memories fade and overlap in a maddening entanglement, am I to untwine this abhorrent knot myself? An insurmountable task, for sure. It was not meant to be, fate is reserved for those powerful enough to capitalize on it, which I am not.
  13. THE BALLOT ((MC name: nornukig)) Name: Khaeryr Leverys Vote for Aiera Sullas: (X) For ( ) Against
  14. IGN: nornukigCategory: ArtworkArtwork: An origami masu box, made out of A4 sheets bearing printed-out pattern of sightless eyes, which I have manually drawn with a 0.3 thick fineliner beforehand. Snippet of the scanned pattern is below:
  15. A disastrous strip of time, rife with both unexpected and undesired encounters, ghastly revelations of otherwordly kind, morbid recollections from the hollowed out past. It became a struggle to push through and a calamity to outlive.
  16. Mister Leverys approaches the notice board in his now usual nonchalant gait. His eyes get caught by a particular missive that sticks out among the rest. In a matter of seconds, Elmali could've been seen vigorously jotting in a battered notebook, his struggle to hold back the panicked excitement getting in the way of qualitative penmanship. After being done with transcribing, Khaeryr looked around to make sure he was not witnessed or, at the very least, noticed. As he bestows the memo with a final glance, the elf mutters, more to himself than to anyone else: ”To peek beyond the horizon of
  17. Mr. Leverys sluggishly approached the notice board while shielding his eyes from the accursed sun. He blinks wearily at the memo, the sheer amount of text overwhelming him in an instant. Elmali rubs his eyes and makes another attempt at reading through the essay, fishing out the seemingly important stuff and ignoring the filler. Finally, he focuses on the name. ”Nuala...” he mutters, “Uradir? Wasn’t she the one to bully poor Nessarose for baring her shoulders?” Khaeryr grunts, letting his gaze drift upwards a bit “Eh? It’s about Okarir’nor, not Okarir’maehr?” He snorts, wincing at th
  18. So much to take into account, yet so little is actually worth being put to paper. A shame or a blessing? Who knows, really? Who cares – that’s the question. All in all, 1789 was a kicker. Things can’t stay quite the same anymore, can they?
  19. Adopting a carefree gait, Mr. Leverys approached the notice board, skimming it briefly in search of outdated information and other fun stuff. His eyes stop on a fresh addition, its paper not yet withered and its ink not yet faded. ”Ah, of course.” he mumbles to himself, his smile widening. “The actual problem was the terminology used! Oh, silly us! Now it all makes sense, now there’s not a thing to worry about.” The elf nods to himself, taking a sip from the bottle of Qalasheen Coffee. He stares at the beverage in awe immediately afterward, as if this was the first time he realized
  20. Another year, another jumble of incoherent notes, another set of empty bottles. A shift of perspective was required, was long overdue, actually. Even if the year 1788 may seem a bit lackluster, it was rather poignant… in a way.
  21. The year 1787 ended on quite a cheery note only for the next to begin on a gruesome one. If anything is amiss, it will come up, eventually. Most likely when the alcohol runs out or when the head stops throbbing.
  22. As Mr. Khaeryr scans the fresh newspaper, his eyes widen. He reaches behind with his hand, grasping for the back of the seat he is about to slowly lower himself into. “This is how it starts,” he mumbles drearily to himself “At first, the sheer idea is abhorrent. Then, as more and more influencers vocalize their support, the public opinion shifts. Slowly, inconceivably.” Khaeryr shivers ever so slightly as he puts the tabloid away. “It will either end in a wide-spread acceptance,” he sighs, “or an outright civil war.” With these words, elmali stands up and approaches the dumpster to dispo
  23. A busy year it was, 1786. Finally there’s time to put all things in order. Is there something amiss, though? Did something slip away?
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