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  1. The elfess reviews the news of Konrad’s death and exhaled softly. There was much chaos and strife but he moved on at last, somewhere where there were people waiting for him. She wiped a few tears out of her eyes with the pad of her thumb, sniffling quietly. The haze of incense seemed to drift away as she stared onwards. There was no reason to be sad, but she felt a little pang of regret for having not been able to be there more for him. “Say hello to Wil for me, you old fool.. And don’t get impaled with anymore wood!” The laughter was bittersweet as her head lalls to the side, her eyes falling closed. She was an elf, she would live long enough to see the rise and fall of generations to come of her friends. And that was alright.
  2. A young lady has struck out to create her own business, following a path of lapidary and jewelry smithing. The business, owned by one Lady Luisa Klaire Barclay would be found on Alexandria Street III in New Reza, with both limited quantity goods and one of a kind pieces. All stock, one sold out, will not be made again, so it’s best to check available stock regularly! The business is also open for commissions, by way of personal meeting or by bird ((@Deilla#0510) ⭑・゚゚・*:༅。.。༅:*゚:*:✼✿ ✿✼:*゚:༅。.。༅:*・゚゚・⭑ Showcase Pieces, currently for sale within the shop! A Music Box Locket, only four exist. A One of a Kind Piece , that’s been sold! ⭑・゚゚・*:༅。.。༅:*゚:*:✼✿ ✿✼:*゚:༅。.。༅:*・゚゚・⭑
  3. There was a profound, almost sickening feeling that grew within the Okarir’hiylun as she read the letter later. There was, without a doubt, evidence Nuala Uradir had been murdered. Ithia’s quickened cry to her in the square had set a sort of cold ice to her veins, the idea that somebody was so gruesome to murder, then dismember them to deliver the parts elsewhere, was horrific. There was a dry, ashen taste on her tongue as she sips from her coffee cup.
  4. The elfess would have to fetch her reading lenses, for the hour was too early for her. The letter in one hand and a cup of near black coffee in the other, she’d review it. A brow is perked up and a smile creeps across her lips. A low rumbling chuckle starts in chest and she sets her cup down. Sounded like she’d get to teach another generation of Barclays how to read and write; and maybe play the violin since Manfred missed that lesson.
  5. ((MC name: Demented_Delila)) Name:Dele Seregon Vote for Okarir’maehr: ( X ) Silvyr Uradir ( X ) Andria Aldin
  6. ((MC name: Demented_Delila )) Name: Dele Seregon Vote for Okarir’tir: ( X ) Alluin Seregon ( ) Elrion Visaj ( ) Celiasil ( X ) Storm Elibar’acal
  7. [!] A notice has been put up in Haelun’or! The Last Call The Okarir’hiylun Beckons The contents contained within this missive may appear unusual, considering the nature of my position. I beckon you, the brave and noble citizens of Lareh’thilln, to heed my final call in this saga of adventure. The time has come for us to journey North, with due haste, and see this quest unto its end. This journey will be treacherous and unforgiving, as we delve into the icy mountains, where an ancient battle has remained frozen in time for millenia. There is no guarantee violence will be encountered, but the threat is there nonetheless, and thus this call is not for the faint of heart. While this invitation is open to all legal citizens of Lareh’thilln, we require the specific number of those attending prior to the expedition’s leave. This is due to a special component to this journey, which requires all persons be equipped with an amulet to allow their survival in the frozen wastes. Those interested in this matter should contact me promptly and I will write them into the party’s numbers. Citizens answering this call should be both brave and polite, with great emphasis on the latter. Impoliteness is detrimental to the efficacy of expeditions like this, and have in my own past experiences resulted in death. Signed, ElOkarir’hiylun [The Date and Time of this event will be chosen when we have our numbers!]
  8. HAELUN’OR TRADE FAIR [Sunday, the 12th of July,] [Set to start at 1:30pm EST] The time of fairs and festivals is upon us, lliran, as the summer weather sets in and the air swelters with heat, accompanied by the buzz of cicadas. The Haelun’or Trade Fair opens to the people of Arcas to show off the markets of Laureh’thilln, the Silver City of the Mali’thill. In order to expedite and reduce waiting times at the gates for those who wish to attend, outside attendees must contact Elokarir’hiylun Dele Seregon for an Entrance Pass. It’s required that you cooperate with the guards at the gatehouse regardless, but this should reduce the processing time so you may enter the event sooner. The form is attached below. This will allow for better event management by the team running the event, so it is strongly encouraged you fill out this application; else you may be turned away from the event to prevent overcrowding. Library & College Events [Writing Contest] Contestants may bring a pre-written book, written by themselves, for judging by the Tilruir'indor and two judges to be chosen at the event. The max number of pages allotted is 12 pages plus a title page, totalling 13 pages. [[For OOC clarification, this may be a Google Document if you so choose, judging will just take longer.]] Tavern Events [‘Acid Pit’ Challenge] A spicy chicken eating contest. 1d20 over three rounds, highest combined numbers wins the game 1d20 represents the amount of wings eaten in a single round. Run two games of this based on interest. [Clothing Showcase] This is an opportunity for tailors to pridefully show off their work. Tailors and seamstresses must apply beforehand and be granted Fair passes to come and display their work if they are from beyond the city. They may pair with the citizenry or their friends to showcase these outfits through the event, or they may singularly wait for the judges to present them. Merchant Row [Scavenger Hunt] An event-based on promoting the visitation of all shops. Interested players will be given a notebook to record the locations and price of the items found within the markets of Haelun’or. The winning player will be given a prize. [Foreign Favorite] Event-goers may be asked to place a stick in a chest with an item in it as a tally to which item is the crowd favorite. Every merchant is able to participate and submit one of their shop goods they are most proud of. [Open Market] All shops will be open and merchants will be on hand if there are questions about stock. Foreign merchants may apply for a temporary stall space via contacting the Okarir’hiylun and applications will be approved by the Okarir’nor. [Community Dinner] A large group of tables could be set up in the square, or an area with a large amount of space, and individuals wishing to participate would bring a dish of food, homemade or otherwise common. At some point during the fair (the conclusion of the fair makes the most sense), a large community dinner would then be hosted for the ‘thill and participants involved to sit together, drink, eat, and discuss. [[Application Form: Application Form]] Signed, ElOkarir’hiylun
  9. The Ballot [ MC name: Demented_Delila ] Name: Dele Seregon Vote for Sohaer: (X) Nelgauth Maehr'tehral (X) Anethra Uradir ( ) Abstain
  10. [ MC name: Demented_Delila] Name: Dele Seregon Vote for Okarir’maehr: ( X ) Silvos Sythaerin ( ) Elahern Aeth'sulier ( X ) Olrin Maehr'tehral Vote for Okarir’nor: ( X ) Elathion Dagre'sae ( X ) Aiera Sullas
  11. The Ballot (( MC name: Demented_Delila )) Name: Dele Seregon Vote for Okarir’tir: ( X ) Kaelan Aldin ( ) Elrion Visaj ( X ) Alluin Miravaris Vote for Okarir’hiylun: ( ) Silvyr Uradir ( XX ) Dele Seregon ( ) Farandil Aldin
  12. “You dare spit this in my face? YOU DARE SPIT THIS IN MY FACE? You know as well as I, I had no choice in the matters of ‘bringing pain’- I was ordered to do so, by the former Council and Diarchy. Do you realize that I recited the mantra, dissent is treason and treason is death at every moment I lived and breathed in doing so? I spent years disgusted with myself for having to listen to the orders of those over me- Remind yourselves, that the one time I ever questioned the orders of the Diarchy, I was threatened that it was treason by Malaurir Elibar’acal, long before she ever realized what a scam they were? If you ever paid attention, Silvyr, that I begged Nelgauth to put laws in place so that we no longer would be required of these practices, because of how deeply unethical it was to do so? These laws will be put in place over my dead body, I can promise you that much. You did not watch children bleed, you did not get threatened in a locked ward with murder, you’ve not put bleeding men back together. You say I am hostile, Silvyr, but you seem to forget it is a facade. Do you mistake my volume and determination for hostility? I am told I seem hostile, that I am frightening, but all are surprised to see I am a motherly sort, a kind sort. The one willing to give you her bread, her blood, her life, should you so need it. I will fight tooth and nail for anybody here,” Her voice seems to crack, eyes watering. She’d swallow down the bile in her throat. It seemed the words had cut a bit deeper then probably intended. “ I should remind most present, that when I arrived in Haelun’or we had nothing but two cots and an open air room as a clinic. I built this clinic with my bare hands and I will fight for the lives within this city with them too, no matter how scarred they become. I will ALWAYS stand steadfast against the storm, for I have weathered the storms myself, and I will weather them side by side with you. The hiylun of your mind and body has always come first to me, no matter how disgusted I have been with myself in the past for the orders made of me by the Diarchy and Council. I have made small decisions, little ones, to spare pain and suffering. I will keep fighting for what must be preserved, I will fight till my dying breathe to ensure the safety of those who place their trust in me, and the skeptics will find me offering them olive branches. Nobody will be left to drown, nobody will be left to struggle. You want my help? Find me, I am here. I’m but a bird away. You need my advice? Find me- Call for me, and I will come. You know where I live, where I linger, I see your faces everyday and I know your names, I know your voices, I reach out to you with these hands, that have fought, healed, and tended. I just ask that you see that you can trust me. A secret given to me will be guarded with my life and not even pain could draw it. If it is a troubling secret, I will WORK with you. It will not leave my lips, unless you’ve given me permission. I want for nothing more in my life then to protect the wellbeing of Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya and the Mali’thill of Elcihi’thilln. I have no interest in power, I have no interest in titles. I am Laurir, but I don’t care. It is a title- I am still Dele Seregon, known before as Dele Moonbrook, I run for this position not to better myself or my name, but to better this city. I have been striving for YEARS to reach for this position, and I will take the burden so willingly. The Okarir’hiylun was removed twice in the six odd decades I have lived within the city, and I was robbed twice of this position over grudges held against the predecessor. I will bleed, cry, sweat, and fight by your sides- I promise you that, as long as there is breath within my lungs, and energy in my body. Mark my words, and if you so believe them, even if you do not, I will offer my life to serving what I have sought for years to protect and nurture against chaos.”
  13. “As for clarification upon your first question, the answer is I intend to do both. I actively seek to compromise with fools and both seek to reign in my emotions. Second bit of clarification, yes, that’d be correct. Two events an Elven month if we can manage it. I encourage little events in between, run or hosted by the citizenry. “As for whether or not I’d feel as if I’m pressuring a relationship, I’d say no. Nelgauth, too, has done something similar to this. I got shouted but another physician, Cinh, many years ago because I failed to even ‘prepare’ the wedded couple for such a wedding. If the relationship perishes because of a bit of pressure on it by outside forces, is it not, then to say, a wedded union might fall apart just as fast?” ” However, my idea is less to involve myself in it then you think. Little things, like knowing the family, or family history, of your future spouse is important. In fact, I am actually seeking to ask courting partners to spend more time together, so they might learn more of each other. See how their future spouse reacts to stress, power, and other outside factors they do not control. I strive for stronger unions for Elcihi, to provide a prosperous future for Mali’thill. I have seen women who lock themselves into marriage only to be the ones to put more work into it then their husbands. Rearing children by themselves, caring for the family. Those of you here will know a few yourself. These are not the bonds I wish to see, truly, as it broke my heart every time I saw it. I applaud courtships like that of Silvyr Uradir and Amberleigh, because I have seen them actively pursuing what is best for their future; knowledge of each other’s lives.”
  14. “Now, should the Okarir’hiylun have to ascend to the position of interim Sohaer, I do plan to rely heavily upon the judgement of our Maheral Sullas and the elected council in running the election for the new Sohaer as soon as possible. Be it post funeral or post trial. However, I hope you understand that my ‘easy’ agitation comes from blatant foolishness. I frankly don’t withstand foolish behavior, especially from those who ought to know better.. However, on further plans, there has been a Clinical Reform in the works by the current Head Physician, Nelgauth Maehr’tehral, that I aim to support and pass. Due to the fallacies of our former council, such couldn’t ever be passed because they opted to remove his ‘unnecessary’ position... As they have done before. However, I aim to bring initiative to the wellbeing of the city, including proper events once an elven month, if not twice. There are also plans to make Celestia, a current steward with myself, my Tilruir’lin so that she might help me further the stewardy.” “Housing will be reworked, most definitely, as there are absent ‘thill who I’ve not seen in months who are bound to never come back. Door checks will be placed soon, mediir’an taught in the ways of integrating new and or returning ‘thill into the culture and city appropriately. It had been brought to my attention that in short, we really don’t do this much anymore. There will also be a PROPER establishment of an INN! We had an Inn, many years ago under the direction of Uppori Visaj, but due to unfortunate circumstances, such a service was lost and many unhoused Mali have been forced to just wait for a home to open up. I do, also, plan to establish a housemate service to match ‘thill with a good roommate to cut down on how many mali needing housing... I even plan to meet with couples to be wed, to test how well suited for oem’iian they might be. If they fail such a test, I would advise them to push their wedding date back a few years, as they clearly need to work on themselves and their bonds. Every malii deserves a good upbringing and if parents are let to wed who clearly don’t care about each other or others, then it will be no home appropriate for a malii. I’ve seen a few cases in my time as a citizen of Haelun’or of unfit parents being allowed to marry and reproduce, to yield unfortunate children who have been shuffled through the Guardianship System. Speaking of the Guardian System! I do plan to implement proper paperwork for this, to have a record of those who have interest in being a caretaker and role model for an oem’ii. I don’t want somebody being thrown an oem’ii they don’t plan to care for.” “Aha, but Farandil! Curantes is not associated with Haelun’or by any means. It is a neutral guild and the previous member of whom you spoke has resigned and this shade removed, purged and disowned. You’ve not actually got any sway of the guild, as that would fall uniquely to myself and the other Guildmaster, Desmond. This so called ‘discouragement’ is false, as Curantes, if we speak on the same guild, willingly accepts up and coming surgeons into our ranks. I don’t think anybody has ever discouraged people from practicing medicine unless they join the guild, and if you hear such- You ought to direct them to me, as this is not the type of behavior I accept within the guild. Licensing, however, should be worked out by a nation, not a guild. We don’t handle licensing as whole, Desmond licenses for Oren, because that’s his job from Oren. If you say discouragement, do you actually mean licensing? Something that most people will submit to at one point or another?”
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