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  1. Dele receives her letter in the clinic, midnight oil burning more so now as she drafts and tries to understand things beyond her. She pauses, reading the letter quietly. A sense of fear swells in her heart and the beat of it thrums in her ears. When Elarie departs, She begins to cry, not quite sure why it is that she cries. Perhaps, she thinks, it is the memories that she had lived through with him. With Kaelan and with #066. She trembles as she moved to sit on the cot in her office, reading it and rereading it again and again. It does nothing to stop her trickle of tears from becoming a flood, pouring down her face. Memories would not be forsaken nor forgotten, despite not all of them being delightful and pleasant. ”I promise to look after him, Kaelan... I just wish you’d opened up to me more, you big dumbie...” Memories of the first time she took to the tavern floor with her violin bounce in her head first, with Kaelan’s applause the only thing she hears. Next, the memories of taking Elarie trick or treating during Knoxoween do slightly staunch the flood, but not by much. She recalls his delight in #138, in being his father figure... her heart threatens to stop for a moment at the thought of #138 without #066, without Kaelan. There was a certain grief that cannot be spoken with his leaving, and a pain that went on and on. He wasn’t dead, she tells herself, but in a way he was. He left for somewhere else and she sure as hell hopes he writes. ”I’ll see you ‘round, you fool... You better stay safe.” She’d whisper to an empty office, recalling in brief the questions she’d anwsered here to him. Through tears she cracks a smile and stares out into the quiet city below her tower. To think he cared enough to bade her to take care of herself was kind, but to see him go would leave a Kaelan Aldin shaped hole in their lives. She hopes to see him when he comes back to them in time and to hear the stories of what the old soldier had done with his years that had gone by.
  2. [!] This post seems to have... never existed? [OOC: Hey folks, guess what, lye isn’t real in character so, no lye for clinic use and no lye for soaps I guess y’all.]
  3. An elfess would at last be able to cackle at the news from some months prior, as her rib was no longer at danger of refracturing. “GET FUCKED, NOIX’KALONI! I’ll kill you myself if I ever see your face again, damn grumbling like a damn storm and rattling my windows.” She declares to her empty bedroom, snickering and laying back down to sleep as she had awoken adruptly to read the missive she’d nearly forgotten about.
  4. The elfess would receive this missive while quietly resting on the cot in her office. Another dose of blissfoil is taken to ease the pain of her tender body and she nods to herself, planning for the possible addition of a new child or children to the family. A faint laugh escapes her at this idea. Delightful idea truly, if not for the condition of herself and her husband post battle. “Bless Larihei for Arugula- but also **** Arugula. I see my husband more, but niether of us are in good condition for such things as child rearing or crotch fruiting.” She remarks, cuddling back into her blankets with her arms wrapped about her stuffed stag. It was nap time again, she’s sure of it.
  5. “Hm. A voice to be heard, at last!” said Dele Seregon.
  6. “Pity he who finds injustice within this life, and mourn those that die by unjust jury.” Dele would remark when she hears the news of Konstanz’ passing, recalling the time in which she had come to meet and know him only lightly. She drinks off the bottle of Yoppil given to her by Wilheim that night when she’d been brought to Freising for “moral support” and begins to wonder how Konstanz would feel if he had only but lived. “I apologize for grave travesty to fall upon this family, for the blood of a Barclay to stain an executioner’s sword seems... wholly unfounded- baffling even. To incite such a heinous crime of injustice upon a man such as he... I suppose there is a place in hell for those who kill unjustly....” Upon the elfess’ next passing of Freising, a note would be laid upon his grave, a mourning sort for a life she never got to know, a flame snuffed out when it burned the brightest. He sang about tomorrow and tomorrow never came. An empty chair at a family table. I harken a soul that he might be redeemed in his next life, a better life I hope he gains, to cut a man down in his prime they did- a crime that I cannot believe.
  7. The Head Physician quietly cooes at the little baby when she stands in the barrack’s nursery, all too smitten with the wee lambie with his golden crown and purple hues so full of wonder and curious all the same. She vows silently to call him “Lamb” as his name, after all. He would be the Blessed Son of Silver, a Sheep to guide a flock one day. She sets the toys she’d brought him aside and checks him over once more. ”Wee little lamb, so blessed and pure: pity he born into this wretched life without knowledge of the family who called him their own. Lamb... you shall be safe, Sixty Six loves you more then he does anything else, even if you are to follow such a life as his.” She’d speak to the babe, tucking him in properly and checking him for fever or chill. She departs quietly as Sixty Six steps off to tend to the gates.
  8. “So these are the unfriendly heathens living in our blessed Silver Forest, pouring blood out on our roads of our kinsmen and our allies...” The Head Physician muses for a moment, mulling the news over. Dele takes a swig from her cup of coffee and breaks her moments of silence. “Get Fucked.”
  9. Dele would grin like a child, bouncing about her office in excitement. ”FINALLY!” She proclaimed aloud, clutching the parchment to her chest. She’d been waiting for years for this, and sets off to planning an extraordinary gift for the Blessed Diarchy.
  10. [!] Block stamped missives would be posted about several places through the city, nary an imperfection to be seen. It seemed another clinic missive had been posted! —————————— 7th of the Deep Cold, 1735 Blessed Citizenry of Haelun’or and favored friends of the state, It has come to my attention as of late that there is an individual, or group thereof, who seem to lack a moral conscience in the regards in which they conduct their protest. It is laughable to even call it a protest, it is rampant and reckless ideology that could get people sick. This act, this person to whom I refer... is none other then the one who hangs dead chickens about our beloved Laureh’thilln. It is despicable this blatant disregard for public health and safety this individual shows. The manner of these actions, however, shed a very different light. Chickens, beheaded or heads in tack, nailed or hung in all manner of places. They have had their bellies opened and stuffed full of beets. It is this inhumane display that shows a displaced perpetrator, one disturbed deeply by something that they must act out in such a way. This can invite pestilence. It attracts parasites to grow and fester and breed, only to repeat the cycle. It invites flies and other insects that feast upon decomposing flesh. A dead chicken upsets the balance of the natural order of this city. An open invitation to parasites and a breeding ground for disease. To the one who hangs the chickens.... I say it now- I implore you to cease your actions, for they are impure. They are a radically liberal idea to strike fear and cause chaos. There is no chaos to revel in when you breed disease in a city famous for being clean- only anger. Cease and come to us in private and you will be submitted to re-education, for it is clear to my eyes that you are disturbed. To the citizenry, any further chickens to be found should be reported to the Sillumiran. Do not engage with them unless a physician is nearby with gloves, no matter for what reason you think or give to handle it. Don’t touch it, don’t pick it up, don’t even think to put your face near it. It invites the travel of both disease and parasite. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya Signed, Head Physician Dele Seregon
  11. [!] A missive of some great concern has been posted about- it drips in sorrow as you approach it. [!] A drawing of a young ‘thill- No older then fifty is drawn upon the page. Dearest Citizenry of Haelun’or, This day of the 20th of Malin’s Welcome, 1735 was supposed to be a joyous one, full of light, love and celebration brought upon by the union of the Seregon and Miravaris families- but tragedy has struck us. This young ‘thill was murdered in retaliation by the ASHEN SIGIL out of spite for being denied at the gates. I had denoted them by their uniforms, one I had been warned of by our allies in Haenseti-Ruska. They were previously banished from Reza, and thereafter, many other cities and nations. They are Bandits, thieves- They are murderers and ‘atas. They murdered this boy, with no tongue of his own to speak with... They killed him as if he was livestock, butchered him in such a way that my eyes have never seen before... He is unclaimed, with none who knew his name. He was a newcomer to our State and I beg of you- If you knew this boy’s name, come forward! It would be improper of us to hold his funeral without so much as knowing his name... Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya Signed, Head Physician, Dele Seregon
  12. The Hiylun Imperative To help integrate and maintain a proper healing foundation within the glorious nation of Haelun’or this missive has been created to prevent further harm from those who are unskilled and unregistered to perform medical treatment on the blessed citizenry. Within this missive the creation of a system to record and track all licensed physicians has been implemented. This missive also shall be designed to help keep track of approved Apothecary’s and suppliers to monter the goods and medical supplies being sold to the blessed citizenry. 1: All herbs and medicines must be prescribed by the clinic. Unauthorised growth of herbs and medicine will be confiscated if you are not a licensed physician or Apothecary within Haelun'or. 2: All physicians are only allowed to perform if they are a member of the Clinic, or granted permission by the Head Physician, or Deputy Physicians. A license is only acquired once having gone through trials as an apprentice, or whence granted by the Head Physician and Sohaer after suitable trials. 3: All aspiring physicians must become an apprentice of a physician for a minimum of one saint's month. Physicians who are already practiced may apply and will be trialled on their knowledge by the Head Physician and the Deputy Physician. 4: The title of 'Head Doctor' and 'Doctor' shall hereby be replaced, as it should have been, with 'Head Physician', or, otherwise, 'Physician'. The title of 'Apothecary' is now formed for those who are fully capable of handling the flora and creating the medicine to be utilised adequately by a Physician. 5: The title of 'Head Physician' and 'Head Apothecary' is appointed by the judgement of the Sohaer alongside the Deputy Physician and the current Head Physician - or else otherwise appointed solely by the Sohaer after considerable trials of difficulty are undertaken by the physicians in question who are seeking this appointment in order to judge their suitability for the role. 6: From here on, all patients (unless otherwise unable to be moved), must go to the clinic to be treated. 7: Any injured person shall be handed over to the physicians of the states to be treated and stabilized. Said person shall not be released until they have been determined to be in a statble state. This includes not only the citizens of the blessed state, but also prisoners that may be captured by the Sillumir. 8: In the case of an emergency, all physicians available will be contacted via avian means in order to reach the clinic and provide their assistance. Placing your own personal means above serving Haelun'or in your physician's work will result in a warning - three, and you may be downgraded to an Apprentice, or else otherwise exiled from ever becoming a Physician or Apothecary at the Clinic. We, the denizens, healers and physicians of the great Silver Nation of Haelun’or, as members of the pure, blessed citizenry, urge the Council to take action on these documents. Lest they wish the clinic and the ranks of capable physicians and apothecaries to fall into chaos and remain within a state of disarray. These writings are the thoughts of every gathered physician of the Clinic. We urge that this is passed through swiftly. Order must be made. Law, renewed. Maehr'saw Hiylun'ehya. Signed Head Physician Dele Seregon Deputy Physician Alrin Sul’sumana Deputy Physician Farandil Aldin Okarir’hiylun, Aiera Sullas [OOC Note: The signatures are bit old as this was late to post. This law is subject to edits and rewritten, thanks,]
  13. Dele would clap excitedly upon seeing the letter, truly delighted to hear her niece was to be married! She only hopes Arbane would hurry home from the farm to see his daughter wed.
  14. Dele Seregon was in mourning for her dear friend taken perhaps a bit too soon. Yet, she was reminded of just how fleeting and fickle fate could be. Be it elf, dwarf or man- when it was time to leave, you had no say in the matter. She had said aloud to ears no longer listening, between stifled tears and comforting of those present, that illness did not make him a weak man; it made him human- and he was the strongest man she’d ever known. There is a violin played in his honor that night when she returns to Haelun’or, mournful and slow. It was known to bring tears to those who had heard the Physician play. Van’ayla, llir. Ay’Mikhail Svarogovich.
  15. [!] Notes have been pinned up about the city, scrawled in the block print common by the Clinic’s warnings. There is a drawing of a chicken on it. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Citizenry of Haelun’or and anyone else this missive reaches, I would like to formally request that you do not engage with blood, of any sort, for whatever reason. You should always be wearing gloves in Clinical and Laboratory settings. Did you know you can get diseases by contact with blood? That even goes for sweats, tears and spit! If it’s a bodily fluid- Do not interact with it unless you’ve got gloves on, and a mask for extra precaution! Not only do we, as sentient beings, have to abide this towards each other, but we should abide it towards livestock and other animals. Birds, for example. Bird are known carriers of disease, so are rats and bugs like ticks and fleas- What I’m trying to say is; Be safe. Do not be stupid about how you go about handling carcasses and corpses. Protect yourselves, protect your friends and family. It is as simple as hand washing, covering your mouths and avoiding others when you are sick- Please, for the love of all things good. Don’t be stupid when it comes to your health! If you’re sick, find a clinic or a healer- anything works. Administer some herbs, go to bed and don’t spread your sickness, I don’t care if it’s not contagious or not. You can never be too safe. AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION IS WORTH A POUND OF CURE MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA Signed, Head Physician Dele Seregon
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