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  1. [!] Notes have been pinned up about the city, scrawled in the block print common by the Clinic’s warnings. There is a drawing of a chicken on it. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Citizenry of Haelun’or and anyone else this missive reaches, I would like to formally request that you do not engage with blood, of any sort, for whatever reason. You should always be wearing gloves in Clinical and Laboratory settings. Did you know you can get diseases by contact with blood? That even goes for sweats, tears and spit! If it’s a bodily fluid- Do not interact with it unless you’ve got gloves on, and a mask for extra precaution! Not only do we, as sentient beings, have to abide this towards each other, but we should abide it towards livestock and other animals. Birds, for example. Bird are known carriers of disease, so are rats and bugs like ticks and fleas- What I’m trying to say is; Be safe. Do not be stupid about how you go about handling carcasses and corpses. Protect yourselves, protect your friends and family. It is as simple as hand washing, covering your mouths and avoiding others when you are sick- Please, for the love of all things good. Don’t be stupid when it comes to your health! If you’re sick, find a clinic or a healer- anything works. Administer some herbs, go to bed and don’t spread your sickness, I don’t care if it’s not contagious or not. You can never be too safe. AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION IS WORTH A POUND OF CURE MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA Signed, Head Physician Dele Seregon
  2. There is a collective cry of frustration from the Head Physician. “He bashed his head open to get my attention... He said herbs were bad- Hells, I hope this is a joke- or at least he cleans up his act...”
  3. The Head Physician would read, reread and read it once more. She stares at it, a dozen questions in her head. ”...huh... guess she really did it... Enjoy retirement, Haelun.” She remarks quietly to herself, taking that particular paper and roll it up for safe keeping. There was work ahead of them, to say the least.
  4. [!] A note has been pinned to the board, scrawled in the hand writing of one Physician. A similar note would be pinned to the wall in the clinic. ———————————————————————————————————— To the Blessed Citizenry, In regards to the golem situation, although it is more of a problem, I have some answers that should please you. As of today, the 1st of the Deep Cold in the year 1732, golems are hereby banned from the clinic. This includes if the impera is present for medical or non-medical purposes. Golems cause a certain unease within our patients, I myself having been one of those patients some years ago during the start of our Golem Epidemic. I had gone into labour and the Okarir’maehr’s golem was freshly obtained. It lingered in the hall, unclean and uncaring for my demands for it to leave. I do not put the blame on her, as it was new to her. Yet, this would be one incident among many. Golems make those who should be resting and healing, uneasy and frightened. Yet, blame shifts to other Golems. The golem called Lu’lok, for example, keeps devouring our bell, and I have lost count of just how many times I’ve replaced it only for him to eat it. The golem Ka Klad proclaimed he was a doctor, despite his lack of certification. Miss Uppori Visaj’s missive upon the banning of golems within the Tavern should be enough to further explain our stance on the epidemic. As the Deputy Physician, I declare them BANNED from the clinic. These heavy, clunky creatures are unclean, unfeeling, and least of all, defiant when an Impera is not present. Any golems within the clinic will not be tolerated, and Imperas will be fined 25 minae or more depending on what the damage is caused by the Golems. If an Impera is within the clinic, they will be required to order their Golem remain outside in the square. Failure to comply will result in Sillumiran intervention, this will vary as to when depending upon the state of the impera. Your health will be handled, but golems will not be tolerated. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya Signed, Head Physician Alrin Sul’sumana Deputy Physician Dele Seregon
  5. The Physician would sup upon her third cup of coffee that day as she reads the missive in her office. The trust in Laurir Uradir had returned, at last, for his excellent call out letter to the Paladins and their Daemonic harlot. ”Good. Let us see to it that wretch burns. I like the part about ‘the obscene exist to be hunted down and destroy’, excellent word choice! Cheers, Silir.” She remarks to herself in her empty office, raising her mug in a toast to the missive’s writer. She would then proceed to sip from her mug once more, returning to her paperwork and drafting of the Clinic’s expansion.
  6. A Physician would seem baffled to say the least. She reads and rereads the missive, eyes shifting to the coffee cup in her hands. ”When did we have military hounds? Are they treated well?” She’d ask of her coffee cup, before taking a swig.
  7. The Physican, if anything, finds this to be wholly outlandish. Perhaps she is bitter that her husband was ‘removed’, perhaps she is fed up with the Sillumir being overly aggressive at every little thing. She has no comment for this, not this time. She has no lack of trust in Alaion, only in Silir.
  8. The physician is, if anything, baffled by this letter that she sees in passing. Impure Love and Our Purity upon the same shelf? She would add this to her reasons why she did not visit the Library of Dragur unless wholly unable to avoid it. ”Indeed, Mayilu, disgusting indeed.” She remarks to her husband.
  9. The Physician would scoff slightly upon reading this, having wanted to make time to go see the lands of Irrinor. ”Thirty? Truly... anyone with half a brain that an elf is still a child at thirty! If I were to have deliver the baby of a thirty year old elf, I would feel as if the only way to be pure again would be to soak my entire body in lye and then sit in soap for a year. Fools, the lot of them. They will learn soon, I am sure, that to disregard tradition is in poor choice.” She grumbles, unpacking things from her travel bag. Once again, the weary Physician would choose to stay home then go for an old fashioned adventure.
  10. The Deputy, though soon to be Head, Physician would go to consult her associates within Haelun’or and the Medical Guild itself. “There is no clinical basis to this.” She says, “I thought I warned of the dangers of Snake Oil... Rotting beets invite pests to indulge in them, that which wrought disease and pestilence. Someone must make them listen and I fear it must be me.” She’d murmur to herself, bundling up papers into a portfolio.
  11. Dele Seregon eyes the announcement during one of her visits to Westmarch. “Sounds like I ought to get to work on those patterns I’ve had set aside...” (Mc Username: Demented_Delila Goods to Sell: Toys and Herbs/Medicine)
  12. A mali’thill would be torn between screeching or sobbing upon seeing the posters of Illiran pasted about Ves! “Resisting arrest? Being just a ‘warlock’? You all are detached from the truth of what he is. He is an impure, guilty of murder and several attempts of attempted murder. He should’ve remained dead , capture the wretch if you see him. So we may make him pay tenfold for the life of Gusten Faeliel.” She would hurry off, back to the Silver State as she had forgotten why she’d come to begin with.
  13. The Seregon Matriarch would sign her signature upon this document, as well as stamping the Seregon crest upon the bottom of the page. It is very much, 100% Matriarch approved.
  14. An elfess, with her mind still lingering upon the life given to save her own, would nod as she reads the missive. “Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya.... Let them mow down the ones who refuse to repent. Let them pay tenfold in blood for what they’ve stolen of our own. Let us hope that they will obey as they should.” She would return to supping coffee and writing out the medical documents from the day’s standard tidings.
  15. The Deputy Physician would recall when the meetings first took place and what part she had in them. She nods her head as she lays the letter down on the kitchen table, thoroughly proud of the outcomes of the Committee. “The peace of all Mali’ is what we strive for, let us continue to strive for such.”
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