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  1. Hey friends, I bring a small update! I will be opening discounted slots for the summer as I need to make some money to pay my Tuition Bill in May, as well as to save up for tuition in the Fall Semester. The discount will be for bust pieces and will be running from May 1st to July 1st. These will be simple, fully rendered like these pieces. I may also open YCH & Comic slots in the future! Going price per piece will be $35 USD ($10 OFF!) And a reminder. . . My patreon raffle is still on-going! That will be drawn the 25th of every month. For $15 a month, you too could possibly win an art piece!
  2. Dele Seregon had only just put a kettle for tea on when the missive arrived, which she takes in a quiet motion. Her eyes follow the courier as they leave, before she eyed the salt lines in the doorway. . . Out of habit, two handfuls of salt are sprinkled across the threshold. To keep the spiders away and out from her home. Their home, she thinks as she heard the light clattering of little metal toys from the stairwell. In a quiet, bitter rage, she throws the missive into the fire. There had been no failures to protect what God had given. There had only been impossible odds and slim chances. She thinks to Saoren's blood staining the snow in Norland, the body of the great worm shuddering in its death throes. . . Impossible odds and slim chances were all they had, beyond their many gifts. The Radiant Templar unfurls her tools as she sat by the stove, sharpening her blades and shining her plates as the tea brewed. . . The rain was pouring, a distant noise like drums and heartbeats.
  3. Dele Seregon, Resident of the Barrowlands and Radiant Templar of Malchediael, was disappointed to find her name was not listed among the citations, either.
  4. Absolutely, even if it's a bit old!
  5. The Dragon's Card -or- Del's Commission Sheet & More Hey! You might've seen me around in different community discords, posting art like a cryptid before disappearing. Unless you haven't, then hello for the first time! I'm Del, or 1HoneyDragon as is my artist's moniker. I'm an active member of the LotC community and I do art commissions! Attached you can find my Carrd.co link, with my pricing & rules, as well as some other things- such as my ko-fi and Patreon. https://1honeydragon.carrd.co/ Notes about the Patreon. . . Notes about the Ko-Fi . . . Examples of Previous Works & Commissions LotC is not the only community I do commissions in, please keep this in mind when you review my sheet. However, when handling work from within the community, our rules & standards still apply. Please respect that.
  6. OOC Note: Property of Dele M. Seregon
  7. Dele rubs her eyes, squinting as she received mail from Amathea by accident once more. . . "Hey wait a minute- Why is he giving out the location of our entrance? Stupid people are just going to go run in and get wounded, again. . . Someone almost died last time-! God damn it, they've got to be careful. . " With that, she goes to scribble a note to send off to Roy,
  8. Luisa Klaire held an arm out to the Barclay as he joined his kin in the Seven Skies, "I believe that you have made us very proud, liebchen. . . And now you have time to rest without rust."
  9. She had only ever know him as Elias, and yet the words of Gloredhel's passing pressed into her heart like bricks. Bricks of stone, too heavy to swim with. The elfess quietly signs the Lorraine for her late grandson, cursing herself for not granting herself one last hug last she had seen him. "And so too does the sun rest."
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