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  1. A simple note would be posted on the doors of the Citadel for all to read. "Citizens of Haelun'or, it is with heavy heart that I, Ellisar Aevaris, resign my position of Okarir'tir effective immediately. Though I am newly elected to the position, I cannot in good conscience continue to serve this nation's government. I do not believe in the path this government is taking. Stomping out debate, planning to execute those who dare disagree with them, perverting our people's purity into a means to seize and hold power only for themselves. Today they target lessers, but a state which operates thus
  2. THE BALLOT ((MC name: jonnyflatz )) Name: Ellisar Aevaris Vote for Sohaer: (XX) Arelyn Iyathir ( ) Nuala Telperion
  3. A notice is posted around the city and handed out to citizens A Call to Trial “Recently, a writing was distributed titled ‘An Essay on Purity and the ‘Aheral Mindset’ by Eos Sinruil. This essay contains the following passage: ‘Mali’aheral may romance whoever they want, but they must understand that if it’s not an ‘aheral that they plan to settle down with, then it’s nothing more than a childish fling. If one has already done their duty to the Silver City by having high elven children, then some would argue that there is frankly no harm in an interracial or homosexual relat
  4. THE BALLOT ((MC name: jonnyflatz )) Name: Ellisar Aevaris Vote for Okarir'hiylun (can't believe you schmucks made me change this you got the point): ( ) Valorin Celia'thilln (XX) Ellisar Aevaris ( ) Olrin Hildinyr
  5. Ellisar would remain in the square to answer the asked questions. Turning to Alluin, he would offer the following reply. "Alluin, I wasn't going to question my commanding officer in public and in uniform when we had that discussion. Though let me be clear today, once and for all. I followed the guidance of the Maheral, Sohaer and the majority of council. Celiasil Uradir has earned my respect and was acting with the support of our government. I had my doubts, which I brought to Celiasil privately and had resolved. The rule of law is most important to any functioning society and noth
  6. A fully uniformed Ellisar would make his way to the square in front of the Citadel of Karinah’siol. Clearing his throat slightly, he pulls a piece of paper from a pouch on his uniform and keeps it in hand. "Karin'ayla everyone. Ahernan for taking the time to hear me out today." Ellisar looks around at the crowd before continuing. "I am here to announce my candidacy for the post of Okarir'tir, with the goal of continuing the fine work of the past Okarir'tir, Celiasil Uradir while modernizing and reforming Elsillumiran as needed." He would pause before continuing. "For those that do
  7. Ellisar Aevaris was handed a copy of the letter by a passing citizen while standing outside the city's gatehouse. Though the contents of the letter were not news to him, the official nature of the letter brought it home. His commander was moving on to other things, the one commander he had known for his decades of service within the Sillumiran. The commander who had led Ellisar and all the soldiers of Haelun'or into battle against infernal legions and seen them through it. The commander who had seen fit to give Ellisar a career he loved. He hoped that Celiasil would enjoy his well earned rest,
  8. ((MC name: jonnyflatz)) Name: Ellisar Aevaris Vote for Okarir'nor: ( ) Maeve Elibar'acal ( XX ) Aestenia Aevaris 1
  9. Ellisar reads the notice while sitting at his desk, sipping a tea. He feels mixed emotions, noting the loss of a key government official and a hard worker. On the other hand, someone he considers a friend will get to spend more time with their family and less time working so hard for all the others in the city. Ellisar would wish her only the best and nothing but happiness.
  10. THE BALLOT ((MC name: Jonnyflatz)) Name: Ellisar Aevaris Vote for Okarir'nor: (XX) Zelios Elibar'acal (--) Nuala Telperion
  11. Ellisar Aevaris borrows a quill from a local and hurriedly completes the form, excited at the possibilities citizenship in this great city will bring.
  12. thevilehobo


    Glorin was born in Hefrumm about 86 years ago give or take a year. He was an orphan, his mother having died in childbirth and his father being killed in a mining accident. After being raised briefly by some distant relatives he was apprenticed at a young age to a carpenter in Urguan and he quickly found a love of building and crafting things. He showed an aptitude and understanding of the subject matter early on and learned much from the dwarven masters in the city. Furthermore, his unusually stocky (for a forest dwarf) physique gave him great strength when swinging a hammer. Unfortunately he
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