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  1. The ever so aging Myrana did not know how to feel about this, but definitely not good, something lurched in her mind, one of shock and sadness, why does her family like to die?!?!?
  2. Skin Name: Commission slot 1 Discord Tag: Imiya#0102 Bid(s): 200
  3. Skwin Nwame: commishon swot won pweeze uwu Discword Tag: Imiya#0102 Biwd(sw): wonhundwed mina WAIT WE POStED THIS AT THE SAME TIME
  4. RP Name: Diana Novellen MC Name: Imiya Voted: Yes ;D
  5. Yes . . . she fell from a tree and snapped her neck on accident, what a tragedy
  6. "Let us hope, that I do ne land in water." "Wuh" . . . [!] a SPLAT could be heard as a young female jumped off the edge of the side of the Alurian Tavern 27 . . . 32? I have lost count, but anywho some age old Elizavetta Maienne de Rosius was originally a court palace woman in Oren, later on in life becoming an Alderman, in her life, she had met a young man named Anton, whom she loved dearly, but she did not love him. Eventually, after finding out some shocking information, she realized she had been deeply sick all along . . . Elizavetta, horrified at this new information, ran to Ando Alur, where she met an elf named "Elren" This man would become to her, a very close friend. Elizavetta eventually took her life, after falling into an even greater depression, for reasons "unknown" to her. She took her life by jumping off the tavern in Ando Alur. (Side note, this is my first PK post, so I apologize if it is bad)
  7. Mai


    Ffarwel, ffarwel, May your future be bright!
  8. RP Name: Elizavetta Maienne de Rosius MC Name: Maioi Voted: Yes
  9. Full Name of the Candidate: Elizavetta Maienne de Rosius Age of the Candidate: 25 Street Address of the Candidate: Rosius 4 Position the Candidate is Running For: Alderman
  10. The young female, Elizavetta de Rosius would gaze at the tabloid, her usual bright and warm smile came to a halt, she stared at it, and blinked thrice "What is happening, what shall this mean? during times of war we really fight ourselves like this?"
  11. An elfenn'neus dilec'h e lakaat e teu, ha diwezhañ e-barzh ar postel: "Sklaer e vo an amzer-mañ nevez eus ar cliniñ!." - Madya Seth'onn
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