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  1. Her beloved eldest sister Catherine shone a light upon love--allowing the peaceful yet striking times to cast over Lorena. The disappearance of Catherine caused disparity and utter loss to overcome herself, the yearning and search commenced for a multitude of years, yet to no avail. The light was breached yet the search did not waiver as she continued the trek with tumultuous steps.
  2. Ariana Helen stares at the missive signed by father and sister with narrowed eyes, unable to understand as she continues to find cheese for her sister! "Mari!" She'd giggle absently as she went about her estate with gleem.
  3. Auction is now closed! Thank you for participating, all will be contacted momentarily.
  4. "Not a single spared..." Whispered a Novellen as she drew in stumbled breaths--fidgeting incessantly while walking through the darkened moonlight, which shined sharply on her raven hair. A faint well of a tear bubbled within her orbs as it fell to the putrescent pasture. Her thoughts endured in affliction as she began to wander in the darkness.
  5. Annabelle Augusta--the eldest child and daughter of the passed Countess--welcomed her mother with open arms into the seven skies. "Mother." She'd simply utter with a wide grin tracing her lips, finally united.
  6. Azie’s Skin Auction - 2.0 Hello! Welcome to my second skin auction on LOTC. B) Discord: Azie#0155 for any inquiries <3 Please follow this format to bid. This is to keep everything organized! Format: Skin Name: Discord Tag: Bid(s): Rules: ⦿ The skins will be bid with USD only, with the exception of the commission slots.. ⦿ You must be able to pay the amount that you bid within 24 hours of the auction closing. The second-highest bidder will receive the skin otherwise. ⦿ To prevent clutter, please do not respond to the thread unless you're bidding. ⦿ If a player outbids you, please respond with a new reply stating your new bid. ⦿ Paypal only for USD bids. ⦿ If a commission slot or old skin is bid upon on via USD, it cannot be returned to Mina. ⦿ All skins will go up by increments of 2 USD. ⦿ Commission slots & old skins will go up by increments of min. 2 USD or 100 Mina. Starting Bids | 200 Mina (Commission Slots & Old Skins ONLY) | 10 USD Conversion Rates | 1 USD = 20 Mina Auction Closes on Friday, April 29th | 10 pm EST SKINS: COMMISSION SLOT #1 COMMISSION SLOT #2 ALEX SKINS: FLORAL PRINCESS (Available with & w/o head) SMTH SMTH IM BAD AT NAMES (Available with & w/o head) EPIC RED DRESS IG! GIRLBOSSING WITH ARMOUR STEVE SKINS: CAPE IS KINDA FIRE TRAVELLER THING PIRATE VIBES OOOO CLOAK WOWWW OLD ISH SKINS: AZURE MANUTA OLD SKIN WITH FURS (Available with & w/o head) ELVEN VIBE? Kinda
  7. "I was so dearly correct." Philippa would say with immense disappointment -- allowing her intake of Azor merlot to circulate. "All children will defy in a way, they are children after all." She spoke with a sneer, looking upon the high cliffs with a scrunched nose. "Joseph, did I not plan the rooms in a way when you were building Azor? How ridiculous, to be husband and wife is to be connected, not treated as a scrap."
  8. Azie


    | A PROMPTED UNION | BY BONES AND BARROWS HIH Lorena Theodosia Valera and Duke Viktor Erik Ruthern Published 4th of Horen’s Calling, 1869 The ever-building tension soared across the lands, significantly inflicting conflict amongst a certain Novellen, nevertheless, fortuitous plans must take considerable thought. With only but a breath, steps reverberated and continued in pace ahead. The tides are thus cemented, evermore. After a brief courtship upon Princess Lorena’s coming of age, – steadfast nuptials were therefore arranged. A private ceremony was held between the duo, thus only inviting only a few guests to the union. With the long history of Raevir culture affixed to the House of Ruthern, Princess Lorena’s appellations will be altered in accordance, deviating to Lorena Valera Theodosia. Celebrations shall be postponed to a later date. Invitations will be sent off once such is determined, currently, it is in abeyance. Penned and signed by HIS GRACE, Viktor Erik, the Duke of Reutov HER IMPERIAL HIGHNESS, Lorena Valera, the Duchess of Reutov
  9. While away in Aeldin, the Duchess of Azor did not hear of her daughter's death, yet a groveling pit upon her stomach succumbed and unease circulated. "I do hope everything will be fine..." She spoke with unsureness, - sailing away upon the seas with a shake of her head.
  10. The warmth and care a mother has for a child cannot be forsaken even with dire circumstance--Philippa Antoinette dearly embraced her daughter, Valerie, as if she were a child once more. Valerie--who was thirty-eight years of age--was only a babe within the Duchess' eyes. "Little one... I shall always be with you." The Duchess would mutter endearingly, thinking upon the days of yore.
  11. Philippa d'Azor would sign the missive overlooking the Duchy with a heavy heart. "The amount of lost..." She muttered looking at the wounds which traced over her husband, alongside the hurt seen on her daughter's eyes.
  12. Lorena Theodosia would face the gleaming sunset with remorse as her orbs faltered in sodden. "What to do..." She would say with stillness yet allowing her voice to echo in bellowed screams. Finally, the Princess would look towards her younger sister, a frown settling in deepened sorrow. @grnappa
  13. Lorena Theodosia began her paces about as fingers reached in agony to her temples, a frown emitted, truly in confliction.
  14. A piercing scream emitted from the walls of the Aster Palace, reverberating in a deafening silence. The hurt and loss which surrounded the young Novellen imprinted an ever-saddening composure.
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