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  1. A missive would be drawn up and sent towards the City Assembly for discussion of appointments. The appointments for City Treasurer and City Architect of Providence are respectively; City Treasurer - HIH, Anne Caroline, Duchess of Auvergne @Fie City Architect - The Honourable, Joseph Francis d'Arkent @Karrse Penned by Lady Mayor Philippa Antoinette d'Azor
  2. MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION FORM Name: Philippa Antoinette d'Azor Age: 32 Sex: Female Statement of Expertise: During the 26th Imperial Diet, I was elected - Furthermore, I served as Majority leader, working alongside my fellow representatives. Currently, I plan to invest myself more into the structures of the Empire, integrating my knowledge and skills to serve. Thus far, I've proactively sought out a to be a diplomat in Foreign Affairs. With more to come, I've put myself forth to be a candidate for the Mayoral Elections.
  3. 1. Full Name of the Candidate: Philippa Antoinette d'Azor 2. Age of the Candidate: 1832 3. Street Address of the Candidate: Selm 11 4. Position the Candidate is Running For: Lord Mayor
  4. Philippa Antoinette beamed brightly as the basilica once barren returned to its glorious sight. The Lady sat within her home's balcony, overlooking the snowy building before her.
  5. Philippa starts RUSHING over to her friend's teahouse, taking a swift seat. ((Love u snowie!))
  6. Philippa Antoinette viewed the invitation with elation, reading through the missive with an anticipation to her visage. "Another Imperial wedding, surely I will come. Such a merry duo." She voiced out, hurrying off to tell her husband and children of the news. @Taketheshot@Karrse@Nagisa02
  7. Philippa Antoinette read over the decree with a grand smile. "Well deserved!"
  8. Philippa Antoinette viewed the missive which had arrived by a courier, light eyes scanned over the printed letters. The woman's father-in-law, one who she looked up to with his devoted service to the Empire. She trailed off to view her own schedule, marking off the date in a few month's time. "I believe he may be able to rest from his duties for some time." She voiced softly, folding the papers within its creases.
  9. Philippa Antoinette shifted her sight to the missive, her face contorted by a heavy sigh exhaled from her lips. Memories of the imperial wedding, which had only happened two months before, poured over her. With a frown on her lips, the woman considered herself, her family, and her friends. "We must, for our future." She said as she walked to her gardens to greet her children.
  10. Philippa Antoinette sent the last article of Petite Potins to the press alongside Maisie. "A finalized finish, fantastic job Fran!" She congratulated the youth on her work.
  11. PETITE POTINS Published by the children of the Augustine A N N O D O M I N I 13th of Tobias’ Bounty, 1836 3rd Article: SPRING TURNS TO FALL Art by Nikoleta Barbara, c.1836. Dearest readers, The children of the Augustine Palace thank you for showing interest in the hottest gossip column; written, designed and managed entirely by us palace children.. With this column, we hope to provide a window into life at court during the Orenian Social Season while we eagerly await our own debuts. We hope also to encourage more people to get involved in the affairs of the Social Season. So, without further delay, we welcome you again to The Petite Potins… which, quite simply, means ‘the little gossip.’ ---------------------➴☼➶--------------------- CLOSING MASQUERADE ---------------------➴☼➶--------------------- With tradition, the season concluded with the closing masquerade. We noticed there was a lack of attendants, and wondered what the reason may be. However, the conclusion of the season led to certain and uncertain matches we must present before you readers today. Closing Masquerade of the Fourth Social Season c.1836 IMPERIAL PROPOSAL Rumours before speculated of their betrothal, perhaps the duo were wishing for consent from their family? Such was seen when HIH George spoke with the Count of Kositz alongside Isabella Ruthern. Another instance when they were seen conversing with the crown of the presumed topic “Can I ask you something?” HIH George echoed to the ballroom, all eyes zoomed upon Isabella Ruthern and the Prince dancing. Isabella paused with beaming eyes, a tilt of her head. “Ai, vy can always ask me anything Georgie.” Thus the sequence of words spiralled into a proposal by the prince. After exchanging words an official betrothal was announced, we once more wish for bliss with their wedding preparations. HIH George Maximilian and Miss Isabella Ruthern’s proposal c. 1836 A TROUBLED RUBY Miss Alina Basrid, the glamorous Ruby of the season, was asked to dance by Osric Tsecsar. A few minutes ran by with the dance in continuation, however, in the midst of the dance, the Ruby was seen ushering her sister to come forth thus disrupting. The Ruby asked how her sister had been, closing the dance in mere moments. Afterwards, they caved into hushed whispers. We wonder what truly occurred for the Ruby to halt her dance, was the Mister holding some ill manners? TURMOIL OF A MATCH HSH Alice and Jon Aleksandr have appeared much throughout the season. They hold a conflicting relationship to the public’s eye. Has the Othaman Grand Heir settled for the lovely Princess, or is he still seeking? We at Petite Potins ask this, but we did spot the Princess with Kaustantin Baruch for a long duration of time. She was seen speaking to the young man when the closing masquerade first started. From what we know at Petite Potins, the pair have been close friends for some time. We have yet to discover official news stating HSH Alice and Jon Aleksandr’s official courtship, we shall see in due time! HSH Alice and Lord Jon Aleksandr walking into the de Rosius gardens. c. 1836 painted by Lady Victoria Kaphro (Art by Venclair!) DUAL MARRIAGE TROUBLES? Lady Diana d’Azor and Mister Rev Vullier were seen attending the ball simultaneously at the entrance. A grandiose gesture was offered as the Lady was led into the center of the floor. It was rumored that Lady Diana’s husband was lacking presence within her life. However, one shouldn’t dilly-dally, we hope such a dance was merely between friends. Lady Diana d’Azor and Mister Rev Vullier ---------------------➴☼➶--------------------- REVIEW OF THE SEASON’S MATCHES ---------------------➴☼➶--------------------- HIH Anastasia Victoria and Philip Amadeus Years prior to the season the couple’s betrothal was announced to the public. We were all anticipating the grand Imperial Wedding once this season had arrived. Upon the arrival of the wedding a few months prior, we were simply enchanted. Though there were some speculations, the Imperial Couple is faring well after their wedding. Lady Claude Élisabeth and Lord Philip Micheal Pruvia A betrothal spread across the Empire, penned and signed by the couple’s parents. Shortly after the presentations of the debutantes, the couple held their wedding. Many were in attendance and the celebration was adored. News has spread that the couple sired their first child, Lady Amadie Marléne. HSH Alice Irena and Lord Jon Othaman The most-watched match of the season, Princess Alice and Lord Jon Aleksandr. Speculations flew across the Empire, and still remain to a degree. But yet they persist to find one another within gatherings and ballrooms, sticking with one another throughout the duration of an event. We wonder if a publicization of their potential courtship will be announced! Miss Isabella Ruthern and HIH George Maximilian Although not seen much, we’ve known of their pairing for some time. From the days of their youth, they stuck by one another, perhaps holding fondness or adoration. We at Petite Potins suspected an Imperial betrothal, with rumours of them asking for permission from the crown. Our suspicions were confirmed, nearing the end of the closing masquerade, HIH George knelt down sliding a ring in presentation. With deliberation and a grandiose speech, a proposal was seen before our eyes. We wish the couple luck with the upcoming wedding preparations. Miss Laurène Ashford de Savoie and Lord Matyas Basrid A quiet but eventual match we presume? Rarely do we see the couple dancing with another at events. No announcement of courtship is known but with the number of occasions we see them paired, perhaps the time will come soon! Miss Eugénie Ashford de Savoie and Mister Viktor Baruch We hope Miss Eugénie is faring well with the unfortunate situations at hand. But! From the start of the season, Miss Eugénie and Viktor Baruch seemed to be courting one another. Wearing matching outfits even before Eugénie’s own debut. Simply an adorable couple to lay our sights on. Lady Francesca Helvets and HRH Marus Aleksandr Lady Francesca Helvets, we simply adore the pious lady that she is! However, throughout the course of the season. She and HRH Marus Aleksandr of Haense danced and were seen together, much to our surprise. The youths seem to be enjoying themselves and wonder what will come of the pairing with the next session. ---------------------➴☼➶--------------------- ROSIUS BALL ---------------------➴☼➶--------------------- As per last season, the de Rosius graced us and welcomed us to their fine manor in the countryside for a ball! This time it was themed after harvest festivals. Pumpkin pie to little red leaf decorations filled the countryside manor for all guests to enjoy. DAILY DOSE OF ALICE AND JON During the Rosius ball, almost everyone could see this most seemingly troublesome couple together in the rose gardens. All alone for the entire ball and without a chaperone. It was heard at the beginning that Princess Alice asked Lord Jon for a dance, but the rest is a mystery to us at petite! We hope this couple confirms their plans for courtship! AIMEE AND HUBERTA - CAT FIGHT? Lady Aimee arrived at this ball, supposedly looking for her sister Claude who married Otis de Rosius. Although she was faced with Huberta DeVeney - whom none of us at Petite could pinpoint. The two shared a few hushed words before Lady Aimee walked away, puffing smoke from a cigar and spatting knowledge about Huberta being cruel! We at petite were astonished by Miss Hubertas next words, as she’d call Lady Aimee a “Bloody Skank” EUGÉNIE SHOWS HER FACT If you guys did not read the last Petite Potins (Which we really suggest you do) you wouldn’t know about Miss Eugénie’s struggle between men physically fighting over her affections! Well after many months of not being seen or around in the season, she decided to show her face - without armed guard - during the Rosius ball! We are so ecstatic to see that she is safe and well, and cannot wait to see her wedding announcement. ELAINE D’ARKENT AND PHILIP DE ROSIUS As the ball began and groups formed, Philip de Rosius asked Elaine d’Arkent to chat privately! As if Elaine knew we were watching, or she is simply a god-serving woman, she brought her mother Anna d’Arkent as a chaperone. The duo moved up the stairs and were up their for most of the the festivities, we at Petite consider this a fine match if it does occur and hope the de Rosius has finally given up on his mission for Princess Amelia's hand. Sometimes, the second-best is actually the best choice. ---------------------➴☼➶--------------------- POTINS ---------------------➴☼➶--------------------- EXHIBITION OF THE ELEMENTS In celebration of the royal wedding of Lady Anastasia and Prince Philip, Miss Eliza decided to perform a marvellous show of the four elements. It started out with fire, in which Miss Freja showed the audience a fiery dragon that flew around the stage. Its wings glowing with bright blue fire! Then came Miss Eliza with water. Eliza caused it to rain across the whole stage before summoning a kraken out of the water! Truly a spectacle. Lastly, Lady Maisie took the stage, doing both Earth and Air. With Earth, she cast a horse that trotted about the stage and with air she whispered words into the audience's ears as well and making herself fly! IMPERIAL WEDDING Long before the wedding would begin, guests were filling the pews in anticipation of the imperial wedding. Meanwhile, we at Petite Potins caught a glance at the quarrelsome exchange between the bride and the Governess! Lady Mary would not comment on Lady Anastasia’s wedding gown, even appearing extremely discontented by the traditional Raev attire (a nod to House Ruthern’s culture and origins). This is no surprise to us, seeing how she abhorred any and all Raev dresses presented at the dress fitting! As the ceremony started and the guests settled, the ISA proudly came parading down the aisle to line the outsides of the pews. The Cardinal Providentia gave a brief speech and opening prayer for attendees before stepping aside to allow HIM John VIII to address the crowd himself! This was a shock to the \groom, bride, and many wedding planners as this was unforeseen! By the end of his speech, as a wedding gift, he bestowed the Duchy of Furnestock to the soon-to-be newlyweds! Wedding Congregation: HE Governess Mary d’Arkent - Lady Philippa d’Azor Lady Francesca Helvets - Lady Valérie d’Azor Lady Anastasia Ruthern - General Erik Ruthern Miss Alina Basrid - Lady Claude Pruvia Miss Adeline de Sarkozy - Miss Isabella Ruthern Wedding Congregation His Imperial Majesty, John VIII at the reception of the Imperial Wedding congratulated the couple and commented that HIH Anastasia was the; “spitting image of Julia herself”. High praise which we concur with. For further note, Haenseni who came to the wedding celebrations caused some ruckus. Imperial Wedding of HIH Philip Amadeus and Anastasia of Furnestock. c. 1836 The Imperial Court of the Augustine©. Proofread and maturized by Lady Maisie d’Arkent.
  12. Philippa read over the drafts of Petite Potins, marking down any errors made by Francesca. "Perfect." She voiced out to Maisie, moving along to pass the drafts to the press!
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