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  1. Leo, you’re the reason I came back to LoTC. You were there for me when I was at my lowest. I will always remember our Caermeme antics in the early days of our current map. I will always remember when we were running around like idiots making Songbirds what it is now. And I will always remember the laughs we shared (especially those on behalf of Sir TauFireWarrior). You deserve only the best. Mine on, my good friend.
  2. Ya’ll are hilarious. Can’t wait to see you all go down for condoning this behavior.
  3. “. . .” Allora goes back to gate duty.
  4. “How was your day Llori?” Her wife is as sweet as ever. The woman strolls into the room, immediately going to take the high elf into her embrace. Allora is bent over a flimsy stool, and keeps to sharpening her blade. She enjoys her love’s kind gestures, and unknowingly leans back into her comfort. It only takes a few more innocent prods, and Gwen has her attention. The high elf gleams up, offering a kind smile to the younger elf. “Work was eventful.” “Go back to your silver kin.” She still hears his voice. His cries when the Irrinites cornered him into the gates and strangled his person. ”Work was great,” she adds, still smiling.
  5. “The ‘aheral have made their call. They have sullied their name through ignorance. It is time that the true mali rise! For IRRINOR!” Allora Kriswynn, Sister Doe of Caerme’onn would raise her sword into the air after the Battle of 1735, celebrating the victory Irrinor and all her allies.
  6. Asra would look over the advisory several times, with each time resulting in more hair being pulled. “It’s amazing how my blood is shared with these buffoons.”
  7. Asra would read the missive while obnoxiously chewing on what remains of a beetroot. With one arm lazily sling over his lover’s shoulders, he uses the other to crumble and toss the initial notice into a desolate corner of their room. “You know what-“, the mali plops a kiss on his lover’s cheek. “I think they’re on to something. I can feel the gay just flowing out of my system.” Several moments pass, and the Qali elf continues, “Naw, still gay.” He feels Artanis, who turns over and buries his head into Asra’s side, reply monotonously. And though they have gone through half a case of beetroots, their marriage of twenty-three years has yet to waver in the slightest. The gay lovers continue to munch on the vegetable, while occasionally stealing cheeky kisses like the homosexuals they are. Navia sticks her tongue out as she signs her name over her masterpiece. The girl picks herself from the floor, running to where the Irrinor shipment of wreaths was being put together. She sticks a foot into the boards of a cart, and stuffs her artwork into the corner of the shipment. ”Yesssss.” She loves her gay parents.
  8. The Greater Irrinite Wrestling Tournament [Ending] The Prince Artanis Caerme’onn looked to those gathered in pride. Together, they circle the fighting pits, chanting the names of the various contestants ready to participate in the settlement’s first-ever wrestling competition. Just a few paces from the prince stands a flamboyantly colored elf. He shifts his gaze between a checklist and those ready to get bloodied and battered in the hours to come: The first set of fights come and go in a flash. Like flies, contestants fly to the sidelines in defeat. Winners of each one walk to the opposite end in triumph, waiting for their next go in the sand. In no time, only four contestants make up the waiting roster: the Prince Avius Csarathaire, beloved herb merchant Therren, the snow elven commander Aesilnoth Annungilben, and the common man Arnold. Therren and Aesilnoth meet their rounds in the pits, Therren coming out on top to face Avius Csarathaire. The herb merchant reigns supreme, beating the prince in two successful rounds out of three. Therren takes first place, Avius Csarathaire second, and in a final round, Aesilnoth takes third. The citizens of Irrinor celebrate the champions and look forward to the next tournament. OOC: We’re thankful to everyone who participated in the tournament. Per its success, we hope to host another tournament in the coming future to those interested.
  9. The Greater Irrinite Wrestling Tournament [Music] Fliers are posted around the various cities and crossroads of Arcas, telling of a wrestling tournament being held in the elven settlement of Irrinor. We invite the elves of Arcas to the first-ever Wrestling Tournament held in the settlement of Irrinor. All are invited to participate in the tournament set to take place in just a little under one elven week. ((This Friday, July 21st at 5 EST)) Competitors must complete an application in addition to paying a fee of 50 Minae to participate. All applications must be submitted an hour prior to the tournament’s commencement. Any applicant who submits their form post-deadline will be denied participation. Payment of the 50 Minae fee will be collected on the day of the tournament by Irrinite officials. A variety of food and drinks will be served for those in attendance. The Songbirds will also perform a short piece during the tournament’s halftime. Application Format What is your name?: ((What is your Minecraft username?)): ((Discord)): Additional Comments: OOC: The Greater Irrinite Wrestling Tournament will be hosted this Friday (July 26th, 2019) at 5 EST in the Elven Charter of Irrinor. Coordinates: (1730 64 -599)
  10. Mani Kaliri The Mani Masquerade Music [!] As the Elves of Irrinor celebrate the city’s great completion, a flock of ravens make their way across the continent of Arcas delivering notice of an upcoming event. The letters are sealed with the official seal of Irrinor: the joined familial crests of stag and phoenix on a pallet of gold. “We gather to celebrate the Fourth Omentahu. The sons and daughters of Malin reunite under one Mother Tree with shared values of peace and prosperity. And now, with open arms, we invite the descendants to join us. Let us raise our glasses to what we hold dear. Under colors of yellow, purple, and blue, we dance the night away to welcome a new era in this land we call home!” “Those in attendance are encouraged to come under the guise of an elven patron or any great symbol of nature. Let it be the great antlers of Amaethon or the fearsome fangs of Morea. And let it be the vibrant feathers of the common hummingbird or the fearsome scales of our reptilian companions.” OOC: The Mani Masquerade will be hosted this Friday (July 19th, 2019) at 5 EST in the Elven Charter of Irrinor. Coordinates: (1730 64 -599)
  11. Come to Curon and witness a child charm a snake!

  12. why tf is my grammar and spelling so bad when im online


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      i feel your pain brotha

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      your spelling and grammar are terrible always

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