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  1. Allora Caerme’onn, chieftess of Caerme’onn promptly moves to shove her great-grandson out of harms way. She then responds in the same monotone tone that he did: “I’m six seven and white. However, I too can cook and clean. Hopefully my wife can accept a polyamorous marriage.”
  2. “Yes please.” Maruthir exclaimed with little to no emotion in his tone. “I’m a beautiful ‘aheral who is six foot five but yes I know how to cook and clean.”
  3. The Caerme’onn chieftess would read over the missive, her expression becoming increasingly bitter the more she reads. “Long have these buffoons tarnished the land. Let them die. Their own foolishness has rung in their demise.”
  4. Oh thank god, we needed safe spaces
  5. At the time, I was one of the leaders of the group of roleplayers in which you harassed immensely. At first, we collectively agreed that your in character harassment was fine. We decided to go on with the proper roleplay and see to a fair conclusion on both ends. However, you then made alternate characters you used to continue harassing our group after the first character was exiled from the nation we had been residing in at the time. Again, did we choose to continue with roleplay, because why not? The cherry on the pie was when you committed to the extremely disturbing roleplay Kaelan referenced above. Another leader and I wrote an extensive report detailing all your wrongdoings, and by the end of it, we were both mortified. The girl you harassed in roleplay is not too much older than I (and thankfully not a minor). But the roleplay made an impression nonetheless. And this case was not even your first time. You have multiple accounts of harassing players, new and old, with the same roleplay (with sexual undertones mind you). I hope you stay banned for your degeneracy. This is a server where we should not have to worry about rape or anything close to it.
  6. MCName: PeachLova RPName: Allora Caerme’onn Character Race: High Elf Nation: Irrinor
  7. CELEBRATION OF THE WINTER SOLSTICE [Music] Winter, known as a season of desolation, comes anew with new meaning. At the end of this elven year, the State of Irrinor will host a winter festival. All of Irrinor and her allies are welcome to attend. Below is a list of what is to take place. In addition, there is a form for those interested in hosting temporary stalls to sell their holiday wares. Events are listed in order of commencement. THE OPENING CEREMONY A speech shall be made by Chieftain and Chieftess, Allora and Artanis of Clan Caerme’onn. THE SWORD IN STONE For the youth of Irrinor, there will be a chance to pull a sword of Amaethon from its stone imprisonment. There will be a fee of 10 minae per try. Those who are successful in pulling the sword will not only win the relic itself but a plushy of Amaethon or the Silent Beast! [It should be noted that swords pulled are forged by Irrinite smithies and are in no way actual relics from the mani himself. This is solely for the entertainment of the youth.] THE OFFERING TABLES Various offering tables will be set up to honor the mani of Amaethon. All are encouraged to bring goodies or trinkets they see fit to bring to the God of Fatherhood. THE PLAY OF AMAETHON AND THE SILENT BEAST A play penned by the collective minds of Clan Caerme’onn will be hosted to honor the tale of Amaethon and the Silent Beast. The play will take place an elven hour past the start of the festival in the Irrinor tavern. The piece shall be narrated by Allora Caerme’onn and will star the chieftain and initiate pair of Artanis and Anaris. THE COSTUME CONTEST Those in attendance are welcome to enter the costume contest. Costumes must follow the theme of Amaethon and the Silent Beast or any other major symbol of the Winter Solstice. The contest will take place after the play and contest to the following prizes: 1st Place : 1000 Minae and the Crown of Winter 2nd Place : 500 Minae 3rd Place : 250 Minae TEMPORARY STALL FORMS [Disclaimer]: Only five stalls will be constructed for the event. If you already own a permanent stall in Irrinor, you are not permitted to submit a form for a temporary stall. There is no fee for temporary stalls. [Stall Form] Character Name: Minecraft Name: Stall Name: In addition to stalls, the tavern of Irrinor will be selling food and drinks! Music will be played all throughout the festival for the enjoyment of all. We cannot wait to see you at the festival! OOC: The festival will take place on Saturday, December 14th at 4EST. Due to server-wide complications, there may be announcements for a later time.
  8. Leo, you’re the reason I came back to LoTC. You were there for me when I was at my lowest. I will always remember our Caermeme antics in the early days of our current map. I will always remember when we were running around like idiots making Songbirds what it is now. And I will always remember the laughs we shared (especially those on behalf of Sir TauFireWarrior). You deserve only the best. Mine on, my good friend.
  9. Ya’ll are hilarious. Can’t wait to see you all go down for condoning this behavior.
  10. “. . .” Allora goes back to gate duty.
  11. “How was your day Llori?” Her wife is as sweet as ever. The woman strolls into the room, immediately going to take the high elf into her embrace. Allora is bent over a flimsy stool, and keeps to sharpening her blade. She enjoys her love’s kind gestures, and unknowingly leans back into her comfort. It only takes a few more innocent prods, and Gwen has her attention. The high elf gleams up, offering a kind smile to the younger elf. “Work was eventful.” “Go back to your silver kin.” She still hears his voice. His cries when the Irrinites cornered him into the gates and strangled his person. ”Work was great,” she adds, still smiling.
  12. “The ‘aheral have made their call. They have sullied their name through ignorance. It is time that the true mali rise! For IRRINOR!” Allora Kriswynn, Sister Doe of Caerme’onn would raise her sword into the air after the Battle of 1735, celebrating the victory Irrinor and all her allies.
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