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  1. Name: Maruthir Kriswynn Age: 214 Culture: High Elven Reason for Enlistment: To see through the development of something new. And hopefully learn a few things. Experience (if any): Several years of combat experience (as a combat medic and soldier.) Knowledge of herbology. ((MC Name)): PeachLova ((Discord Tag)): PeachLova#6617
  2. THE GRAND OPENING OF THE GOLDEN DRAGON TOY STORE Long ago, the Wen Family ran the Twin Jades Boutique - An establishment known for its quality silks and wares. Though, with the change in times, there has also been a change in needs and wants. So, to cater to such, the prestigious Wen Family has now opened its very own toy store, right in the heart of Haense, upon Henrik Street! Products, all top of the line, will be sold with the Golden Dragon’s seal of approval. From adorable plush toy to exclusive lines of dolls and replicas. A preview of the store’s first line of products can be viewed below: Disclaimer: Products are subject to change. WANG LEI THE DRAGON The order filled nature of the dragon has now been brought to life in this twenty-inch plush toy, which can fit perfectly in anyone’s gift box! The blessed dragon, while presented in an unabashed fluffy glory, is ready to cast judgment down onto anyone in its path! Though even dragons need a hug! With an extremely huggable nature, Wang Lei is set to rule over the cushions of any home! FU HAN THE PANDA The broad-mindedness of the panda has been perfectly embodied into this fifteen-inch plush toy, which can make for the perfect gift! The mindful panda has been given life in a cuddly goodness. Effectively presenting as a good hugging partner for any occasion! With a handful of bamboo snacks always at the ready, join Fu Han in a bought of much-needed rest! YANGZIE THE GOLDEN TIGER The benevolence of the tiger has been perfectly embodied into this fifteen-inch plush toy, which can perfectly fit in a child’s arms! However, the king of the wild’s silken form is indeed amiable to all ages, shapes, and sizes. With a pouty expression that can either be taken for the jungle’s ferocity, or the defiance of a kindred face. So do be wary of Yangzie’s cuteness! They say looks can kill! The Golden Dragon Toy Store will open its doors to the public this end of year!
  3. looking at web design final project then lotc be like

  4. Wen Zi Shu laments the death of his dear sister: “Get better at martial arts you ungraceful swine.”
  5. Hey Void maybe with that bet money you should buy Tayto a Funimation VIP. #huachengsupremacy
  6. The Wen Zi Shu would silently collect the bets of his employees. Watching them bustle throughout the lower floors of the Twin Dragons Boutique. Both in anguish, and in glee. "Let us hope they win," he later uttered. Having turned to his secretary with a grin.
  7. The Call of the Dragon From Chancellor Candidate Wen Zi Shu Soaring High, to New Horizons To the people of the Jade State, The time has come for an embarkment on new horizons. The Jade State of Yong Ping, has once again, been challenged by world happenings. And with a recent vacancy in the position of Chancellor, I, Wen Zi Shu, declare my intent to run. Most know me as the eldest son of the Wen family. A brother, a father, and husband. But must do not know, that above all, I am a servant. For the past thirty years, I have worked tirelessly to give my people the future they deserve. From my first year on this continent, I have worked as a representative of the Ministry of Rites in planning numerous cultural events. As well with the Ministry of Education, in teaching our people our ways in art and medicine. And in my most recent years, I have established connections with various foreign entities, all for the betterment of the state. The Jade State has long prospered in keeping its distance from worldly affairs. Though above all, the State would benefit more in establishing itself as a friend to all. An entity that can be trusted through and through. Who will not only do good to serve in the worst of times, but do better in the best. As a nation, we must turn any sign of hostility into friendship. We must not antagonize those who wish us harm, but take the initiative in extending the everlasting olive branch. As Chancellor, in terms of foreign policy and militarist action, I vow to Join with foreign military in trainings that will assert the Yong Ping military as an unstoppable force. Reigniting conscriptions with the added incentives of tax exemptions and annual pay for all soldiers. Extend aid to those nations in need. Though in securing a state, one must take to the importance of culture. The Li-Ren. The Oyashima. And the Hyeol-yeon. For that, I not only propose reformation to our education systems. But to place a strong emphasis on who we are as a collective people in presenting such to the world as we know it. As Chancellor, I will see to the reformation of our Education system Refurbishing and replenishing the state library with content meant to supplement the knowledge of the people. Introducing a system for the elder generations so that they may enter the workforce as fully learned doctors, ministers, teachers, and professionals. Introducing a system for the younger generations so that they may be learned in their respective cultures. To ensure the longevity of the Jade State, one must stress the importance of establishing a bridge between the state and the people. To not only see to the functions of the central government but open it to those most willing to cooperate. I believe in utmost transparency. As Chancellor, I will see to Establishing annual forums so that the citizenry can voice their opinions to the ministries. Opening positions with the ministries so that the citizens can work directly with their government. We must secure the fortune we have amassed since the destruction of the first city. Trust ourselves to make the right decisions in not only guaranteeing a future for ourselves but for those we care for - For the Jade State we call home. Signed, Wen Zi Shu (文子舒)
  8. "We will not be chained!" cried an especially crazed mali'fenn. From the deepest corner of the Tathvir manor. Where she busied herself in sharpening her blades for the next Fennic attack on the deranged dragon-folk.
  9. Ministry of Education | Library Book Drive The Education Department encourages all citizens of Yong Ping to donate books of any genre for the betterment of the city library! To encourage donations, the department has decided to run a raffle from the release of this missive, until Thursday, November 25th @ 8pm EST. th Each book donated will count as one entry into the raffle. Multiple entries will be allowed, henceforth increasing an individual’s chance of winning one of three grand prizes. The grand prizes are as follows: Custom Portrait For the first grand prize, the recipient will receive a custom portrait of themself, or of anyone of their choosing. OOC: The first grand prize is a half body portrait done by CuteTanuki Custom Outfit For the second grand prize, the recipient will receive a custom outfit, curtesy of the Twin Dragons Boutique. OOC: The second grand prize is a custom outfit by one of our skinners. Mina Sack For the third grand prize, the recipient will receive a sack worth 250 mina. Winners of each grand prize will be announced on November 26th by 8 EST. The results of which will be listed on this same post. Entries apply to all three grand prizes, and are non-exclusive. Please screenshot the books you are submitting. If you are submitting books on different occasions, please quote your previous entries in your most recent entry. Form: IGN: Roleplay Name: Number of Entries: Screenshot of Books Donated: Please keep in mind that the drive ends the day before the festival. Allowing us to check for the books donated. If your books are not in the donation chest, your entries will not be submitted for the raffle. Blank books will also not be counted.
  10. The Eve of the Demon’s Dance 15th of the First Seed, SA 46 [MUSIC] As the Eve of the Demon’s Dance draws near- The demons of Oyashima and Li-Ren fable gather. The troublesome Yokai, and the deceptive Yaoguai. Fiends of the night with a common goal of plaguing the Jade State in an endless shroud of fear. On the 19th of the First Seed, the citizenry of Yong Ping will be hosting its first annual Eve of the Demon’s Dance Festival. A night of festivity to wring in the terrors of the demon folk. All are welcome to come, donned in the appearances of the ghouls, to participate in the many events hosted. CONTESTS A couple’s costume contest will be hosted mid-festival. Inviting all guests to enter in pairs. The contest will conclude with two winners receiving a grand prize of 150 minaes, and an outfit voucher! STALLS Numerous stalls will be set up for the festival. Indulge in the sale of festival treats, wares, and exclusive masks! Or, take a seat and have your face painted with the guise of a Yokai or Yaoguai. GAMES AND MAZES Run about the streets of Yong Ping pelting treats at fleeing demon folk. Try your hand in archery to win a prize. Or take a frightening stroll through a haunted house. The night will be filled with fun for all ages. SURPRISE SHOWCASE The night will end with a most horrifying showcase only the bravest can bare.
  11. IGN: PeachLova RP Name: Wen Zi Shu The Wen let out a heart chuckle. He promptly sending the missive to be read by each of his siblings.
  12. THE YONG PING MINISTRY OF EDUCATION LESSONS FOR THE YEAR OF 42 SA The Amber Cold (Monday at 7:30 EST) “The History of the Jade State” Lecture on the history of the Jade State of Yong Ping, focusing on the history of the Oyashiman, Li-Ren, and Hyeol-Yeon peoples. Hosted By Wen Zi Shu and Chen Wenqian To be Hosted In Government Building Snow’s Maiden (Wednesday at 7:30 EST) “The Cultural Landscape of Yong Ping” Lecture and discussion on the political climate of modern Yong Ping, emphasizing discussion of change in law and international relations. Hosted by Wen Zi Shu To be Hosted In Government Building (TBA) “Debate on Culture” An impromptu style debate revolving around the topic of “Is Culture an Integral Part of Society?” Hosted by Wen Zi Shu and Wen Ke Xing To be Hosted In Government Building (TBA) “Morals Then vs Now” A lecture on how have the morals and traditions of the Easterners changed since the creation of Yong-Ping? Hosted by Chen Wenqian To be Hosted In Government Building
  13. Sitting in the girl's room within his home. The 'aheral thought of the times they spent genuinely happy. Before her untimely decisions. When she was truly just a naïve girl. He would leave her bed as she left it. The room as she intended. A single candle being blown out as if he were only leaving it be for her prompt return. Yet another loss. And not enough time to grieve.
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