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  1. PeachLova

    The Red Lady

    From a lone corner, a tired maid would heave an overworked sigh.
  2. Name(s): Maruthir and Yulnir Kriswynn Race: High Elf What dish will you be preparing?: You’ll find out, Laetranis.
  3. Minecraft Name: PeachLova Character Name: Maruthir Caerme’onn Character Race: High Elf Combat experience and preferred weapon(s): Extensive combat training. Preference is a sword and shield combo. Discord User: You have it ❤️ Time Zone: EST
  4. KALIRI MALIN’LEH AHERNAN THE SPRING EQUINOX FESTIVAL Spring has come, and with it the harmonic cycle we are all bound to begin anew. The Gods have been kind to us this season, for our woodland home has prospered, and the laughter of children has filled our halls. Such is the blessing of the Springmother and her eternal servant, Mother Bear Bolormormaa. As it was at the very first Omentahu, we celebrate the coming of this most auspicious season with song, dance, and a contest to honour the Old Gods of the Woods. WHERE The Wood Elven Village of Siramenor To the left of Aegrothond and down its coastline WHEN Sunday, April 26th, 7 PM EST BEAR MOTHER RITE The festival will begin with a sacred ritual of offering and prayer to Bolomormaa, the Bear Mother. We shall offer our libations to the sacred spirit for the health and longevity of our youngest children, and those who have yet to be born. ARCHERY CONTEST All itinerant mali’ame warriors and their guests will have an opportunity to prove their worth with our most sacred instrument: the bow. A field of targets will be set up, and whoever strikes all of them in succession and the fastest will win the regalia mask of Morea, the Wolf Prince of Warriors, as proof of their skill as a marksman. FEASTING Our hunters will have been gathering game day and night for our great festival. When prayers and game have finished, we will have a spread of nature’s bounty. Fill your bellies with traditional mali’ame cuisine and make your minds silly with firewater. All is fair in love and ceremony!
  5. APPLICATION Minecraft Name: PeachLova Character Name: Maruthir Basilton Caerme’onn aka The Better Chieftain Race: High Elf with a Drop of Wood Elf Time Zone: EST Discord: You have it ❤️ Notes: Haha, ito berr pew
  6. PeachLova

    Alchemist's Guild

    MC Name: PeachLova Discord: PeachLova#6617 Character Name: Basilton Caerme’onn Age: 54 Race: High Elf Reason For Joining: To pursue the career of a deceased loved one. To discover the realm of alchemy and all it has to offer. Affiliation (Include if you are banned from any cities): Siramenor
  7. Allora Caerme’onn, chieftess of Caerme’onn promptly moves to shove her great-grandson out of harms way. She then responds in the same monotone tone that he did: “I’m six seven and white. However, I too can cook and clean. Hopefully my wife can accept a polyamorous marriage.”
  8. “Yes please.” Maruthir exclaimed with little to no emotion in his tone. “I’m a beautiful ‘aheral who is six foot five but yes I know how to cook and clean.”
  9. The Caerme’onn chieftess would read over the missive, her expression becoming increasingly bitter the more she reads. “Long have these buffoons tarnished the land. Let them die. Their own foolishness has rung in their demise.”
  10. Oh thank god, we needed safe spaces
  11. Leo, you’re the reason I came back to LoTC. You were there for me when I was at my lowest. I will always remember our Caermeme antics in the early days of our current map. I will always remember when we were running around like idiots making Songbirds what it is now. And I will always remember the laughs we shared (especially those on behalf of Sir TauFireWarrior). You deserve only the best. Mine on, my good friend.
  12. Ya’ll are hilarious. Can’t wait to see you all go down for condoning this behavior.
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