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  1. HIRING WRITERS Published 17th of Godfrey's Triumph, 1796 Halcourt Publishing Co. [Join Our Discord!] « PROVIDENCE POST, NOW HIRING » With the Inferi Incursion and later the evacuation from the continent of Arcas into Almaris the Helena Herald (now known as the Providence Post) lost many of it's staff: editions also unable to be published, thus. For over 20 years the Helena Herald has served the public with their journalism, publishing the first edition by Halcourt and Co in 1769. To see irrelevance spreading through the establishment is an affair that must be acknowledged. This issue of the staffing and such holds the Post's attention: in consequence the it will now be hiring writers and editors. Note that Editors [There may be multiple] are left in charge of a section. The current Post is split into Politics, World, Life and Academic. All staff writers are part of a section and assigned a portfolio of topics they may discuss with the Editor-In-Chief. Editors may also optionally write and edit their own articles. All positions in all sections are being hired. If you, or or anyone you may be acquainted with holds interest please do not hesitate to contact Editor-In-Chief Gino Falcone and apply. « APPLICATION FORM » Please scribe all applications in the following format: Below is an example of a properly filled out form: ((Reply to the forum post with this format, or simply join the Discord and pop in a message: we'll talk.))
  2. Gino Falcone leant in a familiar chair, hunched into the missive: glancing over it's contents. A small smirk rose to his visage as the endorsed candidates were listed. A familiar thought that seemed to predict the coming members in an impression akin to deja vu. "Praise Josephites." He simply remarked, lighting up a cigarette. He stood up, waiting till the new Saint's Days where Joseph Marna's ideals would be once more perpetuated in the majority party: Josephites. The party he'd been loyal to for some fifteen years sweeping once again. Another day, another sun, another Imperial Diet: "For The Dignity of All."
  3. Candidacies for the House of Commons in the Twenty-first Diet. SURNAME: Falcone FIRST NAME: Gino ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: d'Arkent 4 DATE OF BIRTH: 1757 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the Holy Orenian Empire? Yes. Do you have any other title, peerage or military service that may conflict with becoming a Member of the House of Commons, as per the Edict of Reform (1763)? No. If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the House of Commons, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: Yes. ((MC NAME)): RainedropF
  4. [!] A debut poem by Cajsa Serene Baelius on the fair of the last saint's day. Cajsa Serene’s “Festival!” Oh fair, you are so fair. Oh fair, you sit out there. Playing words - hearing out, wondering when. The sun goes up, the sun goes down. I wander around. Oh fair, when will you end? Oh fair, Angel sent. In the grass, we look out. The dark dark skies. Her cloudy blue eyes. Lit up by “rockets” shot up in the air. Oh fair, I ran away. Oh fair, You color my eyes and stain my head. It is once more, day. I am tired, I will go to bed. Until another festival lies. -with my Makuahine Faring well on that future. Hoping
  5. Light sprung through the wide windows of the three storied home on the wide street in Helena. The brick colors on the inside especially saturated it seemed with a new brighter day; a juxtaposition from the dark evenings throughout the Incursion months. A young Cajsa Baelius glided down the interior stairs, hearing of the news with a wide, enthusiastic grin: a usual pep to her step. She recalled hearing her youthful pals telling secondhand stories their parents had told them. Aenguls and Daemons, tears in the ground. The drama mattered not to the young girl. She tugged at her mother's sleeve in the living space: "Makuahine, I like playing. Could we go- Could we listen to Al-ren's speech? Will Victoria be there?!" She'd simply have to be patient, till the day did come. --- @MotherLay
  6. It’s complicated. I want to first disclose that I do not condone real life and OOC homophobia, racism, bigotry, etc. However, I firmly believe it is an entirely different animal when it comes to roleplay. Malaise put it very well. You are not your character; you simply portray your character. I’m going to go off on a little tangent here, but it’ll make sense in the scheme of things: A long time ago, I played a bipolar jerk. He was unpredictable, and a wild card. One day, he does something really bad and has an affair. I strongly recall the player coming up to me and saying something along the lines of ”wth dude. whyyyd you do that? thats misogynist.” It sounds a little silly when it’s put that way. The point wasn’t to be a terrible person, or have a flat character for the sake of extending my inner bipolarity to the LotC world. It was fictional, and he was odd. That was part of what came with playing him, or another interacting with him. The point was, I was not him, and you are not your character. To claim that portraying any of these faulty issues makes you a believer of them is deeply flawed. You could say to write a fictional story of inequality makes you the person you are portraying. You could say Orwell’s 1984 taught us to be fascist. No, and no. I frankly think to blatantly turn our head up and close our eyes, ignoring these things is worse. It erases the fact that they exist. It plays pretend that a “perfect world” exists, when that is far from the truth. It revises our memories. The time when homophobia and racism becomes a problem is when it is used purely to push your own inner hatred. OOC harassment is a problem. That is the sort of thing we should not, and cannot condone. All of this, I feel, harkens back to a problem that’s been debated a lot on LotC: continuity. Elves get angry with the human community that they want a more modern setting with artillery and colonialism. LGBTQ+ character players want a safespace of no homophobia, racism, and such. There’s an answer to both: you don’t have to look for conflict. You don’t have to hurt your character. You don’t have to push yourself into being PKed by some sort of hate crime. What you do need is to acknowledge that you can’t always guarantee that you won’t be triggered very easily. Conflict exists, and every person can’t edit themselves IRPly, and their story to your needs. The same goes the other way, though. It isn’t biased. One place not accepting enough? Move. One place too accepting? Move. When it’s a novel: it’s easy. We have all the cards in the deck; we can fill out this world. It’s a little different with roleplay. The world isn’t yours, and the world isn’t theirs, and that’s okay. I’ll leave this with a bottom line, and the closest thing I can articulate to being an answer: Yes, all that can exist, respectfully. ((on a side note, don’t harass people and force them into uncomfortable situations: that’s an issue.))
  7. New forum account, Who dis?

  8. Candidate’s Full Name: Gino Falcone Age of the Candidate: 31 (1757) Street Address of the Candidate: d’Arkent Square 4
  9. A d’Amato Falcone Union, To be held on the 5th of the Grand Harvest in the Helena Basilica [[OOC: Saturday, the 26th, 4 PM EST]] A personal invite was sent to the following friends and family: BEST MAN: Deputy Mayor, Vittorio Antonio Falcone, @Aoxomoxoa BRIDESMAID: Vincenza d’Amato @MimosaMoi GUEST OF HONOR: Secretary of the Interior, Padraig O’Rourke, @Mandalore1 Belladonna d’Amato @maliiah Lorenzo Augustus d’Amato @jcbeno Giada Fiorella d’Amato @minty_roses Lusia d’Amato @PrettyCuteAnna Veronica d’Amato @_Capitalx_ Gustavo d’Amato @Covey Mayor Dimitri Orlov @BogsBinny Sheriff General Aleksei Orlov @Aplex Trevor @Borin Santiana O’Rourke @Radzig Jeanne O’Rourke @Pompadour HOC, Ostromir Carrion @Lhindir_ Archchancellor Jonah Stahl-Elendil @Braehn Elendil An'Hiraeth Jolynn @Madyssey Santiago Delacruz @Gousby Toni Talhoffer @Jagdkatzchen Tara Morgryn @EmiliainWonderland John Francis Winter @gemini95 ...And other friends and family of the duo. [[ooc note: Sorry for the lateness of this post; there were a lot of scheduling difficulties. Better late than never!]]
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