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  1. can you answer this question like a cameronpost? And, how are you so based?
  2. An aging Illatian, Gino Falcone, recalled the Galbraith and his eccentric attitude. He recalled the first days in Helena: only a memory now, he supposed. As another name perished, hit the sod, from the days of the Josephite's unopposed; there was a melancholia. And so, at his cluttered study as evening light poured in, a reddened tone akin to the very flames he'd witnessed, he sat. He grasped a palm around a bottle, and toast to grief. He'd known the man well, only uttering a plain sentiment to the open air, "God bless ye' soul, George." As he took a
  3. An Archipelago of Animals A Zoological Study 12 SA - 1808 FA By Kaia Faust Over my course of living atop the tropical cluster of islands in the South, I’ve come to observe countless animals. Here, I will recount them in my study of their behavior, habitat, and description. Zoology is the study of the habitat and distribution of this wildlife. I also composed this book from exterior citations and research into previous observations of the illustrated critters. Many of these birds, bugs, mammals and fish may be discernible, even salient t
  4. IGN: RainedropF SKIN/S: Scandinavian Elfess DISCORD: rainedropf#8659 BID: 90
  5. IGN: RainedropF SKIN/S: Scandinavian Elfess DISCORD: rainedropf#8659 BID: 60
  6. A soul sat, scanning over the retrieved letter, an exposé. It had not been the first time. He'd studied each word, each locution. He found himself swathed in pensive contemplation unto his private mind, like a fox stalking it’s quarry, anticipating for a raw portion. He was lost and scurried via his mind’s labyrinth to detect the prey. The implicit rationale of the words escaped him, he knew them nevertheless. He did not know the truth it so assertively bolstered. It was not true, he supposed. Nay, it was an impossibility at that. Yet, the quandary lingered in it's superfluous boa
  7. Gino Falcone read over the missives preamble without much thought. There was little to think, after all. The man had seen therapy; a critical soul at first, peeled down. His case had been cracked, sitting right beside his then late wife. They'd never quite disentangled her cipher of a mind. There were pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that even he saw, but never knew. Minute fragments of a greater portrait, never the whole. The diagnosis, the description, the mania, the story: it was a deafening echo of deja vu through the aging Illatian's ears to her. Her eccentrism and adventure w
  8. HOW A BIRD MUST FLY The roads were musty that day. The endless snow pelted at each roof where families huddled together in warm blankets. The mothers tended their children, comforting them. “Play tomorrow, darling,” they’d say as if they were a hen to their chick. “It’s cold.” Lost in little understanding, the children were bored. Only a single soul longed for the colder days. The times where it wasn’t enough to envelope yourself in scarves. Only to stay inside, pulling a dusty book from the shelf, curious for its contents. Her name was Cajs
  9. For the yearly anniversary will you finally shed your ears and reveal your Adunian identity?
  10. «PROVIDENCE POST» Published 9th of Sigismund's End, 1799 Halcourt Publishing Co. (Join our Discord!) «SEEKING PATRONS» The Providence Post is seeking patrons and adverts. If you would like your message, or a campaign, a business, anything, in the spotlight for all to see, reach out to us. We have restructured our sponsor tiers so as to allow our clients more options. As the newspaper with the largest reach in all of the Empire, we offer immense value to our clients. Our advertisement syndication service flawlessly embeds topical inse
  11. ((Missed deadline! Please delete!)) SURNAME: FIRST NAME: ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: YEAR OF BIRTH: Are you registered and eligible to vote in Providence District? Yes Do you have any other title, peerage or military service that may conflict with becoming a Member of the House of Commons, as per the Edict of Reform (1763)? If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the House of Commons, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?:
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