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  1. A Zar'ei reads over the missive, taloned claws tracing each word as she looked towards Haense whilst perched above a nearby tree, cloaked within the shrubbery. "Making deals with devils seems all the rage amongst the human descendants it would seem. With how many men baring titles of pontiff, priest and pope - does the church not know they hide demon spawn within their own walls? children adorned with tails and horns running throughout the palace grounds as if normal... how very curious this red stained nation is attacking Veletz for crimes they too commit.. I wonder when they'll make the journey into our planes infernal siblings of mine." it would say cackling nearly falling off the branches in the midst of it's laughing fit."While Veletz did everything in their power to maim, kill, test and burn the children of Moz, threatening the horned children that dared set foot even a single step within their city. Haense was inviting them inside with open arms, perhaps with the war now over I to should make Haense my home if they are this keen."
  2. this is not me just to clear up some confusion.

  3. Ur cute 🥰 (free skins?)
  4. An Inferi who had been watching over the war would eat the paper missive it had been given before regurgitating it upon the ground, the corners burnt with the parchment now reeking of Sulphur.”I hate Spam mail. Waste of words, waste of ink.” it would say beginning its walk towards Haense to complain about them, talons dragging themselves upon the ground as the crow marched forwards accompanied by armored figures. “We shall show them who truly comes as Crows.” (i can’t format on phone)
  5. Perched upon the churches rooftop a singular Zar'ei observed the onslaught, ever watchful eyes alight with curiosity and joy. The Crow had been following the war closely on all sides. Showing up during the middle or end as she made use of the corpses littering the field after each clash, dragging the deceased back for her infernal siblings. Climbing down after the raiding party had left to walk upon the freshly sprawled out bodies, humming to herself with talons dragging across the stone grounds "They're only Descendants..." pausing only to bend down slicing and cutting apart varying body parts to throw into a wagon making haste before the guards and queen that had fled made their way back, listening to the voices of blood trickling down from the still warm corpses, continuing her song "They're only descendants Standing still, Doomed to live pushing boulders uphill, Only descendants, after all, so they give and they take, Hoping someone will help break their fall..." satisfied with her haul the figure would begin her trek back home, her wagon filled with unidentified fallen soldiers continuing her song as she walked. @_Leyd
  6. How to get sued by larian studios in less than 4 paragraphs.
  7. persona name: Hekate (Khol'ikztoz) art of your persona music for your persona
  8. Yoooo i made it into a pvp video lets go!! I DIDNT DIE THIS TIME OR CRASH!
  9. Im tired, logging on feels like a chore. Can we just cancel the entirety of the war already, youve let it transcend into such an ooc sh!tfest. I dont understand how you allow for stuff like this to play out, you're just begging for acre v oren all over again. 

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    2. Smmer


      @Lusus Not being toxic when i have a genuine concern for player safety given your reputation, what i’ve seen and heard. You are extremely rude to my friends, you are rude to players in general. Do not try to victimize yourself it falls on deaf ears i don’t know how you thought it was a good idea to try and attack my character when you yourself contribute a strenuous amount of toxicity to the server. My status can’t cancel the war, it was just a plea for individuals to stop behaving the way they do over pixels, forum rep and victory posts. It’s cringe and it’s toxic. I don’t participate in wars, i don’t want to because it’s never intervened with when it needs to be and all it does is result in people breaking friendships and ooc fights. There hasn’t been a single fun war that hasn’t had extreme levels of ooc toxicity. 

    3. Lusus


      You threatened to report me for something that never happened because you were salty you lost mineman pvp. Cmon.


      I don't know how misinformed you are or why you hate someone you've never met, but stop calling the person you've never even spoken to "a threat". It makes it harder to take it seriously when an actual threat to people is discovered.

    4. Lusus


      "It's not toxic, I genuinely believe the lies and slander!" Isn't a good look.


      "Strenuous amount of toxicity" I don't even go into ooc chat, you start shit talking people constantly, like right now.


      "You're rude to my friends" the one's who litterally go out of their way to harass and mock me, or the ones who go around being murderhobos. I can't tell because I don't know you.


      You litterally broke forum rules to insult me on a report thread you weren't involved in because you're THAT petty and obsessed with me. A stranger.


      Keep projecting bud. It's definitely not weird and suspicious you're false reporting a stranger as "unsafe for the server".

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