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  1. HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR ferrymen would be more creative if they created fnaf ocs. @Werew0lf
  2. Rep farm going crazy w this one, who linking they replies on discord….
  3. BIG YAP FEST INCOMING Having known these dweebs for almost a year now, I'll recount my experience from the start where I observed the ferrymen from the sidelines for a bit up until our groups merged (beautifully) to work together for whatever reason that was again, cba to remember rn anyway. I can say pretty confidently that they suffer the same repetitive dribble as with majority of bandit crp/pvp groups where people seem to enjoy villainizing them outside of the realms of just rp. Majority of people are more than keen to bring their ooc spite when discussing the group and then use that ooc reputation behind their ign to justify watch-doging players within nations (spoiler alert they're afk running around doing nothing), preventing any of the actual members who do roleplay from pursuing magics (due to their association) the list goes further and my mind rots ever more. Why must people be so cringe. I am not a ferryman, I am not part of their inner group/circle, I simply vibe with them and have fun as acquaintances to friends often do in this wonderful act called socializing, I urge community members to try starting a conversation when you have grievances with the group or a specific individual within the group itself rather than to sit in a discord chat spewing malice from your mangled fingernails over an instance where your nation/group/persona was bandited/raided/kidnapped god forbid even having to share the same pixel airspace with one of them for even a minute. I want to remind the slice of life roleplayers that unless you kill yourself or well do something stupid like an aerial escape from a tower with a boat (Love u Borin), these guys? these big scary men (and some based women) can't pk your character, you're protected by the monks but your rp items arent which is a risk YOU alone decide to take everytime you don't have it stashed away in a box or soulbinded. Villainy should and must be unavoidable or this server is nothing more than a glorified stagnate hugbox where there are no consequences to life. Judge them respectfully, report on them when they've done wrong but at no point should being spiteful n shady become part of your daily routine on lotc let alone any mcrp server. These are the tamest group of pvpers I have had the pleasure of being close friends with, I also wanna just remind the old playerbase of how pvpers were a few years ago and reflect from then vs now. Cause as a victim, I can safely say I prefer these guys. Just dm them and sort your beef out, I can help and message them on your behalf if you really want it. The more we villainize groups like this the worse the server gets, it's already embarrassing that we don't have a pk clause for NLs and significant figures, we need these kinds of people who have put up with so much bs that has been allowed to go by on the server when the reverse would be bans n warnings on their records. Without consequences there is no real progress for the server, all comfort does is it just breeds laziness. I have been bandited a bunch, I've been killed a lot n even executed after a raid, you don't see me whining? Come up with a real reason to dislike them and if it's serious enough why not report on it? why not make a case for it, every instance i've seen of people bringing them up it's for villainy, bad faith rp, heists, pvp ect. It's not a reason to hate an entire community let alone the people who associate with them, do better and grow the f up. p.s I will never forgive Mick for what he said and I hope he finds a calcified baby in HIS WOMB.
  4. I will forever give androgynous Thranduril vibes. Shouts out to my fellow non binaries <3
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      Hi bored im baked

  7. Smmer

    Map Art - Smmer

    MC Name: Smmer Discord: Smmer Image: Description of Image: Baby Brutes Crayon Self Portrait Dimensions: 3x3 (landscape not portrait)
  8. hewwo mwister owbama.
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