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  1. Realm PRO MC Name: iFractal Realm PRO Character Name: Veynora Wynasul Realm Name: Talar’nor Primary Realm Color: Purple Proposed Tiles (Highlight 3 on the map): cherry_blossoms_5 cherry_blossoms_6 cherry_blossoms_7 Realm Lore (could include previous roleplay posts showing involvement with the community) (1000 words minimum): The mali’aheral of Talar’nor (demonym: Talar’nori) are a high elven ethnocultural group originating from the Principality of Talar’nor on the eastern coast of Aevos. They are predominantly the descendants of the fallen civilization of the Celian’orians, themselves originally an exiled offshoot of high elves from the Silver City of Haelun’or. Millennia of mali’thill heritage, centuries of sociopolitical upheaval and a comparatively recent adaptation to the wave-swept bluffs of the Talar Peninsula have shaped the modern Talar’nori identity. This has given rise to a cultural mentality which celebrates industriousness, entrepreneurship, innovation and material gain. CULTURAL VALUES Having borne witness to the indolence of multiple elven civilizations past, the traditional high elven mantras of Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya (common: progress and health) and Maehr’sae Ilkun’ehya (common: knowledge and steel) have found a different expression amongst the Talar’nori. Instead of pursuing knowledge for its own sake, strict purity of blood or the abstract platitudes of ‘honorable’ victory, the Talar’nori prioritize - above all - material gain and the acquisition of temporal wealth. Among the peninsular elves, industry is the only solution to the idleness that plagues the Mali, and prosperity is the natural outcome of this diligence. Where their ancestors’ obsession with perfection manifested in strict ideology or the accumulation of sorcerous power, the Talar’nori are similarly obsessed with their artisanry - what they are able to create and how this craftsmanship can further their material condition. The concept of wealth or ‘material improvement’ does not solely relate to an individual, but can also be metaphorically extended to the collective Talar’nori society. In essence, the Talar’nori hold personal productivity as an essential virtue that both directly and indirectly benefits their wider number. This societal focus was generated in the context of multiple generations of decline, crisis and war amongst the generally conservative mali’aheral, evolving into a utilitarian setting where the most adaptable thrive. However, this does not mean that the Talar’nori have outgrown the ingrained mali’thill belief in the supremacy of their own kind, only that they have grown far more effective at hiding this xenophobia from outsiders - at least as long as a profit can be gained from them. Qualities or values celebrated amongst the Talar’nori include, but are not limited to: -Industriousness; -Perfectionism; -Innovation; -Intelligence; -Ambition; -Entrepreneurship; -Diligence; -Statesmanship; -Commercial acumen, -Strategy; -Persistence and patience; -Cunning. When taken to their extreme, these qualities might be expressed as: -Greed or avarice; -Obsessiveness; -Stinginess; -Insatiability; -Ruthlessness; and -Deceitfulness. CASTES The core organizational principle of the Talar’nori caste system is practicality. Every Talar’nori is expected to fulfill a role and this occupation determines their caste, and therefore their social standing. Caste Role Honorific Magister Warrior-scholars, administrators, landowners Laurir Caste Role Honorific Caste Role Honorific Sil’ir Military sailors, soldiers and other warriors Evarir Irhamir Civilian sailors, merchants, artisans and skilled workers Mal’onn (m) Lari’onn (f) Caste Role Honorific Tilruir Commoners, servants, unskilled laborers Llir Caste Role Honorific Untouchable Foreigners, the unproductive, wastrels, the scorned, the stateless or those without identity None Magister Doesn’t mean mage (as in high fantasy), it means it in the Roman sense. Warrior-scholars blend best of both worlds so this is considered worthy of the Magister caste Sil’ir - Irhamir (equal) Sil’ir-Irhamir split is military vs civil merit but these can be blended Tilruir Essentially just the regular citizens, property owners, etc. A very neutral caste in its standing. Untouchable Specifically contentious foreigners, naysayers, perceived problematic people etc. Landed titles are reserved for the Magister caste and not 'baron' or 'lord' or whatever. NOMENCLATURE AND HONORIFICS Honorific goes between first name and last name (like Turkish bey), e.g: John Laurir Smith or John Laurir in short; Jane Evarir Smith or Jane Evarir in short; etc.. Prince is Malaurir (no one else can use this) HIGHLY caste specific. THE ETHEREAL PRINCIPLES Harmony of the Radiant Flow: At the heart of Ethereal Principles lies the concept of harmonizing with the radiant flow of life. The Talar'nori seek to align their actions, thoughts, and emotions with the rhythm of the physical and voidal planes. By doing so, they believe they can attain a state of inner serenity and external equilibrium, ensuring that their interactions with the world are always characterized by respect and balance. To be in harmony with the Radiant Flow, one should learn magic and handle it carefully. You can cause harm to the void, to the physical realm, and to yourself if not in harmony with the Radiant Flow. Wisdom of the Starlit Path: The Talar'nori revere wisdom as a guiding star in their journey of existence. They view knowledge not as a mere accumulation of facts, but as a cosmic tapestry that weaves together the threads of experience, intuition, and contemplation. The pursuit of wisdom is considered a sacred duty, allowing elves to navigate the complexities of life with grace and insight. To be following the Starlit Path, one needs to pursue knowledge, be it through books or experience. One must contribute to society by providing their own knowledge to their peers. Interconnected Threads of Kinship: In Talar’nor, every individual is seen as a luminous thread within the intricate tapestry of existence. Elves hold a deep reverence for their elders, honoring the wisdom and experiences passed down through generations. This reverence fosters a strong sense of community and kinship, where respect for older elves is expected. The Talar'nori must respect both elder elves, but also elves of higher ranking, as their work and dedication to the advancement of the state and society have landed them in such roles. Whispers of the Verdant Grove: Nature is regarded as a sacred sanctuary, a living embodiment of Malin and the Ethereal Principles. Talar'nori immerse themselves in quiet sanctuaries within their cities, finding solace in the whispers of the natural world. They believe that through communion with nature, they can attune themselves to the primal rhythms that resonate through the cosmos. The Talar'nori should have a park or natural retreat within the city in which they meditate and study history, and the Ethereal Principles. A quiet place away from the bustle of the city to think, create, and discover new ideas and philosophies. The Elegance of Refined Conduct: In the heart of Elven society lies a commitment to refined conduct and virtuous behavior. Elves are taught to embody the qualities of modesty, decorum, and intelligence in their every action. They believe that through exemplifying these virtues, they not only cultivate personal growth but also elevate the collective spirit of their people, with an emphasis on moral and proper behavior. The Talar'nori may be seen as prude, and very formal. It is important to present oneself in a proper manner. The Dance of Intertwined Paths: The Talar'nori have a belief in the interconnectedness of roles within their society. Be it a warrior, a scholar, an artisan, or a mage, every role is cherished and understood to be indispensable to the overall wellbeing of their society. Each Elf, regardless of their path, contributes uniquely to the flourishing of their realm. The Talar'nori are very patriotic and proud craftsmen, spending years perfecting crafts and artistry. Harvesting Wisdom through Reflection: Reflection and meditation hold a cherished place in Talar'nori culture. They believe that by contemplating the mysteries of the cosmos, one can gain insights into their place within it. Elves often withdraw to secluded groves or retreats within the city to ponder the stars, the cycles of the moon, and the flow of time. In this introspective practice, they seek to align their inner world with the greater cosmic rhythms. Notable community posts: The wedding of Princess Veynora, The Flame of Talar’nor and Tymen, of the West: - Malinor https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/229596-talarian-times-a-union-of-sea-and-fire/ Talar'nori Star Science: - Amuletic https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/228561-science-of-the-stars/ The Royal Cuisine: - KaptainScarlet https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/229622-introducing-the-royal-cuisine-of-talarnor/ A missive regarding nature and its sanctuary: - me https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/228714-the-wilds-melody/ A missive following Princess Veynora’s coronation: - me https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/228711-the-flame-of-talarnor/ Realm Government Structure Explanation: The Royal Family - The princess; - The prince; - Royal relatives; etc. Hier’heial (Inner Council) - Cinh’taliyir (Chancellor/Chief Minister) Literally translates to ‘revealer of secrets’ as in the ancient English meaning of justiciar/chancellor as a judicial officer that morphed into a PM-type role - Annilir (Admiral of the Eastern Sea) Actually just means general in this context - but with a naval/sea focus so we have the translation as admiral in official documents Dion’heial (Outer Council) - Lar’ir (Admiral’s 2IC) - Okarir’cihi (Steward) - Okarir’acaln (Treasurer) - Saneyir of the Annil’valliran (Speaker of the Mariners) Representative/Ambassador of the ‘Mariners’, which is a catch-all translation term for the Irhamir caste, which foremost pertains to ‘civilian sailors’ (i.e. mariners) but also merchants/artisans etc by extension. Sil’ir caste already represented by their commanders. - Laureh’ailer (Court Mage) Translates to ‘Favoured Sorcerer’ AKA court mage. - Puerith’ir (Scribe) Translates to ‘recorder’ in a formal sense AKA scribe. Conclave of Magisters -’House of Commons’ or representative body for the magisters/high-caste individuals. summ. The Heir’heial is an authoritative set of advisors closely at ear of the Princess. The Cinh’taliyir oversees the Dion’heial (Outer council) specifically in their endeavors and what they might be viable to operate on, as well as acts as final judicial authority over the Conclave of Magisters. The Dion’heial is essentially the “ctiy’s council” and is responsible for maintaining the autonomy of the facets and foundations which allow the city to function socially and industrially. The conclave of magisters functions as a city government, so to speak. Its purpose is to enforce fashion trends, minor amendments to laws or ‘acts’, meet and discuss the state of things, etc. Capital Builds (photos required): Link to album; the build is mostly done technically a WIP some is intended to be done in survival and a few more builders are adding their own touches to it. https://imgur.com/a/vqzy9di How does this settlement offer a unique niche not already found in an existing polity on the server?: It comes with a niche of players predominantly high elven that make up a societal conglomerate with a narrative focused on greed and industry, a vice largely unexplored amongst the elven populace. This in turn will provide a unique experience in comparison to other similar elven realms. For example, while voidal magi and the practice of voidal arts are an extremely common elven trait, the general narrative regarding the void is one of strict utility and extreme caution. The active practice of magic and casting within the city is strictly limited to those permitted by a license provided by the government and enforced by the El’vihai (reformed establishment of the Vira’tir) How does your settlement tie to the greater lore and narrative set by the community on LotC?: The realm has been around for two maps as of now, and was well established under the name Celia’nor, and now presently Talar’nor. The community consists of many houses that have been around for quite some time, specifically within the realm. Examples of families include: The Nullivari The Tennallars The Cerusils The Ibarellans While the nation has gone under many cultural and architectural shifts over the ages, it has withstood the test of time and provided a sanctuary for those invested in its community. While this migration is another major event it will serve as a key precedent to include in its history as well as a plot point to pursue from a roleplay standpoint. Have you ever run a settlement on LoTC before and what experience do you have with leadership within roleplay communities among the current groups of players?: Yes. I’ve been leading this nation already for some time, and I’ve held positions of leadership within the Holy Knights in Providence as the Apostolic-General. Most recently, I led a small Renelian vassal spinoff at the end of Almaris just outside of Celia’nor. Do you understand the metrics for maintaining activity and the grounds for settlement removal, along with the standing polity cap? Yes, I understand the old system and the new one, and am willing to work within the confines of either.
  2. Veynora scans over the missive with intrigue “Why not.” She says aloud, promptly applying her signature and stamp Veynora Wynasul, flame of Talar’nor
  3. THE TREATY OF VALLEI’HEIAL Issued 147 SA On this day forth issued above, the Principality of Talar’nor and the Kingdom of Númendil hereby agree to adhere and enforce these terms, bound by either party’s signature: ARTICLE I: For the duration of this treaty, the signatories shall agree to a pact of non-aggression; no conflict is to take place between the militaries representing either nation. Any violations of this article shall be settled through civilized diplomatic conversation. ARTICLE II: A defensive alliance is created between both of the signatories. In the event that one of the nations is attacked by a third party, the other signatory will come to their aid militaristically and diplomatically. ARTICLE III: The signatories will communicate all diplomatic changes between one another, ensuring to maintain a relay of information regarding any diplomatic threats or alliances. ARTICLE IV: There shall be freedom of travel between the signatories’ land, all denizens of either state will hereby be met with no hostility, unconditionally, in either of the signatories’ foreign lands. In the circumstance this condition be violated, civil course action will be taken through the respective diplomatic channels. ARTICLE V: Free trade is to take place between both signatories and their respective nations, and members of either respective potential party should be met with no hostility in any capacity. If such hostility occurs it will be dealt with accordingly within the respective diplomatic channels. ARTICLE VI Both parties have agreed to the condition wherein the state of Talar’nor is to assist in the endeavors of the Númenedain Knights and their pursuit of darkspawn, and in return the state of Númendil will provide the necessary effort to better equip those who are to assist, in either official or unofficial capacity. The present treaty and its articles will be active and enforced for ten years after its ratification. , The Flame of Talar’nor SIGNED, HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Tar-Caraneth Aryantë of the House Arthalionath, by the Grace of GOD, Queen of the Númenedain, Princess of Númenost and Minas Amath, Protector of the Adunians, Master of the Sharadûn, Templar of the Archangel Michael, Knight of the Realm
  4. Veynora loves to see people getting along!
  5. Veynora leans back in her chair with a content sigh, unable to keep herself from smiling due to such display of peace and goodwill.
  6. The princess of Talar’nor gave a nod as she scanned over the impressive missive
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VoGVImqVsc I pen these words with a heart overflowing with reverence for the natural splendor that graces our beloved state. Today, it is with great honor and solemnity that I announce the establishment of The Alcyon Nature Sanctuary, a nature reserve consecrated to the preservation of the very essence of life itself, nestled amidst the picturesque western fjords of our realm. In this sacred realm, wildlife shall find refuge, far from the perils of the pursuits of descendants. A covenant binds us all to this pledge, vowing that no harm shall fall upon the creatures who share our lands and waters. By my decree in unison with Adriel, an aspiring druii, we commit to nurturing this sanctuary, ensuring that the natural flow of rivers and streams remains untouched by the hand of descendants. As such, no structures shall ruin the sanctity of this refuge, its boundaries protected from encroachments of progress. On this solemn occasion, we dedicate this nature reserve to the cherished memory of our late Prince, Alcyon Wynasul, whose passion for conserving the wonders of our land continues to inspire us. May his guiding spirit lead us in safeguarding these hallowed grounds. To Adriel, whose heart beats in resonance with the wild’s melody, I entrust the noble task of overseeing this sanctuary. With ardent devotion to nature’s marvels, Adriel shall stand as the guardian of this realm, preserving its delicate balance for the ages to come. With this missive, I call upon our citizens to join hands in educating and enlightening one another about the sanctity of nature and the urgent need to safeguard its treasures. Let our legacy be one of unity, where Elvenkind and wildlife coexist in harmony within the sanctuary’s embrace. May the guiding star of Prince Alcyon Wynasul watch over us, guiding us with wisdom and fortitude as we embark on this sacred journey. In this sanctuary, may we forge a timeless bond, bridging the gap between us and the wild, celebrating the wonders that surround us. Princess Veynora Wynsaul, the Flame of Talarnor
  8. Today, a new chapter unfolds in the history of our principality. With immense gratitude and a sense of responsibility, I stand before you as your new Princess, humbled by the trust you have placed in me. As your Princess, my foremost duty is to serve you, the citizens of Talarnor. I take up this mantle not only with pride but also with a deep sense of duty to each of you. The time of change has come. We shall embark on a journey of reform, not for the sake of change alone, but to create a society worthy of calling itself Talarian. Our noble houses, once bound by tradition, shall now embrace a new era of merit and virtue. I will work to reform the nobility, ensuring that those who serve with honor and dedication are the ones who rise. Additionally, I have made the decision to dissolve the current council. This is not a measure taken lightly but with the understanding that we need a new, dynamic governing body that can meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world. Together, we will build a council that values innovation, expertise, and the well-being of our citizens. My ambitions for our state are boundless. I envision a realm where every person’s potential is nurtured, where education and culture thrive, and where we embrace progress while preserving our cherished traditions. Let us stand united, drawing strength from our past as we step into the dawn of this new era. Talarnor’s flame shall burn ever brighter, illuminating the path to a future filled with hope and prosperity. I call upon each one of you to join hands with me as we shape this future together. Your voices and ideas matter; together, we shall create a principality that stands as a beacon of enlightenment. With gratitude and determination, I accept this sacred duty to lead you. Let us move forward, hand in hand, as one people, united in purpose and bound by love for Talarnor. Ay’Talarnor. Princess Veynora Wynasul, the Flame of Talarnor
  9. Veynora Wynasul stands atop the Talarian observatory, ambitions and prosperity coiling about in her mind as she gazes outwards towards the untapped expanse of Talar'nor's borders. A thoughtful smile crept to her features; witnessed only by the starry scape above her.
  10. Veynora Wynasul stands atop the the newly erected observatory, her curious gaze locked to the stars. The woman's thoughts lingered on the contents of the missive and the whereabouts of Veralya. The good news was overshadowed by her own intrigue, and she couldn't help but smile. "We were right."
  11. A LOST PRINCESS Published: 11th of The First Seed, Year 139 SA Citizens of Talar’nor; It is with a heavy heart that I announce Princess Veralya Wynasul to be declared missing. She was last seen within the palace in a worried state, witnesses say, and seemed to be in disarray. Initially following her disappearance a note was recovered detailing what appeared to be the location of her highness, thus sparking the expedition of a small entourage encompassed by Vira’tir and citizens alike deep within the undercity as detailed within the note. They were met in aggression by a small group of trolls and following their victory a corpse was recovered, identified as human. The actual identity of this person remains unknown and any further clues to where Veralya might be were not discovered. I extend this missive to the denizens of Talar’nor in hopes of broadening our scope of information, so that we may ensure the safe recovery of our princess. In light of these circumstances all government functions will continue as normal, though national priority will remain on her highness and her rescue effort. A sketch of the missing princess is detailed below; [AI art generated by @_PR0FIT in Midjourney] The Princess had last stated she was going into the underground, as previously mentioned. Despite this, upon further investigation instigated by the royal court, her belongings were found within the forest bordering the eastern district nearest the entrance to the bridge of Talar’nor. It is believed that a man by the name of Kosher Daesmon, a tan ‘ame with golden eyes and red hair, has either injured or taken Veralya. Anyone with information on either Kosher or Veralya, please come forth. If your efforts result in the recovery of our beloved monarch, you will be compensated greatly. AY’PUERAN; Lady Veynora Wynasul, Heir of Talar’nor
  12. Mirallia Velulaei'onn smiles upon reading the missive with a horde of the Vira'tir stanced at her flank, ready to aid Talar'nor's new ally.
  13. VIRA’TIR Protectors of Talar’nor INTRODUCTION When hordes of Mori swept Almaris with endless desolation and fiery doom, realms across the ashen continent found themselves scrambling to strategize their recovery on the new land, Aevos; building their capitals with new-found hope. However, unlike the vast majority, those of Talar’nor have agreed to let go of the old and emerge anew, striving to create a government and society of order, honor, and prosperity for all. With the formation of our new government and name, those in power of Talar’nor are happy to announce the creation of the Vira’Tir, the Principalities new, steel-blooded military force tasked with representing the people in battle and ensuring security within the walls of our lands. As we introduce new reformations to the nation, it is the job of the Vira’Tir to support and mandate these changes. ROLE The objective for the Vira’Tir is to shape those citizens brave enough to enlist into hardened men and women of honor, who will uphold the standard of Talar’nor that we hope to incorporate throughout the hearts of our people. We reign with ferocity and allow none to challenge our authority and might. We lay down our lives to retain the sanctity of our nation and her people, and ensure none would topple her walls. 7 CODES OF THE VIRA’TIR I. One must swear to uphold and enforce the righteous laws and civility of the Principality. II. One will not dare to harm their comrades, citizens, or anyone within the homeland. III. One will not oppose the orders of the Mordu’Lar nor the crown of Talar’Nor or they will face grievous punishment. IV. One will uphold a vow to secrecy towards information passed to them within their time in the ‘Tir. V. One must not misuse their power against the innocent civilians of Talar’Nor. VI. One must hold themselves and their peers to the highest of ethical standards. VII. One will possess zero bias towards one given person or entity, and enforce justice equally amongst all. RANKS & PAYMENT Within any armed body, there must be a hierarchy system to keep order and establish a chain of command. The Vira’Tir has one of its own, comprising a mere five ranks. A simple yet effective structure. A soldier’s rank will directly affect their salary. These ranks and salaries are: Fiyem - 15 mina annual payment A newly enlisted recruit must undergo the rigorous training of the force and adapt themselves to military life, before proving through experience and their skill that they are ready to progress. They serve as the backbone of the military and will often be seen patrolling and carrying out missions handed to them by upper ranks. Diraar - 25 mina annual payment A first class rank for recruits within the order. They, through gaining recognition for their work and time spent within the force, receive Diraar as a reward - granting them higher pay and seniority over Fiyems, though no real command over them unless authorized by an officer. They generally hold the same responsibilities as those Fiye beneath them, though may be given special duties from Piraars. Piraar - Starts from 30 mina annual payment Piraar are members of ‘Tir soldiers who displayed outstanding excellence and performance in battle, as well as exceptional leadership capabilities and potential amongst the mass. Not only must one serve a minimum of 4 years in the Vira’Tir to be eligible to receive this rank, they must also undergo and pass an exam orchestrated by an Aneh’wy, or Mirallia herself, that will test their worth to be in command of Mali within the Vira’Tir. They oversee the doings of the Diraar and Fiyem soldiers, handing them tasks and training them to be the strong soldiers Talar’Nor requires. Aneh’wy - Starts from 40 mina annual payment The right hand men to the Mordu’Lar, and commanders of the Piraar and their soldiers. They work in close relation to the Mordu’Lar and function as her direct advisors and consultants, as well as overseeing her duties if need be. One will often be chosen as a stand-in if the Mordu’Lar is unable to fulfill a task. Mordu’Lar The Mordu’Lar acts as the overseer to the Vira’Tir, similar to a marshal. Their duty is to guide officers and soldiers alike into battle and mold morale into something truly formidable. The Mordu’Lar is responsible for establishing law and order, and enforcing such laws within the populace and the rank of the Vira’Tir. AY’PUERAN; Mirallia Velulaei’onn A Piraar stands before you clutching a collection of papers which they hand to you. It reads as follows: NAME: RACE: AGE: GENDER: [[OOC]] Username: Discord: Timezone: [!] As you are given the forms, the soldier sends you off, letting you know a recruitment official will handle you in the coming days.
  14. "It's Malin time." Mirallia Velulaei'onn smiles, preparing for the best
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