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  1. *Watcher would slam the paper onto his desk "Bullshit, I need to pay and lose a hand?!? Just because of a SIMPLE HEAD PAT?!?!"
  2. Watcher Der Ryder nodded slowly reading this, “I don’t know much about religion, and I was never taught. I move to The Duchy of Rozania, and all we get is harassed by Canonists… Doesn’t make me wanna be a Canonist anymore…” he let out a long sigh.
  3. *would smile at the news "May peace come to Rozania"
  4. Der Ryder Clan Promotions In light of their recent exploits, Der Ryder’s members Brian, Atherian, and Lorelai have all risen the ranks, reaching new heights of success. Rank Promotions: Brain Der Ryder -> Ranger Atherian Der Ryder -> Ranger Lorelai Der Ryder -> Seamstress We wish all other clan members success, and a happy life! Signed by: Valen Der Ryder Watcher Der Ryder
  5. The Demotion of Ero’s Der Ryder Ero’s Der Ryder, one of the Founding fathers of the Der Ryder clan, has been forcefully stepped down due to his lack of leadership and clan interaction. His role shall now remain as clan ranger. Signed- Watcher Der Ryder Valen Der Ryder
  6. An Offer For The King Your Royal Highness William Buckfort I, The Der Ryder clan would like to approach your majesty with an offer, which reads thusly: ‘To cooperate with Rozania in its War Efforts, sending multiple combat-ready warriors, that are willing to give their full-fledged support to fend off any attackers away from Rozania’s walls and citizens. Signed, Watcher Der Ryder 1st Leader of the Der Ryder clan
  7. MopoTheStranger


    Lanko Tobuns was born a simple boy eager to see the world when he was 4 he developed a strong liking of weapons he then turned 5 his new baby sister was born. Her name was Merry Tobuns she was a good girl but 1 day she went on a journey to trade goods at Urguan with her father Stephen Tobuns.But they were ambushed by goblins that were heading to their lair once Lanko and his mother received the news they were heart broken but Lanko's mother who is Riro Rotufen had to find some way to fend for her family. So she started selling goods like Lembas bread and sweat bread she managed to earn enough to support her and Lanko.At the age of 9 Lanko Tobuns begged his mom to buy him a wonderful sword he had seen she said "im sorry Lanko we just dont have enough for that we barely get around im sorry i promise it will get better". Those words forever stayed in Lanko's mind and he swore to his mother that one day he would be the greatest swordsman and they would always be able to have anything they wanted. at the age of 16 Lanko stumbled upon A Huge Troll Lanko could run he was frozen in his tracks of the immense amount of fear going through his body then he hears a strange whistle and great stallion rises over the hill it is an elf the elf rides closer to the troll to try to jab it with the elf's mighty sword but the the elf's horse stumbles down the hill due to the troll throwing a massive stone at the poor things legs the elf is dead he has fallen on top off his sword without thinking Lanko rushes over to the dead elf picks up his sword but when lanko turns around it is the giant troll standing an inch away Lanko turns around with the sword in his hands and accidentally stabs it right in the heart he has slayed a mighty troll. He then rushes home with the sword and tells his mother of what has happened he is happy because he now owns a sword and slayed a mighty troll. At the age of 17 he has mastered the art of a swordsman and to help his mother out he does chores for the neighboring parts. At age 18 he lost his mother she was killed by a heart attack due to stress when he got notice of this event he went mad killing every creature he saw slowly and painfully. He then started helping the people at the shire by doing chores and hunting and selling the meats and furs and he continues to due this till this day. To this day Lanko roams the city of Sutica hoping he will be the next Legendary swordsman.
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