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  1. Although the death was meaningless, his grandpa crawled into the oblivion to greet his grandson in eternity. "Berries n' cream~" His voice hummed contently. "Berries n' cream~" It echoed throughout the abyss. "Am a lil lad who loves berries n' cream~" There it was again, doing the little lad dance, he was, or maybe it was just a gust of wind in the darkness. A distant memory. There were no Gods here. No angels. No demons. Only William. Only Grandpa. And grandpa wanted his berries and cream... He was quite sick of the whole being dead thing, in sooth. The reception was terrible, the staff was rude and someone and someone devious licked the whole f**king pool. Overall, a 3/5 stars. Mediocre at best. Wouldn't recommend it. Just don't die in the first place. Complimentary chocolates are pretty good, though.
  2. As the title suggests, this post is nothing more than a fart in a hurricane. It isn't the first of its kind and it won't be the last. It's a rant without any solid structure or nice formatting, so bear with me. Lord of the Craft, as a concept, is absolutely wonderful. It has plenty of potential, arguably way more than any other server. Every day is different and unique. Tonight you may be having slice of life RP with friends, the next you may be out hunting a brigand or a monster, all while bonding with other players' characters, making friends and enemies. I don't know about you, but I can role-play for hours on end without getting bored with the right RP partner, only to resume our adventures the very next day. It has its flaws, like any other thing. How many times has lore been ripped out of the server? Or, how many times has a staff member taken way too long to help you with an issue? Or maybe you're annoyed because the path you want to take is being gatekeeped to hell? Personally, I can live with all that- I accept it for what it is. With that, you can still turn around and leave the server on neutral, or even good terms, like "Had my time here. Not my sort of place, I guess." My main issue, however, is way worse. It's like a game-breaking bug there's no patch for; OOC Toxicity. That, on the other hand, will make your depature from the server bitter, like "Damn, these guys are real these and thats." I'm not talking about DoingUrMum420 (Not an actual player) calling your grandma gay after you hit them one too many times. On any other RP platform I have been on, there's a sense of good sportsmanship during conflict. I recall taking part in Discord roleplay servers before joining LOTC. Whenever conflict arose, I recall all participants being pumped and excited for it. Other players' plotlines and OOC emotions were taken into account, and antagonists focused on making conflict enjoyable for the group the way a DnD Dungeon Master wants to keep his party engaged. There is none of that on LOTC. Whenever enemies are formed, be it in a war between two factions or an interpersonal conflict, there seems to be a lot of resentment in the air. Insults are exchanged between the two player bases and spite takes place of enjoyment. Instead of sorting out a potential issue, the first course of action for some is to straight up try to get the other party banned. Instead of trying to make conflict enjoyable and tolerable, people will go out of their way to pretty much ruin someone else's RP for the sole reason of the other player being on the other side of the conflict. There's no fun in that. And I can't see how it can be fun for the people actively doing these things. You get nothing out of being spiteful, apart from knowing that you may have just ruined the other person's day. I honestly don't get why the server needs to be treated as a PvP factions server. I've had the absolute pleasure of taking part in conflict RP with friends. When one character antagonized the other, the others went along with it, roleplayed and had fun without going off on each other OOCly. In particular, I recall one of my characters, Shoes, being the local ne'er-do-well who always picked fights, and more often than not, got beaten to a pulp for it. I remember it being fun, for myself and for others. Despite dealing with the menace that was my character, we've always been on good terms OOCly, and haven't argued about it. Any differences we had, we could easily resolve through communication and vibe checks. On the other hand, I've also had a lot of terrible experiences that left me feeling upset OOCly. I had negative remarks tossed my way in LOOC during conflict RP, like being belittled for being upset over RP, or being insulted by someone you thought was decent because you killed them IRP. I found myself being a part of a fledgeling RP-focused community that was relentlessly bullied by a much bigger one. It was a community we formed as a bunch of friends, wanting to RP as our characters, develop bonds and have a little corner to call our own. I have left the server itself a few weeks back, but to this day the remnants of the community are being bullied by the same party. It sucks seeing really wonderful people getting upset because of it. It hurts knowing that no matter how much they try to maintain that safe space, nothing's going to change. People are leaving the server because of it, and it's not even funny. I wanted to bring up the topic of character bleed. It was a concept introduced to me by @Charbi, who's by far one of the most wonderful people I've gotten to meet on here. She describes it best, so I'll share her description of it here: "Based on some of the interactions I’ve been experiencing as of late, I wanted to take a moment and do a quick reminder as an old lady who has done many years of theatre and roleplay on many different mediums. Disagreements are bound to arise whilst playing the server, as they do in real life. Conflict is not optional. LOTC can be intense and make you experience this phenomenon called “character bleed” which is a valid feeling and completely normal. For those who are unfamiliar with this term, this phenomenon basically means that you are able to no longer empathise your characters feelings but feel them fully for yourself so that some sadness or anger is no longer you playing your character, but your own frustrations and sadness as you, the player. It is imperative that when you begin to genuinely feel angry or upset at an IG situation, you take a step back and a breather, reminding ourselves that we are not our characters and the person on the other side of the screen you may be feeling a certain way toward is just as nervous a cucumber as you are. We’re all here to tell our character’s stories collectively together, that’s all. " -Charbi If you at any point experienced character bleed, know that you're not the only one. It's okay to get upset over RP- there are no wrong emotions. If there are players tormenting you irp for BS reasons, you are not the only one. Remember that you're never alone in cases like this. LOTC can be fun, and it can be utterly horrible. There are two very different sides to that coin. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! As I said before, it's a fart in a hurricane, and I don't expect it'll make much of an impact. But here I am, getting it off my chest, and if it'll make a tiny difference to one or two people, I'm happy with that. If you give a damn about the community's well-being, you can always do your part by checking in with the other players involved and offering a friendly attitude. I can guarantee that it'll make your own experience, too. You don't know if somebody had a bad day, a bad week, a bad month. Just be kind. If you're personally pissed or upset about something and feel like you don't have anyone to turn to, my DMs are open, just hit up- Quacken#4140. Not staff, not anything, but if you need a to rant, I'll lend an ear. On another note, I hope you're having a great day. And to toss in a bit of positivity into this clusterf*ck- you're unique, you're special, and you matter!
  3. Ser William has always had a fire burning in his heart- a passion that kept him alive. But now those roaring flames were dying, withering away into a few final embers. He could've kept going if he wanted to, he thought, lift the sword again and return to Rozania, or continue wandering the lands with his beloved. Maybe. But they felt it was time to go off to a better place. Together. Sailing down the sea of souls, there was nothing more he longed for. He closed his eyes, and for the first time in forever he could be him. He felt free- liberated. The crackling of fire, the gentle waves of the ocean, the aftertaste of poison on his tongue, the warmth of a lover's embrace. His eyelids felt heavy, and he felt his embers die out as his life waned. He spent his last moments reflecting... He lived a good life, that old man. He was young once, young and piss poor. But he didn't care- he was happy. He had a hope and a dream in his eyes. A little castle out in the countryside, a loving wife to hold his hand, a handful of babes running around and playing on his nerves. For a while, he had more than that. He had it all. He experienced loves that made his heart fluttered, he raised children that did him proud, he forged friendships he didn't deserve, with people who were twice the man he was. All he had he earned with his own two hands, through a long and hard journey, but he never stood alone. It were people like his lifelong friends Eliza and Aylin, the allies the likes of Lomiei and Rebeka, and loyal men-at-arms like Ser Brawly that always had his back. Of course, he couldn't forget about his wife, no matter what it was, she stood by him, supporting him in every way possible. But life wasn't always smooth. Some marriages were cut short by death or faded feelings. Some children proved to be disappointing. Some allies and friends and even family stabbed his back. But he embraced it in the end, for you can't have the good without the bad. He knew that more than anyone, after all, he wasn't always a good man. He lied, slain, cheated, caused pain, and for what? In the end it mattered not. He couldn't change the past, although he wished he could've been a better man. He wondered what went wrong down the line. He was 'good' once, when he was younger. At least that's what he thought. Maybe the people back in his days were kinder, just like the prices were fair and politicians were noble, the air cleaner, and whatever else an old man could claim. He thought about his final letters, the ones he left with one of his trusted stewards before this departure. He wondered what these people would say, and whether they would forgive him. He smiled to himself- he could die with hope in his heart. The same hope that filled him in his youth. But...he was tired now...it was time to sleep... And that was the end of William Buckfort. Letters: To my children, Janusz, Aldigar, Romilda, Oisin, Gawain, Galahad, Estella, Nadia, Gwyn, etc To Aldigar, To Estella, To Gwyn, To Oisin, To Axilya, To Her Grace, Lady Eliza Raven I, To Belladonna, To Ser Brawly, To Lady Aylin, To Puff-Puff, To Kobint, To Qiew, To Dame Matilda, To Mika, To Erwin Bishop,
  4. Available Housing in The Duchy of Rozania This house is available in Rozania, tax free for the foreseeable future. All that we are looking for is a clan, group or family of 5+ ACTIVE people. In a good area of town, next to two other Manors housing friendly people. There are regular events hosted in Rozania, and it is a very active community. (as pictured below, the pumpkins hanging were from The Grand Pumpkin Festival). There is a bank, auction house, tavern, shops and more close by the Manor. A small stable and a garden are included. The Duchy of Rozania is welcoming to all, and will be happy to have you join us! For a tour of the house, or interested in more please contact any of the below: Duke of Rozania : Cheese Quacker#4140 Stewards: gurlpirate#1816 Peralien#8586 ohbother1#0723 Pictures below of the Manor:
  5. William looked over the Encyclical letter, passing it to his faithful followers thereafter.
  6. "Hey- you're finally in my chamberpot with the rest of the ****!" William smiled, "Right w'ere ye belong."
  7. William I read through the missive on his chamber pot, intending to make good use of the parchment. Never has he seen so much BS. "Will 'e e'er get bored?"
  8. "Snoots-Snoots!" Snoots retorted in a stern tone, trying to get her point across and express support for Lomiei's haircut.
  9. Though William's not there in person, he stands behind Lomiei' statement in spirit!
  10. William I prays to God that Rozania and her people will be left alone after this missive goes public...
  11. Ser William read through the study with a philosophical gleam in his eyes. It was something up his alley, and he seemed to take great interest in it. Of course, he has seen people perform table-jumps in the past, yet he never truly looked into it. 'Twas then that Ser William mounted a table, jumping from one to another, the Northern blood in his veins seemed to make the activity effortless...
  12. Insignificant piece of input, but here's my 2 cent on the matter; I think being able to send letters almost instantly with the use of "birds" and /msg is just convenient for the plot. We could all agree that they should not be used during combat, though. I feel we should just outline what is and isn't okay for "bird" RP and have certain rules/boundaries in place regarding it rather than throwing in extra steps/plugins that are just going to turn a quick, simple and convenient system into something complex.
  13. They hated Sigmar...because he told them the TRUTH.
  14. A very expressive halfling jester heard news of the recent rebellion. It seemed as if the whole world was taking part in it. This upset poor lil Snoots, who felt rather left out of the conflict. Thus, Snoots decided to declare a war of her own. Alas, since Snoots couldn't read or write, she had to abduct someone who did- or rather...break character to politely ask a passerby for help -"Excuse me, sir...?"-, assuring them it'd be the funniest stunt in recent history... And thus, the following missive was drawn out, printed and sent out across the continent for anyone who'd read this trash... ---To All Nations, Settlements, Companies, Races, Factions and Individuals of Almaris--- Long enough has Snoots endured yam's tyranny Actually, write, like, uuuh- Wait, are you writing down what I'm saying now? NO! Don't write that bit down- new line In the name of Snoots the Great, the first of Snoots, Snoots declares war on everyone in Almaris expect for the following: Ren, the nice dark elf, and the people Snoots likes. But not the people Snoots doesn't like, Snoots declares war on you, too. Snoots is very angry with the tomfoolery that went on without Snoots. Snoots finds this Snootingly outrageous and will not let it go unpunished. So, as Snoots said, Snoots declares war no, put it in the big letters. Huge. WAR Snoots demands the following as compensation in exchange for peace: 2 3 bottles of grape juice (The good kind) A nice coat, preferably blue and not too expensive. A free horse ride (on a big horse) Addition of the word "Snoots" to the Common dictionary, and all languages. A gingerbread house. A cranberry pie. A blueberry pie. A raspberry pie A mixed berry pie. An apple pie. A cream pie with cherries. A custard pie with cinnamon A chocolate pie, with no bits. A meat pie. A chicken pie with mushrooms. A chicken pie without mushrooms. A new set of juggling balls. New bells. A new woolly blanket. A pet snugget. A second gingerbread house. A fork for my pies. Send a bird to Snoots when you are either ready to pay the fee, or fight me to the death! Maybe not to the death, though, just, like, a whack or two. But not too hard. [!] A sketch of Snoots, the first of Snoots was included at the bottom Signed, Her Majestical High Grace Snoots, The First of Snoots, Jester of the Jesters, Warmaster of Snoots, Admiral Commanding Generalling Chief officer captain-sergeant yes put all those titles
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