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  1. IGN: phoebe202 Discord: majesticpasta Skin: Eunica's Indepencence dress & Melisende's Indepencence dress Bid: 125 & 175
  2. Totally agree. When I brought this up in the past and recounted my own experiences with this, people told me I was being melodramatic and/or crazy, which I feel is quite telling as well.
  3. Peter Theodoric, dubbed "Teddy" by his family, remained blissfully ignorant of what had occurred due to his youthfulness. "Why is Pater sad?" He inquired to his mother shortly after the news broke, having never met his Uncle John.
  4. Grigoryi's wife welcomed him to the Seven Skies with open arms and a wide, carefree smile. Elara, the newly-married, newly-made-Baroness, wept for the grandfather she only had the chance to meet once.
  5. Catherine's Governess smiled the sun's smile at this news.
  6. So true. Thanks for bringing this to everyone's attention and helping to create a more positive gaming environment <3
  7. Florent Willems - The Engagement The Marquisate of Clermont and County of Otistadt are pleased to announce the most auspicious union of Lady Elara Athénaïs Halcourt d’Artois de Clermont and Lord Aldric Hektor Ludovar. The pair shall be joined together in holy matrimony before God, Their families, and the nations of Petra and Haense ’neath the Auld tree, per Petrine tradition. The wedding shall take place during the listed month: The Grand Harvest, 87 Atstana de Regne Petrère (1942 Imperial Time) | Gronna & Droba 495, E.S. OOC: September 16th, 6PM EST Formal Invitations are sent to the following: Her Royal Majesty, Renilde I, Queen of the Commonwealth of the Petra and her Royal Pedigree His Royal Majesty, Aleksander II, King of Hanseti-Ruska and his Royal Pedigree His Eminence, Bishop-Father Callahan Petran Nobility The Right Honorable, Ledicort Tiberius d'Azor, Count of Azor The Right Honorable, Anthony Temesch, Viscount of Mies, Baron of Resmore The Right Honorable, Karl von Theonus, Viscount of Marignan The Honorable, Nicolas E. von Wittenbach, Baron of Wittenbach The Honorable, Xavier Adiler, Baron of Celia'Tahn Her Ladyship, Norra Terrin, Vavasour of Sunrise Grove Haeseni Nobility Her Grace, Roslin Baruch, Duchess of Valwyck His Grace, Viktor var Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus His Grace, Manfred Barclay, Duke of Reinmar The Right Honourable, Otto Ludovar, Count of Otistadt The Right Honourable, Anabel Colborn, Countess of Malkovya The Honourable, Walter Weiss, Viscount of Novkursain His Highness, Francisco de Pelear, Viceroy of Hyspia Her Ladyship, Alyona Godunov, Baroness of Verskaya Her Ladyship, Katrin Stafyr, Baroness of Thurant His Lordship, Henrik Amador, Baron of Mondstadt Her Ladyship, Ileana Kortrevich, Baroness of Koravia His Serene Excellency, Sir Laurens 'the Unwavering' Halcourt d'Artois KCSE, Marquis du Clermont, Chanzlé of the Commonwealth of the Petra, Baron of Artois, Knight-Commander of the Order of Saint Emma, Knight of the Sovereign Order of the Petrine Laurel, Hero of the Petra The Right Honorable, Elara Athénaïs Halcourt d’Artois de Clermont, Baronne d’Artois, Royal Governess to the Children of the Petra The Honorable, Lord Aldric Hektor Ludovar
  8. Reza, Ludvika's younger sister, counts the mina in her piggy bank before taking the quiz herself.
  9. A fruit basket shortly thereafter arrived at the Ruthern estate, a notecard attached to it congratulating Gaius on his retirement -- signed by Lady Elara Halcourt, a distant cousin of the Viscount's.
  10. "But they're nie wearing any furs! How will they keep themselves warm in the winter?" A young Ludovar queried aloud, having never been anywhere warmer than the chilly nation of Haense; and not quite understanding how hot Balian could be. -- Even now, before the first leaves of Autumn began to fall, she donned thick garments more suitable for winter.
  11. The late almost-Baroness Diane smiled at the news nonchalantly; murmuring something about how Gaius and his family had truly inherited her legacy. Elara offered her cousin a cigar and a glass of chardonnay in hopes of lifting her spirits, as the governess in question scoured the markets of Petra and Aaun for suitable gifts to give her newborn charges.
  12. The newborn twins' Governess paced around the nursery as she tended to her newfound duties -- pausing every so often to pray for the survival of their mother. An air of unease was ever-present, despite attempts to lift the spirits of the children and their attendants with the gently tunes of a music-box.
  13. The Count & Countess's youngest, Reza, proudly explained her handmade costume to her parents; having had such ready since she first heard of the plans to host a ball. "I couldn't decide between a fairy-princess, a mermaid, or a frog princess." The little Ludovar declared, putting special emphasis to highlight her twist on the fairy tales pertaining to frog princes. @Doggedwasupxxx@annabanana1014
  14. The Queen's goddaughter smiled brightly at the missive from where she sat between her mother and godmother.
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