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  1. After hearing the news, Elodie de Rosius would appear to become numb in her grief. She would spend the day in her bedroom, saying nothing and blankly staring out her window. She would only truly begin to process what had happened later that night, when she cried silently at her desk.
  2. There was a storm last night and my wifi went out (I’m writing this on my phone using data) 


    I don’t have access to my discord since I don’t have it on my phone, so I’m letting you know that if there’s any urgent news regarding Elodie I will be unavailable today and possibly tomorrow, if you are playing one of Elodie’s family members I will let you know when it’s back through there. 


    1. annanicole__


      I feel you!! I had no power for almost 4 hours 

  3. Elodie de Rosius would spend the afternoon dancing in delight, and occasionally singing. She would only stop to have a celebratory cup of tea after she’d danced until she could no longer.
  4. Elodie de Rosius would be sitting in her home when she read the tabloid, sitting near an open window and taking in the fresh air. “Perhaps I should attend more events this season. It certainly would help to ease my boredom, at the very least.” She’d remark, before stirring her tea. “Poor Aimee, though!” She’d pick up her cup of chamomile and begin drinking once more
  5. MC Username: phoebe202 Discord: majesticpasta1#4113 Role: Distant cousin or a friend of the family; my character, Elodie Abbot, comes from an upper-middle class background but does not have a family. If accepted she’ll likely need to change her career, as she currently works as a maid, but she could help with any businesses the family has, or she could become a nun.
  6. Elodie Abbot would read the flyer, and, with a mildly concerned look upon her face would whisper to herself. “Whoever has the idea of opening up some sort of matchmaking business and is capable of following through with it is surely missing out on a fortune.”
  7. “While the wording is more eloquent than one would expect from a girl of thirteen... it does seem like the sort of rash decision a desperate child would make. Perhaps this was not written by the child in question, but by one of the very scoundrels who deceived her into becoming a Sedanite, as a bizarre form of propaganda. May God have mercy on her soul!” Elodie Abbot would remark.
  8. Majesticpasta


    Elodie Abbot is a young woman who, up until this point, has led a fairly average life. She was born into a family that is somewhere in between middle class and upper middle class. Her father is a merchant and her mother is a housewife, and she is their oldest child. She was born and raised at her family's home in the countryside of the Orenian Empire. Due to her father having to travel to the city frequently for business, Elodie is much closer to her mother. Elodie did well in school, but . Her parents have always hoped she would take over the family business one day, and so she was taugh
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