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  1. "I pray, I pray, that the rest of Canondom has the backbone to continue their opposition to Heinrik the Heretic." A woman would mumble to herself, signing the Lorraine thereafter. "If not, it shall spell doom for us all. Whose land shall they come for next, if they learn they can simply attack and claim more from it? Haense? Norland? Petra? Urguan?"
  2. Laetitia Henrietta, Emir's haughty legitimized bastard who spends her days eating cake and shopping for jewelry and pretty clothes
  3. Laetitia beamed at the missive. “Here’s to the first of many. A beautiful first, if I may say so myself.”
  4. "Worry not... their destruction is imminent, by either Aaun or all of Canondom." The daughter of an Aaunic Count would muse, offering her displaced father a pat on the hand as she watched yet another missive smolder to ash in her fireplace. "Soon enough they will be but an unpleasant stain upon our memories, this little victory of theirs all for naught." @exogen
  5. “I think they’ve forgotten the murder of Milena Sarkozic, one of Heinrik the Heretic’s own kinsman. — Assassination, rather; despite that I only know of her involvement in this war being her ties to the Varoches.” Mused one of the late Milena’s cousins from her home in Karosgrad, only having read the missive as she prepared to use it as kindling for her fireplace.
  6. Laetitia Henrietta, niece to the Viscount of Sapron, would be left in utter disbelief after a copy of the missive was presented to her; having ventured to Balian only that month in an attempt to console her relatives. After bidding adieu to an old friend she'd been conversing with, she departed to the Basilica within Karosgrad for prayer, and donning a mourning veil soon after this tragic news was made apparent to her.
  7. Laetita lit a candle in honor of her missing cousin, and kept her in mind during her evening prayers. "Should we visit Oncle Franz, Papa? Make sure he's okay? Family should stick together in times like these, after all..."
  8. "As if we didn't have enough to worry about, another massive war looms." Laetitia grumbled to her father from within a mansion abroad; glancing up idly toward the displaced Comte as she mended one of his coats. "The church was merciful towards one of their ilk and they go and assassinate someone within the same month! They've been emboldened by it." She signed the Lorraine over herself at that remark. "GOD help us all -- Assuming we survive whatever vile action they deem necessary next!"
  9. Laetitia gave a stern nod of approval upon reading the missive. "They may say we are scared; but we are merely showing our piety, our strength, and our willingness to defend our allies against treachery." The woman remarked to herself as she returned to her duties within the Morrivi Courts, per usual.
  10. "Krusae Zwy Kongzem!" Cheers Laetitia -- the legitimized daughter of a Sarkozic bastard, and also a well-known resident of Karosgrad -- upon reading the missive.
  11. Laetitia eagerly awaits the festivities!
  12. The daughter of an illegitimate Sarkozic turned Petty-Count would sigh and begin preparing the guest rooms of her Manor in Karosgrad; should any of her younger siblings be sent to wait out the war under her care.
  13. "Gay marriage is legal?" Murmured Laetitia towards a friend of hers. @EmiliainWonderland
  14. The Count of Pacidia's granddaughter -- kept secret from the world as a matter of safety, due to the fragility of her father's noble lineage following the collapse of Yong Ping -- would be read the missive by her governess at the breakfast table. An intrigued smile crossed the girl's face as she sipped at her apple juice; she would have to meet these cousins.
  15. The Swan Makes preparations to return for the wedding!
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