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  1. I hope everyone is having a lovely night !!!🥰

  2. @Shmeepicus Yessss. I did not mention this, but I agree completely. Such an issue in our community sadly that needs to be resolved. Thank you for bringing that point up.
  3. I know this topic is super difficult to talk about and usually people want to not discuss these topics to staff, but I know that the moderation members will take each case so seriously. When I applied to be on moderation, safety (especially for minors) has been such a big thing that I wanted to watch out for. I can’t express how much I know it makes a person feel degraded or feel hopeless, but you are not alone. I have spoken to countless people about past harassment issues that never were taken seriously or reports that were never made. Your voice matters, you matter. Even if it is small, we can document that and take that into account for future reports and who knows, maybe your small report added onto a much larger one and your evidence just sealed the deal. If you look around on the server, I am sure that you’ll be surrounded by others who have been in similar situations. This thread is not made for anyone in particular, do not feel like you cannot report it because you will get blamed for someone’s ban or whatnot – your feelings matter so much and you deserve to be heard. Please reach out to moderation if you have issues, and my dms are always open. My discord is annabanana1014 and my MC-Name is the same, please reach out if you need anything! 🥰
  4. Throughout the past few months, our team has seen repeated instances of inappropriate behavior between players. It is important that even though our characters may be in different circles, we treat our fellow community members with respect and dignity. No one specific instance has propagated this post, but nevertheless we still would like to offer a friendly reminder of our Player Conduct Policy. The Player Conduct Policy is a set of guidelines and rules that all of us follow to avoid behavior considered unacceptable within the LOTC community. It can be found here. Players that breach this policy can receive a Player Conduct Violation. Players may not threaten, harass (sexually or otherwise), discriminate, use derogatory slurs, or make false statements against other players with the intent to harm their reputation. If you are unaware of exactly what we mean by all of these terms, please take a look at the link above. It is impossible to list every situation and behavior which can be considered harassment. That said, any behavior that creates an uncomfortable or hostile environment is not welcomed in this community. A few examples of situations that have occurred, but should not be occurring are: - Messaging minors with a sexual undertone. - Messaging anyone with unwanted sexual comments. - Calling anyone racial slurs or alluding to it. - Any sort of gender harassment. - Cyberbullying. - Repeated verbal attacks. - Being disrespectful towards any religion. Lord of the Craft is a server which is meant to allow for limitless creation and for expanding your horizons. Everyone is here to have a great time and to meet new friends across the world. In order to accomplish this, we must act in accordance with our Player Conduct Policy. Remember that no person is the same; we all experience different things in our lives. Furthermore, the game we have created as a community is not one that is competitive in nature — unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated on Lord of the Craft. We are all here to have fun, so please be considerate and mindful of each other. If you or someone you know would like to report any situations like this, please message one of our moderators. If it is a more intense case, please send it to the admins or ask a moderator to pass it up to an admin.
  5. hope everyone is having a nice evening <3

    1. MailC3p


      My evening's aight.

  6. hope everyone is slaying todayyyy

    1. Burnsider


      I always slay. 

  7. hey :D I dont know you but woah! 6 years, crazy! what has been your favorite experience overall on LOTC? <3
  8. Klara Ludovar would lean back in one of the many chairs outside her Keep, looking out towards the Kingdom. "A lot of hardwork... goodness, I hope it gets put to good use Otto!"
  9. get hype its the weekend <3🥰

    1. Mannamannaa


      Hype for the best Moderator on LotC! Thank you Anna for all the wonderful joy you bring to our community.

  11. who has made the biggest impact on you from LOTC?
  12. Myrilla Petrov signed the Lorraine as she heard of the news. She remained within the walls of her Manor along with her family... all of them saying a prayers for their late Duchess.
  13. tbh the warps were easier for new players. just my thought
  14. "How wonderful for them. Yam should invite them for tea," Myrilla Petrov had a small smile on her face as she laid on the grass outside her estate.
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