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  1. [!] A masked shaman sits, sorting herbs in a dank under floor of an unknown building when she receives word of this missive. The cold eyes of her mask do not display an inkling of the emotion she feels, not that she would ever show them publicly. Her hands harshly grip the paper this declaration is written upon before she furiously tears it down the center. The two halves are quickly discarded. Emony's voice is muffled by the mask as she speaks, though she continues to stow her emotions, holding a cold and calculating tone. "This call to arms is nothing more than a sham, and thus with this one it falls upon deaf ears. If it interferes with my goal of becoming a true uruk, I will have no choice but to exile myself and pursue this dream on my own." Her head shakes in a disapproving manor as she resumes her work.
  2. Emony reads the missive with a sigh, although she quakes in her boots. The only footwear she owns. Azh sekond lat am living en parapdize, next lat am living en uh kryme ridden zlum... whu da zhak am zteelin shoes? Daytz uzt horrible ang kruul. Wub eff zum azh unlee haz azh pair? The goblin seems a tad more paranoid as she wanders the streets and allies of Nor'Asath.
  3. [!] Emony reads the letter with a look of apprehension hidden beneath the never changing expression of her oni mask. Her grip tightens upon the parchment, distorting its smooth surface. Her hands shake with fear. "Ef dis am ture den Mi du nub gurk ef Mi ztrength will turn da tide en our favor. Mi haz never bheen partikularee ztrong az uh zhomo. Mi am mor wize den phizikalee ztrong, bhut ef Mi am kall'd, Mi zuppoze Mi muzt heed."
  4. Ezra wandered around the old house that they managed to keep. She loved how it still looked almost new, Not yet being very old herself... 115. But she reminisced about their adventures and looked at all their pictures. Of themselves, and their children from being born all the way up to their current ages now. She remembered getting married to Brawly, whom used to be spritely and healthy. But now... He spent most of his time sick, and in bed. She thought about their children, those who chose to stay and those who left to go on their own adventures. But she realized that she knew that they knew something was up and they all returned home one last time. She chuckled, knowing that she couldn't have lived a better life then she had. Being surrounded by family, and friends just being happy to have those people around her. Ezra sighed, smiling at their children before lying down beside Brawly and grasping at his hand gently. "Rulg lat futh dihz amayzin' lyfe, agh gibbin' mi ahl deze kubz." Brawly smiled weakly as Ezra joined him on his death bed. His eyes regained a slight bit of their former luster as he beheld the face of the one he held dear above all else. The old man wrapped his fingers around Ezra’s hand as he forced words from his mouth. “Tiz lyfe wuld hav’ bheen emptee wit aut lat bhy mi zide. Indeed, et wuz… Mi waited futh lat… Zince da dey lat left, Mi long’d tuu heur latz voyze azh lazt tik. Dayt hope kept mi gwoen. Every tik Mi fought futh da ugz, mi unlee gurk wuz keepin’ lat ang aur kubz zayfe ang zequre” Brawly lifted his opposite hand to gingerly rub against Ezra’s cheek . His breaths became ragged and inconsistent, marking a rapid deterioration in the man’s physical state. The hand gently lowered to its former position, resting at the man’s side. “Et wuz wurth et… Every mouth, every year, every decade… Lat am ztill az beautiful az da dey wi met" And after this was said, She noticed her children gather around the bed. All sad expressions, some crying some not. She knew that they knew it was time for Ezra and Brawly to go. Yerro, had stepped up first. "Dew nub wurri momo, popo Mi whyll ztehy wiv bouf(both) latz...." Yerro nodded sadly, he fought back the tears and the immense sadness threatening to break through at any moment. Settling himself down beside the bed, close enough to both Brawly and Ezra trying to give them as much support as he could. Zahira, second beside Yerro was up next to say something. "Momo, Popo etz ahl ukee..." Zahira stammered, her voice starting to break. "Whee ahre ahl heere futh latz..." Zahira shed a tear, backing up to support Callum and Sola. Soon Soren, stepped up and walked over. "Mi ahm numb readeh futh latz tew goh..." The young goblin hunched himself over and started to really break down. He was afraid, and sad he wasn't sure what life had next for him after losing his adopted parents. Sola and Callum, both still slightly younger then the rest, had no idea what to say. They just cried for their siblings and their parents, clinging onto their oldest sister Zahira for what seemed to be dear life... The last to step out from the gathering was Emony. The shaman removed her white steel mask revealing to clear tracks where tears were streaming down her face. Emony kneeled to take her father’s opposing hand and gripped it tingly. “Mom, Dad, Thank you. You both were truly the greatest parents I could have asked for. The love you had for each other and for me and the rest of your children was boundless. It is truly extraordinary how much you sacrificed to keep it and us alive.” Emony wipes her face with her arm as she tries to force a compassionate smile through her pain. She stands, taking a staff from her back. The goblin taps its end against the floor as she clears her throat. “Kor, durub mat-ob, baduzg ogh za mbursh-ûr.” (Kor, ruler of death, show this couple the way.) “Naan ikhal khûr kraat-ul, gaakh ulu shakrop sha” (Though forces may pull them away, let it be that they stay together.) Soon Ezra took her last breath, eyes turning toward the window signaling that her soul had now left her body and went off outside. Her beautiful ruby red eyes, remained open. And her hand continued to hold Brawly's... [!] Ezra found herself within a lightless void. She beheld the vast expanse of nothingness with a cold indifference, for all her scenes had become foreign to her. Trying to move any part of her body brought no feedback. This had a single exception, a sense of warmth seemed to emanate from her left hand. Even in death, Brawly would be by her side, grasping her hand with the same firm, yet gentle grip he had always had [!] Before them, a thin tendril of light became visible, its light providing a slight amount of comfort to the couple. Ezra once again felt the embrace of her life mate as he hoisted her up into his arms. The two followed the shimmering radiance that seemed to call to them. Before them flashed moments from their life together. The moment they first met, their first date… With each passing moment, the darkness was dispelled, leaving only an ethereal white. [!] Before the pair lay a field of ankle height green grass with a singular tree not far from where he stood. Brawly began to move towards it, slowly and cautiously. Each step yielded no sensation to him. The man’s grip tightened upon Ezra, as if within his mind he held the fear of losing her. They were able to see a wake of trampled grass behind them where Brawly’s now shoeless feet had indented. Brawly eventually reached the lone tree and took shelter beneath its branches. The shade they provided was a light, muddled, black, far different from the void they had exited not moments before. It was unoppressive and welcoming. [!] Brawly set Ezra down with shaking hands, gently lowering her to the shade covered, grassy carpet that lay beneath the great tree. The man leaned his back against the wooded trunk of the arboreal behemoth, gradually lowering himself to a seated position, beneath its branches. His gaze turned once again to Ezra. “You won’t leave me again… will you?” He questioned, reaching his right hand out to her. Upon his face was a look of unease as he sat waiting for her response. Ezra remained silent for a moment. She moved to his side, leaning against him as she so often did while the two were younger. “Ob korze Mi won’t.” Found upon Brawly's desk were a stack of letters addressed to various persons Dear Borok: Dear Madoc: Dear Bumba: Dear Rex Dear Gusiam and Lenora Jusima: Dear Peralien: [ooc] Credits:
  5. Emony Scath reads this notice with a neutral expression. The former Rex Sahgorim was more her fathers friends, however she did respect his abilities as a leader and shaman. She lowered her head. "Nub tik tuu morn dee lozz ub da old leedurzhip, bhut diz maykez mi weary ov da future. Mi honeztlee haz nub ideuh hu diz Willy ez, zo Mi am zkeptikul... Mi wizh da open pozition wuz fill'd bhy zum azh Mi rekogized." The half goblin raises her head as she slowly makes her way out of the goi, "Mi haz uthur zkah tuu deeul wit, pazzing dee final Akaal trial, brewin' uh alkohol wuthree ub Bethurz, preformin' uh zong wuthee ub Brimzatra'z praise... oh ang maykin' uh mazk futh da zelebrition Kor-ob... Mi gurkur wyl bhee elzeweur till da Rex maykez hez azht adrezz..."
  6. YEEEEEEEES YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSS COME TO PAPA! Furthermore; Yeah baby, that's exactly what I've been waiting for thats what its all about!
  7. Hm... missing the part that bans relationships. I know it exists. In addition, trophy system? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MINA
  8. Emony wonders if she actually possesses the strength to take down a full blooded orc. She too has cactus.... Blue berry flavored.
  9. "Mi remembur wen Mi uuz'd tuu bhee uh kaptain. Daytz hau Mi gawt diz kuul arm cape." -Brawly
  10. [!] This missive eventually finds its way to the desk of an aged man. His tired olive green eyes narrow as he is informed of its content. Brawly merely shakes his head as he looses a deep sigh. The man balls the missive and tosses it over his shoulder. "I remember when the Dwarfs were a repackable lot. In my youth, I exclusively bought weapons from the Grimgold family. The Goldhands were close friends and mentors. I even fought along side them against the Orenian tyrants. Everything has changed and its disheartening..." *A tear falls from the mans eye as he reflects on past memories, but this melancholic atmosphere is not long to last. Brawly's brow furrows and his mouth forms into a crooked snarl. "I don't think these Irehearts know true dispare. Perhaps I could put my years of experience to use... Ulu lûmp-ub ugil izg"
  11. "A dinner cooked by a musin in any other context would be unappetizing at best, however, the visage presented outwardly can be deceiving. In this case, they defiantly are one of my best friends is a musin baker." Emony states as she reads this flier on one her routine trips to Celia'nor. Her mind swimming with predictions of the food that might be served. For some reason, she can't help but imagine on of her favorites, lemon grilled salmon. The mouth of the goblinoid waters for a moment before she wipes it upon her sleeve. "Perhaps I can take advantage of the situation and provide a bit of ambiance. A lovely piano piece perhaps..."
  12. Middle of hot bar, next to my horse whistle.
  13. Emony reads the missive with a look of concern on her face "Da klanz aur uh hinduranze tuu progress?" Her voice is rife with confusion "Wel, Mi zur ezzun gunnuh join Akaal. Mi ez uzt uh wurthlezz halfbreed aftur aul..."
  14. An old man sits at his desk as he reads a copy of this declaration. His tired eyes narrowing. "Well, Mi kuld nevur reelee trust dem dragon boiz. Mi nevur furgawt da atrocitieez dey komitted at Elvaneeze, altho, pretee zur deyr aur enimeez nau tuu... Nevah gurk'd Mi wulp peep da dey wen Mi wuld wurk ahlongzide Oren do..." A loud breath escapes the man's lips in the form of a sigh "Mi won't evur forgiv' dem. Azh uh Cannonist, alweyz uh Cannonist." The man's gauntlet thuds against the wood of his desk, causing the jackalope banner above him to shake with the force of the impact. "Lat ztill liztenin', Emony?" He questions a goblin, who up until this point remained silent, listening to her father ramble. She pushes herself from the wall she was leaning upon ad offers the elder a nod in response to his query. "Mi wuz, bhut, whi kan't lat furgiv'? Both doze eventz happund dekaydez uhgow... Mi haz met manee Orenians ang dey wur zupur nyze. Zo wub ef dey worzip uh different faythe..." The goblin speaks with sincerity, but her advice falls on deaf ears. Brawly simply shakes his head. "Lat wuld nub gurk, evun ef Mi explayn'd et tuu lat... At anee rayte, Mi will treat da Orenianz az alliez ang da Dragonkin az enimiez."
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