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  1. The Grand Frog Race [!] A drawing of two frogs racing would be attached with the words "this is what I imagine they will look like" scribbled underneath. Hello people of Aevos! I am Vayan Vulnrith (I know, it is a very important and cool name unlike my brother, Laurie. What kind of name is that?) and I am writing this missive to invite you (YES YOU!) to a frog race here in my very lovely home, Amathine. Now you may be asking yourself ‘Vayan, sweet girl, what is a frog race?’ and to you I say it’s extremely self-explanatory! Just in case you still do not know, I will tell you because I, Vayan Vulnrith, am kind and beautiful. A frog race is a race either in the city or on the beach nearby where we will see whose frog (and it is Bring Your Own Frog, we do not provide those) is the fastest. I was not originally going to HOST a frog race because I do not know many other people but It was suggested by my beautiful and lovely aunt, THE HIGH PRINCESS IDRIL SYLVAERI. Of course, being the humble, loyal, beautiful, kind servant I am to my High Princess, I obliged and HAPPILY SO. Itinerary Ten UNINTERRUPTED facts about Frogs. Before we begin the event, I will be giving you all ten very interesting facts about Frogs. There will be no negotiating the facts, there will be no interruptions of my facts, there will be no giving me facts in the middle of me giving you facts, and there will be no diversion of attention from my facts. The Race Once more, we will race the frogs. I will not explain this again. There will be a prize for the top three winners! Grand prize will include 150 mina! There will be ten racing slots, so if you wish to race your frog. Please send a letter to me, Vayan Vulnrith, and I will write you down as a contestant. Please do give me the name of you and your frog so we can introduce you before the race begins! Please bring as many people as you can to cheer you on as well! The Celebration We will celebrate the winner with cheese and grape juice (and for the adults, I will convince my father, THE AURELION VULNRITH, to bring wine for you all.) Invitations Well… I was really hoping that this would bring other children here between the ages of five and maybe fifteen but I will not be picky! While making friends is a top priority, it is still not above the undying loyalty and love I have for Amathine so even the adults will be invited and allowed to participate as they please! On top of any child who wishes to come, I also extend invitations to The Nation Vortice And the Haelunor people Annndddd I suppose I will invite those of Nevaehlen as well. Petra is also allowed to come And Haense And Norland, Reinmar, Hyspia, and….all other humans! (should they wish) Oh and Lurin! Signed, The best Vulnrith child, Vayan Vulnrith!
  2. Nikolai Mikhail Kortrevich had taken his time getting to the seven skies, yet upon his arrival, he found himself among all his children except one. He had been so hopeful that his children would live longer and fuller lives than he had, so he'd happily wait for Josefina as long as he must. That Count had loved all of his children, but his daughters held a special place in his heart. He remembered them all being so different from one another; Esfir had been quite cold but far more cunning than he could have imagined; Inessa was quiet and reserved; and Josefina had been so outgoing and kindhearted — a trait he was certain she hadn't inherited from him. He vividly recalled the pride he felt for his youngest, entrusting Wilhelm when he sought his daughter's hand, knowing Josefina would not only grace her own house with pride but also bring honor to the Ducal House of Barclay. He regretted not staying longer to see her build the family she did, but he knew he would meet them when it was their time. And after many years, when Josefina took her last breath and entered the skies, Nikolai would be sure to welcome her with the same warm smile he often did when she was just a girl. "Oh, my little dove, what a life you have lived."
  3. “I hate those guys” said Lilia Velulaei’onn with absolute, unwavering certainty
  4. Eyrah loves Numendil and Eyrah loves their Queen!
  5. The young Thelin would receive the letter while working diligently in the comfort of his shop. The messenger left him soon after to read his mother's words in silence. He was not always fond of his family, and even less so his father, but there was always a soft spot for his mother. There was always something warm about the way she carried herself around him, and for that he appreciated her despite all. The letter felt heavy in his hands and much to his surprise he began to cry. When he was able to collect himself again, he'd leave the comfort of his shop intent of sending a much needed letter.
  6. Alaesia Ithelanen Prisgoth read the letter as it somehow found its way to her family’s burrow. She stared at the paper for a long time before stating quietly to herself “If Caius did something like this, I would have to find a way to get rid of him. Losing another son couldn’t hurt that badly, could it?”
  7. Mariya Karenina would begin to prepare plenty of gifts for her new granddaughter.
  8. Since meeting that green eyed 'ker not long ago, Lilia Velulaei'onn continued to think of him. It was rare she saw 'ker with eyes of that color. She could recall shades of red, purple, blue and gold.. but rarely green. It was truly the only quality she remembered about him, even his name had slipped her mind by this point. Athrin? Aethren? Ailren? Who cares. It was not like it mattered much in the long run but something about him DID remind her of the city which she was born or the family she had long forgotten, all but those eyes... "Green..... No he MUST be a mutt. There must be some 'ame somewhere in his bloodline.." She scowled at the idea, leaving it be then to go about her day.
  9. In the Seven Skies Ser Nikolai Mikhail Kortrevich would pat Borris on the back, proudly reminding him how his work will live on forever. "Best poet who has ever lived."
  10. Mariya Karenina van Aert mourned over the knight.
  11. Gonna make a new dark elf nation, catch me four tiles south of amathine

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  12. I suppose maybe I am a little confused. This post mentions bringing in the dark elves of Nor'asath, but why is the community not able to just tear down Nor'asath and rebuild it in accordance with what they wish for now? If there is a community that is currently thriving, a community that is essentially built off of the player base that was once Nor'asath, then why make a completely new realm just to support it? Many other nations are capable of reconstructing to fit whatever their current player base is or needs. If the settlement is still apparently thriving, why wouldn't Nor'asaths player base just instead take in the Ravenwood community and allow for them icly to influence the culture of the city. Maybe I am ignorant but to continuously split a player base like the dark elven community over and over and over again seems pretty harmful, especially after many people in the community worked so hard at the end of last map and the beginning of this map to make Nor'asath what it became. The tile is there and perfectly capable of being repurposed. It mainly just seems to be mostly explained away as a large guild which I hear many cities would love to host. I know guild culture is sort of dead but if the community is currently framed as a guild, isn't this just something that could be done as a vassal of any nation? Again, this is probably just coming from ignorance but I would imagine there would be other avenues of going about this where the group does get land and autonomy without being a new realm.
  13. You were literally Veletz NL, your opinion is null and void but thank you for it anyways. I will cherish it, and hold it dear as you are still unfortunately a valued member of the community. I won't take Rain slander though.
  14. Thankfully everyone on the list is tied for number one. Except of course Spoopyduck.
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