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  1. Anyone who’s good with writing story scripts and is willing to help with one of my video projects, send me a message through forums or discord! ?

  2. *Thorim Ireheart signs the document, cracking a brightful smile as he did so.
  3. Pieman

    Urguan showcase

    Big thanks to everyone who participated: JokerLow MickaelHz legendofmarshy Pesmar sneakybandit legendofmarshy Timberbuff Xergarok PapaBjor ForcyS mateolog And others (will be added later)
  4. The Iron Gauntlet Tournament All nations welcome Tournament will be held in Urguan’s Throneroom at Saturday April 4th, 3PM EST People of Arcas! Long ago, Urguan held many grand tournaments. Competitors of many nations, guilds, and orders flooded the arena. Ally and enemy alike crowded the stands of that great stadium to bet on the mightiest fighters from every race. Since then, Yemekar’s people have not hosted such a glorious tournament. This is lamentable. Let us right this wrong. Let all peoples-- orcs, humans, dwarves, elves, kha-- gather at the arena in Urguan, and show their might! Blood and glory await those with bones of steel and wills of stone. All who would prove themselves are welcomed to enter and compete, and all who would see the champions of their people stand proud in the bloody sands are welcomed to spectate. Show the world your might, and bring honor to your people! The mighty Grand Urguan Tournament shall be hosted by Kardak Frostbeard which will be sponsored by King Utak Ireheart himself who will hand the winner 6,000 minas. Second place will recieve 1,500 minas and third a 1,000. Tournament will work in a duel system with a single elimination. There is no limit how much contestants can compete .. ! We’re expecting you in big numbers ! If you want to reserve a spot for yourself in the tournament send a bird to Kardak Frostbeard (( MrPieMan1111 or Michaelhz )) ((Discord; Pieman#2313)) About tournament & dueling From all the contestants there can be only one winner , fights will go on until one of the contestants can’t stand up anymore. Round 1 : Dueling will be done with swords , no armour or such Round 2 : Contestants will get leather armour with stone sword Semi finals : Contestants will have leather armour with iron sword Finals : Contestants will have iron armour with iron sword Fight Rules No Consumables when fighting - anything you can eat, drink, etc. potions .. No Summons - Any summonable creatures No spells - No casting any type of spell Disallowed Mounts - Competitors can’t use mounts No stepping outside the arena - Will result in instant disqualification Wagers The observers can wager an item or gold prior to their favourite contestant .. The player which accepted the bet must have the same type of item and amount (64 iron/gold .. , 1k minas , etc.) to accept the challenge. The player who won the bet will receive the waged items/minas .. ! Whole tournament and every fight shall be recorded , and uploaded on Youtube ! #Stayhome2020
  5. Vol.1 of my unfinished Krugmar project. This is just a an example / concept of how it should look like. Full version will be released in the upcoming week, which should be drastically enhanced in total. If anyone wants to participate in the upcoming shootings of the video, shoot me a PM through Discord ; Pieman#2313
  6. Pieman


    Welcome bro, as I told you today contact me through Discord or IG if you need anything.
  7. Gurak’Yar eyes the Rex from the crowd, making a slight grin. “Hozh..” He’d comment in a rather deep fading done.
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