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  1. OOC: MC Name - Cubicitas Discord - Cubicita#0700 ROLEPLAY: Name - Safiya Oma Basrid Age - 17 Title(s), if applicable - N/A Past Experience - Assisting with smaller gatherings.
  2. Lady Safiya grinned at the upcoming events, making her way to plan her gowns for each night.
  3. "There are so many pretty gowns!" Young Safiya glanced through each of them all, finally taking careful eye of Perla Verde and deciding to scribe a letter.
  4. Cubicita


    Born in the Holy Orenian Empire, Renee had lived alone. Unknown of her family, she has simply survived off of the kindness of a baker. For 12 years, Renee assisted in delivering pies to neighboring households where she met alongside friends that still remain kind to her as she grew up. Unfortunately, she was unable to learn much while helping around, and therefore is often asking very obvious questions. Besides the questioning of her family, the young maiden has lived a peaceful life free of confusion and drama. Now she is in search to travel and create a name for herself and perhaps find her family.
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