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  1. Her least favorite son simply read his book, unable to believe what has occurred.
  2. Her son frowned in the distance.
  3. C E L E B R A T I O N O F Y O U T H The Household of Novellen-Huntshill formally invites ALL children of the Orenian Empire to a celebration of Lady Clementine Amadea’s birthday! Though the festivities of the evening are specifically planned for the younger ones, there will be opportunities for parents to enjoy themselves and conversate. TIMETABLE I. The Welcoming As families arrive at the Huntshill Estate, those will be welcomed by the servants of the household and directed to the proper locations of the festivities. During this time, guests are given the time to form new friendships, look around the area, and await for the main events. II. Let the Festivities Begin! For the children, a handful of available games will be given to them to allow the chance to learn to work together and enjoy a variety of things. While the children are away at play, the adults are guided to a few games of pool and wine to drink from the vineyard of Azor. Dance Party! After the rounds of games are completed, guests will be called into the ballroom to allow the children to express themselves through dance. Though not every child is required to do such, many are highly suggested to. Good dancers or bad. For Little Clementine For the parent’s gift to their daughter, guests will gather in hopes to enjoy a show from a surprise guest including opportunities for the children to be involved. Concluding the show, the little girl of the evening will be given the chance to thank those for coming and allow any gifts to be presented. Farewell As the children begin to yawn, guests will be given a grand farewell as they make their way back to their homes to rest and dream of the glorious time they had at the Huntshill Estate. P E N N E D B Y HIS LORDSHIP, Richard Leopold d’Azor HER LADYSHIP, Catherine Marie Novellen-Huntshill
  4. A servant in the Huntshill Estate would approach the young d'Azor with a letter in hand. Though the man had seemed to be busy enjoying playtime with his daughter Clementine, the servant felt inclined to pursue the letter further, completely cutting the father and daughter's time short. "What it is that couldn't have waited a moment longer, eh?" Shortly after receiving the letter in hand, Richard would scan through its contents with a short smile forming. "Tiny Tina..." His smile would not remain for long before closing the letter, recalling on their last conversation many years prior. "I suppose it would be respectable of us to attend." Richard noted, glancing before his wife in the doorway before beginning to scribe a response. FOR TINY TINA @Fie@SapphirePool
  5. "How I enjoy the arts..." The d'Azor mused, preparing himself to attend the upcoming audition.
  6. A H U N T S H I L L A R R I V A L A freshly-painted portrait of the new child of the Novellen-Huntshill household. THE FATHER “Is everything alright in there?!” The lordling with the majestic ponytail inquired, trotting back and forth throughout the Huntshill Estate. Still, no news was announced from beyond the private quarters of Lady Catherine Marie. As hours passed and the continuous flow of servants entering increased, the awaiting father grew anxious, leading himself to the kitchen in hopes to devour the remaining pastries from their wedding. “She’ll be fine. Yeah.. Sure..” He spoke to himself whilst smushing his last remaining dessert. The d’Azor frantically brushed his hair, wondering of the occurrences in the quarters. “What is taking so long- it’s just a baby” The idiot continued on, yearning to learn more from the maids rushing down the stairs for more cloths, yet no further updates were spoken of. Only faint frowns. THE MOTHER The young lady, soon-to-be mother had no reprieve in those long hours leading up to the birth. The servants murmured, trying to keep their words hidden from her but still, she listened. Small inklings of information on her circumstances reached the Novellen. The baby was large, the young woman frail and weak. Catherine was at least glad the baby seemed strong. In the final hour before the first breath of the babe, all notion of etiquette left the woman. She yelled, cursed, slandered the name of her husband though she did not truly mean it. The pain was great, but it was all worth it when she heard the cries of the newborn baby. THUMP.. THUMP.. THUMP.. As if the sounds of his wife’s screams were not enough, a sudden burst of attendees marched through the estate and directly towards the man. “This must be a jest…” The lordling spoke, noticing the entirety of both households. Richard frantically explained, yet completely regretting his choices as his father and father-in-law bickered over the genetics of the child. Suddenly, the cries of a baby were heard, echoing through the hallway. Leaving the families to their nervous chaos, Richard stormed up the staircases, reaching his destination of the open door. “Richard..” The faded mother spoke, barely lifting a smile upon his entrance. Within her arms held their newborn daughter snuggled between her chest. “She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” Catherine cooed with the little one, waiting for her husband. After arriving at her bedside, the couple enjoyed their moment of bliss and silence, meeting their newborn child for the first time and simply falling in love. “Our Clementine.” [!] A notice would be hung and viewed upon approaching the Huntshill Estate. Nearly a year after Lord Richard Leopold d’Azor and Lady Catherine Marie Novellen-Huntshill were wed, it is with great honor to announce that on 6th of the Deep Cold, 1861 they welcomed their newborn daughter, Lady Clementine Amadea Novellen-Huntshill to the empire. In GOD’s favor, both the mother and daughter remain healthy whilst resting in the Huntshill estate. Clementine was born with her grandfather’s bright auburn hair, and eyes of both the mother and father, gray with a hint of blue. P E N N E D B Y Lady Catherine Marie Novellen-Huntshill Lord Richard Leopold d'Azor
  7. UNION OF D’AZOR AND NOVELLEN-HUNTSHILL A portrait of the newlyweds painted shortly after their ceremony Circa. 1864 We are joyous to announce that Richard Leopold of House d’Azor and Catherine Marie of House Novellen-Huntshill ( @SapphirePool) were wedded on the 15th of The Deep Cold in a private ceremony held within the palace chapel, only close friends and family of the bride and groom in attendance. The nature of this marriage shall be matrilineal, yet his name remains Richard Leopold d'Azor, and his wife Catherine Marie Novellen-Huntshill, with their children bearing the Novellen-Huntshill name. As the couple settles through their journey of marriage, there shall be news of festivities held at a later time to celebrate the union. S I G N E D, His Lordship, Richard Leopold d’Azor Lady Catherine Marie Novellen-Huntshill
  8. "THAT'S MY BEST FRIEND!" The d'Azor grinned at the missive as he nearly leaped out of his chair. "At last he shall be happy." Richard applauded, glancing at his (cooler) best friend at the table. "We should host a party, yes?" @Mannyy
  9. “May my cousin finally rest…” The forgotten Basrid noted, coughing in her bed. “We should visit her son, Mi Chera.” The woman spoke to her daughter.
  10. "And to think I would ever agree with the loud-mouth Halcourt." The d'Azor lofted a brow, reading over the missive shortly after his morning breakfast.
  11. "Hmm..." The d'Azor glanced upon the missive. "Perhaps it is time... Time to finally speak once more."
  12. RP Name: Richard d'Azor MC Name: Cubictas Voted: Yes
  13. Bid: 150 mina Skin: Red Grandeur Discord: Cubicita#0700 Bid: 150 mina Skin: Reagality Discord: Cubicita#0700
  14. SURNAME: d'Azor FIRST NAME: Richard ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: Crestfall Court 2 DISTRICT/MUNICIPALITY/ARCHDIOCESE OF CANDIDACY: Providence YEAR OF BIRTH: 1835 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the Municipality or Archdiocese you are running? Yes Do you have any other title, peerage or military service that may conflict with becoming a Member of the House of Commons, as per the Edict of Reform (1854)? No If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the House of Commons, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: Yes ((MC NAME)): Cubicitas
  15. “So this is what the citizens chose for their Lord Mayor..” The d’Azor sighed, hoping better news to come.
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