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  1. Léon Henri laid in his cradle, shifting slightly as he could hardly move he was a literal newborn. When he shifted the excessive amount of baby fat moved jiggled like jello. This child was rather LARGE for a newborn indeed.
  2. Clementine Fransisca erupted into a fit of laughter. “I suppose it has come to be time to release what I discovered from when we moved from Petra. They have no rights or claim to bastardize anyone as they are the bastards..” She said with a smile. “It was so calm for so long as well..”
  3. sanriu


    Winifred Barclay smiled at the gowns. "Aunt Theo, is very creative! I should ask her to make me a new dress.. with pockets for my frogs."
  4. Winifred Barclay was handed the missive a smile upon her face as she questioned to the handmaiden "What is this? Another Nameday Invitation I hope!" She said as she greedily opened the envelope the missive was encased in. Yet her smile quickly came to an abrupt end as she read the first words of the letter her hands growing more shaky by the second. Her eyes darted over the missive swiftly as tears slowly swelled in her eyes, the paper absorbing the tears which fell from her reddened puffy eyes. As she fell to her knees, her heart ached in agony. "He isn't gone, this is blasphemy.. he isn't.. no.." She muttered repeatedly under her breath as the soaked paper crumbled in her hands. "This is a jest.. a jest it must be..." She said glancing to her hand-maiden with a look of desperation and hope it was a terrible jest, the hand-maiden shook her head confirming it's truths Winifred grasped onto the woman's gown sobbing into the fabric. Her sobs echoing through the once quiet room as the hand-maiden made attempts to comfort her though her attempts merely fell through..
  5. Winifred Adelia held up the drawn up missive showing it to the frog she had kidnapped from its lily pad!
  6. "Even Markus has some sense -Though that Prince of Nothing is quite ignorant he doesn't understand harboring things that DON'T BELONG TO HIM. Could have even the Duke of Adria advising him.." Franz Joseph III , then proceeded to place said missive onto his desk and with haste he began to write a letter. "There is no other Sarkozic who in their right mind would seek to claim one of those titles after they have - pushed the house that held them out from their lands with no real cause. If there is, then I could say that person must be insane to think they will be treated properly by anyone in that place." He rose from his chair exiting his secluded room.
  7. The Recently Promoted Patriarch of Pompourelia, Franz Joseph III gazed over the missive alongside his brother. He merely bursted into laughter at the claims of his deceased family member. "It seems our dearest cousin is brainwashed by her Husband! They even mention Kasimir who's been considered deceased for years now.. How Blasphemous." The Patriarch stated shaking his head in disappointment. "Perhaps our Grandfather Kasimir made a horrible decision to wed her to such a greedy man."
  8. Clementine Francisca briefly read over the missive, a smile appearing on her face and leaving just as quick as it had appeared. "It was practically fate, and undeniably obvious they would wed one day. I wonder why they elongated such an thing for no absolute cause. It was clear since we were children.." The Chamberlain mumbled as she moved to show her Husband ( @Cubicita ) such a missive before ordering her handmaiden to toss it into the fire.
  9. The Paradisian Court presents… THE CHAMBERLAINS GRAND TUVMAS BALL C.1956 [!] Ornaments that adorn the Tuvmas tree in the square. INTRODUCTION As such jolly, though joyous times befall upon our beloved Nation the Chamberlain and the Alba Council saw it was time to host a ball. Despite the brutal times that have befallen us, we host such an event to uplift the spirits of many. We ask that everyone in attendance wear Red and Green to symbolize the primary colors of Tuvmas. We invite our allies the covenant of five to join us in these festivities. May GOD guide us to peace and harmonious days. I T I N E R A R Y Tuvmas Welcome Reception Guests are ushered into the Whitespires walls and arrive at the Tuvmas-like wonderland, greeted by carolers and warm Tuvmas beverages and trinkets to kick off the festive spirit. Royal Tuvmas Address by King John I Gathering in the grand hall as His Royal Majesty, King John I delivers a heartfelt Tuvmas address, expressing gratitude, sharing Tuvmas traditions, and invoking the spirit of joy within our nation. Twilight Ice Skating Extravaganza As the Royal Tuvmas Address concludes and the night begins to fall, guests and citizens are once again ushered outside of the palace to enjoy a magical ice skating session under the twinkling Tuvmas lights, creating a picturesque winter scene. Twinkling Midnight Ballroom The night culminates in a grand ballroom celebration, featuring a mix of Tuvmas classics and contemporary tunes, allowing guests to dance the night away in Aaunic style. The final dance shall be the Golden Dragon, a traditional Aaunic dance. INVITATION LIST NOBILITY OF AAUN His Serene Highness, Ferdinand Barclay, Grand Prince of Minitz @HugoAntero His Highness, Johannnes von Alstreim, Prince of Merryweather His Lordship, Siegmund von Reuss, Margrave of Velen @Timer Her Ladyship, Olympe-Regina Dieuxmont de Rosius, Marichoness of Haute-Epine @Axelu His Grace, Jànos Ivanovich, Duke of Stan @Mattiii His Lordship, Wacław Jazlowiecki, Count of Warsovia @ratlordmagic His Lordship, Grzmichuj Jazlowiecki, Baron of Triglav @Mykei His Lorship, Robert Matyas, Baron of Gotfridcher @alien_mc His Excellency, Ferdinand de Lewes, Baron of Virdain, Lord Chancellor of Aaun @Mattiii His Excellency, Emilio Varoche, Vice-Chancellor of Aaun @Enlightenment OUR ALLIES, AND FRIENDS ACROSS LANDS His Royal Majesty, Aleskander II King of Haenseti-Ruska and Citizens of Haense @Mio His Royal Majesty, Adrien I, King of Balian and Citizens of Balian @ErikAzog His Grandness, Garedyn The Emerald, Grand King of Uruguan and Citizens of Urguan @_RoyalCrafter_ Her Majesty, Catherine I, Queen of the Commonwealth of the Petra and Citizens of the Petra @Zaerie His Highness, Cesar II de Pelear, Viceroy of Hyspia and Citizens of Hyspia @Wavey SIGNED, Her Excellency, Clementine Francisca of Salia, Lady Chamberlain of Paradisian Court Her Ladyship, Lauréne Renaulta Adelaide Ashford de Savoie-Lewes, Grand Reveller of The Paradisian Court
  10. - PENNED BY THE HOUSE OF DRESNAY C. 1954 The House of Dresnay has now entered a period of grievance, the recent events in this saints week have brought great distress to the Baron and his Siblings. Their Mére, Marie Capucine has officially passed away. Over time she had been ill though hiding it from her enfants out of concern for their emotions. She wanted to see them happy and worry-free before her passing and she was granted that by GOD. The Family had called a dinner as they typically would any other month. Gathering their entire family including the Blanchets, Maries family before she wed… Everything appeared to be fine until she began a spurt of coughing.. blood was splattered onto the napkin she had coughed into. This had been a recent occurring thing when she coughed as of late. She attempted to explain to the group she was fine and it was merely wine that was left lingering in her mouth. Though they hardly believed it they seemed quite weary trying their best to continue on the dinner. Her lungs had been failing her, though tonight seemed to be the night they would officially give out. Marie appeared fine for a few seconds after her coughing… She blinked slowly at the group in as a small smile made its way onto her face. Then Suddenly she collapsed onto the table, her children rushing to her side in a panic tears streaming down their cheeks. She gently pulled them in for one last hug, placing a kiss on their foreheads. Her sons then took her hands sobbing claiming that they could call for the doctor. She declined “It is mon time, Je shall meet tu Père.. Tu all shall do great things in life, and protect each other. For mon sake..” Taking her last breaths that night as she gently held her sons one last time… Her grip grew weak as her eyes shut now she took her eternal rest. Ascending to the Heavens to reunite with her Husband Tristand I.
  11. The Lady Chamberlain, Clementine Francisca gazed over the missive in absolute awe, quickly picking up a quill to write a congratulatory letter in response. "They Shall make a great set of parents indeed.." She said smiling over to her own children who'd been playing happily as she watched over them from inside their home. "Perhaps I shall send some small children's clothes as well.."
  12. The Mother of Tristand, Marie Capucine smiled at the missive. Rocking back and fourth in her rocking chair which rested inside her office. As she had recently retired from Grand Lady, she was now on a long well needed break enjoying herself. "My Dearest Son Tristand, I hope you will do well- No I know you will do well. You are my son after all." She said happily, as she pinned the missive to her board with a collective of photos of her children from when they were infants. "You've grown so much.. Without your Father, you have grown to become a great young man." She coughed into her handkerchief, a bit of blood splattering onto it. The woman folded it up and placed it into a small pouch hurrying off..
  13. PENNED BY THE LADY CHAMBERLAIN C. 1954 As our court gracefully undergoes a transformative era, the Aaunic royal court, formerly known as the Clementine Court, shall henceforth be hailed as the Paradisian Court under the orders of Queen-Consort Amelia of Middelan. In this transition, the Court extends profound gratitude to the Viscountess of Valence, Adela of High Peak, and the other ladies whose unwavering contributions graced the Clementine Court during its time. The stewardship of this refined court is entrusted to the distinguished Lady Chamberlain, Clementine Francisca of Salia. Under her governance, and with the gracious blessing of Her Majesty, the courts are poised not only to function but to flourish, and to ascend to become something great. May this proclamation resonate with the regality befitting our court, and may the Paradisian Court thrive and prosper under the illustrious reign of Queen-Consort Amelia of Middelan. Her Royal Majesty, Amelia of Middelan @bickando HEAD TO ALL COURTS The Queen-Consort of Aaun is the pillar of the Courts; all members below shall fall in line and align themselves to be above her expectations. The Queen-Consort shall hold and forever have direct authority over the structure, culture, function, and traditions of the Paradisian Court. The Queen though has constant and direct power, in case of her absence, Lady Alba shall hold this authority in her stead. - The Current Lady Alba, Adeline Johanna shall assume Head to All Courts in the Queen-Consort’s absence. @Marshi Her Excellency, Clementine of Salia @sanriu HEAD TO THE COUNCIL OF ALBA Whoever assumes the position of Lady Chamberlain shall be appointed and considered the senior most member of the Alba Council. They have bestowed the task of managing the court in the interests of the Consorts, aiding in its functioning and growth. Despite the weight of the responsibilities, this member must be competent and well versed in court etiquettes, and be able to command authority and show great leadership skills, considering they shall lead the Paradisian Court. The Council of Alba comprises women of grace, intellect, and unwavering dedication, each chosen for their outstanding capabilities and commitment to the court's wellbeing. Under the wise guidance of the Lady Chamberlain, these esteemed ladies play a pivotal role in managing the intricate tapestry of courtly affairs, ensuring a harmonious environment within the courtly precincts. Her Royal Highness, Sophia James Alstion @Kitomine Head to the Office of Household The Majordomo is a highly respected member of the court who manages the grand palace and all its affairs. They work closely with other council members to ensure the smooth functioning of the court. In addition to being the keeper of the palace keys, they supervise the servantry and welcome new courtiers and nobility into the court. The Majordomo is an expert in court etiquette and is responsible for organising courtiers on the proper decorum to observe. They are also responsible for designing and implementing court education programs. Positions within the Office of Household, The Court Chaplain [Father Frantzisko | Nescaffier] - The Chaplain, normally the Archbishop of Albarosa or the Bishop of Buron or Gelimar, will be in charge of managing all religious matters concerning the palace's courtiers. They must be certified by the church and will have a variety of responsibilities, including organising charities, baptisms, prayers, and rites of maturity. The Chaplain will also be available to provide religious advice to the court when needed, and is critical in ensuring that the court's religious needs are met and that the courtiers have a trusted figure to turn to for guidance. The Royal Confessor [Father Leofric | MCVDK] - The Royal Confessor, normally but not always the priest in charge of the Chapel of Our Lady of Paradisus, acts as the personal confessor and confidante of His and Her Majesty’s Royal Household. They give advice, both personal and religious, to the Queen, and act too as a steward of the court’s morality in the eyes of the Mother Church. Principal Secretary [Johannes von Alstreim | Vylkmir] - The Principal Secretary is the personal steward of His Majesty’s Royal Household, charged with maintaining its upkeep and appearances as well as the taking and forwarding of important letters and documents. In such a manner they also maintain a role as a chief advisor within His Majesty’s Privy Chamber. Mistress of the Robes [Parisa Monet | Sefardi] - Just as the Principal Secretary personally waits upon His Majesty, the Mistress of the Robes is the foremost handmaid of the Queen. She manages the daily schedule of Her Majesty the Queen, as well as The Keeper of the Crown Jewels [Daniel Gale | Aehmi] - The Keeper of the Crown Jewels is essential within the court, as their primary responsibility is to ensure the preservation and protection of the Royal Regalia collection. Their duties are fulfilling the documentation of the collection, as well as the pursuit of expanding it. The Keeper of the Crown Jewels plays a crucial role in upholding the integrity and historical significance of the Royal Regalia, thereby contributing to the preservation of the monarchy's cultural heritage. Governor/Governess - Court governors and governesses are responsible for caring for and educating the children of the court and the Royal Household. They are trusted with the responsibility of providing care and guidance that will shape the future of these young individuals. To fulfil this role, they must possess not only exceptional intellect but also a great deal of patience and empathy to ensure that the children under their care receive the best possible education and upbringing advisor. Ladies-in-Waiting, Grooms of the Privy & Maids of Honour - These courtiers are intricately crafted to serve as loyal and devoted companions to the members of the Royal Household to whom they are assigned. With their refined and sophisticated demeanour, they provide personal assistance and support to their assigned individuals, ensuring that their every need is met with the utmost care and attention. The Servantry - The Hand of Horen relies on the diligent work of its servantry to maintain its smooth operation. All servants must ensure that the halls of the palace are kept in impeccable condition. It is expected that both butlers and maids remain available at all times to cater to any events taking place within the Hand. They must be prepared to provide their services, as required, in a timely and efficient manner. Her Ladyship, Laruene de Lewes @annanicole__ Head to the Office of Entertainment The Grand Reveller is responsible for the upkeep and designing of the event schedule. Their duties may also include Hosting events outside the court, overseeing productions at the renowned theatre The Plane, and managing events during the Aaunic social season. The multifaceted nature of their role necessitates extensive knowledge of creative arts such as theatre, music, and dance, as these are essential components in delivering exceptional and engaging entertainment experiences. Given the importance of the Grand Reveller role, it is fundamental that they possess a deep understanding of the creative arts, this includes staying up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in theatre, music, and dance. Positions within the Office of Entertainment, The Master of the Hunt [Stefano Montelliano | Sebbysc] - The individual appointed as the Master of the Hunt holds the crucial responsibility of efficiently managing the Royal hunts and private artillery. The position demands an elite level of expertise in the art of hunting and the maintenance of the royal woods to ensure that the Royal Family can indulge in the sport whenever they desire. The Revellers - As expert event planners, revellers are responsible for meticulously orchestrating gatherings and ceremonies of diverse scales, ranging from courtly affairs to national events. The revellers' work involves a range of tasks, from conceptualising the events to coordinating with vendors and ensuring smooth execution of the event. Their work demands a unique blend of creativity, organisational skills, and attention to detail, and they take pride in delivering events that are memorable and meaningful for all stakeholders involved. Division of the Arts - In the past, the organisation was divided into three different sectors. However, it has now been restructured into a unified division that encompasses various roles. The Division comprises of skilled artists who are responsible for providing the courtiers and the royal family with personalized commissions, entertainers of the theatre and The most skilled dancers of the court,who are both responsible for performing and organizing regular productions to ensure that the plane remains vibrant and lively. Division of Entertainment - This Division is comprised of skilled musicians, minstrels, and bards who are responsible for the management of court songs and performing at events. Their expertise and dedication ensure that the court's musical performances are of the highest quality. They are available to be called upon to perform at events as required. Her Ladyship, Olenna Haverlock @MapleSunflower Head to the Office of Enlightenment The role of the High Curator within the court is one of great importance and responsibility. As the overseer of all publications and texts within the court, the High Curator plays a crucial role in preserving knowledge, literature, and academic pursuits. In addition to these duties, the High Curator is also responsible for the intellectual arts, culture, and history of the realm. The person selected for this role must possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise to ensure that the court remains at the forefront of knowledge and learning. The curator’s guidance is essential in fostering a thriving intellectual environment that encourages a passion for learning and academic pursuits. The duties of the High Curator are instrumental in creating an intellectual legacy that endures for future generations. Positions within the Office of Enlightenment, Head Librarian[Witold Jazloviecki | Rohlik] - This Courtier oversees the library of the Royal Hall of St. Godwin. They protect and mentor these books of information and upkeep such books to ensure all can inform themselves of various historical events. Whomever shall be in charge must be organized, and good in management and knowledgeable on several Historical periods. The Lady/Lord Archivist [Ser Alaric deNeurem | Paulobig] - The archivist is charged with upkeeping the more intimate ongoings of the royal household including births, special events, and changes in power. The Court Apothecary [VACANT] - This scholar shall be charged with all alchemical studies for the betterment of the nation, as well as overseeing other alchemists. Simply knowing alchemy itself is not enough, for the Master Alchemist ought to be capable of different types of the craft, considering its knowledge is so vast. They shall be tasked with providing regular studies for the court. The Court Herald [VACANT] - A retainer of the Queen not only tasked with upkeep the daily duties of the Council of Alba, but one tasked with announcing courtly initiatives, festivities, decrees, and national news to the common folk of Aaun. To meet these demands and responsibilities, the Court Herald, with the help of the Curator, shall be charged with printing a yearly newsletter detailing these very things. Division of Scholars - This division holds all philosophers and scribes of the Kingdom of Aaun. They are constantly at work, making regular or daily publications of their findings or research and etc. ADDRESSMENTS OF THE NOBILITY King - His Royal Majesty, or “Your Majesty” Queen, Queen-Consort - Her Royal Majesty, or “Your Majesty” Children of a king or queen are styled as His/Her Royal Highness, and addressed as “Your Highness” or “Prince/Princess [First Name]” Grand Prince - His Serene Highness or “Grand Prince [title or house name]” Grand Princess - Her Serene Highness or “Grand Princess [title or house name]” Children of the Grand Prince/Princess are styled as His/Her Lordship alongside any titles they hold or “Lord/Lady [First Name] Non-Royal Prince - His Highness or “Prince [title or house name]” Non-Royal Princess - Her Highness or “Princess [title or house name]” Children of a non-royal prince are styles as His Lordship/Her Ladyship alongside any titles they hold or “Lord/Lady [First name] Duke - His Grace or “Duke [title or house name]” Duchess - Her Grace or Duchess [title or house name]” Margrave - The Most Honourable, His Lordship or “Margrave [title or house name]” Margravine - The Most Honourable, Her Ladyship or “Margravine [title or house name]” Count - The Right honourable, His Lordship or “Count [title or house name]” Countess - The Right Honourable, Her Ladyship or “Countess [title or house name]” Viscount - The Right honourable, His Lordship or “Viscount [title or house name]” Viscountess - The Right Honourable, Her Ladyship or “Viscountess [title or house name]” Baron - His Lordship or “Baron [title or house name]” Baroness - Her Ladyship or “Baroness [title or house name]” Children of Dukes, Margraves, Counts, Viscounts and Barons are styled as His Lordship/Her Ladyship alongside any titles they hold or “Lord/Lady [First Name]” Beneath GOD’s Gaze, HER ROYAL MAJESTY Amelia of Middelan, Queen-Consort of Aaun, Princess of Alstion, Duchess of Corazon and Balamena, Countess of Enswerp and Whitespire HER EXCELLENCY Clementine of Salia, Baroness-Consort of Montfort, Lady Chamberlain of the Paradisian Court
  14. MC Name: sanriu RP Name: Marie de Valcour Persona ID: 85548
  15. The Lady Chamberlain of Aaun read over the missive, almost spitting out her tea as read it over. “My goodness, everyday it seems people grow more bold and willing to speak their opinions..”
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