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  1. Happy easter god bless
  2. Why not just ban everything thats irl
  3. Would eye the well made missive he would make sure to attend this event to cheer on the Motsham,
  4. Would read the alliance missive and would chuckle at it as he would wipe some blood off of his warhammer
  5. Would see the missive for the kaggath and would think to himself the man who killed lanre I cannot let this go unforgiven he would unsheath his warhammer and prepare for the kaggath
  6. He would read the missive, and he would see the big "3000," and he would tear it and shove it in his pocket. His early experiences with this "Haus" would come in handy for taking his head. He said to himself that he would not let Haus go this time, although he was oblivious to the fact he did any of these things the first time he encountered him.
  7. Would read the missive after he had read the report on Minto'Lur he would be stunned that the druid halfling had made it so far in the hordes goverment without this being brought up. "It could really be latz own bruddahz can neber truzt aneh azh."
  8. Needs to stay the way it is to prevent meta rally impossible to enforce meta rallying
  9. An uruk would read the missive a grin would emerge from his face."Ah Duel ob honor iz alwayz dah way"
  10. INTRODUCTION The Targoth pondered ideas to strengthen and organize the Krughai. He decided to discard the previous ranking system, abolishing past ranks making Waghbozz Targoth And Matar the only ranks remaining. As Uruk are already expected to participate in the military and in battles. Instead, a new elite rank, named Matar, would be created exclusively for the strongest and bravest Uruk in the horde. This rank wouldn't be given but earned through proving one's worth to the Targoth in battle and various other ways. All members of this elite force were expected to be capable of wreaking havoc in battle and tearing through enemies, bringing glory to Krug. THE MATAR OF THE KRUGHAI The Matar consist of a group of Uruk, the best trained and loyal to Krugmar. They come from a long history of doing seemingly impossible tasks; the Targoth and Rex would use this group of elite Uruk to go out on the most dangerous of missions. To join this elite force you have to have proven yourself to be an elite warrior. They are handpicked by both the Targoth and the Rex.. The Matar would like to go together to pillage and loot their enemies. As an elite warrior, those of the Matar are expected to be silent, quick, and deadly. By the time you find out the Matar has hit you, they’re already gone. It takes a special kind of person to qualify for this role, and if you do, you’d better be ready to prove it with your smarts, strength and willingness to march head-on into impossible situations. THE WARBOSS The Waghbozz rank would only be obtained through long commitment to the Krughai and from already being one of the Matar. If there is a spot open among the three spots of becoming a Waghbozz the member of the Matar would fight a current Waghbozz the fight spectated by the Targoth and that would determine whether they get the Rank of Waghbozz based off of how well they do against one of the current Waghbozz. Continuing to brainstorm, the Targoth also decided to revamp the Waghbozz rank into a role reserved for Uruks who had attained the Matar rank. Promotion to this level would only happen with Targoth or Rex approval. If an Uruk wished to challenge an existing Waghbozz, they need Targoth or Rex approval, demonstrating their worthiness for the rank. The orc needs to be on par with the current Targoth to lead the Krughai and Matar. The reformed Waghbozz rank would resemble the old one but consist of a maximum of three elite marshals worthy of leading and training the Krughai THE APEK SYSTEM Additionally, the Targoth introduced clan skirmishes, inviting clans willing to showcase their strength in skirmishes to enhance the experience of Urukz in their respective clans. Details of the clan skirmishes, including date and participating clans, would be posted on the bulletin board.The rewards of winning one of these skirmishes would be a custom weapon tailored and detailed to the winning clans culture. Signed, Apek'Gorkil Targoth of the Krughai, Wargoth of Gorkil
  11. A uruk warlord would take one of these missives and would read. His eyes getting blurry filled with rage he would tear up the missive and say "mi canub belieb diz zkah"
  12. Would be glad to see another man coming to his sides aid
  13. Apek would slay many foe in the battle inside and outside of the church. "Dere gear willz zupply dah krughai praize krug!"
  14. I have to simply agree with narthok the rules most of the time are unclear and unwritten especially hard for newer players to spiritually know rules which arent stated
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