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  1. With great disappointment, a specific jawless skeleton merchant reads this as he rubs his skull, opens a book, and rips off a page market contracts with the VIcar. "Now I need to find someone else to do it... This is gonna hurt my end-of-year quota..." he then goes back to check into his storage to see how he could compensate from this unforeseen inconvenience
  2. In the north Volkov, the merchant sharpens his Anti-Opp weapons outside of Norland, not entirely understanding what is happening but feeling that a new inconvenience will arise soon. "Hmm, now would the Seax.... or the Greatsword hurt more?" he pondered in his thoughts, imagining all the gore he would release from their guts
  3. As all this hapend, Volkov was unaware of any of this, he was just sharpening his new sword from one of the chosen, thinking for himself how fun it will be when he gets to use it on the harrovers chosen "Hmmm, i wounder what hes planning right now...." he said outloud as he keept the sword on the grinding stone, as he looked at his seax at his side still stained from the blood of the followers of the Harrover
  4. removed message bc somone made a point of this being a private letter
  5. Tatsu Chisuke raises his head as he hears of the great news "Hai, it is a great day for the cherry blossom village, praised be the wise shugo that led us to a great dawn" raises a glass within his clan hall filled with sake to celebrate
  6. It is amid a sewer located in Commerce City, State of Kaethul. I will await. I offer a generous sum of mina for anyone can bring me a piece of Azhel, also known as blight steel. I promise you who read this will be satisfied with my trade if you bring me this ingot. [Directions lay written here] [Location, Commerce City-State of Kaethul, ss hub stone from Heal'nor, but to the right close to the waters] and at the bottom it reads, "we will discuss all on the spot, face to face" The poster was sent to every major city and set stands with three brands of a bleeding Ryu's head.
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