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  1. yo anyone wanna be walking zombie called ghoul

    1. Smaw


      No but, Timmy would be a great name.

  2. Which st event was your favourite?
  3. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, opinion on spooks pls <3
  4. You are doing something that isnt needed in any way lmao. And taking vision from necros thats kinda absurd for me, like why would they lose vision and see only life force? That is so useless.
  5. Make a panda CA pls, i wanna be Kung Fu panda irp

    1. S1nnerVsSa1nts


      bribe an alchemist to make a panda homunculus. ez

    2. ibiou
  6. itdontmatta unban wud pls, we need him <3

    1. Nug


      wud needs to get a hobby xD

  7. I am only human, after all, dont put your blame on me...

  8. Madlad signing up for the antibuurz warband IRPly as a buurz whitewash. Respect.


  9. Name: Kul’Raguk “The worm” Race: Uruk Favoured spirits: None Shamanic status: No Vocation: Mental support MC name: Ropceek Discord: !Ropceek#5408
  10. Kul’Raguk “The Worm” grabs the newspapers “Holy zhit! My new favourite papers!” He folds the papers and puts them in his old backpack
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