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  1. Ropceek


    Ropceek was born in the 1735 year in north Norland the year that there was war. In school, he was a serious kid always paid attention to a teacher what he said. All his jobs in school were perfect. After 5 years war started and wanted to be safe so he ran away with his family to west Norland to his cousins. War was going 20 years. Ropceek was training his strength. Was doing all job in the home, he carried a lot of wood to the furnace to keep the home warm. All these years he was studying. When he was 26 years old his father and mother died. He very honored them cause they told him if u will w
  2. Ropceek


    Ropceek he was born in Norland was a very good child when he was going to school everyone dont wanted to be friends with him cause he was not inresting he was boring everyone said but then came guy he talked with him and finaly Ropceek got a friend when he was always coming back home there was bullies that always bullied him but he ran away to his house .His mom was Rose and father Hridrick they were very friendly always told to Ropceek that u will find friend he will be yours best friend. When he came back home Ropceek told mom and dad that he have a friend! Mom and dad were very happy th
  3. Ropceek


    In child he was very intresting child very wanted to fight or face adventures he dont wanted to give up. Then when he grow to 18 age father was teaching him fighting with sword well he is now master of thunder sword. When all study things end up he left city for about 5 or 4 years. Then he came back he was looking very strong and with a very blue eye and near his eye was a mark and near his hand was mark too ( that was from battle with thunder god ) but later he came in the city and then he gone. Then he came out of city but he was looking very different fatter lazier. He ran away from c
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