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  1. For Forever The final goodbye to a retired Countess, High Justiciar and Mother. On the 14th of Jula ag Piov, 467 E.S. VA BIRODEO HERZENAV AG EDLERVIK, It has been a few days since the High Justiciar of Haense and the Countess-Mother of Otistadt passed peacefully in the presence of her eldest daughter and niece. The matriarch of house Ludovar wishes to thank everyone for their support in a time quite difficult for her and her family. Adele Emma Ludovar was a kind, hard working woman who put her family before anything else. However, sickness and disease plagued the woman throughout her entire life, rendering her bound to her bed in her final days. Now, Adele has been returned to her family up in the Seven Skies, a place free from the disease that ended her life here on earth. In agreement with the Crown, the house of Ludovar has decided to hold a large funeral in the Basilica in Karosgrad. Once this is concluded, there shall be a procession bringing the Countess-Mother back to her beloved keep of Ricksburg one last time, where she shall be buried next to her beloved husband, Matyas Ludovar. The funeral of the High Justiciar shall be held on the 17th of Tov ag Yermey, 467 E.S. People are welcome to bring final tokens or flowers reminiscent of Adele Emma Ludovar to the funeral. Signed, His Royal Majesty, Georg, by the Grace of Godan King of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Hetman of the Army, Prince of Bihar, Dules, Lahy, Muldav, Solvesborg, Slesvik and Ulgaard, Duke of Carnatia and Vanaheim, Margrave of Korstadt, Rothswald and Vasiland, Count of Alban, Alimar, Baranya, Graiswald, Karikhov, Karovia, Kaunas, Kavat, Kovachgrad, Kvasz, Markev, Nenzing, Torun, and Toruv, Viscount of Varna, Baron of Esenstadt, Kraken’s Watch, Kralta, Krepost, Lorentz, Rytsburg, Thurant, Venzia and Astfield, Lord of the Westfolk, Protector of the Highlanders, etcetera. The Right Honourable, Emma Henrietta Ludovar, Countess of Otistadt, Viscountess of Sezwesk, Baroness of Juliksburg, Lady of Ricksburg
  2. The eldest daughter of the late Justiciar, Emma Ludovar, was standing on the balcony of her room. An old, brown note was held tightly in her hand, her gaze turned to the clear white fields. As she took a deep breath of the icy air, a cold tear ran down her face. Only one regret entered her mind. One massive thing she would punish herself for for the remainder of her life. "Ea should have told vy ea loved vy.... Ea should have told vy in vyr last moments." ~~~~~ Way above the Ricksburg Keep, all the way in the Seven Skies, a blackhaired woman patiently waited for her brother-in-law to let go of her sister. Amicia stood next to her father, dressed in an outfit much alike the one she used to wear when she was a child. "Adele." She would say, a glad smile on her face. "How I have missed you." Two kindered hearts, finally reunited. "We shall never be seperated again"
  3. Emma Ludovar could not help but smile softly as she read over the missive. Finally, something she has been working with Roui on can come to the light. The countess put it on the corner of her writing desk, making a mental note to send a message to Roui to congratulate him on this announcement. But first, she wanted to bring her sickly mother some soup.
  4. Up above in the Seven Skies, Amicia de Joannes was standing ready for her friends arrival. "Sergei." She said softly as she welcomed him into a warm embrace. "How ea missed vy. We have a lot of catching up to do."
  5. The daughter in question, Emma Ludovar, sat happily at the breakfast table with her husband and son when the missive arrived at the gates of Ricksburg. "We shall see what happens next." She said, glancing down at it with a soft smile before handing it to her husband.
  6. A Warm Hearth The End of a Regency Issued on the 6th of Vzmey and Hyff, 460 E.S. VA BIRODEO HERZENAV AG EDLERVIK, It is with great happiness the house of Ludovar announces the big improvement of the health of their matriarch and Countess of Otistadt, Emma Henrietta Ludovar. After a few years of rest, her body has fully recovered from sickness and she has now been relieved from bedrest. The Countess is motivated to return to her duties once more and has made her first appearance in Duma once again. She holds great gratitude towards her husband and sister for acting up in the County’s time of need and to all who have kept her in their prayers. Signed, The Right Honourable, Emma Henrietta Ludovar, Countess of Otistadt, Viscountess of Sezwesk, Baroness of Juliksburg, Lady of Ricksburg
  7. Tomorrow will come A portrait of the former Princess Amicia de Joannes, painted shortly after her wedding Once more, Amicia rode on her elderly horse Artax towards her old home. She came here once every three months, not wanting to lose ties with them now that she lived in an entirely different country. Where her home in Sedan always reminded her of her husband, her home was a pleasant reminder of her sister and father, whom she had always dearly loved. She put Artax in his stable, fed him a nice carrot and readjusted her black cape for the small walk towards the keep. She had worn nothing but black since her husband’s passing so many years ago, and today was no different. However, she did like the way the white of the Haeseni snow looked on the darkness of her dress. She climbed the steps to the front door and entered the gates with a soft smile on her face. “Mamej?” A small voice echoed through the halls. A young, black haired girl stumbled out of her room, a lantern clutched firmly in her hand. She could be no older than 4 years old, her eyes teary from the nightmare she had moments before. “Mamej? Are you there?” The girl asked once more, her bare feet moving slowly over the carpet. After a small walk, she finally reached the stairs towards her parents room. As she reached her fist forward to knock, the door creaked open. A tall, black haired man stared back at her, the whites of his eyes a deep red, the circles under his eyes extremely dark and his skin as white as the snow on the window. He looked incredibly annoyed, a sigh leaving his lips as if this was a daily occurance. “Amicia. Go back to bed.” "I am ever so glad you have found some time to yourself.” The Princess Dowager told her sister. The two of them could not be more different. Her twin Adele was fair and blonde, incredibly intelligent and a little naive at times. Amicia, on the other hand, had inherited the darker hair from her father, was more creative and could be quite thorough and unforgiving. When Adele preferred to read, Amicia would write and play music. Where Adele married for love, despite her family's initial dislike towards her suitor, her own marriage had been fully arranged by her father by the time she was six. Though there was one thing they could always agree on: Family is the most important thing. The 8 year old girl frantically held her twin sister, squeezing her hand. “Adele, you need to breathe.” She urged her, taking some deep breaths herself. “Look, follow me. I’ll do it with you.” Amicia took a deep breath, looking at her sister with a great intent. She had to bide time until the servant could arrive with Adele’s special kit. It was a good thing it had been replenished earlier that week, otherwise the situation might have been more dire. As the blonde girl tried to breathe along with Amicia, the latter girl’s face lifted ever so slightly. “There you go. Well done. Keep going.” Amicia sat in the parlor, a basket of yarn next to her. She was knitting a pair of gloves, something she had done for all her children and grandchildren. She had always wished for them to come with her to Haense, however only her youngest son Peter had ever expressed the desire to come along. That, however, did not stop her from making the gloves. As she sat back in her chair, her eyes drifted to a painting of her and her family, back when her husband was still alive. It was one of the only paintings made of the complete de Joannes household, one where even the stillborn Julia was depicted. “Hello my love.” A small kiss was pressed against Amicia’s forehead. She was sitting in a chair on the balcony, her hands resting on her heavily pregnant stomach. The woman smiled in return, her head turning to look up at her husband. “This could be the last day where it is just the two of us, Frederick. Is that not exciting?” The man nodded in return, kneeling down next to her. “It is indeed.” As the pair watched the sun rise over the hills of Louisville, the couples’ child kicked once more in Amicia’s stomach. Just a few hours later Amicia would give birth to her first children: A beautiful set of twins. They would be followed by two more boys and one stillborn girl. With one more Hussarian cross, Amicia finished her nightly prayer. She put her hands on top of the bed, using the firm mattress to push herself back up on her feet. It was the final thing she did each day before getting herself ready for bed. Amicia opened the closet and took out a freshly washed nightgown. She brought it up to her nose and inhaled deeply. She had always requested her fresh nightgowns to be sprayed in her late husband’s favorite perfume, so to be able to carry his scent along with her, A smile came across the woman’s face as she would be reminded of the wonderful memories they had shared. Amicia helped the servants prepare the dining room, as she would always do for the after-mass tea. She was carrying a tray of ceramics out of the kitchen, when a soldier approached her in quite a haste. The woman’s eyebrows furrowed, a look of confusion spreading over her face. “Your Serene Highness,” the man spoke, deeply out of breath from his run up the hill. “You must come with me this instant. Something happened to the Prince.” Amicia immediately dropped her tray, the ceramics clashing and breaking into little pieces on the floor. Without a second thought she followed the soldier down the hill and entered the church. As she approached the hoard of people standing near the dias, her eyes managed to make out a small puddle of blood between the people’s legs. Amicia made her way through the crowd, all the air leaving her lungs as she recognised the body of her husband among the blood. She had never felt so hopeless. Amicia would rest her head on the pillow, taking a deep breath. As she laid in the bed alone, her mind would wander once more. After a few minutes of wandering, her eyes would slowly close. However, shortly after she would be startled by a familiar, warm voice coming from her right. “Hello my dear.” She opened her eyes once more, her eyes needing adjusting to the bright light a few feet from her eyes. Within the bright light she would make out two silhouettes. It did not take long for her to recognise the first as it was one she had dreamed of every night. As her eyes adjusted, she could see his features more clearly. The same nose and dirty blonde hair she would recognise in almost all of her children. Frederick stood there in the light, holding a little girl: their lost daughter Julia. Next to them stood a man, almost unrecognizable to her. His gray hairs and dark circles were nowhere to be seen. His skin was clear, his ribs and collarbone were nowhere to be seen and his posture was straight. It was nowhere near the dying image of Johann that lived in Amicia’s head. This man looked healthy and happy, a picture of the man she had only seen in the first two years of her life. The woman sat up, threw the blanket from her legs and got herself off the bed. Almost in unison, Frederick and Johnan would lift their arms, welcoming Amicia in for an embrace. A big smile came across her face as she walked towards them, her own arms lifting as well as she closed the gap between all of them, falling into the arms of two of the most important men in her life. The following morning, Amicia Valerie de Joannes née Ludovar was found dead in her bed. She had passed peacefully in her sleep, a smile resting on her face.
  8. A Dance on Ice As the winds grow colder, the prime time for the Baroness of Juliksburg’s favorite hobby has once again arrived. While most ladies sit inside by the fireplace with a book, Emma Henrietta Ludovar braces the cold to make her way to the lake near her estate. In her hand she would be holding a special pair of boots, ones with blades at the bottom. She takes a seat at the banks of the ice-covered lake, exchanges her warm boots for the special ones and takes a stand. With one deep breath, she glides onto the ice. This year the Baroness of Juliksburg has decided to share her passion of one of the lesser known Haeseni hobbies with all others. Thus, she has decided to host an Ice Skating Competition. Those interested can take part in one of two categories: Singles and Pairs. The competitors must prepare a routine on which they shall be judged. It is also asked for the competitors to bring the music sheet of the song on which they wish to perform, so the Ludovar’s house orchestra can perform these. There shall be benches around the lake on which spectators can watch the competition. There shall also be a drink’s stall where spectators and competitors alike can buy some nice, hot drinks to warm themselves in the cold. After the competition has ended, spectators are welcome to try their own hand at skating. The Judges: Lady Emma Henrietta Ludovar Grand Prince Georg Sigismund Princess Sofia de Pelear The Prizes (Singles): 1st place: 100 Mina 2nd place: A Unique pair of Ice skates 3rd place: 25 Mina The Prizes (Pairs): 1st place: 300 Mina (150 mina each) 2nd place: 100 Mina (50 mina each) 3rd place: A Connecting Couples Card Pack provided by Ludovar’s Bibs n Bobs. Signed, Her Ladyship, Emma Henrietta Ludovar, Baroness of Juliksburg, Heiress to House Ludovar and Titles OOC INFORMATION The event shall be held on Saturday December 10th at 5pm EST To sign up, please fill out this sheet: https://forms.gle/xbktBvQo9Cu97cvo8 Sign up closes 2 days before the event Please prepare 3 emotes of your routine. The more creative, the better.
  9. The Dowager Princess Amicia de Joannes, a lost face to Sedan as she took herself into seclusion ever since the death of her husband many years ago, was staring out the window of her bedroom when a servant arrived with her breakfast and a missive. She silently asked for the servant to set the plate on the small coffee table and as the servant left, she finally turned towards the coffee table and spotted the missive. As she read over it, her face paled even more than it already was. "Oh Frederick..." Amicia whispered into the thin air as a first tear left her eyes. "How I wish you were here... Our boys need you." A few hours later, Amicia de Joannes left her bedroom for the first time in forever.
  10. Emma joins Elia in standing outside Manon's non-existent window
  11. Emma Ludovar just returned from Bethlehen, her face pale and eyes swollen with tears. Never has she ever felt so much hate and disgust towards another human being, let alone someone she had felt nothing but love for only hours earlier. Viorica's invitation, all crumbled up and torn, found it's new home in Emma's lit fireplace.
  12. In Otistadt, Emma Ludovar, sat in front of the fireplace in her room. Her eyes were swollen from the amount of crying she had done for the past few weeks. As a servent brought the newest edition of Hearsay to her room, the girl opened her room for the first time in a week. For the first few hours, the Hearsay lay unopened on her desk, meanwhile Emma sat on her bed in tears. Now, the entirety of Haense would know of what happened. The girl was mortified, just wanting to curl up in a ball and pass that way. Eventually, the anxiety and curiousity overcame her. With shaking hands, she opened the issue and started reading. Soon, she began to cry once more. Emma had never been so relieved to not have been mentioned in Hearsay. She truely thought she was going to get mentioned, but luckily her secret was safe for now. However, when the Ludovar woman reached the final part of Hearsay, her eyes grew angry. How dared people speak of her family like this. She instantly threw the paper in the fire, put on her clothes and veil, stormed out the door and rode towards Karosgrad. She needed to speak with some people
  13. Being named after the Queen Mother had always been a notion of pride for Emma Ludovar. Growing up she had heard the many wonderfull stories about the woman. After hearing the news, she looked at a painting in her room. It depicted her name-sake standing with a younger version of both her mother and aunt. Emma walked across the room towards her vanity desk and grabbed the rosary that hang from the mirror. She returned to the painting once more, rosary in hand, and prayed. In Sedan, a lonely Amicia de Joannes recieves the information on her role model and former mentor's health. She could not imagine more heartbreak, yet the unwelcome surprise arrived anyhow. She looked over the balcony once more, facing the direction of Haense. She remembered the time when traveling was one of her favorite pasttimes. Now, she decided to ride towards Haense once again, in the hopes of speaking with her 'favorite adult' but once more.
  14. Afther having finished reading the missive, a young Emma Ludovar handed the missive over to her mother. She pointed at the part about Manon's party, the party her mother had forbidden her to attend. "See mamej! Ea should have been there!" The girl exclaimed, her hands thrown in the air in frustration. "Now we look bad!" (@CopOwl)
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