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  1. It took a little longer for the news to reach Sedan, where Amicia de Joannes sat on the balcony, her children playing in her view. Though she had not seen Vasilia lately, the woman was always in her thoughts. Growing up without a mother was hard on the Ludovar girls and thus they drew themselves to the first woman presented as their new mother: Vasilia Kortrevich. Unlike her sister, the woman had never resented Vasilia. She knew why Vasilia had left Haense,that Amicia understood. The Princess had gained a new point of view as a mother and had, over time, reflected on Vasi's actions. Amicia understood both her fathers worry and Vasilia's wanting to do everything right by the children. As one of the servants opened the doors leading to the balcony, the Princess of Sedan turned to look at him. She took the letter from him, opening it curiously. There, watching her own children play, she learned of the passing of what she would have considered the motherfigure in her childhood. Amicia's eyes filled with tears as her heart filled with sorrow. She wished she was able to spend more time with Vasilia, to tell her truely what she had meant for her. To help her sister reconnect with the Kortrevich, her children to meet her proper. Now, that was all lost. The only thing Amicia wished for now, was that Vasilia was finally at peace.
  2. Being a twin is wonderfull sometimes. Twin senses are almost magical, knowing exactly when the other is in trouble. It has helped them both out of trouble a great many times. However, living far apart is not as wonderfull. As soon as Amicia felt the well-known sense of uncomfort, she knew her sister was in trouble. As such, she immediately summoned her horse and rode towards Haense. Unfortunately, the ride was a long one. Once the Princess finally arrived, the newborn was already in her mothers arms. Emma Henrietta was asleep when her aunt finally arrived. Her little fingers were curled around her mothers pinky finger and her mouth was hanging open ever so slightly. In her dreams, Emma came across a great many adventures. She could not wait to go on her own little adventures in the real world too.
  3. Dianna Decaden, who had always seen Adrianna as one of her best friends, welcomed the former Surgeon General with open arms. "It is good to see you again."
  4. Amicia simply stood there, her eyes casted down at the casket that now holds the body of her father. Her heart was convinced he was just catching up on sleep. Yet, her mind knew that this was not the reality and she felt stupid for holding out hope. "One day, mea love." she responds to her son. "But that day will niet come for a long time."
  5. Amicia de Joannes, the count's eldest daughter, left Otistadt that same night. She could not bear to stay in the same house her father had died in, haunted by the memories of his laughter, voice and words. Things she would never hear again. Before she left, Amicia went to her bedroom to draft a note for darling twin sister, the new Countess. She entered her sisters bedroom and left the note at the side of her bed for Adele to read. She then went downstairs, grabbed her cloak and went outside to grab her beloved horse Artax, the horse gifted to her by her father after she had pleaded for one for many years. Earlier this week the twin sisters celebrated some big news. Now, the Princess' heart was heavy. The joy sucked out of her as an empty pit was left in her stomach. She thought of her children, Henrietta, Joseph and Louis, that would now grow up without a grandfather. She thought of the child she was carrying. This child would never know the joy of having a grandfather. Neither would any of her future children, nieces or nephews. And so Amicia rode off into the darkness of the night. A night had never felt so cold and dark before.
  6. Amicia stood over the crib with a smile, still in awe of the beautiful baby boy lying before her. As her daughter commented on her new brother, the princess could not help but chuckle a little bit. "Perhaps one day my dearest." She told Henrietta, kissing her forehead lovingly. "Perhaps one day."
  7. Amicia de Joannes quickly put down the Hearsay after reading the things about her sister. She could not believe it, she trusted the bastard. She quickly took her quill and send two angry letters, one adressed to Matyas and one to Adele, as she had not told her own sister what happened. "He shall pay for this." The woman murmered underneath her breath before sending of the letters and packing some clothes. "Frederick. I have some business I must attend to in Haense." She announced to her husband as she loaded the bags on the back of her horse, kissed her children goodbye and began to ride for Haense.
  8. Amicia de Joannes holds her two kids tightly, kissing both of their heads as she promises to protect and love them with all her heart.
  9. Amicia de Joannes proudly returned to her new home in Sedan. As she changed from her armor into a dress, she could not help but notice a bruise on the side of her ribs. "Ea can niet believe this is all they can do." She chuckled to herself, tightening her corset and going out to celebrate the Triparte's massive victory.
  10. Dianna Decaden smiled as softly as she welcomed her niece into the Seven Skies. "I am so proud of you."
  11. The bride to be, Amicia Ludovar, sat at her old, wooden desk in the corner of her bedchambers. Two closed envelopes lay on top of it, neatly adressed to Lady Isabel Baruch and Lady Adele Ludovar. The girl herself is patiently finishing another letter, this one adressed to the Lady Sibylla Barclay. She folds it neatly, put it in an envelope and seals it using the Ludovar seal she has stolen from her fathers office. She sends two of the letters to her friends while she keeps the others to herself to slide it underneath the door to her sisters room. Amicia quickly returns the wax and seal to her fathers office, hoping he would not notice it was missing. She would have to send a personal invite to her bridesmaids and maid of honor, after all.
  12. Elenore Decaden sitting by her mothers bedside as she takes her last breaths. [418 E.S.] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "My Dearest Raden, My heart has felt heavy ever since you left. I only wish I knew what happened to you. I wish for the day I can feel your loving arms and soft skin again. I wish for the day we reunite. Elenore has grown into a healthy, happy young woman. She will attend lifstala in just a few months. I am certain she will do quite well. She has your eyes, your curiousity and your kindness. I still remember my return to Haense. Where you and your sister showed me kindness and love. You have always been there for me, wether it be as a friend or a partner. I see this kindness in our daughter. And I could not be happier to see you in her smile every day. However, I am no fool. I know I am not long for this world. I feel my body weaken, my heartbeat growing irregular. I know I am sick. But I cannot tell anyone. Elenore would be extremely worried. She would drop her entire live to take care of me. I cannot have her do that. I love her too much for that. I wish I could see her wedding day. I wish I could see our grandchildren. I wish I could see her grow old. I wish for her happiness. I will see you soon my love. Yours forever." Dianna's last letter to her deceased husband. Written a week before her death.
  13. Skin: Delicate Golds Bid: 150 mina Discord: Yessie#4075 Skin: Peachy Drapes Bid: 150 mina Discord: Yessie#4075
  14. When they were little, the twins were isolated in the Otistadt keep. Their father's fears kept them in there, not allowed to leave without supervision. Even when they were allowed to leave, they were kept within the Haenseni walls. Once the war started the girls were once again not allowed to leave Haense. Ofcourse they had some outings, once to Elysium and once wto Sedan, though all were accompanied by their father. So, saying it was a big surprise to recieve this quest would be a big understatement. Amicia Ludovar stood in her room, mouth widened with a somewhat pleasant shock. Ofcourse she was excited to go out and explore the world, though the uncertainty of it all filled her chest with fear. Her father, uncounciously yet still, filled her heart with fear of the outside world. Fear of what others might do to harm her. Her mouth was still wide opened as her sister, Adele ( @CopOwl) entered the room. She turned to her beloved sister, her eyes wide with fear and excitement.
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