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  1. Amicia Ludovar lets out a loud competitive shriek, "PAPEJ!!! AMICIA!!! We have to win-!" The young girl shouts excitedly. @DearConnorMurphy @Raijen Stars
  2. Adrianna Darkwood reads the missive, her eyes filling with sopping tears as news of Petra's death reaches her. "Nein..." She gasps, reaching up to cover her mouth as tears spill down her cheeks. "Petra.. Nicht Petra...!" The Surgeon General barricades searches desperately through the Reinmaren countryside for yellow flowers. She dons them all throughout her hair and on her person, then rushing back to her bedroom and dressing herself in her black, mourning gown. But she doesn't emerge from her room, resolving herself to sits and read and cry in her room. She wonders whether or not Petra's fate will match her own, in due time...
  3. Adrianna Darkwood let out a quiet, soulful sigh as she hears news of Isabel's passing... "Another... Who Ich could nicht save." The Surgeon General murmurs to herself before a quiet sob rips from her lips in sorrow. "Poor Petra.." She whispers, wishing she could comfort her friend. Meanwhile, Dame Lynette Mendez is looking nervously for her son. He is grown now; independent. He now longer needs her, he's no longer the little boy who she'd lift in her arms and carry around with her. But the Dame can't find her son, Valentino Mendez. And he hasn't sent her a letter for many years. The Dame pauses only briefly over the missive, but her pained heart darkens only further at seeing the name of a girl who Valentino was in love with. She had not seen her for many years, but she remembered her. However it mattered not until Dame Lynette could find her son, and then she could rest...
  4. Revisions for the Hospital of Saint Amyas As of year 60 of the Second Age Under Surgeon General Adrianna Darkwood The hardworking Physicians of the Clinic caring for injured soldiers after the Siege of Southbridge. I, Surgeon General Adrianna Darkwood, have had a difficult time since my appointment under Queen Emma Karenina. I have been forced into mourning after the death of many who were close to me who I could not help. However I have sufficiently recovered from the shock of such affairs and returned to the public eye. Unfortunately, during my absence the clinic has been neglected and has degraded. This is the largest regret of my career so far, so I wish to rectify it. I would hope that my Deputy, Raden Decaden, has kept things running. Though it appears that is not the the case as I have not heard from him in many years. However, I wish to thank him for his service to the clinic either way as I demote him from the position of Deputy Surgeon General. In other news, I require a new second-in-command to assist me in my duties and I have decided to appoint Physician Raijen Stars as Deputy Surgeon General of the Hospital of St. Amyas. I have high expectations for him and appreciate his continued support so far. Similarly, I wish to remind the apprentices of the clinic of its curriculum. Many thanks to Queen Emma for her original Curriculum of the clinic which is still followed by the physicians. A Missive Detailing The Curriculum of the Clinic is attached: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/204739-the-curriculum-of-the-clinic/ A reminder to all apprentices that once their training is complete and they have attended each lesson required by the Hospital in order to become a fully-fledged physician, they will be required to do the written exam as designed by the Surgeon General. If an apprentice is ready to do the written exam, please send Adrianna Darkwood a bird in request of it. In addition, I wish to integrate my own reforms to the clinic; mostly the newest expansion of official specialities for trained physicians to take. Any existing physicians need only to send me a letter requesting the inclusion of such specialist roles to their entries. As of right now, physician specialities will be limited to 3 per physician, though this may be changed at a later date. These include: Herbalists - These are physicians who specialize in the use of, harvesting and culturing of herbs in their treatment. Herbalists are expected to hold life-saving herbs on them at all times and to have a near-encyclopedic knowledge of each herb’s use, side effects and environment where it is found along with known locations of their most-used herbs. Alchemists - These are physicians who are trained in the use of alchemy. This specialization was inspired by Court Alchemist Osric Tsecsar who helped to develop new alchemical potions for the treatment of labour pains in women and severe allergic reactions. Alchemists are expected to be well versed in the use of alchemical solutions (such as bone setter and the breath of life), with the knowledge to make them and supply the clinic’s physicians with such, and they are similarly encouraged to create new potions for supplying cures and healing ailments for different health conditions. Combat Medics - These are trained physicians oathed in the Brotherhood of Saint Karl. Combat medics work in tandem with the more traditional physicians acting as field doctors to assist the wounded in battle and transport them to safety. Combat medics must be able to fight so that they may defend those they are tasked with healing. Combat medic apprentices will be assigned to a competent and battle-trained soldier or knight during conflict while they learn the basics of fighting and healing at once. They may be tested by both the Surgeon General and lord Marshal of both their combat-readiness and medical prowess. Midwives - These are physicians, usually women, who specialize in pregnancy and labour in women. They must be reliable and able to be trusted with confidential, personal information. They must be able to remain calm under pressure and they will be the clinic’s most important references when it comes to soothing pregnancy symptoms and monitoring the health of the unborn babies. Family Nurses - These are physicians who devote their knowledge to taking care of children through infancy to adulthood. Children commonly have special health needs and while any fully trained physicians could efficiently treat a child, family nurses may be more specially equipped for dealing with the common issues affecting children. Family nurses must also be able to communicate well and comfort children, who often have trouble describing what they are struggling with. Therapists - These are physicians who have trained to combat and assist patients in dealing with any psychological problems they may be encountering. It has been noted that many people of the nation have troubles on the day-to-day with their minds, including shellshock, melancholia, mania and hysteria. Apprentices training to become therapists must be able to hold the confidential information of their patients, along with the patience, emotional maturity and sensitivity to address these mental illnesses in patients. Further lessons will be offered to apprentices wishing the specialize in these fields, they merely need to ask! All Apprentices and Physicians of the hospital are also encouraged to carry out their own research and studies, both on medical solutions and strategies to improve patient health, and aspects of Haeseni culture if they so wish. I will also finally be instituting monetary pay to the physicians and apprentices of the clinic, who will receive it biyearly thanks to the Baron of Otistadt and the Ludovar foundation. Once again, I wish to thank the apprentices and physicians of the hospital for their continued hard work and devotion to the health of Haense, and may it prosper further for many years to come! SIGNED, Her Ladyship, Adrianna Irene Darkwood née Barclay, Surgeon General of Hanseti-Ruska Once again, I wish to iterate that if anyone is interested in becoming and apprentice of the clinic, please send myself or the Deputy Surgeon General a bird.
  5. THE QUEEN’S COUNCIL OF HANSETI-RUSKA PRESENTS… An event for the growing children: “THE SNOWFLAKE BALL” On the 22nd day of Gronna and Droba of 409 ES [!] Couriers and servants, donning Nikirala uniform, zip their way around the city brandishing invites to the upcoming Wintery Ball in silver envelopes, stamped with the official seal of the Queen’s Council. The Children of the Courts are approaching the all-important age wherein they are expected to attend balls and begin the exciting courting process, officially coming of age at fourteen. Therefore the Queen’s Council sees it fit to host a winter Snowflake Ball in honour of the prevailing bitter winter. Attendees will be expected to don white dress as a reminder of the delicate snowflakes that fill the wintertide, skirts fanning like falling snow. The best-dressed snowflake of the evening, decided by the Council, will be awarded a gorgeous ice tiara designed by Her Majesty, Koenas Annika, and donned the “Snowflake of the Ball”. A series of magical demonstrations, ice sculptures, and pyramids of flowing icy-blue crystal glasses will dot the event, punctuated with the famed Winter Cuisine of Lady Theodosya’s preparation. So come along to the Nikirala, drink, revel, and enjoy the lasting Haeseni cold. Signed, Her Royal Majesty, Emma Karenina, Queen-Consort of Hanseti-Ruska Her Ladyship, Adele Emma Ludovar, Ward of the Queen OOC:
  6. Dame Lynette Mendez is suddenly standing beside Abraham wondering the same thing... "Think we'd get into trouble with Reinhardt-?" She remarks idly, patting her weapon-laid belt in thought..
  7. Adele Ludovar sheds a tear because, A) she is not allowed out of the house to spend time with Aloisa if she wished, and B) she is not a boy so couldn't apply either way. Meanwhile, Adrianna Darkwood questions her much younger cousin, murmuring to herself. "Ist pronounced Barclay Bargain, Aloisa." She mutters, shaking her head, "Und du can get mannen without having to apply für them, mein Liebe.." The grown woman tuts at her cousin's lack of tact, making a note to coach the young girl in proper politeness.
  8. A Ludovar child remains in her sorrowful state for many days to come, only enhancing her sickening cough.. "Hauchpapej.." Adele can commonly be found whimpering, "C-come back, hauchpapej-!"
  9. Adele Ludovar sits on her bed with tears staining her young pink cheeks. She had rarely spoken to her Grandfather so far as she had remained confined to the nursery from her illness. She had often seen Robert with a sour far-off look coating his face from as he stood in the courtyard. The young girl was intimidated by such a fierce old man. However she has a distinct memory of having rushed into her Grandparents' room, book in hand, to excitedly display to them her reading skills. She clung to him like a baby monkey as he began to read her the story, appeasing her childish curiosity. It stung her painfully to know that she was gone, but it was her twin that concerned her more; inconsolable and serious. The middle child of Johann Frederik Ludovar could do little more that sit in the corner of the room with her book, tears spilling down to stain the pages.
  10. Adrianna Darkwood busied herself with chores in preparation for the Barclay Keep renovations. It was hard and demanding work, but she was preparing herself for returning to the public eye in a few days. A messenger arrived grave-faced to the Keep gates with a collection of notes for the residents. Adrianna was hurriedly handed a piece of worn parchment with her name on while the messenger busled past. She stood stock still, her eyes beginning to prick with tears before even opening the letter. She knew what notes delivered by messenger meant. Just who would it be, this time? The Surgeon General's usually steady fingers quivered by her pocket where a familiar living doll stirred. She read through the letter very slowly, and by the time she had finished it and her sharp eyes had picked up on the signature at the end, they were brimming with tears. She did not shriek or holler this time, she did not cry or wail. But with her thudding heart she headed for her room and locked herself inside, hands clutching at her pained head as she wept silent tears. The only utterance came from her was to whimper, "N-nein, Schwester.. Nicht you too-! Ich... Ich cannicht be without you, Ich will just die if you leave mich by myself..." Adrianna's door remained locked from thenceforth as she had decided to wait a little longer... She needed more time.
  11. Adrianna Darkwood grins brightly at the work of the Queen's Council once more. "Another lovely study-!" She admires with an appreciative nod before opening her wardrobe and removing various dresses she now needs to re-dye. She also takes a moment to grasp a small yellow flower from her collection and thread a pin through the stalk. From then on, said yellow flower could be seen adorning her outfits. Meanwhile, Adele Ludovar exclaims upon slowly reading the missive with her sister- "Ea have to remember ALL of that????" The young girl gasps, though then she grins and squeals excitedly before rushing to their wardrobe and shouting throughout the Otistadt Keep: "PAPEJ, AMICIA AND EA NEED NEW DRESSES!!!"
  12. Dame Lynette Mendez hears the news of Fionn's death and she takes a quick intake of breath to hold back her rage filling her inside. "You will be missed, dear friend.." The woman mutters, teeth sticking together like tar and grinding from the pressure. "Why must death be the catalyst to change and victory..." She murmurs to herself before bowing her head and kneeling to pray for the Castaway's safe travel to the Seven Skies above.
  13. Dame Lynette Mendez reads the missive delivered to her by a kindly passing servant. A solemn tear drips down the Dame's cheek and she grits her teeth fiercely. "Let Godani guide another Marshal to the Seven Skies." She murmurs quietly before letting the memory fade from her mind.
  14. Adrianna Darkwood finds herself reminded of her own title as Kaiserin of Reinmar, cursing under her breath. "Ich must remember to pass on mein title of one of the Kinder next Ich see them..." She mutters to herself.
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