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  1. ((MC Name: CopOwl)) Name: Asphodel Chubb Vote Anne Cottonwood for Sheriff? Yea (x) Nay ()
  2. The Ballot: ((MC Name: CopOwl)) Name: Asphodel Chubb Vote for Elder: James Peregrin ( ) Greta Goodbarrel ( ) Filibert Applefoot ( ) Jordan Applebottom (x) Winter May Gardner (xx)
  3. Asphodel Chubb reads over the newspaper with a smile on her face. "Mr Filibert sure is good a' writing, also the courage to publish one's opinions sure is great. Ai couln' do it." She murmurs to herself. "But tha Pumpkin' Papers are surely the best paper in the village as from what I've seen over the past couple years it's the only one anyway! Keep publishin' Mr. Filibert!" She cheers, almost to herself. Although the purpose for the cheering is none, it helps her to settle her mind on the matter and gives her own silent praise and encourage ment for Filibert's work. If
  4. Asphodel Chubb reads the letter with curiosity, writing up a letter in return to elder Kerra with just the words, "I'm coming" on it. She supposes that they don't need to know the names of all of the people attending so she doesn't have to sign the letter.
  5. The resigned Asphodel cries but a single tear as she reads the entry, having found it maybe nailed to a post, the noticeboard or a building. She writes in her own diary and records that she hopes someone carries the innocent woman in their prayers henceforth. She brushes away the tear and places a gentle hand on her heart in silent sadness. "I'm sorry I could do nothing for you, poor, unknown blank. I regret to inform you that few people will remember you in 5 years... However like my own siblings and those who've passed, I'll hold you close and dear though no one will hear my cries of silent
  6. ENLISTMENT APPLICATION FOR THE 3RD ROYAL ARMY Full name: Asphodel Chubb Date of birth: FA 1776 Place of birth: Unknown Address: Pine street IV Race: Halfling Gender: Female Bloodline: Commoner Reason for enlisting: Money, learning defense and protection strategies and I'm looking into knighthood. OOC: Username: CopOwl Discord: CopOwl#9721
  7. [OOC] Username/IGN: CopOwl Discord: CopOwl#9721 [In-character] The handwriting is fairly crude, but legible. It's clear a fair amount of work went into the application. Occasionally there are ink splotches on the paper where writing has gone wrong. Name: Asphodel Chubb Age: 35 Are you a halfling? Yes, I am, although I am new to certain halfling customs. Why would you like this job? I find myself with little to do during the day but I also need Minus to buy goods from other settlements. Even if this job doesn't pay in minus, I would appreciate the work experience. I am
  8. Thanks for the advice, very helpful! I will be careful :)
  9. Thanks for all the help, rly appreciated :D
  10. Hey I'm a new player and I've been having a really fun time so far, however I find it difficult to start new personal roleplay. When I say personal roleplay, I define it as roleplay more personalised to your individual character between groups of 2-10 I would say. As an example I would put beginning a conversation, adventure, journey with someone I have never met and have only run into in town squares, passing on the road, etc. If anyone is interested in roleplaying at some point, I am very extremely down. however, the purpose of this post is to garner advice on beginning roleplay with so
  11. CopOwl


    Just like in fantasy books, Asphodel was found by her parents in the middle of the woods as an orphan however her true origin was never confirmed. She was raised by human parents in a small cottage close to a village outside of the map where the narrative takes place. Her parents had 8 of their own biological children so they found it difficult to give each of them the attention, love and kindness that they truly needed to develop. When Asphodel was just 8 years of age (in human years) her human twin brothers were killed by wolves in the woods and a year later her younger sister followed suit.
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