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  1. Water dripped into the dark wooden bowl, the running of droplets being the only sound that permeated the Silent Home. Anabel Elia sat to his side - that of Adrian the elder - for toiling hours on end. She had promised her sister that she would care for the man when no one else had the strength to, and a Highlander is not an oathbreaker. The girl squeezed the soaked cloth over the bowl, allowing it to drip excess droplets onto the still surface of the water inside. Meanwhile, she used the now-damp cloth as a sponge onto Adrian's forehead as he sat dormant. While everyone else had busied themselves with searching for Ada, or the organisation of Godric's funeral, or had just fallen right into the bottle, Anabel - timid in all things - stayed home as she always did. Although now it was for neither research nor literature, as she had instead fallen into the role of caregiver. Her cousin, Allyssa was much too young to be left alone, and clearly, their grandfather needed tended to. That was what motivated her to stay home. She finished mopping the old man's forehead and sat back, rinsing the shabby brown cloth in the bowl of water before lifting his left hand and beginning to gently clean it - then repeating the motion with his right. Every few hours, Adrian would seemingly awaken in a bout of hysteria and would need calming. Anabel used these opportunities to attempt to feed and drink him, but often he would "sleep" once more before she had finished. His madness came from great sorrow, and she hoped to never have to experience that kind of pain ... Over the time that she looked after him, she slowly began to swear to never grow so attached as to be destroyed. Maybe it was self-preservation that drove her to this conclusion, maybe it was her empathy for the pain she was witnessing. "Farfadir..." She would coaxe whenever he was awake, "Come on, eat something..." And he would eventually heed her instructions, mumbling senselessly to himself before falling back into his trance, of sorts, and leaving her in her own company once more. She had no doubt that her grandfather was likely scheming to some extent; plotting, at least. He was obviously overcome with grief and loss, but nothing had ever stopped him before - hardworking to his core. She merely had to wait.
  2. Anabel Elia Colborn takes the time to read a book. She doesn't wish to dwell too much on the reality of the effects of this death upon the family - she's now been bestowed with Allyssa, the care of both Adrian the younger and elder, and Elia's meeting dubbed them responsible for finding Ada. Life is going to change from now on...
  3. "The Duke has, on multiple occasions in the Duma hall, referred to mea honourable peers by merely 'the lastname'. For example, labelling the Viscountess-Consort as 'the Kortrevich' and speaking to her as such despite her most prestigious position. Ea would niet exactly call him qualified to teach etiquette to mea daughters and son, but the Koenas speaks in retort..." Muses a certain Countess, reading the letters from her office in Otistadt without more of a comment on the matter thus far...
  4. A spirit in the Seven Skies watches the creation of the poem with interest, the Dame then smiling to herself thereafter. "The Wolf..." She murmurs, "I never thought about that ... One becomes what they are most afraid of ... 'The Wolf'." The posthumously named Spirit of Dame Lynette 'The Wolf' then resolves to continue her watch alongside the old Knights and other deceased warriors of King Sigismund III.
  5. The phantom whisper of ex-Haense Surgeon General, Adrianna Darkwood, and acquaintance - if not friend - of Primrose, draws herself away from observing her sickly and injured brother, the Pontiff, to observe the proceedings of that night. While no one may ever discover the truth, a ghost out there knows yet says nothing. She had been in contact with Primrose for years, and had always considered her one of the most honourable women she might ever know. But who was she to talk ... The phantom peers up above towards the Seven Skies - a place forbidden to her. She was a self-destroyer, and thus would never again see her family once they pass on. But maybe she could spend the rest of eternity with Primrose, if she remained on the mortal plane with her. "That sounds tranquil." She whispers to herself, watching over the Dame for a few more moments before disappearing to tend to her brother once more.
  6. "My twin sestra and Vater ... Won't be around anymore." Those were the words spoken that sent her head spinning. Even as her young daughter, Emma, stood just beside her, Adele Ludovar stared at her half-brother in shock and confusion - mouth agape. Adrian von Audrick needed support and understand in that moment, that much the Countess knew as she sent her daughter away. Yet even while she hugged him and comforted him with stories of herself a long time ago, her head swam with the shock of it all. The pair of them knew their relation, yet neither had admitted it to the other. Even if Ludwig was not her real father, he was married to her mother. And he had been more understanding that her real father, at times, and more able. And once Johann passed on, he really did turn into her true father. His words echoed in her head as she sat at home: "Because you're my daught-!" He paused and sighed, massaging his temple as he corrected himself. "Because you're my wife's daughter, and I care about you." And she was truly alone now, with no one to help her. Papej was gone, Mamej was disappeared, and now Ludwig had gone too. She had been growing sick and growing a cough from all of the stress before then, but from the day she met with Adrian after Duma and was told the awful news, that drove her to become bedridden - cloaked in mourning black and riddled with the coughs of childhood illness.
  7. Skin: idk what to name this one Bid: 220 minas Discord: CopOwl#9721 Skin: Waist snatched Bid: 220 minas Skin: Mal is short Bid: 200 minas Skin: meh blue Bid: 240 minas Skin: omg wow Bid: 200 minas
  8. A BRIEF PERIOD OF REGENCY Issued by THE COUNTESS OF OTISTADT On this 11th of Tov ag Yermey, 434 E.S. VA BIRODEO HERZENAV AG EDLERVIK, Saddening news has befallen the Comital family; a sickness of the Countess has recently returned from her childhood; afflicting her and keeping her breathless and bedridden. She is being tended to by several physicians of the Hospital of St. Amyas, sent by the Surgeon General, and the County’s servantry treat her dutifully to keep her comfortable. Physicians have been unable to identify what has prompted the Countess’s sickness to return after so many years of lying dormant, however they estimate it may be correlated with a heavy amount of stress due to performing her duties alone for so long. As such, in order to attend to her duties and provide for their family, the Countess is stepping back from her role and appointing her loving husband, Matyas Ludovar, to act as Count-Regent of Otistadt temporarily until she has recovered. Physicians hope that Countess Adele shall be fully recovered within a year’s time. TIZ LIFST DLUM HAESIY, The Right Honourable, Adele Emma Ludovar, Countess of Otistadt, Viscountess of Sezwesk, Baroness of Juliksburg, Lady of Ricksburg, Lady Handler of Hanseti-Ruska, Deputy Justiciar of Hanseti-Ruska, Kastellan of Domestic Trade, Kastellan of Labour The Right Honourable, Matyas Isaak Ludovar, Count-Regent of Otistadt, Lord of Alban, Jovenaar of Hanseti-Ruska
  9. Reading the missive pinned to a billboard, the ghost of the Baron's long-deceased relative - by marriage - Adrianna Darkwood, chuckles to herself in amusement. Judging by the signatures penned to the bottom of the invitation, she knowingly nods to herself, her whispered words then catching on the wind. "Ich wonder if he knows how much he's marrying up?"
  10. LETTER TO THE ROYAL DUMA: On the eligibility of Consorts Issued by COUNTESS ADELE EMMA LUDOVAR On this 10th of Wzuvar ag Byvca, 434 E.S. VA BIRODEO HERZENAV AG ADLERVIK, It has come to my attention, via casual discussion with my friends about the Royal Duma itself, that there may be a misunderstanding with regards to the rules of eligibility and the eligibility criteria for a Haeseni citizen to run in the General elections as a Royal Alderman/woman, or the Grand Maer. As it stands, the criterion we are interested in for this particular debate reads as follows: "3. Candidates must not be a titled peer or regent;" The questions stands as this: Are consorts permitted to run in General Elections? My interpretation of the policy as a jovenaar is that they are permitted to run, provided they do not become regent at any point during their term - upon which I would assume they must resign. However, this is my interpretation of the current criteria. If it is decided that consorts - defined as a man or woman whom is married to a currently titled peer (including: Baron-Consort / Baroness-Consort, Viscount-Consort / Viscountess-Consort, Count-Consort / Countess-Consort, Duke-Consort / Duchess-Consort, Prince-Consort / Princess-Consort, King-Consort / Queen-Consort) - should similarly be disallowed from running in a General Election, just as titled peers are, then the eligibility criterion to nominate oneself for the Elections should be amended as such: "3. Candidates must not be a titled peer, consort, or regent;" Over time, it seems that the two conditions have become confused in the eyes of the Haeseni people, and this is why I put forth this topic for discussion in the next session of His Majesty’s Royal Duma, in order to clear any confusion. If amendments to the definition (and those classified thereas) of a consort must be made, then they shall be done. TIZ LIFST DLUM HAESIY, The Right Honourable, Adele Emma Ludovar, Countess of Otistadt, Viscountess of Sezwesk, Baroness of Juliksburg, Lady of Kazstadt, Lady Handler of Hanseti-Ruska, Deputy Justiciar of Hanseti-Ruska, Kastellan of Labour
  11. Adele Ludovar breathes a sigh of relief, thankful that the enemy have made themselves too incompetent to ever threaten her or her children.
  12. Countess Adele Ludovar raises an eyebrow as she reads the signatures at the bottom of the missive. "That Romstun is a Prinzen of Oren-" She gasps, "How can they justify being in an alliance with a House headed by an ally of Oren, and by extension - The Azdrazi..."
  13. Countess Ludovar smiles in determination at the sight of the King-published missive, her hand clenching into a fist. "The Orenians didn't learn after last time."
  14. Anabel Elia Colborn, sister to the alleged "shamed Elia", gasps as her eyes lay upon the publication. "ELIA!!" She screeches, "WHO DID VY OFFEND THIS TIME!"
  15. Adele Ludovar blinks when she reads through the missive detailing her daughter's 'new positions'. "To each they're own - ?" She wonders aloud, the Countess then quietly hoping that her eldest hasn't been inducted into some sort of Fairy Cult - despite her withering memories of the Valtakongzem from her youth.
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